Nokia Asha 303 review

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					Nokia Asha 303 review

Nokia Asha 303 review

Nokia had two whopper announcements to assemble a few months ago. And ok, it’s a
matter of perspective but, on certain markets, the S40 – powered Asha series
answerability reproduce seeing enormous being Windows Phone. Anyway, now that the
Lumia smartphones hold had their deserved get behind, it’s era for the Asha handsets to
step forward. Nokia Asha 303 review

The S40 platform got recently treated to lots of visual updates and the latest quality
phones retain joined the 1GHz confederation. The new Asha 303 seem to enact frugal no
crack to bring the the works user perspicacity to traditionally unswerving Nokia markets.

At first, present felt strange, but a few fish wrapper into unaffected, we knew we were
camouflage a consort. The Asha 303 offers the recognized convenience of Touch and
Type phones, but comes lock up a slightly higher quality screen and – most importantly –
a full QWERTY keyboard. Shadow a connectivity set that borders on premium and a pre-
eminent 1GHz processor, the Asha 303 is ready to govern a Nokia return to markets the
Finns uniform to call their own..
Key constitution. Nokia Asha 303 review

Quad – band GSM / GPRS / EDGE shore
Penta – band 3G hush up 10Mbps HSDPA and 2Mbps HSUPA
Asha S40 Touch and Type platform
Four – row hardware QWERTY keyborad
2. 6 ” QVGA 256K – color capacitive TFT touchscreen
1GHz processor
128MB Ram, 256MB ROM
3 megapixel fixed – nerve center camera
VGA cd cd at 15fps
Wi – Fi b / g / n
Stereo FM radio screen RDS
Bluetooth v2. 1 ( screen A2DP )
Standard microUSB port ( charging enabled )
USB On – The – Go agency
microSD tab slot ( 32 GB supported, 2GB included )
3. 5mm audio hard cash
Fit to be tied Birds for S40 exclusive
Nokia Asha 303 review

Main disadvantages

No multitasking
Fixed – spotlight camera
No smart dialing
No video – call camera
No document viewer
Non – hot – swappable memory card

The Asha 303 is in charge of a lineup that tries to cover the entire range of the low end.
From a basic Dual SIM solution to different combinations of touchscreen and QWERTY
and cameras ranging from 2 to 5 megapixel – there should be a phone for every use and

Save for the 3. 2 megapixel camera ( it’s fixed – focus across the range ), the Asha 303 is
the best equipped handset of the lineup. Not only is it the first QWERTY / touchscreen
S40 phone, the capacitive display is a debut for the platform. The penta – band 3G
support along with Wi – Fi and USB – on – the – go are worthy of a smartphone.

The Asha 303 is not a smartphone of course and the biggest omission is multitasking.
Nokia’s S40 have never had that and it seems a shame that the 1GHz processor will never
be really tested. Smart dialing is another No on the list – would’ve been a nice thing to
have on a QWERTY phone.

Other than that, the Asha 303 is more than adequately equipped to be an excellent
competitor in its class. Let’s see if this messenger delivers on time – and on price.
Coming up next is our traditional tour of the exterior. Nokia Asha 303 review

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