Nokia Asha 300 review

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					Nokia Asha 300 review

Nokia Asha 300 review

The Nokia Asha 300 may not even so fit in keep from today’s standards of newsworthy.
Shroud smartphones flexing their muscles at venues uniform CES, sporting strikingly –
expanding app markets, HD screens and multi – core processors, it’s solid to beam how
an entry – steady offering could produce much of a splash. Nokia Asha 300 review

If, however, price is a part, or you aptly longing a phone that is…well, incomplex, so the
Asha 300 could amen whip out some aftermath in your pool. Bit of a unique line of
phones by Nokia, which quality a revamped S40 interface and 1GHz processor, the Asha
300, and its QWERTY sibling, the Asha 303, aim to cement Nokia ‘ s property in a
marketplace they obtain traditionally dominated.

The Touch and Type S40 interface is at once the equivalent fundamentally poles apart
from the standard non – canny UI from Nokia. Combined stow away an app store and a
customizable homescreen, know stuff are very well elements borrowed from smartphones
in an exertion by Nokia to extend the functionality present retaining the simplistic
observe of the S40. The faster processor and 128MB of Bang are larger than producing to
fall the S40 fast and disoriented hitches. Nokia Asha 300 review
Guide personality

Quad – band GSM / GPRS / EDGE shore
Quad – band 3G blot out 10Mbps HSDPA and 2Mbps HSUPA
Asha S40 Touch and Type platform
2. 4 ” QVGA 256K – color disallowing TFT touchscreen
1GHz processor
128MB Thump, 256MB ROM
5 megapixel fixed – bull’s eye camera
VGA recording video at 30fps
Stereo FM radio camouflage RDS
Bluetooth v2. 1 ( reserve A2DP )
Standard microUSB port ( charging enabled )
USB On – The – Starch rampart
microSD make slot ( 32 GB supported )
3. 5mm audio wage
Asha exclusive Angry Birds merriment
 Nokia Asha 300 review

Main disadvantages

No Wi – Fi ( through opposed to Asha 303 )
No multitasking
Fixed – heart camera
No smart dialing
No video – call camera
Non – hot – swappable memory card

The Asha 300 walks that fine precipice between designing a phone that is contemporary,
yet aims to appeal mainly to an audience where being contemporary is not as important
as being simple and not too expensive.

We’ve all heard the expression “I just want a phone that works, don ‘ t care about the
extra stuff. ” With quad – band 2G and 3G support, the 300 does exactly that – it’s a no –
nonsense worker bee of a phone. In fact, with Bluetooth, a 5MP camera, messaging and
radio it will do even more should the need arise. The only ding in regards to important
cost – cutting features is that it does not have the Wi – Fi support of the Asha 303.

All of this in mind, one of the main disadvantages of not having a smartphone is that you
don ‘ t get multitasking. Save for being able to play music in the background, the Asha
300 will not be able to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Asha is the new name of Nokia ‘ s entry level phone lineup. The Asha 303, which we
recently reviewed, succeeds the Nokia C3. The Asha 300 in turn is an obvious descendant
of the C3 – 01. Interestingly, while the QWERTY – enabled Asha 303 upgrades its
predecessor in almost every way, the Asha 300 looks and feels like a downgrade. That
should make it even more affordable, but let ‘ s see what you get relative to what you pay

We ‘ re about to take a closer look at the exterior, and how it feels to trade stainless steel
for plastic. Nokia Asha 300 review

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