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Definition: An adjective gives
more information about a noun
      Position of adjectives
• Two main positions:
> in front of a noun: He had a beautiful smile.
 as the complement of a non-action verb (be,
   look, seem, appear, smell, or taste):
  I’m cold.
  This house looks small.
        Order of adjectives
• When you use two or more adjectives in
  front of a noun, you usually put an adjective
  that expresses your opinion in front of an
  adjective that just describes something.
> You live in a nice big house.
> He is a naughty little boy.
 She was wearing a beautiful pink suit.
(nice, naughty, beautiful express your opinion)
• An adjective with a more general
  meaning such as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘nice’,
  or ‘lovely’ usually comes before an
  adjective with a more specific meaning
  such as ‘comfortable’, ‘clean’ or
• Adverbs give more information about verbs,
  adjectives, or other adverbs.
• Position of adverbs:
> after the verb: The house rented quickly.
                                 Verb   Adverb
> before the adjective / adverb it describes:
  It’s an extremely complicated problem.
           Adverb    Adjective

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