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									Get Thumbnails (Previews) for More File Types: Text, Documents, Images,
Multimedia Files Etc on
Windows Explorer (XP, Vista, Windows 7...) and Some Free Tools...
" + Vista / Windows 7 Live Icon (Thumbnails) and File Metadata Info on Xp (Tag / EXIF / ID3 /
Rating...) Etc "

1) Thumbnail Extensions 1.03

by using this small and light tool, the best thing is you can see thumbnails of text-based files (txt, reg, log, inf,
rtf and so on) on Windows Explorer! It can give thumbnails of text file types (txt, ini, inf, xml, log, reg, vbs,
css, js, ,nfo, h, etc) on Windows Explorer by also using IExtractImage interface function (i.e. viewing the text file
type as bitmap thumbnail, as well as other thumbnails in Windows Shell/Explorer). Just shell in process,instead of
running process (very light). No need to install anything/installer (just exe). You can add more text file types as you
want. (The text/document thumbnails will look better if you have resized the thumbnail to bigger such as 64x64 or
higher by using some free tools from here). It also supports Susie Plug ins as optional feature:

Some Screenshots of Text Thumbnail previews on Windows Explorer:

Download Thumbnail Extensions 1.03:
Download Susie Plug Ins (separated):

Note: By the way please notice that about two different sides of Explorer: Windows Explorer as a shell (critical part
of the Windows Operating Systems here) and as a built-in File Manager/Browser from Windows itself (while IE /
Internet Explorer is a built-in web browser in Windows, you can also use 3rd party apps as equal/even better (some
with more features & plug ins etc) replacements for IE (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) and Windows Explorer too
(e.g. Directory Opus, Servant Salamander, Total Commander, etc) as well nowadays). Again just FYI btw..

Context Viewer by Schezo:
A File Viewer on Context Menu in Windows Explorer for text and image file types, freeware: Originally created by
same author (Schezo, credits to him) you can get Context Viewer (English version, translated from Japanese), a free
and small, light, and cool file viewer on context menu that supports both image and text filetypes, highly

Screenshots (image and text previews on context menu):
Download Context Viewer:

2) Thumbnail Restore

It can give thumbnails of web document and email files (htm, html, mhtml, eml, nws, ect) on Windows
Explorer (Windows Xp SP1 (or higher) has disabled them by default). Now you can safely restore them back. No
need to install anything (just exe)- I have also included 2 Regged files to restore thumbnails of Web pages/emails
and Video files on Windows Explorer in the zip package. (The text/document thumbnails will look better if you
have resized the thumbnail to bigger such as 64x64 or higher by using some free tools from here) :

- Download Thumbnail Restore

3) Thumbnail Resize and/or Explorer Thumbnail Size

They can resize thumbnails on Windows Explorer (32x32 by default) to bigger (48x48 like Vista Desktop, or
even higher: 64x64, 128x128 etc/customizable!). Very Useful especially for thumbnails of text/document file types.
No need to install anything (just exe). (if you have Microsoft PowerToy TweakUI (Freeware from MS, very useful),
or TuneUp Styler from TuneUp Utilities (Shareware, but very useful) you can also do the same as well)

Note: They only resize Explorer Thumbnail, not include Desktop icon as you can't see thumbnail on Xp Desktop...

 Download Thumbnail Resize (installer)

Download Thumbnail Resize (exe/no need to install anything only 208 kb)

**Explorer Thumbnail Size:**

Download Explorer Thumbnail Size (Installer)

Download Explorer Thumbnail Size (exe/no need to install anything only 110 kb)
4) Thumbnail Switcher

It can displays all file types that have Explorer thumbnail support in the list. You can also configure them
(enable/disable the thumbnails etc). No need to install anything (just exe).

Download Thumbnail Switcher (installer)

Download Thumbnail Switcher (exe/no need to install anything only 77 kb)

5) ThumbView Lite

Add thumbnail support for .cut, .dcx, .dds, .mdl, .mng, .pcd, .pcx, .pic, .pix, .png, .pnm/.pbm/.pgm/.ppm, .psd/.pdd,
.psp, .pxr, .sgi/.rgb, .tga/.vda/.icb/.vst, .tif/.tiff, .wal, and .xpm in Windows XP Explorer! Or plug in your own image
formats!Windows XP Explorer. Very useful e.g To view PSD thumbnails, you dont need to install PhotoShop etc

Download Thumbview Lite-freeware

To get more/anything about ThumbView Development (it also supports plug in for more file
types e.g your own ones) Click Here.

6) K-lite MegaCodec Pack

You should have some codecs installed before you can see thumbnais of some multimedia/video files (e.g. DivX,
mp4 etc) or vice versa. Just download this useful freeware (you also need them to play some files by using your
players, don't you?)

Download K-lite Mega Codec Pack-freeware

7) Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows Xp
provides the ability to view, organize, and print photos captured in RAW image formats from supported Canon and
Nikon digital cameras.
It also gives support for thumbnail, metadata info, and tooltip for RAW file in Windows Explorer!

Download Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows Xp-freeware

8)Windows Image Component (WIC-Image codecs) -> Xp SP2 only

provides WIC-enabled applications to display and edit any image format for which a WIC-compliant codec is
installed, and also to read and write metadata in image files (WIC has already been built in Windows Live
PhotoGallery install (as prerequisite) and Windows Vista/Xp SP3).

 Download Windows Imaging Component (WIC)- freeware

9) To Fix/Restore/Enable/Disable Explorer Thumbnail View (Common)

Simply do the following steps:

1) Open a command window (Start->Run, type in 'cmd' hit enter)

2) To readd image thumbnail preview, type (or just simply copy and paste) and hit enter
regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

3) To remove image thumbnail preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll

4) To readd media/video thumbnail preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 shmedia.dll

5) To remove media/video thumbnail preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll
10) Thumbnails of Microsoft Office Files (.doc, .xls, .ppt) on Windows Explorer

here are still many people who dont know how to get thumbnails of MS Office files (.doc, .xls, .ppt) on Windows
Explorer. Though it can make file size become larger, but sometimes it can be useful!

To enable thumbnails of Office Files on Windows Explorer (it can make file size become larger): Navigate to MS
Office Menu Bar, then File > Properties > Summary > select "Save Preview Picture" (embedded bitmap into Office
files) then save your work (also the text/document thumbnails will look better if you have resized the thumbnail to
bigger such as 64x64 or higher by using some free tools from here)...

11) Special: Thumbnail Handlers for "Missing" PSD Thumbnails for Adobe

 (Even you dont need Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator installed to view their thumbnails on Explorer by using these dlls!
No need to install anything/installer). Well, since Adobe has disabled PSD and AI thumbnail feature in Photoshop
CS/CS2/Illustrator, if you are still a loyal user of old Photoshop CS2 and illustrator or have the files without the
apps installed then don't worry you can restore them back by download and apply these small files (as alternative to
Thumbview Lite above). No need to install anything/just copy the dll's to: "C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Adobe\Shell" (you can change "C" to your another custom partition of default Windows installation e.g "D" so
"D:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell" etc) then merge the registry. done. Even you can still get the
thumbnails working without Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator softwares installed at all!:
Note: If the following folders on path "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell" don't exist before, then you
can create new folders and rename them as above on the path. Simple.

Download (only 155 kb)

12) SWF Live Preview

Thumbnails of .Swf (flash) files on Windows Explorer:

Download (installer)

13) PSP Thumbnail Handler

Thumbnails of .pps (Paint Shop Pro Files) on Windows Explorer:

Download (installer)
14) Thumbnails of Maya files on Windows Explorer (.ma, .mb etc)


15) Thumbnails for DWG Files on Windows Explorer (for AutoCAD 2000-2009 .DWG

Get .Dwg (AutoCAD File) thumbnail previews on Windows Explorer. (for AutoCAD 2000-2009 files). You can see
dwg thumbnail on Windows Explorer, even without any CAD software installed. Especially i.e. for people who are
still using non-AutoCAD software without DWG thumbnail feature on Windows Explorer (i.e. DWG Editor, DWG
viewer, etc) but still want the thumbnail feature. It can also be used as well for users of old AutoCAD Software (i.e
AutoCAD 2000) who still want at least to get newer AutoCAD 2008 / 2009 Thumbnail preview on Windows
Explorer. Only 14 Kb, without installing anything (only binary and registry batch files), Even not need
AutoCAD installed. Easy and simple.


Another Alternative: Download Autodesk DWG Thumbnail

16) Thumbnails of Windows Journal Files (jnt and jtp) in Xp especially Xp Tablet PC

t's recommended especially if you have Xp/Vista Tablet PC and Windows Journal/Journal Viewer and you often
work with Journal files (It's been included in installer of Windows Vista Journal ported to Xp
here by me as you dont need it anymore if you have installed it). Original from MS Xp Tablet PC PowerToys here.
But ported to All Xp and Vista now:
Download only 166 Kb for Xp and Vista Ultimate/Premium (once again, you don't need it if you have installed
Windows Journal app that ported to Xp Pro by me):


17) Realworld Thumbnails Extractor for 3D models, icons, and cursors on Windows
It allows thumbnail extraction for all document types supported by RW tools, including several types of images
(jpeg, png, psd etc), icons (ico), static and animated cursors (ico, ani), and supported 3D formats (U3D, R3I, and
3DS) on Windows Explorer that very useful for i.e both user and graphic designer and so on -> Supported
thumbnails on Explorer: ico, cur, tga, pcx, ani, jp2, psd, 3ds, pcx, etc...etc:

Download (installer) and more info

18) Mp4 Thumbnail Plug in for Windows Explorer (mp4 Thumbnail Handler)

for displaying mp4 thumbnail in Windows Explorer (All Windows OSes:
98/ME/2000/2003/Xp/Vista/2008/Windows 7).
Also other files: avi, mov, asx, asf, m1v,mpeg, mpg, mkv, mka, flv, etc:

EDIT: Just make sure you have a third party codec pack installed in XP (usually free). E.g.
K-Lite Codec Pack: You can also play more multimedia files (audio and video) by using media player e.g. WMP 11
or Media Player Classic, and preview thumbnail of some video files on Windows Explorer e.g. .flv, .mp4, .mov etc
(make sure you have enabled thumbnail integration with Explorer when installing).
It's also recommended/enough to have only one codec pack installed rather than two or even more if it's already
complete (to avoid conflict/crash etc) based on my personal experience and knowledge


19) Download Quickthumb.dll and Realthumb.dll for thumbnails of QuickTime and
RealPlayer movie files (mov, avi, swf, flv, rv, etc) on Windows Explorer:

(credits to Michael Barrientos, author)


20) Djvu Thumbnail on Windows Explorer:


21) Thumbnails of Font Files (ttf, otf...) on Windows Explorer:
Get the thumbnails of Font File Types on Windows Explorer

Freeware (FontNail, credits to Parkrrr)

22) Optional/Additional: -Some 3rd Party applications/shell add ons for Windows

Enhance metadata infotip and context menu on Xp and 2003, also Windows 98, ME, 2000 (may not work properly
on Vista though, not sure) for any file type especially text, dll, exe (binaries) etc. Very useful and very light (only
326 Kb -> unzipped installer, uninstallable), more informative than standard Windows shell infotip and metadata
(even on Vista! IMHO) . Even you can preview any text file without opening it before and so on. Very customizable
also on context menu. Old software (it's not being developed anymore) but it's still very good to have it installed...
Download Infotip Extension

23 ) Multimedia Tag Editor and Tooltip (Explorer infotip), Edit and Preview MP3 Album
Art Thumbnail Viewer and Tag Editor (ID3V1/ID3V2 Tags) on context menu for Windows
Xp Explorer

Get more metadata on infotip on Xp Explorer by using mine - a customized version of free AudioShell For more
metadata tooltip of MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV etc, as you can even insert your handsome picture as MP3 album art
thumbnail by using it     lol (Select Mp3 file -> Right Click -> Properties -> Multimedia Tag Editor -> Add Cover -
> save to file -> Apply -> OK) such as for folder thumbnail view or as album art in WMP 11: And yes you can also
preview album art thumbnail for MP3 files on context menu properties in Windows Explorer directly!

Changes :

- No more vendor name anymore on tooltip/infotip (coz it looks ugly on GUI)
- Clear Look - tweaked
- No installer (just .bat file to register .dll, and don't worry it's uninstallable/easy removable!)
- lite

- etc
Download Multimedia Tag Editor and Tooltip for Windows Explorer, (only 640 kb)

 24) QT Tabbar

As a free useful and well-known add on (tab bar and additional toolbar buttons, searchbar etc) for Windows XP
Explorer (Btw please read the review), installing latest QT Tabbar will also give tooltip (infotip) with thumbnail
previews and file properties info for each supported image file (jpeg, bmp, png,...etc) and also text file types when
mouse hover (just like the almost similar infotip feature in Vista Windows PhotoGallery and Windows Live
PhotoGallery applications btw...). It can be even extended by using some additional plug ins. You can even
customize it by using: right click the QT tab bar -> Options -> Misc. -> "Show preview tooltip"...and so on...Get the
latest version of QT Tabbar for free here:

25) Folder Box for Windows Explorer (Unpacked too/Skinned/skinnable)

A free application that displays additional folders (window) in the lower part of Windows Explorer, displays the
contents of two folders or more, useful and cool (with Windows 98 icons though). So i just changed some few UI
features of it (unpacked and res-edited like BxNewFolder above, "fixed" text, enabled "dead" icons and so on...). a
free application that displays additional folders (window) in the lower part of Windows Explorer, displays the
contents of two folders or more, very useful. Since it's already unpacked, you may customize the icons yourself if
you want later, by using any capable delphi res editor e.g PE Explorer. At least it's still better than original look imo,
+ also enabled (some) XP visual common controls as said above, works well on Vista and Windows 7 as well as
Windows XP:
Download it here
26) Another Useful File Viewer for XP Explorer With Preview Pane (just like Vista /
Windows 7 feature)

Preview any file on Windows Explorer (text, documents, images, multimedia audio-video,
compressed binaries etc) without using the default application, easy and faster

OS: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7...(Windows All).

Download it here


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