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									SEO Training

Maximising Sales Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Training

This is a “hands on” tailored course which deals with the key issues surrounding effective search engine
optimisation within micro, small and medium sized enterprises. The course is designed to provide
owner managers, marketing managers or IT managers with essential information to enable them to
implement an effective SEO strategy and more importantly to assess their own in-house SEO
processes. The course will provide attendees with all the tools needed to get their company website to
the top of search engines and deliver new sales opportunities and maximise marketing returns.

Learning Outcomes

Keyword Analysis
   • An outline of the 'best practice' structured process to optimisation
   • How to find the most effective keyphrases to bring relevant buyers to your site
   • Using the latest internet tools which will dentify the best keyphrases suited to your website.
   • Assessing the 'relevance', 'popularity' and 'competition' for your keyphrases

SEO Site Audit
   • How search engines work, those you need to submit to and and overview of the search engine
   • Using internet tools to assess your ranking position against that of your competitors
   • How to construct an SEO friendly website – the essential tools for SEO success

Optimising your web pages
   • Explaining “metadata” (keywords, descriptions, titles, author & document type) and identifying
      the most important metadata to use to improve SEO ranking
   • Structuring your title, description, keyword and H tags for optimisation
   • Effective copy writing to enhance keyword density for high SEO rankings
   • Using web based tools to analyse your existing copy and keyword density

Obtaining backlinks
   • How to have a structured e-business strategy & naturally increase your linking
   • The importance of white hat techniques in obtaining backlinks to improve your SEO rankings
   • Placing and structuring your 'anchor text' for optimum search engine performance
   • Analysing your links and your competitors links using web based tools

Performance Monitoring
   • Monitoring your rankings and site visitors using simple software techniques
   • Analyse which keyphrases are working and which search engines are delivering visitors to your
       Fine tuning your SEO strategy to beat your online competition.

Overview of Social Media
   • Writing articles and blogs in order to improve SEO and SEO rankings
   • Linking to major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Utube
   • Using simple software technologies to help in the social blogging process

Course Length
Course duration is 1 day and will be presented in an informal relaxed lecture with PowerPoint
presentation, interactive discussions between the group which will enable sharing of best practice.
Social Media Training

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

This is a “hands on” tailored course which deals with the key issues surrounding effective
social media marketing. The course is designed to provide marketing managers, owner
managers, Directors or anyone involved in growing the marketing process. A highly
stimulating programme of work which provides delegates with effective social media
marketing skills.

   • What is social media?
   • How will it benefit my business?

Establishing a Social Media Presence

   •   Identifying the most appropriate social media websites to utilise
   •   Implementing a professional profile
   •   Conversations, relationships, word of mouth and transparency
   •   Using the latest social software technologies to improve performance

   • Identifying the most appropriate blogging websites to utilise
   • Why blog and What to blog about
   • The various types of blog posts

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Other Major Social Media Sites
  • How these social media sites work
  • How to set up a profile or fan page
  • Tweeting & building connections to attract new visitors, get new business
  • Be in the driving seat for traffic, news and discussions
  • How to utilise the latest software technologies to drive all of your social media

Course Length

Course duration is 1 day and the format is relaxed lectures with PowerPoint presentation,
interactive discussions and sharing of best practice for individual

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