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Why should I waste my time with SEO? …………………………………………………….....PG 3

SEO is Too Expensive! ………………………………………………………...............................PG 5

The Importance of On-Site SEO .........................................................................PG 8

How to Properly Implement On-Site SEO .…………………………………………............PG 10

Do I need high quality Backlinks? ....………………………………………........................PG 13

Should I do SEO myself? ……………………………………………....................................PG 15

Where can I find quality backlinking services? ………………………………………….....PG 17

Hello and thank you for downloading my free report on how to SUPERCHARGE
your SEO Campaign and put you where you belong, at the top of Google.

Too often I see Internet marketers posting about how they don’t understand how
they are not outranking a competitor’s website for their targeted keywords even
though they have over 20,000 indexed backlinks, bought countless Xrumer blasts,
Unique Article Wizard for daily article blasts and run scrapebox directly to their
money site.

As any advanced SEO Expert will tell you, never link directly to your website with
anything that ends in “blast”. It won’t end well for your website, and after the
Google algorithm changes I’ve even seen websites lose SERP rankings and some
have gotten sandboxed for it. Don’t do it.

What I will tell you to do is this – Even If you have zero knowledge about SEO,
apply everything I teach you in this Amazing Short Report, and I can personally
guarantee you will experience A FLOOD of new visitors to your heavily optimized
and keyword targeted websites. You won’t know what to do with all the traffic my
system will generate for you!

This is an INVALUABLE asset for any Internet Marketer.
To your success,


    Why Should I Waste My Time With
To start off, SEO is almost NEVER a waste of time. The payoff
can be ENORMOUS and ROI can be completely worth it in every
way if it’s done right.
For example; say you have an affiliate website promoting a
product that is hot right now. You believe this product will be
your ticket to affiliate success. Your website is ready to for
traffic. Now what?

Ask yourself, how am I going to promote this website and drive
traffic so that I can start making money off this affiliate offer?
You have a few good options:
       - Facebook
       - Twitter
       - YouTube

The regulars. Great traffic sources, but a little saturated. Some
Internet Marketers prefer not to tap into social media at all due


to the “social” aspect of it. You also may find it too hands on as
they do.

For anyone that has grown out of the “1,000 visitors a day using
YouTube!” phase, that leaves you with one clear winner to
drive traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization.

 I personally believe Social Media has already been tapped in
 to, over saturated, and is quickly becoming less effective as a
traffic source. I would consider it a great secondary source but
  would never rely on it solely to drive traffic to my websites.

               SEO is Too Expensive!
Yes we’ve all heard this. I want you to do something for me.
Break free of your current ideals and beliefs about SEO.
You may or may not have wasted hundreds on backlink services
and software promising to put you on the first page on google
in less than three weeks. The fact is, you are wasting your


money because you do not know what you’re doing. Go to any
major SEO Company such as and ask for a
consultation. What happens next is they will create a custom
report and plan for your website. The cost that they charge is
included in the report. They know exactly how much it’s going
to charge to get your website to page one because they have
made a strategy for your website. This strategy often involves
various types of links and layers of backlinks that will get you
ranked on the SERP.

 These SEO experts know exactly what it will take to get your
     website on page 1 because they have analyzed your
        competition and the market you are entering.

What you need before you start building links to any website is
a link building strategy. After all, how can you win a page one
ranking without a strategy? A good tool I use for this is Traffic
Travis. Many of you might have heard of Traffic Travis, if you
haven’t here it is: (Free Version Available) (Affiliate Link)


This is a great tool for analyzing your competition and how hard
it will be to reach the first page of google. It also breaks down
their very own SEO strategies for you, so you can see what’s
needed to give them a fight for a top SERP ranking. This is the
very tool the top affiliates use to find out if it’s worth
promoting certain products or not. You can see an example of
Traffic Travis in action below:

As you can see Traffic Travis breaks it down for you. You can
now see what you’re up against by using this tool to see how
many backlinks your competitors have, what PR their website
is, how old the domain is and how optimized their website is for
the keywords that you want to target. It’s going to be a lot
easier to start an SEO campaign knowing exactly what it’s going
to take to put you on that ever coveted first page of Google.


       The importance of On-Page SEO

On-Site SEO is the single easiest part of your SEO campaign.
What you are essentially doing is telling the search engine that
this page has XXX content on it. This is vitally important for
ranking your sites on the SERP. You can have many thousands
of backlinks pointing to your website with the correct anchor
text, hundreds of High-PR blog postings from high quality
networks and even some Highly Valued Web 2.0 properties all
pointing to your website. However you are not getting the most
of these backlinks without correct On-Site SEO.

If you are using wordpress, On-Site SEO is very simple. You can
download a free plug-in to do it for you and automate the
entire process!

A plug-in I use for all my websites is All in One SEO. You’ve
probably already heard of it and maybe you just haven’t tried it
yet. I can personally vouch for this plugin, it’s great and it won’t
cost you a dime. It’s very simple to use as shown in the picture


That’s all there is to it. Instant SEO for every post you make. In
the next section, I will show you how to implement On-Site SEO
in the content portion of the posts you make. This is now
equally as important now that Google and other search engines
have devalued the Meta and Description tags. They no longer
provide the boost that they used to give your website, but are
still relevant and necessary as part of On-Site SEO.

   How to Properly Implement On-Site
  1.        Keyword in the Title, Tag and description – This is
       vital for On-Site SEO

 2.        Keyword in URL – I know what you’re thinking. You
      don’t have an EMD for the keyword you’re targeting. Fear
      not, this isn’t as bad as you may have been taught
      previously to think. If you use Wordpress you can still get
      your targeted keyword into your individual pages by using
      this little trick as shown in the picture below:

    How do you do this? It’s easy. Go to your Wordpress
Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. Click off Custom Structure
               and type in “/%postname%/”

 3.        Keyword in H1 Tag – Ensure you have your keyword in
      <h1> tags on your website, some SEO professionals like to
      include them in <h2> and <h3> as well, but I personally
      have not found any additional SEO benefit to doing so and
      it keeps my website cleaner and more readable.
 4.       Keyword Density – It is widely recognized that your
      keyword density should be from 2% to no more than 5% in
      your pages content. This is to not seem like spam to


5.       Bold, italics and underline – Your targeted keyword
     MUST have each a bold, underline and italics tags once on
     the page to give your page an additional extra boost.
6.       Keyword in Alt Image text – Your keyword should also
     appear in any images or headers you have on a webpage.
     Again, very easy to implement and adds a ton of extra
     boosts to your websites performance for your targeted
7.        Internal Linking – Your posts should include relevant
     internal linking to topics in your website using the
     appropriate anchor text for the corresponding page. If you
     are running a website on the Wordpress platform you can
     download a free plug-in called “Yet Another Related Posts
     Plug-in”. This will automate the entire process for you.
     You can find this essential plug-in here:

                                                        10 | P a g e

     The plug-in interface is very easy to setup and shouldn’t
     take more than 5 minutes including installation. Not bad
     for a free automated backlinks from your own website
     every time you make a new post.

8.        External Linking – By linking out to an Authority
     website, preferably in your niche or related in some way to
     your targeted keywords you are grabbing some of the link
     juice from the authority website and at the same time
     raise your websites credibility with Google. This is a great
     trick used by many of the Top SEO Experts.

                                                         11 | P a g e

     Do I need High Quality Backlinks?

In short, yes. Everyone needs high quality backlinks. Especially
these days with algorithms changing constantly, updates
ridding the internet of spam and useless websites and
devaluation of link farms among many other things. Any
completely solid Long-Term SEO Strategy should include high
quality backlinks. We are talking about .edu and .gov backlinks,
High PR Blog posts, Web 2.0 backlinks – The real juicy stuff.

What’s great about these types of backlinks is that they are
already established for you. They have by nature a high PR and
can be safely boosted by other types of lower quality backlinks.
This is a great SEO strategy in itself.

For example; creating or purchasing 100 high PR blog posts on a
blog network. You then boost these backlinks with hundreds of
your lower quality Article submissions and profile backlinks.
This method is completely safe for your website and will never
result in a sandbox or Google penalty. The reason for this is
simply that you have a very small amount of backlinks actually
pointing to your website. These backlinks pointing to your
                                                         12 | P a g e

website however are very powerful because they are boosted
by your lower quality links.

                 Content is King, Again.
We all knew this day would inevitably come, and once again
content is king. The days of spamming your site directly with
daily Xrumer blasts of 10k and achieving your wildest dreams
on the search engines is over. Quality backlinks – and how they
are implemented are all that matters now thanks to numerous
Google algorithm updates which have took the SERP Rankings
and took turned them upside down.

            Should I do SEO Myself?
If you take the time to research your competition and your
market, absolutely! SEO is something that anyone can do. You
don’t have to have to possess years of experience before
attempting SEO like some Internet Marketers seem to think.

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The fundamentals of SEO are simple enough that a 10 year old
could understand it, and that’s the plain and simple truth.

   “Optimize your website for targeted keywords  Make a
 linking building strategy  build high quality backlinks. The
      implementation is the part where most people get
                discouraged and inevitably fail.”

My advice is simply this:

  1.       Familiarize Yourself with the most current and up to
       date SEO techniques. Stay active and visit the places you
       know the SEO experts hang out. If you pick up 1/10th of
       what they know it is definitely worth your time.
  2.       Find out what is working for others and what is not.
       Stay away from using outdated SEO strategies for
       example; Linkwheels and keyword stuffing. This is only
       going to hurt your websites performance in the long run as
       Google has caught on to some of the older tricks.

                                                          14 | P a g e

  3.        Create a Long-Term SEO Strategy that is custom
       tailored to include everything you need to get that rank on
       the first page. Use the tools I’ve shown you to help you get
       a better understanding of what you are up against.
  4.        Finally – IMPLEMENT! Implementation leads to
       experience. Experience leads to results. Get out there and
       start applying everything you have learned in this report
       and you are guaranteed to watch your traffic EXPLODE
       before your eyes.

   Where Can I find Quality Backlinking
You don’t have to look far. Utilize the warrior forum itself to
find yourself the right SEO service for you. You can choose an
classified ad you like, then scroll through pages reviews to find
if the service is for you. Some warriors even post the reviews in
the original post so you don’t have to scroll through 10 pages of

                                                           15 | P a g e

Here is my method for warrior forum.

        Go to

        Search for the term “backlinks Google”. You can use
          any term you like. Such as “SEO ranking” or “first
          page Google”. This is just a term I use to quickly find
          the ads selling the best backlink packages.

After entering the search term of your choice you will see some
     of the popular backlink packages warriors are selling.

                                                           16 | P a g e

As I stated earlier I strongly suggest reading some of the
reviews posted by members of the warrior forum before
purchasing. Also note the date the service original launched
which you can find on the first post as you don’t want to
purchase something that is already outdated and inefficient.
There are many other available places to find quality
backlinking services, here is a few I use:


                                                        17 | P a g e

Thank you for reading my report.
I wish you every success in your career as an Expert SEO
Affiliate Marketer! I trust that when you implement everything
you have been taught in this report you will find the end of the
rainbow, and make your dreams become a reality with your
highly targeted Affiliate Websites. I look forward to reading
your many success stories.

To your success,

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