Rubric for Comic Book Option by EfV8D7Bc


									Rubric for Comic Book Option
Name _________________________
Book Title ______________________________ Author ______________________
Instructions: Create a creative, detailed comic book about your book. It needs a front
cover with the book title, author of the book and your name. There should be between 32-
52 frames with four frames per page. Every frame needs to have color and a book page
citation. Create your comic book in comic book style (with speech bubbles, etc.). Your
comic book needs to tell the plot of your book through speech and thought bubbles.
Your comic book should be grammatically correct. Points listed are the maximum for that

Art            Drawings are creative.    The drawings are      The drawings are      The drawings are
               A lot of detail and       more generic.         messy and/or in       messy and in
               thought have gone into    There is some         pencil. Very little   pencil. No detail
               the work. Every frame     detail and a lot of   detail. Work looks    or thought in
               is at least ½ way         thought has gone      rushed. The           work.
               colored.                  into the work. The    frames are ½
                                         frames are ½          colored in ½ the      0 points
               15 points                 colored in ¾ the      number of
                                         number of frames      frames.
                                         10 points             5 points
Style          Project is in the comic   Project makes a       Project has some      Project does not
               book style. There are     good attempt at       comic book            show any of the
               thought and speech        the comic book        elements, but         comic book
               bubbles. There is a       style. The front      might be missing      elements. No
               front cover with the      cover with book       bubbles or panes.     front cover.
               book title and author.    info might be         Front cover is
                                         missing.              missing.
               5 points                  3 points              1 point               0 points
Storytelling   Story is mostly told      Story uses          Story only uses         Story uses very
               through the speech        bubbles, but        narration and           little narration or
               and thought bubbles.      relies on narration action in drawing.      story bubbles. No
               There may be some         to tell the story.                          way to follow
               narration.                                    10 points               what is going on.
               20 points                 14 points                                   5 points
Scientific     Accurate science can      Science is mostly     Hard to follow        Science does not
accuracy       be understood just be     understand            science or does       correlate with the
               reading the comic         through book, but     not convey a          book.
               book, outside             outside               clear sequence.
               knowledge is not          knowledge may                               5 points
               necessary                 be necessary.         10 points
               20 points                 14 points
Citations      Book page number          Book page             Book page             Book page
               citations are included    citations are         citations are         citations are
               for every frame.          missing from less     missing from          missing from
                                         than ¼ the            about ½ the           more than ½ the
                                         number of             number of             number of
               10 points                 frames.               frames.               frames.
                                       7 points             3 points          0 points

Mechanics    Few (0-3) spelling,       Only 4-7 spelling,   Between 8 and     More than 10
             punctuation, or           punctuation, or      10 spelling,      spelling,
             grammar mistakes. 0-3     grammar              punctuation, or   punctuation or
             errors                    mistakes.            grammar           grammar
                                                            mistakes.         mistakes.
             5 points                  3 points             1 point           0 points
             Between 32-52 frames Between 24-31             Between 16-23     Less than 15
                                  frames or more            frames            frames
             20 points            than 52 frames.
                                  14 points                 10 points         5 points
              4 frames per page on 4 frames per              4 frames per     Incorrect frames
             every page            page on most             page on 50% of    per page
                                   75% of pages             pages             0 points
             5 points              3 points                 2 points
Total Points *missing parent form or
             rubric: minus 1 point
             per day each

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