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									      Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
“Exporters’ Encyclopaedia is our most used reference—we
  used others, but our reference budget was cut. The
  Exporters’ Encyclopaedia is the only resource we kept.”
                                Linda Cohn
                                Esco International Corp.

“Exporters’ Encyclopaedia is my Bible. It’s my first stop
  for export information. I heard about it at a seminar,
  and I’m glad I found it—I wouldn’t do without it.”
                                Bonnie Peterson
                                Firstlogic, Inc.
  Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
Comprised of six sections:
Section I — The Export Decision
Section II — Export Markets
Section III — Export Know-How
Section IV — Communications Data
Section V — Information Sources/Services
Section VI — Transportation Data
   Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
Section I—The Export Decision provides
 basic information on how to get started in
 exporting your product. It also includes
 samples of principal forms used in
 exporting and a glossary of commonly used
   Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
Section II—Export Markets comprises the
 bulk of the Exporters’ Encyclopaedia. It
 provides subscribers with specific
 information on the trading environment of
 more than 200 world markets from
 Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
    Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
 Export Markets includes 184 countries
 covering over 200 trade markets, with
each country divided into eight sections:

Country Profile     Documentation
Communications      Marketing Data
Key Contacts        Transportation
Trade Regulations   Business Travel
  Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
Section III—Export Know-How includes
 articles on general export information
 including a summary of U.S Export Control
 Regulations; articles such as Financing
 Export Shipments, Carnets, Legal Aspects
 of Doing Business Abroad, Protocol
 Essentials, Cargo Insurance; and Export
 and Shipping Practice, including packing and
 labeling guidelines.
    Exporters’ Encyclopaedia

Section IV—Communications Data includes
 information on radio and cable regulations,
 international mail regulations, U.S.
 territories and selected postal data and
    Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
Section V—Information Sources and Services
 includes information on U.S. government
 assistance to exporters, associations
 fostering trade, world trade centers
 association contacts, and summaries of
 major international treaty organizations.
    Exporters’ Encyclopaedia
Section VI—Transportation Data lists general
 information and contacts for all major
 United States ports, as well as U.S. Foreign
 Trade Zones and U.S. Customs Ports of

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