THE EMMAUS NEWSLETTER                              Volume 15 Issue 3
Columbus Indiana Area Emmaus Community, Inc.       March 2007

Letter to the Community:


Bev Early has decided to resign as Past Lay Director on the Columbus
Indiana Area Emmaus Board to continue her career in the Air Force. She
will be stationed at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.
There is an Emmaus community in that area! I am sure that God’s hand
has been on this exciting opportunity for Bev to use her special talents to
serve Him.

I would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Bev for her years of
service and dedication to the Columbus Indiana Area Emmaus Community.

Dan Kirkling has agreed to return to the board as Past Lay Director for the
remainder of this year. Pat Shoemaker will replace Bev as Book Table

Please pray for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom for Bev, Dan, and Pat as
we make this transition.

Gary Fuquay
Community Lay Director

Dates for Upcoming Walks & Flights

  Men’s Walk        April 12 – 15,
      #63               2007
Women’s Walk        April 19 – 22,
      #64               2007
Chrysalis Flights    Sept 1 – 3,
    25 & 26             2007
  Men’s Walk          October
      #65             18 – 21,
Women’s Walk          October
   #66                25 – 28,
Team Lists for Men’s Walk #63 and Women’s Walk #64

POS.   Name             Talk Name__                   POS.   Name               Talk Name_
SD     Brian Teater     Means of Grace                SD     Jon Carlstrom      Means of Grace
LD     John Shoemaker Perseverance                    LD     Stephanie Phillips Perseverance
ALD    Timothy Cruser Priorities                      ALD    Connie Yeaton      Fourth Day
ALD    Keith Earley     Fourth Day                    ALD    Karen Thomas       Christian Action
ALD    Denny Frey       Christian Action              ALD    Lee Marshall       Priorities
ASD    Michael Seaney Justifying Grace                ASD    Van Breeding       Justifying Grace
ASD    Rob Kirts        Prevenient Grace              ASD    Open               Obstacles to Grace
ASD    Open             Sanctifying Grace             ASD    Dick Yeaton        Sanctifying Grace
ASD    Open             Obstacles to Grace            ASD    Laura Helm         Prevenient Grace
TL     Lee Arthur       Priesthood of all Believers   TL     Julie Stalcup      Life in Piety
TL     Tom Ganus        Changing Our World            TL     Shannon Tullock Body of Christ
TL     Bob Kasting      Life in Piety                 TL     Jamie Evans        Growth thru Study
TL     Jeff Sutton      Discipleship                  TL     Pam Andrew         Priesthood of All Believers
TL     Dan Thuerbach Growth Through Study             TL     Pat Shoemaker Discipleship
TL     Mike Engelstad Body of Christ                  TL     Sandra Hudak       Changing Our World
TL     Marshall Kiel                                  TL     Fannie Barker
ATL    Pat Bahan                                      TL     Carolyn Pool
ATL    Larry Alexander                                ATL    Linda Myers
ATL    Bill Baker                                     ATL    Lori Dillingham
ATL    Gerald Barnhorst                               ATL    Joyce Stamps
ATL    Tim Jarnagin                                   ATL    Peggy Ganus
ATL    Anthony McClendon                              ATL    Mary Miles
ATL    Dave Roberts                                   ATL    Charlotte DeBurger
HM     Dick Marshall                                  ATL    Bev Coleman
MT     Mark Fisher                                    ATL    Barb Andrews
MT     Skip Green                                     HM     Joyce Crowder
MT     Dave Fletcher                                  MT     Nita Mousa
HA     Robert Toborg                                  MT     Marcia Trinkle
ATM    Jim Bramlett                                   HA     Jewell Arthur
ATM    Greg Johnson                                   ATM    Marlena Dixon
ATM    Ed Turner                                      ATM    Donna Nowak
ATM    Chris Bryant                                   ATM    Sandra Sweany
ATM    Timothy Horn                                   ATM    Jan Carlstrom
ATM    George Peachee                                 ATM    Dot Kirkling
ATM    Brent Whitson                                  ATM    Julia Marks
ATM    Irvin Rutan                                    ATM    Melanie Hart
ATM    Glenn Pullen                                   ATM    Sonya Walker
HK     Rex Bunch                                      ATM    April Williams
KTM    Tom Reuter                                     ATM    Gloria Jensen
KTM    Chris Baldwin                                  ATM    Cathy Tower
KTM    Mark Dixon                                     CoHK   Reta Doty
KTM    Randall Wheeler                                CoHK   Suzy Kiel
KTM    Ed Stamps                                      KTM    Lois Followell
KTM    Phil Miles                                     KTM    Claudia Lucas
KTM    Terril Pettit                                  KTM    Judy Rinehart
KTM    Ed Bodem                                       KTM    Rose Shaffer
KTM    Bill Everhart                                  KTM    Martha Wilson
BR     Chuck Goode                                    KTM    Rosalie Harper
                                                      KTM    Sue Rhoads
                                                      BR     Robin Everhart
                            New Board Member Profile:

   My name is Van Breeding, Columbus In. Area Emmaus, walk # 51, table of
John. I am married to Judy Breeding. We have been married for 40 years. We
have one son, James, wife Callie, grandson Cody. I am co-founder and pastor
of Mountain Baptist Church in Seymour. I have served as assistant spiritual
leader on an Emmaus Walk. I am currently serving as your community events
board member. I look forward to meeting each of you and will be here to serve

                              Pastor Van Breeding

                   Message from Board Member Don Andrews:

      We are seeking assistance from the Columbus Emmaus Community with
          supplies for the Walks - especially for loading and unloading at
         Camp Lakeview. Would you be interested? Please ask the Lord
            and then call Don @ 812-372-5353, or you can email him @

             Thank you for helping to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

                               Correction notice:

       Jane Hien’s last name was misspelled and thus her email address
           was listed incorrectly in the February 2007 newsletter
                  on the list of the current board members.
                 It should be:
                          Please make a note of this,
                    and I deeply apologize for this error!!!!

          Columbus Indiana Area Emmaus Community, Inc. Home Page:
              Emmaus Information Page (for community members):
                            User name: columbusemmaus
                               password: 4thday
March Gathering
Friday, March 16, 7 pm SPRING TEAM’S DEDICATION
Rocky Ford Free Methodist Church,
3990 Rocky Ford Rd, Columbus
J-Z bring snacks & drinks, childcare provided

No April Gathering Due to Walks

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