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                                         Scavenger Hunt
   Click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.
   Type in the following web site address: (
   Click on the Exhibits-Timeline of Computer History—1945-1990-Click on the date
   and scroll down to find the answer to the following questions.
   1. In 1990, Microsoft released Windows 3.0 on
   2.   In 1988, the movie “Tin Toy” became the first computer-animated film to win an
        Academy Award. The company that created it was
   3.   In 1945, Grace Hopper recorded the first actual computer “                ”, a moth stuck
        between the relays.
   4. In 1948, who coined the term “cybernetics”?
   5. In 1949, the Manchester             computer functioned as a complete system using
        the Williams tube for memory.
   6. In 1989, Maxis released            a video game that helped launch a series of
        simulators. Other Sims followed in the series, including          ,           , and
   7. In 1983, MIDI which stands for             was introduced at the first North American
        Music Manufacturers show in LA.
   8. In 1987, Apple engineer,            designed HyperCard, a software tool that
        simplifies development of in-house applications.
   9. In 1990, the            was born when Tim BernersLee developed HTML.
   10. In 1980,           created the first hard disk drive for microcomputers. It held
               megabytes of data.
   11. In 1982, Disney released           one of the first movies to use graphics in movies.
   12. In 1970, Citizens and Southern National Bank in Valdosta, GA, installed the
        country’s first
   13. In 1976, Steve Wozniak and             got their start in business by designing the
        APPLE I.
   14. In 1946, in February, the public got its first glimpse of the          .

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   15. In 1978, the         flexible disk drive and diskette were introduced by Shugart
      and Associates.
   16. In 1978, Texas Instruments, Inc. introduced           a talking learning aid for ages
      7 and up.
   17. In 1988, Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs, who left Apple to form his own company,
      unveiled the          computer.
   18. In 1977, the Apple II computer contained a cassette tape with the computer game
               that produced brilliant color graphics when hooked up to a color television
   19. In 1984, Apple Computer launched the             , the first successful mouse-driven
      computer with a graphics user interface introduced during the 1984 Super Bowl.
   20. In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen licensed          , as the software language for
      the Altair.
   21. In 1947, On December 23,             Walter Brattain, and John Bardeen successfully
      tested this point-contact transistor, setting off the semiconductor revolution.
   22. In 1953, at MIT, Jay Forrester installed magnetic core memory on the
   23. In 1954, A silicon-based junction transistor, perfected by Gordon Teal of Texas
      Instruments Inc., brought the price of this component down to $2.50. The
      company became a household name when the first                incorporated Teal's
   24. In 1961, Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp. invented the resistor-transistor
      logic (RTL) product, a set/reset flip-flop and the first integrated circuit available
      as a          chip.
   25. In 1972, Intel invented a microprocessor that could handle both uppercase and
      lowercase letters, all 10 numerals,           marks, and a host of other symbols.
   26. In 1994, the         zip disk is released.

Revised 8/09

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