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                                                           Newsletter No. 20

                                     Twenty-Five Years of APMS
                                      Celebrated in Vancouver
  Brit ish Columbia, Canada, was
SUPERNAT URAL for all wh o were
able to atten d the 25th An niversary
Annual meeting of the Aquatic Plant
Management Society. The gracious
hospital ity of our Canad ian hosts
made ou r first meeting outside the
Un ited States a memorable exper-

    Am idst fantastic sightseein g an d
 delightful dining (and shopping for
 th ose of us w ho were acco mpanied by
 our spouses - we had a record
 spouse attendan ce ) we also had ti me                       Joh n, Clark , and AI relax after the Salm on Barbeque
 for an extremely inform ative meeting.
 The Honorab le F.C. Austin Pelton          Dear President:                                                great success of yo ur meeting and
 Minister of Envi ronment for British                                                                      symposium , and for the prosperi ty of
 Clumbia kicked the meeting off w ith       I am very glad, on behalf of all the                           the A qua ti c Pl ant M ana gement
                                            members of the Waterhyaci nt h So-                             Society.
 an inspiring keyn ote address. Soon
                                            ciety of Japan, to offer the Aq uatic
 after, our Special Topi c Speaker, Pro-                                                                                          Si ncerely yo urs,
                                            Plant Management Soc iety my heart-
 fessor C. Den Hartog, Laboratory for
                                            iest cong ratul ations on open ing of the
 Aquatic Ecology, Catholic University                                                                                            Ku nikazu Ueki
 of Nij megen, addressed the topic of       Twenty-fifth Anniversary Meeting of
                                            1985 in Vancouver. In this Meeting                                                   Presi dent
Ac id Rain and Aquatic Macrophytes.                                                                                              T he Waterhyacinth
Professo r Den Hartog is a highly res-      and Internat io nal Symposiu m on
                                            Watermilfoil , valuable presentat ion s                                              Society of Japan
pected scientist in the area of physi o-                                                                                         Professor of Weed
logi ca l ecology of aquatic macro-         and knowledge ex c hange w i l l be
                                            made on various aspects of aquatic                                                   Science
phytes and it was truly an hon or to                                                                                             Faculty of Agric ulture
                                            w eeds i nclud in g t he con trol and
have him attend t he APMS meetin g                                                                                               Kyoto University
an d to have him speak. T he interna-       util ization .
tional nature of APMS was very evi-
dent at the Van couver meeting with a       Ou r so ciety , the Wa ter hyaci nth                             A broad spectrum of Aq uati c Plant
                                            Society of Japan was foun ded in 1982,                         Research was reported during the
long list of internati onal speakers in-
cl uding Professor Den Hartog; Professor    and has grown presently. The society                           general sessions cover ing basi c bot-
C.DK Cook, Botancial Gardens and            has over 160 members who are inter-                            any, ecology and physiol ogy, biolog i-
                                            ested in waterhyaci nth . In addition to                       cal co ntrol, herbicide tech nology,
I nstitu te fo r Bota ny, University of
Z urich; Professor Dav id M itc hell        dom estic activiti es, we have a strong                        mechancial harvesting, an d bottom
Center for Irri gation Resea rch, Grif~     wish to make a close re lationshi p with                       barriers. In add ition to the general
                                            scien tists and organizati ons of va r-                        sessions, thi s year's meeti ng high ligh-
fith , New South Wales, Australia; Yoko
Oki, Insitu te of Agr icu lture and Bi o-   iou s coun t ri es. T he ex c hange be-                        ted th e " International Symposium on
                                            tween t he Aqu atic Plant Management                           Wate rmilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum)
logical Sciences, Okayama University,
and many Canadian speakers. We were         Soc iety and our soci ety will be mutu-                        an d Related Halagorceae Spec ies" -
also ho nored by a letter from Kuni-        ally beneficial to th e advancement of                         a report on the symposium by Scott
kazu Ueki, President, Waterh yac inth       aquat ic plant management.                                     Painter appears later in the newsletter.
Society of Japan:                                                                                            The hi ghlight of th e Vancouver
                                            I wou ld like to express t he hope for a                       meeting was the Salmon BBa . The
salmon, trimmings, and refreshments
were through ly enj oyed by all while
we anxiously awaited th e presenta-
tion of awards. President McGowen's
retirement from Lilly Elanco was an-
nounced and "Max" was presented
with a commemorat ive Quart of Sonar
(empty) by Bill Culpepper for his
many devoted years w ith the com-
pany. Max assured us of his con-
tinued activity in APMS . As always,
the student contest presentations rep-
resented some of the best papers of
the meeting and all contestants could
have been first place win ners. Con-
gratulations to the following w inners
of the 11th A nnual Student Paper
Robin Anderson, Department of Biol-
ogy , McGill Un iversity, Montreal,                              "CONGRATU LATIONS MAX"
Quebec, Canada.
R. Anderson and J . Kalff, "Nutrient
Limitation of Myriophyllum spicatum
in situ"
Madeline Ames, Agronomy and Range
Science, University of California-
Davis, CA
M. Ames and D.W. Rains, " Influence
of Temperature and Phosphate
Supply on the Growth, Nutrition and
Phosphorous Uptake of Azalia
Scott Bonar, Washington Cooperative
Fishery Research Unit, University of
Wash ington, Seattle, WA
S. Bonar, G.L. Thomas, and G.B. Pau-
ley, " Evaluation of Ploidy and Separa-
tion T echniques wit h the Grass Carp
(Ctenopharyngodon idella) , a Poten-
tial Biological Control for Aquatic        Robin Anderson and friends celebrate First Place Student Paper Contest
Macrophytes in Washington State"           Award
Karen Bowers, Washington Coopera-
tive Fishery Research Unit, University
of Washington, Seattle, WA
G.B. Pauley, G.L. Thomas, S. Bonar,
K. Bowers, and A. Unthank, "Over-
view of the Use ofTrip loid Grass Carp
(Ctenopharyngodon idella ) for Mac-
rophytes in Washingt on State"
   Peter Newroth was presented with a
gift of fine wines in appreciation for
his efforts in making the 25th Ann iver-
sary such a success. Thanks again for
a terrific job, Peter.
   The 26th Annual Meeting will be a
long way from Vancouver but the
Local Arra ngements Committee is
already making plans for another enjoy-
able and informative meeting in Sara-
sota, Flori da. So start making plans
now.                                          Mad eline Ames Receives Second Place Student Paper Contest Award
      First International Symposium on Milfoil Held at 25th Annual
                            Meeting of APMS
   Well, I'm back fro m Va ncouver from      trade so accidental release into Can-       reveal ed that his c urrent hypothesis
a ve ry exciting conference. T he 25th       ada is inevitable but perhaps not of        centers around nutrient limitati on in
 meeting of th e Aq uatic Plant Man-         concern??                                   organ ic sed iments due to diffus ional
agement Society was extremely use-              Two new methods of milfoil control       distanc es.
ful especially so because the First          were revealed during the symposium .           However, our studies have concen-
Intern ational Sym posium on Milfoi l        One method uti lized ultrasound to          trated on determini ng if anything toxic
was a spec ial one day event whic h          disintegrate the plant. BC authorities      is presen t in the sedi ments. For ex-
dealt with our problem plant here in         have great hopes that the ultrasound        ample poor sediment can be improved
Canada. I saw some of you there but          technique wi ll prove to be useful in       by adding activated charc oa l and
for th e res t of yo u w ho were unfortu-    beach areas where clea n sand bot-          good sed imen t can be made poor by
nately not able to attend, I thought I       toms are desired . The inventor is still    add ing sawd ust. Sawd ust added to
wou ld attempt to summarize the high-        in the design stage and has tested a        growing media will inh ibit mil foil pho-
lights.                                      prototype which works but he hopes          tosynthesi s. We have the re fore begun
   The Mitfoil Symposium dealt with a        to increase the power in his second         to look at phenolic com pounds. A
broad range of topics, from taxonomy         generation device to increase the ki ll     previous contract determ ined that mil-
of the gen us to chemical , mechanical      zone beyond the current 10 to 20             foil had a high phe nolic content (7-
and biological control. There are now       centi meters.                               30% AFDW) and that the common
36 species of Myriophyllum in the               Another interesting presentati on at     phenolics were ELLAG IC, GALLIC
world. Most of the species are co n-        the symposium was by Dr. H. Gunner          AND TANN IC ACIDS and less com-
centrated in Australia and New Zea-         from the University of Mass. He has          mon were syring ic, gentisic, cinnamic,
land. Canada has its fai r share of mil-    isolated two bacteria and one fungus        caffeic, si napic, ferulic, guinic and
foil spec ies with approximately 10 or      w hich selectively attacks spicatum.         protocatech uic acids. Related to sev-
11 . Dr. Richard Couch from Okla-           The microbes are cellulolytic and pec-      eral of those compounds is hydroxy-
homa has examined over 17,000 her-          ti nolytic and are natu ral mi crobes       benzoic aci d which is also a common
baria specimen s and conc luded that        found in the sediments of most lakes.       phenolic.
Myriophyllum spicatum was the first         Dr. Gunner has performed host speci-            Photosynthetic experiments with mil-
recorded in North America in 1940           fi city experiments and found that the      foil in culture media with hydroxy-
rathe r than the late 1800's as is com-     bugs only attack spicatum. He has           benzoic acid and hydroxybenzalde-
monly believed.                             EPA approval to inoculate a small lake      hyde showed that the aldehyde group
   Myriophyllum aquaticum's eco logy        with the microbes and determin e the        was highly toxic. All of these phenol-
and physiology was also discussed.          effect iveness of the microbes ina nat-     ics are comm on in sediments as dis-
Aqu at icum was first imported into         ural ecosyste m. His researc h and lake     solved o rganic carbon from humus
Nort h America in the late 1800's into      trials show great prom ise for long-        breakdown.
Florida as a decorative plant and then      term milfoil control. His discovery            Interestingly Dr. Gu nnermentioned
escaped cu ltivation. It, however, has      may explain why mitfoit is not a prob-      that phenoli cs sti mulate the growth of
not become a probl em except in very        lem in Euro pe and why milfoil infesta-     the microbes he had isolated. Our
nutrient ric h waters. There is no doubt    tions have suddenly decl ined in Amer-      research will continue to exam ine the
that aquaticum could survive in Can-        ica. Our own stud ies on the decline        role of organic matter enrichment of
ada since it has survived in Vancouver      revolved around the organic natu re of      sedimen ts as a possible explanation
in a ornamental pond for several years      the sediments after several years of        behind the dec line and perhaps a
and been completely froze in ice du r-      milfoit leaf litter acc umulation . John    long-tem control of mil foil by artifi-
ing the winter. I also have aquati cum      Barko (US Army Corps of Engineers)          cially enriching the sed iment with
in my greenhouse in Burlington and it       and myself have confirmed that or-          organic matter and maybe even bac-
has survived over the winter in the         ganic enrichment of the sediment will       teria and fungi.
un heated greenhouse. Aquaticum is          inhibit milfoil growth . John presented     Scott Painter - repri nted from Cana-
sold in Canada for the water garden         his findings at the Symposium and           dian Chapter Aquatic Plant Manage-
                                                                                        ment Society 1-2.

                                                                                        Commemorative T-Shirts Available
                                                                                           Commemorative "International
                                                                                        ~ymposium on Watermilfoil and Re-
                                                                                        lated Haloragaceae Species" T-shirts
                                                                                        are still available in all sizes. These
                                                                                        rr-shirts have the APMS logo on the
                                                                                        front and the Milfoil Symposium logo
                                                                                        on the back - they are very attractive.
                                                                                        Don't miss this opportunity - Con-
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                                                                                        your order!!
                                From the President                                                      MEETINGS
    Welcome back from Vancouver! To         herb icide action , biocontrol and phy-       25th North Central Weed Control Confer-
those of y ou who were able to atten d     siology of aquatic p lants. Consider           ence. St. Lo uis, MO - December 10-
the f i rst out - of- co untry APMS        this: T he best, overall upper-division/       12 , 1985.
ANN UAL MEETING, an d those wh o           graduate level referen ce text on fl ow-
                                                                                          M idwest Fish and Wildl ife 1985 Con-
presented papers, a big Thanks! for        eri ng aquatic plants was published 20
                                                                                          ference, Gra nd Rap ids, Mich igan -
making it a very productive and enjoy-     years ago and is out of pri nt (for the
                                                                                          December 14-18,1 985.
able event. T he excellent hotel ac-       second time!) . I refer to Sculthorpe's
comodations and memorable sal mon          Biology of Aquatic Vasular Plants.             Northeast Weed Science Soc iety 1986
BBO created a very relaxin g and con-         T he APMS should also increase its          A nnual Meeting, Sh eraton - Boston
genial at mosphere. I wish to extend       efforts to educate the public on the           Hotel, Boston MA - January 7-9,
partic ular appreciation to Peter New-     detriments of unma naged aquatic               1986.
roth w ho made so many excellent           weeds and on the need for preventive           Southern Weed Science Society 1986
arrangements for the activities and to     measures to curb the spread of nu i-           Annual Meeti ng , Opry land Hote l,
Bill an d Gloria Rushing who orches-       sance weeds. I n this regard I will be         Nashville, TN - January 20-23, 1986 .
t rated and carried out the many tasks     mak ing a spec ial effort to establi sh        Weed Science Society of America
needed for a smo oth registration .        working relationsh ips with the aqua-          1986 Annual Meeting, Hyatt Rege ncy
VERY WELL DONE!'                           cu lturists and their respective socie-        Hotel , Houston , TX - February 5-7,
    I am pleased to announce that all      ties. We need exchanges of ideas on            1986.
the Milfoil Symposium papers are in        how to best insure that aquati c plant
                                                                                          Midwest Aquat ic Plant Management
hand. With some hard work and some         suppliers do not unwittingly dissemi-
                                                                                          Society 1986 Annual Meeting. The
luck, the Proceeding w ill be publish ed   nate noxious aquatic weeds.
                                                                                          Abbey , Lake Geneva, WI- Marc h 16-
with in 6 months. Be sure to order your       T hese are just a few of the activities
                                                                                          18, 1986.
copy if you haven't yet! (You' ll find an  that APMS can be working on . These
order form in the next issue of the        types of projects requ ire increased           Western Aquatic Plan t Managemnt
Newsletter.)                               participation of all of us. I was very         SOCiety 1986 Annual Meeting, Town
    T he com ing year presents a chal-     pleased to see the numbers of you              and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA -
lenge and an opportunity for the           who signed up to work on various               March 20-2 1, 1986.
Society. In the past 10 years there has    committees -you wi ll be getting a             Hydrilla fight to 'lighten up'
been a tremendous expans ion in            call soon! For those who have not,              From wire dispatches
aq uatic plant research and consequent-    please consider helping out. APMS                 WASHINGTON - The federal govern-
ly, a real growth in the number of         needs your support, skills, ideas an d          ment is turni ng from chemicals to
scientists in our field both in the Uni-   time! Please contact the committee              bright lights in its fight against hydrilla,
ted States and abroad. I believe APMS      chairpersons and volu nteer. Remem-             an underwater weed clogg ing the
has a need and a responsibllty to          ber, you're really helping yourself             Potomac River.
serve as a focal point for increased       when you help APMS.                               The Agricu lture Department is in-
scientific commu nication and as a                                                        stalling st ri ngs of 500- watt quartz
                                              Finally I invite yo u to write or call me
resource for technical info rmation on                                                     lamps above and below the river's sur-
                                           with your tho ugh ts o n enhancin g
aq uatic plants and their management.                                                     face at the Belle Haven Marina in
                                           APMS. I'm sure that at on e time or
The Society can strengthen its role in                                                    A lexandria.
                                           another you've wondered "Why don't
monographs on special topics relat-                                                          Scientists believe the lights wi ll curb
                                           we do . . .", or "APMS ought to .. .".
ing to aq uatic plant management, and                                                     the growth of hydrill a by confusing
                                           Well, let's hear it so we can move on it!
the biology of aquatic plants. There is                                                   the weed's sense of ni ght and day.
a critical need for up to date reviews        My ph one number is 916-752-6260               ''This will fool them into think ing it's
on nutriti on, reproducti on, ecology,     (work ); 916-757-2428 (ho me) .                a short night," said Lars W. J. A nder-
                                                                                          son of the Department of Agricu lture.
                                                                                             Scien tists said t he hydrilla needs
                                                                                          lo ng, uni nterrupted periods of dar-
                         1985-86 Committee Chairman                                       kness to reproduce.
  Mem bersh ip: Ed T heriot                                        (601 ) 634-2678           T he lig hts will be tri ed on an exper-
  Local Chapters: Joe Zolzynski                                    (205) 928- 1725        imental basi s for eig ht or nine weeks ,
  Exh ibits: Terry Goldsby                                         (205) 582-8170         after which their effectiven ess will be
  Nominati ons: Max McCowen                                        (317) 467-4249         measured.
  International C ontacts: Scott Painter                           (416) 637-4602            T he Army Corps of Engineers says
  Bylaws-Resol utions: Kurt GetSinger                              (601) 634-2678         that if the hydrilla continues sprouting
  Past Presiden t Advisory: Max McCowen                            (317) 467-4249         at its current rate, the fast-growing
  Meeting Site Selection: Don Lee                                  (504) 342-5864         weed will cover 34,000 acres of the
  Student Affairs: Don Riemer                                      (201 ) 932-9771        Potomac by 1995.
  Publications: Bill Haller, Editor                                (904) 376-0732            Hydrilla, wh ich covers much of Alex-
  Ke n Langeland, Newsletter Editor                                (919) 737-2866         andria's shoreline waters , has drasti-
  Legislative: Les Sander                                          (916) 445-0984         cally diminished boating activities at
  Local Arra ngements: Carlton Layne                               (81 3) 683-9767        the Belle Haven Marina and elsewhere.
  Publicity: David Spencer                                         (916) 752-6321         Rep rinted from the Ric hmond Times-
  Noxiou s Weeds: Carlton Layne                                    (813) 683-9767         Dispat ch , Ric h mo nd, VA , Fri day,
                                                                                          A ugust 16, 1985, Page B8
    THE AQUATIC PLANT                           from their activities. The Florida      became President and Secretary-
MANAGEMENT SOCIETY, INC.                        chapter repo rted the establish-        Treasurer Bill Rush ing was elected in
                                                ment of a Bill Maier Scholarsh ip       1984 for a three year term beginning
   Summary of the Meeting of the                Fund .                                  in 1985.· Directors Couch, Goldsby,
       Board of Directors                                                               Hudson, and Joyce are sti ll w ith in
                                                The Past Presidents Advisory
  Vancouver, British Columbia -                 co mmittee has been working             their three year terms.
          July 21,1985                           hard on formu lati on of a Code of     Provided by Bill Rush ing
                                                 Ethics, a Policy Statement doc-
                                                 ument and an Operations man-
     The Board of Directo rs met in
Vanco uver British Columbia on Sun-
                                                 ual. It was decided not to estab-
                                                 lish a Code of Ethics at this tim e
                                                                                        Where are they now?
day, July 21, 1985 at the 25th annual                                                      A number of student members have
                                                due to the possibil ity of legal
meetin g. Special rec ogn ition was                                                     become active participants in the
                                                prob lems; the Policy d ocument
made to our new Director, J . Clarke                                                    SOCiety. This is the first of a series to
                                                was deterred until the Opera-
Hudson who was el ected to f ill the                                                    remind us of what happened to those
                                                tion s Manual is f ina li zed. Leon
unexpired term of Director Willi am L.                                                  who partiCipated in Student Paper
                                                Bates is hard at work on th is at
Maier wh o passed away early in the                                                     Contests or were otherwise active as
                                                the present time.
year.                                                                                     tudent members (The year in paren-
                                                The program forthe current meet-        thesis indicates the first year of par-
  T he Sec retary-T reasu rer reported          ing consisted of 22 papers fo r
that the assets of the Society were                                                     ticipation) .
                                                the Miltoil Sym posium and 32
sta nding at $8,612.07 as of June 30,           papers for the reg ular meeting .
1985. T his is a sma ll increase over the
                                                APMS tee shirts are available           Ernest S. Del Fosse (1975) first winner
same period of 1984. The membership
                                                from the Secreta ry-Treasurer's         of the contests, received his doctorate
stands at a tota l of 580 with 385 active,
                                                office for $10.00 each. They are        from the University of Florida, became
147 subscription , 15 commerc ial sus-
                                                similar to th e ones offered last       the first Chairman of the Society's
taining, 5 honorary, and 27 student
                                                year with additional notation of        Student Affairs Committee. In 1979,
members. Th is is a substantial increase
                                                the 25th annual meeting and the         he became a Research Scientist with
over the last re porting at midyear.
                                                symposium on the back.                  CSIRO in Canberra City, Australia.
H ighlight of the meeting were as
                                                D r. Ken Langeland wil l continue
                                                his f ine work with the AP MS
                                                                                        Harold Omes (19n) is a facu Ity mem-
   President McCowen and t he                   Newsletter to be publi sh ed three
                                                                                        ber in the Department of Botany, Uni-
   Board expressed sincere than ks              times a year.
                                                                                        versity of So uth Carolina at Aiken and
   for all who had organized and                The proceedi ngs for the Milfoil        is a member of the Publications Com-
   planned the Milfoil Symposium                Symposium wi ll sell fo r $15.00        mittee.
   held during the 25th ann ual meet-           each. was a tremendous success.             Back iss ues of th e Journal
  The situation on liability insu-              throug h volume 18 will be made         Patricia M. Doorls (1978) received a
   rance for the Society was de-                available for$5.00 per issue year.      doctorate from the University of South
  ferred until the Winter Board                 (N ote - Further information on         Florida. She is now Manager of the
  meeti ng in order for the Sec-                this will be published in the News-     Environmental Section, Southwest
  retary-Treas u rer to sort out                letter.)                                Florida Water Management District,
  some details regarding the pro-                                                       Brooksville.
                                                APMS involvement in the C o un-
  posed insurance. Insurance of                 ci l for Agricultural Science and
  this type wil l cost over $1000 .00           Technology, CAST, will con -            Ken A. Langeland (1978) received his
  per year.                                     tinue with Bill Ha ller as ou r         doctorate from the University of Flor-
  Nine exhibitors rented twelve                 representa ti ve. APMS is recog-        ida and an extension specialist and
  spaces for the exhibits at this               nized as an important organiza-         faculty member at the North Carolina
  meeting.                                      tion su pporter of CAST .               State University. He is Editor of the
  The legislative committee re-                 The 1986 annual meeting will be         Society's Newsletter.
  ported that the FIFRA is being                held at the Hyatt Sarasota, Sara-
  revised.                                      sota , Flori da during July 13-16,
                                                1986.                                   John R. Cassani (1978) is an aquatic
  Dr. Peter Newroth was espec ially
                                                                                        biologist with Lee County Hyacinth
  commended for his outstan ding
                                                                                        Control District and has been a mem-
  work on local arrangements for                          New Officers
                                                                                        ber of the Student Affairs Committee
  th is meeting.                               At the annual business meeting on        for several years.
  T he local chapters committee              Ju ly 22, 1985 , th e Society member-
  reported that thi ngs are working          ship elected the follo wing slate of       Dan Thayer (1980) is a researcher at
  for a Canadin chapter wit h Scott          officers to serve during 1985-1986.:       the Aquatic Weed Center, University
  Painter doing the organizing. it           Presi dent-Elect, Dean F. Marti n; Vice-   of Florida. He is a member of the Stu-
  was suggested that more serious            president, Richard Comes; Editor,          dent Affairs Committee and is also
  contacts be kept up w ith the              Wi lliam Haller; Directors, Randall        Editor of Aquatics.
  local chapters so that the Society         Stocker and Scott Painter. President-
  membership could benefit more              Elect Lars Anderson automaticall y         Submitted by Dean Martin
  FEDERAL AQUATIC PLANT                           Aquatic Weeds, ind icated that Dr.             lished research reports and publica-
MANAGEMENT WORKING GROUP                          Jerome Shireman is already conduct-            tions to Vic Ramey, Center for Aquat ic
                                                  ing a project designed to develop a            Weeds, to keep the data base cu rrent.
  The FAPMWG met in Vancou ver                    meth odology for th e producti on of
BC in July during the A PMS 1986                  sterile (triploi d) grass carp. A publica-
Annual Meeting. A synopsi s of the                ti on detailing this process w ill report-      Potomac Hydrilla Infestation
maj or discussions is p resen ted below.          ed ly be avai labl e with in one year.             On ly lim ited contro l efforts were
                                                  Aquatic Weed Program                            implemented in 1985 in orde r to re-
Biosonics (hydroacoustics) Study -
                                                  North Carolina State University                 duce th e mo noeciou s hydrilla co loni-
                                                                                                 zation in the Potomac River. Other
    The USCO E is considering a prop-                 Ken La ngeland re po rted on the cur-
                                                                                                 th an placeme nt of bottom barriers in
osal from Biosonics Corpo ration to               rent researc h and spread of "monoe-
                                                                                                 two mari na locations, no other control
investigate th e uti lity of hydroacous-          cious hydrilla" in North Carolina . New
                                                                                                 tech niques have been used. The states
ti c techn iques for determi ning bio-            hydrilla populations cont inue to be
                                                                                                 of Maryland and Virgi nia have op-
mass of submersed aquatic plants.                 discovered in proximity and remote to
                                                                                                 posed the use of registered aquatic
Th is tec hnique has been used suc-               the original area of infes tati on . The
                                                                                                 herbicides to control the hydrilla popu-
cessfu lly for serveral years to deter-           latest, and most important, is a small
                                                                                                 lations and their position is not ex-
mine location and relative size of                infestation in Lake Gaston - a 20
                                                                                                 pected to ch ange in the near future.
sc hools of commerc ial marine fis h.             thousand acre impo undmen t of the
                                                                                                 Meanwh ile, hydri lla popu lati ons ex-
Ongoing collaborative field tests using           Roanoke Rive r on the North Carolina-
                                                                                                 pa nded to about 500 acres by mid
hydroacoustics by the USCOE are                   Virginia border. Researc h is continu-
                                                                                                 summer and are now fou nd in the
sc hed uled at TVA's Guntersville Res-            ing into the extent to which seed pro-
                                                                                                 Potomac from W oo dro w W i lson
ervo ir in early September. In this test,         ductio n can contribute to dispersal of
                                                                                                 Bridge downst rea m to Hig hway 301
correlation of macrophyte biomass                 " monoecious hydr illa." Caryographic          Bridge.
(primarily Eu rasia n watermilfoil) deter-        studies have revealed that all popula-
                                                                                                     An Environmental Impace State-
mined by hydroacoustics and densi-                tions thus far stud ied are triploid - the
                                                                                                 me nt (EIS ) and a State Desi gn Memo-
ti es based on aerial photogra phy will           ability to produc e vi able seed is th ere-    randu m presenti ng the vario us con-
be investigated .                                 fore intri gu ing. Resu lts of field herbi-
                                                                                                 tro l al ternatives has been completed
                                                  cide t ria ls for contro l of " monoec iou s
2, 4-0 Labeling                                                                                  by the Corps of Engi neers Bal timore
                                                  hydrilla" are avail able fro m the North
   The latest feedbac k f rom EPA on                                                             District and is now in internal Corps
                                                  Carol ina Water Resou rces Researc h           rev iew.
th e expanded 2, 4-D label has been               Center.
negative with indications of addition al                                                             Labo ratory tests to evaluate the
delays. T he data package relati ng to            Cooperative Herbicide Studies                  influence of ph otoperiod on tuber
monito ring projects by the USBR and                 Two herbi cide fo rmu lations, Gar-         f o r ma ti on at t he Universit y of
USCO E was provided to EPA; how-                  Ion and Casoron , are being examined           California - Da vis, Agr i cu l t u ral
ever, the response fro m EPA has been             for aquatic use an dlo r expanded -lab-        Research , had earlier indicated th e
a ca ll for more data . Cu rren t opinion is      els. The USBR, USCO E, and Dow                 monoec ious hydrill a did not form
t hat th e " pol itica l" cl imate for expan d-   Che mical Compan y are reviewi ng the          tubers w hen photoperiod was altered .
ing 2, 4-D use in aquatic sites is                stat us of Garlon wh ile the USDA,             Oth er laboratory studies by Dr. Steve n
                                                  USCOE and TVA have been working                K lai ne also indicated th at eth ylene
                                                  with Uniroyal to dete rmi ne the poten-        inh ibits tuber format ion .
USDA Studies - Imperial Valley
                                                  tial for Casoron in aquatic sites.
   Current stu dies of th e g rass carp in
the I mperia l Valley and the ARS faci l-         Center for Aquatic Weeds - Univer-             TVA Aquatic Plant Studies
ity at UC-Davis include: (1) feeding              sity of Florida                                    Cooperative stud ies are bei ng con-
preference of the triploid grass carp,               D r. Joe Joyce indicated th at the          ducted by TVA and th e USCO E con -
(2) possible state " certification " of tri -     Center for Aquatic Weeds issued an             cerning the dissipati on of herbicides
ploidy, (3) fi nish ing reports relating to       an nua l re po rt summarizing research         under differen t fl ow regimes. Th e
electric barriers an d (4) co ntin uing           conducted under th e USDN ARS Cen-             cha nnels or mesocosms at TVA's
evaluations of grass ca rp releases in            ter fo r Aquatic Weeds Cooperative             Aq uati c Resea rc h Labo ratory are
irrigation canals in the Imperial Valley.         Agree me nt and cop ies wo uld be sent         being used to condu ct fl ume type flow
   A fi nal repo rt sum mariz ing the re-         to working group members. T his co-            stud ies wi th in si tu aqu atic macro-
searc h on bi olog ical cont rol of w eeds        operative program was initiated to             phytes (Eu ras ian watermilfoil). It was
wi th spikerush has been issued by t he           con duct mu ltid iscip lined research on       stated that the 12 aqu atic research
University of Californ ia-Davis. This             integ rated mana gement programs fo r          labo ra tory chan nel s (360 ft. long x 14
rep ort by Dr. Fl oyd Ashton ent it led           aq uatic plants and most of the fou r-         ft. wide x 6.5 ft. deep) were ava ilab le
"Research on Bi ol og ical Control of             teen research tas ks conducted in 1984         fo r additional aq uati c studies by other
Aq ua t ic Weeds w ith Compet iti ve              we re bri efl y reviewed. Worki ng group       federal or state agencies . A publica-
Spe c ies of Spike rush (Eleoch ar is             members needi ng speci fic data relat-         ti on descri bing the facilities and cap-
spp.)" can be obtai ned from Dr. Lars             ing to those projects sh ould con tact         abilities for applied water resources
And erson, ARS-U SDA, Davi s, Califor-            Dr. Joyce. It was also stated th at the        research can be obtained by co ntact-
nia.                                              aquatic plant data base for the aquati c       ing TVA.
   The ARS repo rted an inte rest in              plant li brary at th e Center for Aq uati c        It was reported t hat the hydrilla dis-
devel oping the tech niq ues for pro-             Weeds is very comprehensive; how-              tr ib ution conti nues to ex pand in Gun-
duci ng tri plcid grass carp; ho wever,           ever, working grou p members are               tersvi lle Reservoir in northeast Ala-
D r. Joe Joyce, Director, Center fo r             enco uraged to subm it recently pub-           bama. Herbi c id e suppression of hy-
dri lIa has been on Iy moderately success-
fu l in reservoir areas subjected to
significant flow. Grass carp were suc-
cessfully stocked in a large enclosed
subembay ment of Guntersville Reser-
voir and preli mi nary evidence, 10
months after stocking, indicated that
spinyleaf naiad and hydri lla have been
si gn ificantly reduced, leaving only Eur-
asian wate rmilfoil.
Aquatic Plant Studies - British
    Dr. Peter New ro th reported on the
applied research now underway with
the British Colum bia, Min istry of En-
vironment. There was an appeal for an
internati onal approach in preventing
the int roduction of hydrilla into the
Pacific Northwest with state, federal,
and prov inicial agen cies as parti c i-
pants. It was further su ggested that
support be given to publ ication of a
monograph on monoecious hyd rilla.
   Two promising tec hnologies fo r po-
tential control of Eurasia n watermil-
foil were discu ssed and inc luded a
mechanical underwater ultrason ic de-          Pro fessor C . Den Ha rtog (left) and Professo r W. T . Hal ler (right) were two
vice for aquatic pl ant tissue destruc-      of the lead ing scientists in Aquatic Pla nt Ecology who attended the 1985
tion and furthe r study of the burrow-       APMS A nnu al Meeti ng.
ing larvae of a Chi rono mid (Midge)
whic h appears to stress water milfoil.
USCOE - Aquatic Plant Control Re-                          Special Inventory Reduction
search Program
   Th e USCOE Aquatic Plant Con trol                                   Sale
Research Program con fe re nce w ill be         T he APMS Board of Di recto rs has authorized reduced rates on Complete
held Nove mber 19-21 at t he Radi sson       Set s and back issues of the Hyacinth Control Journal (1962-1975) and the
In n and Conference Center, Atlanta,         Jou rnal of Aquati c Plant Manageme nt (1976- Presen t). T his is an excell ent
Georg ia . More in formation can be          opportunity for libraries, laboratori es and people new in th e fie ld to co mplete
ob t ai ned from Bi ll Rushin g a t          the ir hold ings of these issues "While they last. " These bac k issues provide an
601-634-3542 .                               interesting and in fo rmative historica l background in aquatic plant management.
14th Interagency Research Con-                  You may o rder single vo lumes to replace lost on es o ro rder the comp lete set
ference - Chattanooga, Tennessee             on th e form below. Two issues of the Journal were printed fo r Volume 8 and for
                                             Vo lumes 20-23.
   TVA w ill host the 14th Interagency
Resea rch Coo rdi nation Conference
at the Read Ho use Hote l in Chatta-                                                                              your order
nooga, Ten nessee on Nove mber 5-7,
1985. T he Fed eral Aq uat ic Plan t Man-    Vo lu mes 1-18 (1 962-1980) at $5/v ol ume ($90)                $   _ _ _ __ _
agemen t Worki ng Group will meet in
                                             Volum es 19 and 20 (198 1-82) at $10/Volume ($20)               $   _ _ _ _ _ _
con j unction with th is conference and
repo rt on work ing g roup prog res s to     Volumes 21 and 22 (1983-84) at $20N olume ($40)                 $   _ _ _ _ __
th e Water Qu ality and Ecology Parent       Volume 23 1985/$2 5 (Volume $2 5)                               $   _ _ _ _ __
Co m mittee. T he FAP MWG work s                                                      T otal Set $175.       $   _ __ __ _
under the umbrella of the Interagency
Con fere nce primarily to avoid dupli-       I wish to order the fo llowing single vo lumes:
cation of research an d exchange ideas
an d plans on research su bj ects of                                                                         $ - - - - --
mu tual interest. Lewi s Decell was                                                                      T otal
elected to serve as c hai rma n of th e                                                                  Price$ _ _ __ __ _
FAPMWG un itl1987 when the USBR              Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _____ _ ___
co-ch airman willi assume the c hair-        Add ress _ ____ ___ _________________
Submitted by:                                       P. O. Number
   J.L. Decell , Ch airma n - FAPMWG                Check Enclosed
0056A                                        Send ord er form to: A PM S, P.O . Box 16, Vicksburg, MS 391 80

Letters to the Editor'                        compared to the dioec ious ones.            " monoecious hydrilla" may be more
Dear Ken:                                        T he restrictio ns wh ich have been      co mpetitive and pose a greater aqua-
                                              placed on researche rs trying to study      tic weed threat than " dioceious
    After returnin g from the Aquatic
                                              the monoecious form of hydrilla make        hydrilla." After some d iscussi on of
Plant Mangem ent meeting and the                                                          current research it was suggested by
                                              it diffic ult to adequately study th e
Workshop on Monoeciou s Hydri"a, I            growth potential of this plant. Cer-        Dave Sutton that the mon oec ious
began thinking about all the con cern
                                              tainly no one wants to be respon sible      strain may not be compet itive with
wh ich has been expressed over the            for placin g th is plant in a situation     other aquatic species, inc luding native
discovery of the monoecious fo rm of          which wi ll result in it cau si ng prob-    aquatic plants; an d may pose no
hydri"a in several locations in the Uni-      lems . However, I think the monoe-          aquatic weed threat at all because
ted States. From what I heard at the                                                      there is no data to support its replac-
                                              c ious plant has been already placed in
workshop, personal observations of
                                              the same category as the dioecious          ing other species where it occurs.
the pl ant, and discussi ons with var-                                                    John Barko suggested that concern
                                              form. Monoecious hydrilla may not
ious individuals, I am beginning to           present as serious a threat as is per-      may ex ist on ly because of t he conno-
wonGler if it really has the potential to
                                              ceived . I think more researc h is need-    ta t io n associated with th e na me
beco me as serious a pest as the dioe-                                                    "hydrilla." This brought a smil e to Bill
                                              ed before the verdict is in on th e
cious form of hydri"a.                        monoecious form of hydrilla. Monoe-         Haller's face (?) and got Ken Lange-
    Fi rst, it appears to me that the
                                              cious hydrilla appears to have t he         land's attention, wh o explained that
monoeciou s hydrilla has invaded and                                                      th ey woul d not be deve loping a man-
                                              potential to be tro ublesome in some
col onized on ly bod ies of water free of
                                              areas; however, I question its ability to   agement program for hydri"a in North
submersed pla nts. It apparently has                                                      Carolina (the monoeciou s strai n) with-
                                              cause problems as serious as that of
not only replaced native plants to any
                                              dioecious fo rm of th is plant.             o ut good reason and that one look at
great extent in the areas in which it
                                              Sincerely you rs,                           the Potomac River proves that Be"
has bee n found. This does not mean                                                       Haven Marina has a legitimate com-
that it doesn't have the potential to be                                                  plai nt. Whitey Holm reminded the at-
a weed problem in those areas; how-           David L. Sutton
                                              Professor and Acting Center Director        tend ees th at many eco nomically im-
ever, I wond er if it has th e ability to                                                 portant weeds were not paid attention
cause p ro bl ems sim ilar to th ose                                                      to until it was too late to contain their
call&ed by th e dioecious form of hy-         Dear Dave:                                  spread. Lars brought the meeting to a
dr'lIa.                                          I had intended to p repare a report      close with th e conclusion that con-
    Second , seed production by the                                                       tinu ed research into the biology and
                                              fro m the Worksho p on Monoecious
;-n onoec iou s hydrilla has been impli-                                                  ecology of " monoecious hydri"a" is
                                              Hydrilla to include in the newsletter
cated as a very seriou s threat by this                                                   necessary.
                                              but I forgot my tape recorder and as
plant. As is well known for almost all                                                       W ith that out of the way I wi" offer
                                              you know I have a very short memory.
problem aquatic plants, vegetative prop-                                                  my opinions to the questions that you
                                              I will give a very brief account of the
agation is the major way these plants         meeting to bring the readers up ~ to­       have raised .
gain a foothold in a body of water and
                                              date before addressing your letter.            First, it does appear, in some situa-
their primary means of regrowth when             Lars Anderson presided at the Wo rk-     tions, that monoecious hydri"a has
the weed mass is co ntroll ed. In fact ,
                                              sh op on Monoecious Hydrilla that           coloniz ed niches u ninhab ited by
one of the intriguing c haracteri stics       was held at t he APMS 1985 Annu al          aquatic macrophytes. The Potom ac
associated with aquatic plan ts in gen-       Meeting . The workshop was held to          River is the most vi sual example. How-
eral , is their ab ility to spread and grow   discuss the pote ntial threat, current      ever, based on so me obervations in
primari ly through vegetat ive means.
                                              knowledge, and researc h needs re-          North Carolina it appears that mono-
What evidence is available that seeds         lated to the recently discovered mono-      ecious hyd ri lla has outcompeted
wi ll be a prima ry means of spread of        ecious hydrilla strain. Lars opened the     slender niad (Najas minor ) and elodea
monoecious hyd ri lla? From what I
                                              meeting by suggesting t hat d ue to         (Elodea nutta/lii). And Roy Miller
have hea rd , most pop ulatio ns of           some of the growth habits and rep ro-       reports that monoecious hydrilla com-
monoecious hydri lla probably origi-
                                              duct ive capabilties (seed p rodu cti on)   p etes aggressively with Fanwort
nated from the planting shoots of this
    T hird, how can the monoecious
form of hydrilla cause problems worse
than that alread y caused by the dioe-
cio us form? For example in Florida,
hydrilla dom inates man y bodies of
water replacing all submersed pla nts,
blocks water flow, restricts many
water use acti vities, and forms mats
so dense that birds and oth er sma"
an imals walk on them . Will the mono-
ec ious hyd ri lla replace these mats of
dioeci ous hydrilla? Will those mats of
monoecious hydrill a be any more ob-
noxious than those already present?
Th e plants of monoecious hydri"a I
have seen appear quite fragile as                       Toni , Dave, and Lars "unwind" at the President's Reception
  (Cabombasp) in Delaware. I too won-
 der whether "monoec ious hydrilla"
                                                Legislative Report
  has the competitive abi lities of "dioe-         Bill No.               Description                       Status
 c ious hydrilla. " T his will only be deter-   S 309         Makes it easier to remove from 1/29/85 - referred to sub-
 m ined by "wait and see" or sci entific                      market pesticides with registra- committee of comm ittee on
 research. Several researchers are at-                        tio ns that contai n health and  Agriculture 4/22185 - heari ng.
 tempting to answer this question.                            safet y data gaps and lim its    No Action
    Second, I haven't heard of seed                           EPA's abl ity to allow emer-
 production being implicated as a "very                       gency use of pesticid es.
 serious threat" but only as a potenti al       S 21          Consolidates all government          1/3/85 - referred to comm ittee
  means of dispersal. It is basic ecolog-                     trade - re lated respon sibilities   on Government Affairs. No
  ical principal that vegetat ive repro-                      in the Department of Com-            Action
 duction usually serves as a means for                        merce and renames DOC to
 local dispersal whereas p roduction of                       the Department of T rade and
 dormant seed that is tolerant of ad-                         Commerce.
 verse environmental cond itions is a
                                                S 57          Makes R&D tax credit per-            1/3/85 - referred to Budget
 means of long d ista nce dispersal.
                                                              manent, narrows defini tion of       Committee and Governmental
 We can otten identify the source of
                                                              qual ifying research , provides      Affairs Committee. No Action
 hydrilla infestations as vegetative plant-
                                                              incentives for corporate sup-
 ings, however, there are also instan-
                                                              port of university research.
 ces w here there is no explanation for
 its occurrence in isolated ponds, and          HR 320        Establishes Department of           1/3/ 85 - referred to Govern-
 dispersal of seed by waterfowl may be                        Department of Trade.                mental Operations Committee.
 used to explain these populations. At a                                                          1/16/85 - referred to sub-
 recent meeting I was critic ized, for                                                            committee on Legislation and
 emphasizing the importance of hy-                                                                Nati onal Security. No Action
 drilla seed production. This person's          HR 638         Restricts export of goods found1/24/85 - referred to Commit-
 argument was that it had no practical                        to be hazardous to public           tee on Foreign Affairs.
 value. The potential for seed produc-                         health .                           2n/85 - referred to Subcom-
 tion and dispersal by "mo noecious                                                               mittee on International Eco-
 hydrilla" is of basic ecological interest                                                        nomic Policy. No Act ion
 and may have practical implications            HR 695        Gives Directors of national labs 1/24/85 - referred to Judicial
 in the future. Again, only scientific                        authority to enter into coopera- Comm ittee.
 researc h wi ll answer the questions.                        tive research agreements with 5/19/ 85 - referred to Sub-
    T hird, agree, agree, agree. I ask the                    universities and corporati ons. committee on Courts, Civil lib-
 same questions and have the same                                                                 erties, and Administrati on. No
 doubts as you do.                                                                                Action
    I made severa l telephone calls in an                                                         1/ 24/85 - referred to Commit-
attempt to learn of the restricti ons that                                                        tee on Science and
you refer to and there seem to be                                                                 Technology .
 none. According to the Florida Depart-                                                           Feb., 1985 - referred to Sub-
 ment of Natural Resouces, Bureau of                                                              committee on Science
Aquat ic Plan t Managem ent, any                                                                  Research .
scientist who holds an aq uatic plan t                                                            5/21 & 22185 - Hearing held.
research permit is legally entitled to
conduct researc h involving hydrilla.           HR 2580       (Similar S 309) Establish and 5/ 3/85 - referred to the sub-
Alth ough the Bureau may request                              tighten minimum trainin g           comm ittee on Deportment
some precautions when working with                            requirements for RVP applica- Operations, Research and For-
"monoeciou s hydrilla" there is no legal                      tors, ti ghten data an d label ing eign Ag ric ulture.
disti nction between strains, varieties                       requirements for inert ingre-
or bi otypes of the species. I therefore                      dients in pesticides. Allow
encourage you to help answer ou r                             greater disclosure of health and
mutual questions by applying your                             safety information submitted by
highly respected scientific expert ise                        registrants. Establish a "reregis-
in aquati c plan t research to study ing                      trati on" ti metable for pesticides
"monoeci ous hydrilla."                                       registered before 1972. Simpli-
                                                              fies EPA cancellation proce-
Sincerely,                                                    dures. Prohibits the im portation
                                                              of commod ities with residues
K.A. Lan geland, Editor                                       of cancelled pesti cides. Nar-
' Op inion s expressed by the Ed itor are                     rows conditions for 24(c) and
his own and do not necessari ly rep-                          conditional registrations.
resentthoseofthe Aquatic Plant Manage-                        Requi res states to protect
ment Society. Comments and views,                             groundwater from pestici d e
differing or supporting, from readers                         contaminat ion. Repea ls FIFRA
are encouraged.                                                               contin ued on next page
              Legislative Report continued                                            Ultrasound tech-
               requirement that EPA indem-
                                                                                      nique may eradicate
               nify owners of suspended and                                           milfoil
               cancelled pesti cides, and
               req uires imposi ti on of registra-                                        VANCOUVER (CP) - All alone in
               ti on fees to pay for the costs of                                      his basement lab, Roger Soar is plan-
               ru nn ing the registration                                              ning to kill.
               program.                                                                   He's work ing on an insid ious ultra-
               (Backed by coa lit ion of 39                                            sound machine which he hopes will
               environme ntal, health , and                                            quietly destroy hectares and hectares
               labo r groups)                                                          of aquat ic weeds.
                                                                                          Soar is after Eurasian milfoi l, a "very
HR 2482       Wou ld end ind emn ity pay-          5/14/85 - referred to Comm it-
                                                                                       ag gressive and wonderfull y adaptive
               ments, Streaml ine "spec ial        tee on Agriculture.
                                                                                       bi olo gical spe cime n" that i nfests
               review" process, Give EPA           5/17/85 - referred to Sub-
                                                                                       lakes, stra ngles other plants and clogs
              auth ority to cancel registra-       committee on Deportment
                                                                                       boating and swimming areas.
              ti ons based on fal se, inaccu-      Operations, Research and For-
                                                                                          Mil foil , despite rigorou s attempts to
               rate, or misleading data,           eign Ag riculture.
                                                                                       co nt rol it , is gradua ll y spre ading
              Tighten and define "under the 5/20 & 21/85 - Hearings
                                                                                       throug h southern Ontario, Q uebec
               direct supervi si on" (for applica-
                                                                                       and British Columbia since it was dis-
              tions of RVPs), A llow EPA to
                                                                                       covered in the 1960s. A sprig wound
              share confidential pesticide
                                                                                      around a boat propellor can move it
              data with states, Increase                                              from one lake to another.
               penalties for vio lations to
                                                                                          Peter Newroth, m ilfoil expert with
              $25,000 per day (c ivil) and two
                                                                                      the water management branch of the
              yea rs in jail (criminal) , Expand
                                                                                       B.C. En vironment Ministry, has given
              EPA inspection authority,
                                                                                      up hope of completely eradicating it.
              Expand record keepi ng
                                                                                      Now he just tries to prevent it from
               req uirements fo r producers,
              dealers, users, Clari fies EPA'a
                                                                                          Newroth and Soar are featured
              au thority to req uire labeling of
                                                                                      speakers at the 25th annual meeti ng
              inert ingred ients, and allows
                                                                                      of the Aquatic Plant Management
              EPA to share authority with
                                                                                      Society . The f our-day conference
              OSAA. (EPA supported Bill)
                                                                                      begins here Sunday and will bring
HR 2355       Reauthorizes FI FRA for FY-          5/15/ 85 - reported out of         together 150 water weed management
              1986 with out amendments.            Committee on Agricu lture and      experts.
                                                   is on the calendar for a vote         Soar will describe his experim enta l
                                                   (HR Report 99-127)                 hi gh-freq uency sou nd method to kill
S 1051        Reauthorizes FIFRA for FY-           5/1/85 - referred to Agricul-      milfoil wh ich Newroth calls one of the
              1986 and 1987 without                ture Committee.                    mos t promising techniques in the
              amen dments.                                                            field.
S 51          Gives com munities a "rig ht to Referred to Finance Committee              "The so und wave trave ls through
              know" what chem ica ls are           on 3/18/85. T hen sent to J udi-   the water and causes high and low
              bei ng produced nearby. M ight ciary. Hearings were held and            pressure areas," Soar said . " T his
              make it harder for corporations the bill was discharged. Placed         vibrates the molecules as it passes,
              to keep private certain informa- on Senate Cal enda r 6/14/85.          causing d isruption of the plant cells"
              ti on EPA now considers confi- Vote to be scheduled (Senate             w hich in turn causes th e plant en ou gh
              dential business information.        Report 99-73).                     stress that it dies.
                                                                                      TOOK THREE YEARS
                                                                                         Soar, a 29-year old Victoria scient-
                                                                                      ist, came up with the idea when he
  Th is activi ty reflects a push by environmental ists an d certain key members of   was working on milfoil with the pro-
Congress to overhaul FI FR A and stem what they perceive to be the erosion of         vincial government's water manage-
the origi nal inten t and spirit of the 1972 amendments. There is, however,           ment branc h. T he B.C. Science
opposition and som e disinterest w ithin the adm inistration the Senate Agricul-      Counci l has given him $100,000 in the
tura l Committee. FI FRA's last auth orization expired in 1981 and has continued      past th ree years to develop the
only through stop gap fund ing .                                                      technique.
  Oth er nat iona l pri oriti es may take precedence despite the intense lobbyin g       T here is no question the principle
and grass roots campaign s - pro an d con. The short term so lution may end up        works, he said. Now he's tryi ng to
bein g wit h a one or year authorization wit hout amendments to FIFRA with the        build a transd ucer powerful enough
hope that regu lato ry changes migh t obvi ate the need for major legislative         th at an exposure of just two seconds
amendme nts.                                                                          will be sufficie nt.

                            continued on next page                                           contin ued on next page
 Ultrasound continued                                     Legislative Report continued
   " Right now I have it down to about       Both the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act expired in 1981 and 1982 .
five seconds, so we're getting there,"     respec tively. T hey are in the same leg islative limbo as FIFRA with further
he said .                                  Senate and House activity uncerta in (there is the possib lity of Ho use floor
                                           action in July) .
   If the more powerfu l transducer he       The Leg islati ve Comm ittee respectfu ll y subm its this report and requests that
is building now succeeds, a prototype      the membership be advised and enco u raged to notify their Senators and
could be operating w it hin a year. Sev-   Representat ives regarding their position o n one, some, or all of these bills.
eral large t ran sducers would be rafted   These bills have the potential of affect ing all of the members of the APMS
together and towed by boat over weed-      professionally and personally. The mem bersh ip's involvemen t in the legis lative
infested areas.                            process is necessary for ou r elected officia ls to understand the im pact of the ir
   The h igh frequency sound wo n't
                                           Provided by Carlton R. Lay ne
harm fish, he said, because they would
either leave the area or won't be ex-
posed long enough to cause serious
damage. The treatment will also kill
other aquatic plants but the ultrasound
beam can be focused to limit damage.

  Soar says he can hold hi s hand
under the beam for 30 to 40 seconds
                                                             CALL FOR PAPERS
before it becomes so painfu l he has to
remove it.
                                                           1986 ANNUAL MEETING
                                                      THE AQUATIC PLANT MANAGEMENT SOCIETY, INC.
  British Columb i a will spe n d
$500,000 fight ing the weed this year         You are invited to submit a title for a paper to be presented at the 1986 annual
but th at's modest compared to the $4      meet ing of The Aquat ic Plant Management Soci ety. Inc .. to be held July 13- 16,
million spent annuall y by one small       1986, at th e Sarasota Hyatt House, Sarasota, Florida, USA. Type title authors,
district in Florida where milfoil has      organization and location, exactly the way they are to appear on the program . If
been established for decades.              more than on e author is listed, p lace an asterick after the name of the author
                                           who is to present the paper. Fifteen minutes will be allowed fo r each presenta-
                                           tion. Projection equipmen t for 35mm slid es w ill be p rovid ed . Special req uests
Reprinted from the Vernon News, July       for add itio nal time or spec ialized projection eq uipmen t should be directed to
20 , 1985, provided by Peter Newroth       the Prog ra m Ch airma n, and wi ll be considered on the merits of the indi vidual
                                           request.                                •
                                                                 (PLEASE DETATCH AND RETURN)

                                           T itle _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


                                           Abstract (75 wo rds or less)
Congratulations SCAPMS Graduate
Student Paper Contest Winners

First Prize - George Pesacreta
   "Die-off of Hydrilla Due to Turbid
   George Pesacreta and K.A. Lange-
   land. North Carolina State Univer-      Subm it titles to: Dr. D.F. Martin
   sity, Raleigh. NC.                                         Departm ent of Chem istry
                                                              Uni versity of South Flori da
                                                              Ta mpa, FL 33620
Second Prize - Mark Homer                  Subm it studen t pa per titles to:
  "Effects of Devegetating Rice Fields                        D.N. Riemer
  on Fish Populations."                                       Cook College
  Mark Homer, University of South                             Dept. of Soil s and Crops
  Carolina, Columbia. SC.                                     P. O . Box 231
                                                              New Brunswick , NJ 08903
                                           Deadline for Submission is April 18, 1986
                                                                                                               The Aquatic
                                                                                                               Society, Inc.
                                                                                                                  T he Aquatic Plant Management
 T here are three regu lar c lasses of membership availab le upon application                                  S oc iety, Inc. , is an i ntern at ion al
made in acco rdance with the C harter adopted in 1961. These classes are:                                      organization of sci entists, educators,
                                                                                                               admini strato rs, and con cerned indi-
A.        Active Mem bership .. . .. . . .. .. . ..... .. ......... . ..... .. . $25.00                        vi duals interested in the management
B.        Student Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 5.00   and co ntrol of aquatic plants. Th e
C.        Commercial Sustaining Membership .. . .... . ........ . . . .. 200.00                                mem bership reflects a diverse co llec-
                                                                                                               tion of Fed eral, state, an d local agen-
                                                                                                               c ies; researc hers, professors, and
                                                                                                               stu dents from universities and co l-
                                                                                                               leges arou nd the world; corporat ions;
Name of Applicant _ ______ __ Spouse's Name _ _ _ _ __ _
                                                                                                               commerc ial applicators; and others
                                                                                                               dedicated to promoting research and
Home address· _ __ _ __ _ __ _ Zip Code _ _ __ _ _ __ _                                                        sharing inform ation about aq uat ic
                                                                                                               plants and the technology of aquatic
Present title & Employer _ __ _ __ __ __ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _                                                     plant management.
                                                                                                                  Original ly ca ll ed The Hyacinth
Busi ness Add ress· _ _ __ __ _ _ _ Zip Code _ _ _ _ _ __ __                                                   Cont rol Society, Inc., w hen founded
                                                                                                               in 1961, T he Aquatic Plant Manage-
Business T elephone                                      Home Telephone _ _ _ _ _ __                           ment Society, Inc., has evolved into a
                                                                                                               respected source of ex pertise in the
                                                                                                               aquatics field. T he Society has grown
Am ount of Remitta nce $ _ _ _ _ __ Signature of Appli cant _ _ __ _
                                                                                                               to include several regi onal or state
                                                                                                               chapters; and through these affil iates,
Membersh ip Type: ACTIVE _ _ _ ; COMMERCIAL SUSTAINING _ __                                                    an ual in ternational meetings, news-
                                                                                                               letters, and the Journal of Aquatic
                     STUDENT _ _ __ _                       ; SUBSCRIPTION _ _ __ _                            Plant Management, members keep
• Please ind icate address to be used by our business o ffice.                                                 abreast of the latest developments in
                                                                                                               biological, mec han ical, chemical, and
                                                                                                               integrated methods of aquatic plant
                                                                                                               management and control.


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