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Romeo and Juliet


									 Romeo and Juliet
A play by William Shakespeare

      Text Review…
            The Play’s History
                           • First published in 1597 in
                             Quarto one, which many
                             consider the bad quarto. It then
                             went through three other
                             publications. The version usually
                             read is the 1923 version
                             published in the First Folio.
                           • The play is based on several
                             different sources, but taken
                             largely from Arthur Brooke’s
                             Poem Tragical History of
                             Romeus and Juliet
Excerpt of Brooke’s Poem
             Style and Language
Rom. When the devout religion
of mine eye Maintains such           •  5 Acts
falsehood, then turn tears to fires!
And these, who often drown’d         •  Sonnets open First and
could never die,Transparent             Second Acts
heretics, be burnt for liars! One
fairer than my love! the all-seeing •   Language is filled with
sun Ne’er saw her match since           oxymoron, puns and
first the world begun 1:2:76-82
Rom. Tybalt, the reason that I
have to love thee Doth much           • Notice a shift in
excuse the appertaining rage To         language when Romeo
such a greeting; villain am I none,
Therefore farewell; I see thou
                                        and Juliet fall in love.
know’st me not. 3:1:36-39               Example left.
Style and Language Continued
                4 Tragic Elements
             - Pride, pride
              - Death, i.e. Mercutio
              - Pain, i.e. false death
                      of Juliet
               - Loss, i.e. everyone
   • Family Feuds
   • Love and Hate
   • Innocence, virtue,
     and beauty can be
     destroyed by hate.
   • Vengeance and
   • Despair and Hope
The Characters:
         • He is a Montague
         • As the play opens he is
           in love with Rosalind
         • Kills Juliet’s cousin and
           then is banished
         • Matures over the course
           of the play
         • Is his love real or is he a
           ladies man?
The Characters:
        • She is a Capulet
        • She is fourteen
        • Initiates marriage idea
        • Drinks potion given by
          Friar Lawrence so that
          she can be free with
        • Is she independent or
          does she need a man in
          her life?
The Characters:
The Montague's
          Lord and Lady Montague -
            Romeo’s Parents, heads of
            the Montague household
          Benvolio – Lord Montague’s
            Nephew and Romeo’s
            friend. He also is a
            kinsman to the prince.
          Balthasar – Servant to
            Romeo, informs him of
            Juliet’s false death
          Abraham – Servant to
The Characters:
 The Capulets
         Lord and Lady Capulet –
           Parents to Juliet and
           heads of the Capulet
         Tybalt – Nephew to Lord
           Capulet, kills Mercutio
           and is killed by Romeo
         Sampson and Gregory –
           Servants to Lord Capulet
         Nurse – Juliet’s Nurse who
           is also her friend and
     The Characters:
The people of fair Verona
                Escalus - Prince of
                Paris – Young
                  Nobleman, promised
                  to marry Juliet.
                Mercutio – Kinsman
                  to the prince and
                  friend to Romeo
                Friar Lawrence –
                  Secretly marries
                  Romeo and Juliet
The Setting
          Takes place in Verona
            Italy. Over the course
            of the play the
            characters, are on a
            beach, in the
            marketplace, at a
            party at the Capulet’s
            and another city
            called Mantua.

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