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					     edu. SEO
Chapter 1: Ethical Backlinking

       by bertranddo.com
What is ethical SEO?

• This term should be taken lightly

• Definitions varies from company to company

• Ethical to do SEO for sweatshops company?

• Is Google Ethical?

• Youtube $100M Lawsuits, Ebook Scanning, Warez, etc.

• Best practices are constantly evolving

So where does this leaves us?
What is ethical SEO?

To me being ethical means having some respect
for the website owners who are 'allowing' you to
           get backlinks from them.

"Treat The Other Like You'd Like to Be Treated."
Example of 'Ethical' SEO on my Blog
Good way to place your backlinks
(always gets approved)

Bad way to place your backlinks
(stays in spam folder)
More examples from Academia.edu
Good way to place your backlinks

Valuable + well written content
More examples from Academia.edu
Bad way to place your backlinks

Poor + Keyword Stuffed + unreadable content
Conclusion: Respectful SEO


Put yourself in the shoes of the website owner

Strive to add valuable well-written content

Vary your sources


Put keywords in blog comments unless allowed by the owner

Abuse a link source (e.g. spam it to death)
         edu. SEO
End of Chapter 1: Ethical Backlinking

 How to Find .edu Blogs & Forums

           by bertranddo.com
       edu. SEO
Chapter 2: Finding .edu Backlinks

         by bertranddo.com

• .EDU backlinks should be part of your SEO Strategy

• Avoid buying packets as they are often sold to 1000s

• I do not use .EDU forum commenting anymore

• Focus is now on my EDU blogs and blog commenting

• Search strings will provide you with an infinite source of
  backlinks, for FREE

• Here we will focus on teaching you how the main search
  strings work, I will send all my search strings by PDF tomw
Tools I use

• SEO Quake (extension for Chrome or Firefox)

• Google Search Options

• Allow at least 50 results on your page

• Sort by date and time for the most recent sources
Search Strings

• site:.edu inurl:blog

• site:.edu inurl:blog intitle:dog training ~dog training

• site:.edu "Powered by BlogEngine/Wordpress"

• site:.edu inurl:blog "disqus"

• "leave comment" or "post a comment"

• -"comments closed" // -"you must be logged in"

• site:.edu intitle:dog training "leave a comment" | "leave a
  post" | "leave a reply"-"comments off" | -"comments are
More Search Strings

• Create EDU blogs

• site:.edu inurl:wp-signup.php

• site:.edu inurl:register.aspx

• GOV sites

• site:.gov

• site:.gov inurl:blog
           edu. SEO
   End of Chapter 2: Find .EDU blogs
My entire list of .EDU search strings (PDF)

             by bertranddo.com

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