Media Violence - PowerPoint by x5kT4l


									Media Violence
Why are we taking this so seriously?
 • 48 children died in
   schools last year.
 • 9 out of 10 were stopped
   before they were able to
   carry out the violent act.
 • Most importantly…we
   know why this is
   happening and we know
   how to intervene.
Why has the violence increased?
             The American Medical
             Association, the American
             Psychological Association,
             and the American Academy
             of Pediatrics have looked at
             30 years of research and
             agree that media violence is
             a causal factor in the
             violent behavior we are
             seeing in our children today.
 Factors in violence:
1.   Poverty
2.   Gangs
3.   Drugs
4.   Broken families
5.   Guns in kids hands
6.   Media violence
Prior to 25 years ago, there were virtually NO
DOCUMENTED juvenile massacres.

                         • In the last 10 years
                             there have been
                         •   Why?
                         •   More than one
Brain Scan Research done at the Indiana University
               School of Medicine

    Brain activity during a logical decision making activity.   6
Brain Scan Research done at the Indiana University School
                      of Medicine

          Brain activity while viewing a video game.   7
It’s an addiction, but the good news is…
      The damage isn’t permanent!
                       • There is an actual
                       • A tolerance to media
                         violence builds up and
                         kids need more to get
                         that same chemical
                         change in the brain.
                       • Like any other addiction,
                         detoxification is possible.
                       • It takes 3-4 days.
       Research shows…
•   Children who have less screen
    time get better grades in school.
•   Children who watch too much TV
    may lack social skills.
•   Children are seduced by
•   Children develop feelings of
•   Children who have high screen
    use are more susceptible to
    attention deficit disorder.
Benefits to Less Screen Time

• More family time
• More healthy life style
  – Get off the couch and do something.
  – Less snacking.
• More time for reading & school work
• More time for social interactions
• Less nagging for toys
Student Challenge

• To become aware of how much time they
  spend on screens
• To become aware of what they are
• Think of other activities they could do
• Learn how to budget their screen time
Teacher Challenge

• Integrate the student challenges into the
  current state curriculum that you are
  expected to teach.
• Include administrators, other teachers,
  paraprofessionals, parents, and social
  workers in the challenge.
Parent Challenge

• Support your child with his/her screen
  awareness challenge
• Encourage your child to read, play ball,
  play games, or just imagine
• Take this opportunity to spend more time
  with your child

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