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					   March 1, 2012__


Pursuant to Section 408 of the Watsonville Charter, you are hereby
authorized and empowered to call a Special Meeting of the Watsonville
City Council to be convened at:

         7:30 p.m.                       Tuesday, March 6, 2012
        (Hour)                          (Date)

in the Civic Plaza Council Chambers, 275 Main Street, 4th Floor,
Watsonville, California.

The business to be considered at said Special Meeting shall consist of the
following matter(s):

 Consideration of Process for Appointment of City Council Member
                    for District 1 to Fill Vacancy

___/s/Eduardo Montesino____________________

                        NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING

Please take notice that a Special Meeting of the Watsonville City Council
has been called pursuant to Section 408 of the Watsonville Charter.


__/s/Beatriz Vázquez Flores _________
City Clerk

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Subject Manuel Quintero Bersamin's Letter of Resignation
From Manuel Quintero Bersamin
To Beatriz Flores; Carlos Palacios
Sent Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 2:20 PM

February 29, 2012
City Clerk Beatriz Flores
P.O. Box 50000
Watsonville, CA 95076

Re: Councilmember Manuel Quintero Bersamin's Letter of Resignation

Dear City Clerk Flores,
Due to my 95 year old mother’s recent fall and broken right arm and her subsequent
incapacitation, I am submitting this letter of resignation from the Watsonville City Council
effective concurrently with the appointment of my successor to represent District 1 on the
city council.

It has been a great honor and privilege to work alongside Carlos Palacios, a true visionary and
builder of what the City of Watsonville can become, Alan Smith, our legal champion of the city
against the never ending legal threats against the City, and you, Beatriz Flores, the heart and
alma (soul) of the city and the city council. I have also appreciated the multiple roles of the work
of both Marcela Tavantzis, Assistant City Manager and Deputy City Manager Mario Maldonado
in serving the people of Watsonville, especially the residents who have the least resources. I have
the upmost respect for all the department heads, especially Police Chief Manny Solano, Fire
Chief Mark Bisbee, outgoing Administrative Services Director, Mark Pimentel, Parks and
Community Services Director, Ana Espinoza, Public Works and Utilities Director, David Koch
and Library Director Carol Heitzig.

I am so proud to have served alongside a series of city council members but I am most proud to
have served alongside the most current council which is the best council I have served with in
these nine years. All of the current council members have great talent and despite the media, we
all have gotten along together quite well. We made the City better and they will continue to
improve the City into the future. Brothers and sister, thank you for everything.

I have a great deal of satisfaction for these nine years of fighting for the causes I won on the
council, including building more affordable housing, developing present and future economic
development, increasing public safety, generating a focus on the need to improve the image of
the City, fighting the intimidation of the gangs, the enhancement of afterschool activities,
creating safer neighborhoods, naming Watsonville a sanctuary city, increasing services and
access for Spanish Speaking residents and especially the rebuilding of the Riverside Mobile
Home Park neighborhood.

I even feel satisfaction for the causes I lost, including trying to get the local school district to
improve academic outcomes so that the City could attract more local jobs for our students, the
fight for the fluoridation of the city’s drinking water for our children and the fight to protect
bilingual education in the local schools that will be needed for Watsonville to compete in an
increasingly global economy.

However, I will continue to fight for the most important battles that I waged as a councilman,
including the attempt to reduce the City’s gang violence and the longest fights of all, the
improvement of the academic results in the local schools and lastly, the long overdue rebuilding
of the Pajaro River levees.

In closing, while I was especially proud to become the City’s first Asian American Filipino
Mayor, I was MOST proud to be a mayor of Watsonville who is a son of the Farm Workers and
Cannery Workers who have long been the life blood and hard working muscle of the City
Watsonville. I am proud to have represented and served “la gente de razon’ these nine years and
now I am proud to return to them having done the very best I could for them and all the people of

Sincerely and Si Se Puede,

Manuel Quintero Bersamin
Councilmember, City of Watsonville
District 1 Councilmember