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April 2, 2010                                                                                                                          Volume 98, Issue 20

UWRF holds inauguration for new chancellor
                            Lezli Weis

   The inauguration of Dean Van Galen as the new UW-River
Falls Chancellor was held on March 26 in the Riverview Ball-
room in the University Center.
   Fifteen minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, the
UWRF band performed music. The band also played for the
processional, which was led by Professor Nicholas Karolides,
the Chief Marshal; Karolides was the chief marshal because
he is the longest-serving faculty member on campus.
   The UWRF ROTC presented the colors, and this was fol-
lowed by the singing of America the Beautiful. George Han-
sen, former UWRF employee, sang the first verse, and the
audience was asked to join in on the second verse. Students
Jenika Boersma and Josh Pritchett assisted in leading the sec-
ond verse.
   Boyd Huppert, UWRF alumnus and reporter for KARE-11
television, was the master of ceremonies.
   “Today we gather to celebrate the inauguration of the 18th
Chancellor Dean Van Galen,” Huppert said.
   Huppert continued with a welcome and introduced Rod
Nilsestuen, who was present on behalf of Wisconsin Gover-
nor Jim Doyle. Nilsestuen was also a former UWRF student.
   “Some of the best friendships I formed here,” Nilsestuen
   Nilsestuen included his opinion on Van Galen in his speech.
   “[Van Galen] is a quiet leader who possesses the skills it
truly takes,” Nilsestuen said.
   Roseanne Bump, the chief executive officer of the River
Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, next
extended her welcome to Van Galen.
   “We’ve already been touched and inspired by Chancellor
Van Galen,” said Bump.
   The next five speakers each presented Van Galen with an
individual gift.
   Joshua Brock, a representative for the Student Senate, pre-
sented Van Galen with their gift first.
   “The students of River Falls are happy to present you with
this framed image of a falcon,” Brock said.
   The image was a representation of the carved falcon in the
basement of the University Center. It represents speed and ac-
tion, persistence and freedom, Brock explained.
   “Persistence is what this campus is all about,” Brock said.
   Gregory Elliot represented the classified staff and presented
Van Galen with a key.
   “[It will] open doors for cooperation,” Elliot said.                                                                                                 Sally King/Student Voice
   Gretchen Link represented the academic staff and presented        Chancellor Dean Van Galen delivers a speech at his inauguration ceremony. His speech was entitled “Steward-
Van Galen with a book entitled “Higher Education for the             ship of place and promise.” Van Galen also discussed a number of goals he has for the University.
Public Good” and a piece of glass made by Ben Finley, an art
student at UWRF.                                                     “[I am] very glad to be representative of 38,000 alumni,”        A video was presented that contained messages from UWRF
   David Rainville represented the faculty senate and ex-          Richards said.                                                  alumni, students who participated in the spring break Destina-
plained their gift to Van Galen, a sugar maple tree that will be     On behalf of the alumni, Richards presented Van Galen with    tion Program and students who are currently in the Wisconsin
planted in the North Hall lawn as soon as possible.                a bronze falcon.                                                in Scotland program.
   “[The tree is] a symbol of strength and mentality,” Rainville     Regent Brent Smith spoke next on behalf of the UW-System         UW-System President Kevin Reilly explained that he feels
said.                                                              Board of Regents about Van Galen.                               Van Galen is well prepared.
   Mayor of River Falls, Don Richards, represented the alum-         “With everything we’ve observed since he came to this
ni.                                                                campus, we feel we made the right choice,” Smith said.                             See Van Galen page 3

UWRF music professor leads                                                                                  Community service activities
                                                                                                            could inspire, improve diversity
department, fights cancer                                                                                                 Natalie Conrad                 (a) participants from different groups
                 Kimberly Kuhens                  music and education,” Kristin Tjornehoj, associate                   must perceive that they have equal status
                professor of music, said. “Most recently Dr. Ham-                                                     within the situation, (b) they must work
                                                                  ilton led the department to our              A study of how adventure-based and interdependently toward common goals,
   Associate professor of music Hilree Hamil-                     National Association of Schools           community service activities work as (c) they should have the opportunity to
ton has returned home after recently receiving                    of Music accreditation process.           diversity education was published by associate and possibly become friends,
treatment for cancer at the University of Min-                    Dr. Hamilton is dedicated, dili-          UWRF assistant professor and Outdoor and (d) they must experience the norma-
nesota Medical Center-Fairview in Minneapo-                       gent and detailed.”                       Education Coordinator Paul Shirilla and tive support of authorities.
                                                                     Hamilton also has a good sense         a few of his colleagues.                      The four authors split the work up
lis, Minn.
                                                                  of humor, according to her col-              The study, “Contact Theory as a          amongst themselves to put together the
   Hamilton teaches music education methods
courses to music education and elementary                         leagues.                                  Framework for Experiential Activities study. Crawford ran the program in Hart-
                                                                     “We seemed to be around                as Diversity Edua-                                              ford, Conn., while
education majors. Hamilton also teaches world
music, class piano, music appreciation, and                       school the same time quite a bit,         tion: An Exploratory     “The goal of the research Seaman and Beigh-
                                                                  and joked a lot about how we              Study,” was published                                           tol conducted inter-
supervises student teachers, according to the     Hamilton                                                                                  is to...prove that              views and surveys
UWRF music department Web site.                                   spent more time together than             in the Journal of Ex-
                                                                        with our families. This seg-        periential Education.
                                                                                                                                      bringing people together for the study. Shirilla
   Hamilton is a great asset to the
music department, according to         “She cares so deeply ued into us calling each oth-                   Shirilla authored the is the best way to foster was involved with
                                                                        er work-husband and work-           study along with col-                                           the research and
her colleagues.                      about her students and wife, respectively. When we                                                         diversity..”
                                                                                                            leagues Jayson Sea-                                             worked on the statis-
   “Dr. Hamilton is a wonderful                                                                                                                  Paul Shirilla              tical data with Craw-
teacher and colleague, and has regularly goes above and disagreed on departmental                           man, Jesse Beightol,
helped made music education the                                         issues or when things got           and Bart Crawford.          UWRF Assistant Professor ford.
                                          beyond her job                too serious between us, she                                                                            They conducted
great major it is and why so many                                                                              “The goal of the re-
                                    description to help them insisted on getting a work-                    search is to find the effectiveness of con-                      this study by observ-
students come here. She has been
a driving force here at UWRF,”         learn and succeed..”             divorce. She knows how to           tact theory, to prove that bringing people ing groups of youth in Hartford from
Gail Olszewski, lecturer of music,           Roger McVey
                                                                        laugh at herself and get oth-       together is the best way to foster diver- various ethnicities as they did adventure-
                                                                        ers to laugh,” Thomas Bar-          sity,” Shirilla said.                       based and community service activities.
                                                                                                               Contact theory is the principle that The diversity education program’s goals
                                     Assistant professor of music nett, associate professor of
   “She cares so deeply about her
students, and regularly goes above                                      music, said.                        bringing people together is the best way were to promote diversity, develop lead-
and beyond her job description to help them learn                          “She is fearless about try-      to foster diversity, according to Shirilla. ership, and provide community service
and succeed, and to really prepare them for the   ing out new things, whether it’s a dance or a song           The theory will improve people’s at- among urban and suburban youth who
challenges of the real world,” Roger McVey, as- or a style of music she’s never done before, she            titudes, beliefs, and behaviors toward to- otherwise have few opportunities to in-
sistant professor of music, said.                                                                           ward others, according to the study. The teract. The program involved 82 black,
   “Dr. Hamilton is the point person for the Col-
                                                                     See Hamilton page 3                    theory consists of four conditions that are white, Latino/Latina, and Asian youth,
lege of Education and creates the bridge between                                                            necessary for positive change to occur:              See Diversity page 3
Student Voice 2                                                                             NEWS                                                                                   April 2, 2010

Voice ShortS
‘Second Saturday’ barn dance season comes to a close
                                                                        Farm tech days showcases local ag
   The local old-time string band Poor Benny returns to                          Ashley Julka
perform	at	the	final	dance	for	the	2009-10	River	Falls	“Second	     
Saturday” barn dance series from 7 to 10 p.m. on April 10 at
the River Falls Academy (the former Meyer Middle School)                   The Wisconsin Farm Tech-
on West Maple Street. All dances—ranging from line and                  nology Days committee is
circle dances to waltzes and square dances—are taught by a              seeking out hundreds of UW-
helpful, experienced caller. The barn dances are a joint project        River Falls students to vol-
of River Falls Community Arts Base and River Falls Parks and            unteer at the event from July
Recreation. Admission is $5 for adults and $2.50 for children.          20 to 22, said the head of the
                                                                        University’s agricultural col-
Air Force ensemble, band to perform                                     lege.
The UWRF Music Department presents the Air Force Wind                      Last year’s Wisconsin
Ensemble/Symphony Band at 7:30 p.m. on April 12 in the                  Farm Technology Days, held
William Abbott Concert Hall of the Kleinpell Fine Arts                  in Dodge County, brought
Building. Concert tickets are free. For more information,               more than 80,000 people to
contact the Music Department by phone at 425-3183.                      the event, according to orga-
                                                                        nizers of the Dodge County
Student Senate to accept applications, petitions                        Farm Technology Days.
  Applications to become a member of Student Senate are                    This year, the Pierce Coun-
now available. Individuals applying for president and vice              ty Farm Technology Days’
president positions need a minimum of 100 signatures on his             board is anticipating a similar
or her petition, while a minimum of 50 are required for at-large        draw of about 25,000 people
seats. Election rules can be found at       each day. This is a tremen-
senate/committee-documents.                                             dous opportunity for the city,
                                                                        campus and community, said
                                                                        Dale Gallenberg, dean of the
  RiveR Falls Police/                                                   College of Agriculture Food
                                                                        and Environmental Sciences.

UWRF Police DePaRtment                                                     This event gives people the
                                                                        opportunity to see counties
                                                                                                                                                                          Sally King/Student Voice
                                                                                                        The Farm Technology Days will give counties across Wisconsin an oppertunity to present
                                                                        across Wisconsin showcase their individual agricultural backgrounds. This year’s event is to be held in Pierce County.
   Editor’s note: Information for this section is taken from
                                                                        their own agricultural back-
                      River Falls Police                                                                                                give volunteers the chance to view the campus if they have not
                                                                        ground, which this year is be-
   and UW-River Falls Police Department incident reports.
                                                                        ing held at the Peterson Family Farm about three miles south been able to do so, said Gallenberg.
                                                                        of River Falls. Students will have the chance to promote the      “Wisconsin	Farm	Technology	Days	provides	farmers	with	
March 25
•	 A	 wastebasket	 was	 lit	 on	 fire	 in	 the	 second	 floor	 men’s	   agriculture industry through various committees, where they the opportunity to learn about new agricultural technologies,
   bathroom in Centennial Science Hall.                                 can further their personal and professional development, said which can help farmers maximize production,” said Michaela
                                                                        Gallenberg.                                                     Fox, UWRF student and dairy farmer.
                                                                           Numerous student organizations will have the opportu-          Agriculture plays a huge role in Pierce County, as it derives
March 28
•	 Matthew N. Sage, 19, was cited for underage consumption              nity to play a vital role in the event, while representing the 20 percent of its jobs from the agriculture industry and nearly
   in Hathorn Hall.                                                     UWRF campus community by serving on various committees. $300 million in economic activity, according to Pierce Coun-
                                                                        Students will also have the opportunity for internships. The ty’s Wisconsin Farm Technology Days’ brochure.
                                                                        Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Board is looking for two           Not only will this event serve as a great way for agriculture
March 31
•	 An entrance rug was stolen from the University Center.               interns to work with media coordination, especially on me- to share its story, but it will also be a great economic stimu-
•	 Graffiti	was	reported	in	Hagestad	Hall..                             dia day, said Danielle Hammer, UWRF student and Wisconsin lus for Pierce County. Weather permitting, it is estimated that
                                                                        Farm Technology Days publicity committee member.                Wisconsin Farm Technology Days will generate approximate-
                                                                           While showcasing advancements in the agriculture industry, ly $600,000 in the Pierce and St. Croix county area during the
            Check out the                                               the event also serves as a networking tool for UWRF students. three-day event, said Trechter.
                                                                        The 500 to 800 vendors in Tent City will be on hand to interact   “A	lot	of	work	is	put	into	showcasing	Pierce	County	agricul-
                                                                        with students looking for internships or future jobs within the ture, so take advantage of the event, regardless if you volun-
            Student Voice                                               industry, said David Trechter, UWRF agriculture economics teer or not,” said Gallenberg.
                                                                        professor and publicity committee member.                         Interested students can visit the Wisconsin Farm Technol-

              Web site                                                     The education committee is anticipating a tour of the Mann ogy Days Web site, at, for more
                                                                        Valley Lab Farm throughout the event. The University Cen- information on how to get involved in the various volunteer
                                                                        ter will also host the thank you dinner for local volunteers on opportunities.
                                                                        the evening of July 19. This dinner will showcase the UC and

         -Photo galleries
                                                                                                                       Sally King/Student
                                                                                                                 The Wisconsin Farm Tech-
   -User movie ratings                                                                                           nology Days will be an
                                                                                                                 excellent oppertunity for
                                                                                                                 UWRF students and the
                                                                                                                 River Falls community
                                                                                                                 by playing host to more
    -Weekly newscasts                                                                                            than 500 vendors, giv-
                                                                                                                 ing agriculture students
                                                                                                                 a    novel    networking

                                                                                                                 tool. The event is also
                                                                                                                 expected to generate
                                                                                                                 $600,000 for the Pierce
                                                                                                                 and St. Croix county area

                                                                                                                 during the three-day

                                                                           Sunday              Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday          Friday           Saturday
                                                       2-6 a.m.              BBC                  BBC             BBC              BBC              BBC              BBC               BBC
                                                        6 a.m.-
                                                                             WPR                 WPR             WPR               WPR              WPR              WPR               WPR

                                                        1 p.m.
                                                                           Ben Lee
                                                                                                Aaron            Jason                             Wes             Brian
                                                       1-3 p.m.            Jonathan                                             Pat Lynch                                         Kyle Bereswill
                                                                                               Bergman          Kenison                          Campbell          Wegner


                                                                                                                                  Nick            Steven
                                                                                                                                                                                   Patrick Okan
                                                                                                                                Niewinski        Linzmeier         Amanda

                                                       3-5 p.m.          Erik Altmann       Brian Wegner     Cory Heaton
                                                                                                                                                                                   Jeff Schafer
                                                                                                                               James Scott      Adam Vircks

                                                                                              Hip Hop                                                               Finally
                                                       5-6 p.m.          Erik Altmann                          Stay Alive      ACT on AG         Let’s Talk                            WPR
                                                                                              Hourglass                                                             Friday

                                                                                                              Jon Lyksett
                                                       6-8 p.m.          Erik Altmann                          Pat Lynch        Adam Lee        Chris Schad      Jared Fritz       Jon Stefonek
                                                                                                              Pat Bakker
                                                                                            Katie Heaton

                                                                                                                                                                 Nathan King
                                                                                           Matt Torkelson                                        Sara Helm
                                                                         Ashley Goettl                                         Jon Lyksett

                                                       8-10 p.m.                                                                                                Kyra Scanlan       Jeff Knopps
                                                                                               Kevin            Conrad                             Katie
                                                                         Nathan Riley                                          Cory Heaton
                                                                                              Duzynski                                            Hudson
                                                                                                                                                                 Jay Plemon

      Schedule                                         10 p.m.-              Greg
                                                                                            Ken Weigend        Joe Kelly
                                                                                                                              Cyrus Kozub
                                                                                                                                                Nathan King
                                                       Midnight           Klimowicz
                                                                                             Grady Stehr      Jared Fritz                       Will Larson

                                                                                                               Andrew                              Casey
                                                      Midnight-                                               Hagemann                            Wolford           Abel
                                                                             WPR            Kyle McGinn                          Kim Tri                                               WPR
                                                       2 a.m.                                                                                                      Johnson
                                                                                                              Erik Gates                        Alifa Momin
April 2, 2010                                                                             NEWS                                                                               Student Voice      3
Van Galen: Campus hosts events in honor of chancellor

                                                          Sally King/Student Voice
Above: Newly inaugurated chancellor Dean Van Galen receives a round of applause
from his fellow colleagues. The ceremony concluded the week-long series of events
put on by the University to honor the new chancellor.
Right: Chancellor Van Galen walks in the ceremony procession. Van Galen is the 18th
chancellor at UWRF.

                         from page 1                              are stewards,” he said.                                             was a candidate. He explained that he felt he was the best of
                                                                     Van Galen has been on campus since late summer.                  the five candidates.
   “Dean will wear many hats and bear the weight of many             “Over the past nine months I’ve enjoyed many conversa-              “I think he’ll do just great,” Richards said.
expectations,” Reilly said. “I have every confidence that Dean    tions with faculty, staff and students,” he said.                      Huppert explained that he just met Van Galen the day of the
Van Galen is the right choice for these times.”                      Van Galen said he has three goals for his time as chancellor     inauguration, but felt that he was very personable and liked to
   Reilly bestowed Van Galen with the chancellor’s medal-         at UWRF. These goals are to commit to teaching and learning,        interact with students.
lion. This medallion symbolizes the rights, responsibilities      provide educational practices that lead to student success and         “He obviously understands Wisconsin, as he grew up here,”
and privileges of the chancellor’s leadership position at the     build bridges and partnerships.                                     Huppert said. “I’m sure he’s excited to be back here.”
University, according to the program given to guests at the          “I am biased, but I believe Wisconsin is a special place,” Van      Sean Pettinger, an international student from Canada, got a
inauguration.                                                     Galen said. “What makes it special is the spirit of its people.”    chance to meet Van Galen earlier in the year when Van Galen
   Reilly then presented Van Galen to give his address. Van Ga-      Van Galen concluded his speech by providing some encour-         had international students over to his house for Thanksgiving.
len welcomed former chancellors and spouses who were pres-        agement and thanking the guests.                                       “[He] seems like a real down to earth guy,” Pettinger said.
ent, including Don Betz, Virgil Nylander and Ann Lydecker’s          “Great things are possible when people work together,” he        “He’ll do a great job as chancellor.”
husband. He thanked his wife, daughter and 91-year-old father     said. “In the years ahead, please join me in stewarding this           Van Galen explained what inauguration week has been like
for their love and support.                                       place.”                                                             for him.
   Van Galen’s speech was entitled “Stewardship of place and         The audience gave Van Galen a standing ovation and Han-             “This has been a great week to celebrate the University’s
promise.”                                                         sen led the pledge song to conclude the inauguration.               traditions, accomplishments and future,” Van Galen said. “I
   “[We must] step back from issues of the day and realize we        Richards explained after the inauguration that he met Van        believe it has been an opportunity to reflect on the scope and
                                                                  Galen when giving him a tour around the city when Van Galen         significance of the work of the University.”

Diversity: Professor Hamilton: Professor works towards recovery
publishes research about                                                       from page 1                   ways treats me with respect. Believe me,
                                                                                                             I bug her a lot, and she is always patient
                                                                                                             with me.”
                                                                                                                                                            turer and then moved into her current as-
                                                                                                                                                            sistant professor position in 2001.
                                                                                                                                                               Hamilton has received recognition for

community service
                                                                  has no problems getting up in front of        Hamilton has been a music educator          her accomplishments in music educa-
                                                                  anybody and just going for it,” Patrick for 38 years. Hamilton started her mu-            tion. In 1987 she received the District
                                                                  O’Keefe, lecturer of music, said. “I’ve sic career in 1972 as a music teacher at          Coordinator of the Year award for her
                        from page 1                               seen her do this, and it’s always a joy to Shawnee Mission Schools in Kansas.             work in coordinating the Very Special
                                                                  behold. We can all learn                                           Then in 1974,          Arts Festival in Chaska, Minn. In 1999,
ages 13-19. They lived together for one week at a retreat
                                                                  from that.”                   “She is fearless about Hamilton moved                       Hamilton’s dissertation was nominated
center just outside of the city, according to the study.
                                                                     Hamilton is very de-
  The program began with two half-days of adventure-
                                                                  voted to her work and         trying out new things, to teach at Valley                   for dissertation of the year award at the
based team building exercises, followed by four days of                                                                              Middle School          University of Minnesota. Hamilton has
                                                                  takes the time to help whether it’s a dance or a in Apple Valley,                         also received many grants for further
community service projects, according to the study. These
                                                                  her colleagues.
major program components were interspersed with free time
                                                                     “In 2001 Dr. Hamil-
                                                                                               song or a style of music Minn. From 1982                     research and developing programs over
and other structured events such as a talent show, a basket-                                                                         to 1996, she was       the years.
                                                                  ton and I were the new she’s never done before...” a music teacher                           Hamilton is currently continuing in-
ball game, an African drumming concert and a contra dance.
                                                                  music faculty,” Barnett             Patrick O’Keefe                for Chaska Pub-        home medical care. She welcomes calls
  The authors used two instruments to measure the extent to
                                                                  said. “As with any new               Music lecturer                lic Schools in         and visits from friends and colleagues,
which contact conditions were perceived and predicted pro-
                                                                  job, getting to know                                               Chaska, Minn.          according to an e-mail sent by David
gram outcomes. They used The School Interracial Climate
                                                                  how the system works                                               During that time       Milne, the music department chair.
Survey (SICS) and the Miville-Guzman Universal-Diverse
                                                                  takes some time. I was always knock- she also was an adjunct professor at                 Hamilton can be contacted at home via
Orientation Scale. These tools allowed them to conclude
                                                                  ing on her office door asking for help. Hamline University, UW-Eau Claire,
that these activities were very helpful in promoting diversity                                                                                              her cell phone: 651-336-5336.
                                                                  She is an incredibly resourceful person. State University of New York-Potsdam
awareness among students.
                                                                  If she did not know the answer, which and the University of Minnesota. From
  “On a larger scale, we are becoming an increasingly di-
                                                                  I don’t remember ever happening, she 1993 to 1999 Hamilton was an adjunct
verse population, and it’s important to be appreciative of
                                                                  would find it out. And the best thing is, professor at the University of St. Thom-
other backgrounds,” Shirilla said. “We need to research dif-
                                                                  she never makes me feel threatened or as. Hamilton started teaching music at
ferent theories so we can find a way to make people more
                                                                  intimidated by her knowledge, and al- UWRF in 2000. She started off as a lec-
aware of diversity.”

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S tudent Voice                 4                                                            VIEWPOINTS                                                                                                                             April 2, 2010


Financial independence
problematic for students
   As the Student Voice Editorial Board has
pointed out week after week, graduation is ap-
proaching quickly, and with its arrival comes a
whole slew of responsibilities the newly-gradu-
ated seniors will have to tackle. Amongst these
are things like finding a career, a place to live,
etc. But, more importantly is the abrupt sense of
financial responsibility and independence that
will ultimately smack every student in the face as
they take the big step into the ‘grown-up world.’
   A lot of college students are not paying their
way through school. A lot of college students are
not paying for their cell phones. A lot of college
students are not paying for their car insurance.
These are just a few examples of the things that
are going to go from something that didn’t have
to be worried about to things on the forefront
of all these newly aged minds. Not to mention,
newly graduated students will have six months,
just about, to kill before they have to start paying
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        By Jon Lyksett
back four years worth of student loans.
   It is important for these 20-something-year-
olds to start being independent, in the financial
sense. Mom and Dad won’t be able to be there
for you forever, supplying you with all the
                                                                                      Florida Gators head coach
necessary funds needed as you take on the ‘real
   It is understandable as a freshman to have your
                                                                                      embarrasses organization
                                                                                         Urban Meyer, the coach of the Florida Gators’ football                     the nation. Not only that, but he is a lot older than a youth
parents pay your means, but by the time senior                                        team, put Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeremy Fowler in a hairy                  baseball player as well.
year gets here, there are few excuses as to why                                       predicament after calling him out at a team spring practice                     Thompson is a red shirt freshman, who was born Feb
parents are paying to put gas in their child’s                                        for doing his job.                                                            14, 1989. This makes him older than me, yet according to
vehicle.                                                                                 Fowler was in “hot water” with Meyer                                                             Meyer’s actions, he should not be held
                                                                                      after he quoted one of the Gator players;                                                           accountable for what he said. In that
   Becoming financially independent is a scary                                         wide receiver Deonte Thompson, who                                                                  case, who is giving me the right to this
thing, but the lessons learned, and the matu-                                         said that former superstar Tim Tebow                                                                column?
rity developed, are irreplaceable. Starting with                                      was not a “real quarterback.”                                                         Blaze            After the rant by Meyer, media across
something small, like paying a cell phone bill                                           Meyer approached the reporter at the                                                             the country began the speculation about
                                                                                      Gators practice facility after March 24,
                                                                                                                                                                           Fugina         the hidden meaning behind the inci-
each month, will enable students to start slowly                                      and had a heated discussion. He called                                                              dent. Was he really trying to protect the
toward the goal of independence. By the time                                          Fowler a “bad guy,” and also said that                                                              sophomore wide receiver, or was he
graduation rolls around, there should be no                                           if Thompson was “his son, we would be                                                               attempting to protect the beloved Tim
reason for a senior to not be able to know how                                        going at it right now.”                                                                             Tebow, who has now left the program
                                                                                         Meyer’s rant on the reporter was extremely unjust, es-                     for the NFL.
to balance their checkbook, handle their savings                                      pecially considering that Fowler was simply doing his job.                      Either way, any of these issues are not just enough to go
account, budget their paychecks and pay all of                                        Reporting a quote that is accurately taken from the spoken                    after a reporter who has written a column that is about a
their bills.                                                                          word is a constitutional right that those in the business like to             quarterback change. What Meyer did was embarrassing to
   Parents will always be there to turn to when,                                      call freedom of the press.                                                    the players involved, him, and his program. For someone
                                                                                         Journalists enjoy this freedom, and use this as their job.                 who has been the coach of a large program for five years, you
for example, rent can’t be made one month be-                                         Would you approach a school teacher and threaten them after                   think that he would be used to the media limelight.
cause of additional expenses, but relying on them                                     teaching children how to read? Hopefully not.                                   Two days after the incident, Meyer apologized to the
solely is unnecessary and relatively immature. If                                        Meyer not only brought on a problem with sports journal-                   reporter, though the details of the 20-minute conversation
                                                                                      ism, but also the responsibility of young adults as well. He                  between the two were not released.
itís impossible to pay rent for each month, then
                                                                                      said that if Fowler would have reported a quote from his chil-                  Perhaps Fowler was informing him that freedom of press
perhaps that individual shouldnít be living off                                       dren in similar fashion, that he would have attempted to fight                 exists in the United States, and if he wants to control the
campus, on their own. Responsibility and matu-                                        him over the issue. This reminds me of a couple of parents                    media, they may play football in North Korea.
rity go hand-in-hand with becoming financially                                         arguing at a little league game.
                                                                                         Thompson is not a little leaguer, however, he is a collegiate
independent.                                                                          football player at arguably the most prestigious program in
                                                                                                                                                                   Blaze Fugina is a journalism major who enjoys covering sporting events here at UW-River
                                                                                                                                                                   Falls. He also greating enjoys taking part in sports, as well.

Editorials represent the opinion of the Student Voice Edi-
torial Board and are prepared by the editorial staff.

                     St. Croix Animal Friends strives to
STUDENT VOICE promote education among pet owners
Editor   Ken Weigend
Assistant Editor                                       Renee Thony                       Once in a while there is something local that will catch       because its family could no longer afford it.” This program
Front Page Editor                                     Jenna Nelson                    my eye, something that sails under the radar until I walk         helps keep pets in a home and out of an overcrowded shelter.
                                                                                      right into it. This time, I walked into                                                              As a non-profit, SCAF holds fundrais-
News Editor                                         Kevin Duzynski                    something that loves the color purple                                                             ers annually to help it reach its goal-and
Viewpoints Editor                                    Matt Torkelson                   and cares for animals-right next door to                                                          the uniqueness of this organization keeps
Sports Editor                                          Blaze Fugina                   River Falls.                                                                                      coming. Every year it hosts the Animal
                                                                                         St. Croix Animal Friends is a                                                                  Walk, where participants can pledge
Etcetera Editor                                       Kirsten Blake                                                                                               Laura
                                                                                      non-profit organization based out of                                                               miles while walking their (or someone
Online Editor                                         Priya Kailash
                                                                                      Hudson, Wis. Also known as SCAF,                                        Krawczyk else’s) dog. The 2010 Animal Walk is
Chief Photographer                                        Sally King                  this organization has a unique proposi-                                                           scheduled for May 1st and offers prizes
Staff Photographers                                       Lezli Weis                  tion printed all over its purple bro-                                                             for top pledges. For the third year in a
                                                     Hannah Lenius                    chures: while it isn’t affiliated with                                                             row, SCAF will also be hosting “Blast
Cartoonists                                             Jon Lyksett                   other shelters and does not want to ever                                                          from the Past,” a dinner and dance
Chief Copy Editor                                    Andrew Phelps                    be called a shelter, it wishes to construct an animal adoption    spectacular that takes places this Saturday, the 27th. From
                                                                                      and education center for St. Croix County. SCAF wants a           themed costume contests and limbo to music ranging from
Proofreader                                           Ashley Goettl                   place to house animals in their time of need and to then find      oldies to disco, SCAF manages to throw an interesting party
General Manager                                    Ashley Schmeling                   them a permanent home. The                                                                              for a good cause.
Ad Manager                                            Lisa Hamilton                   organization desires to promote              SCAF want a place to house                                    St. Croix Animal Friends is not
Circulation Manager                                    Grady Stehr                    education about pet ownership                                                                           a shelter, nor does it wish to be
                                                                                      and create a harmonious balance
                                                                                                                               animals in their time of need and one. It exists to build a place for
Faculty Advisor                                   Andris Straumanis
                                                                                      between animals and people.               to then find them a permanent                                  animal lovers to meet their new best
                                                                                      That is a pretty gracious, im-          home...That is a pretty gracoius, friends, and for animals to find a
             Read the Student Voice online at                                         mense goal to achieve for such a                                                                        home while between families. It’s
                                                                                      small organization.                     immense goal to acheive for such refreshing to find such a humanitar-
                                                              St. Croix Animal Friends has                                                                         ian organization so close to campus.
                                                                                                                                         a small organization
                                                                                      been in existence for five years,                                                                         SCAF can be found on Facebook
                                                                                      formed as an answer to the lack                                                                          (St. Croix Animal Friends) and also
   The Student Voice is a student-written and managed newspaper for UW-               of animal shelter and care centers in the area. Since then, it    can be visited online at for opportu-
River Falls, and is published Fridays during the regular school year.
                                                                                      has been raising funds to obtain land and began building an       nities to become involved. There will also be a table in the
   All editorial content in the Student Voice is determined by the newspaper’s
Editorial Board. The opinions expressed in editorials and columns do not              education and adoption refuge. SCAF also has established          University Center Tuesday, March 30th from 12:00 pm to 2
represent those of the newspaper’s advisor, student population, administra-           itself as offering convenient services to pet owners in need,     pm for more information on this local organization.
tion, faculty or staff.                                                               including affordable spay and neuter programs for area ani-
   Letters to the editor must be 300 words or less, and include a first and last
                                                                                      mals. SCAF also has a unique sort of food shelter program,
name and phone number. They can be submitted at 304 North Hall, River
               Falls, WI, 54022 or to                           one that assists families with pets during difficult times. It
                  The Student Voice reserves the right to edit any material for       accepts donations of cat and dog food, cat litter, treats, and
                                                                                      other animal necessities to distribute to local families in need. ies. She enjoys the smell of gasoline
                                                                                                                                                        Laura Krawczyk is a junior majoring in marketing communications and communication stud-
               content, libel or space. It also reserves the right to withhold let-
               ters. All letters, news releases, briefs, display ads and classified
                                                                                      SCAF’s goal is to insure that these animals are fed appro-
               ads must also be submitted no later than Wednesday at noon.
                  Single copies of the Student Voice are free.Printing is paid        priately and “would not have to be surrendered to a shelter
               for through student fees.
April 2, 2010                                                                     VIEWPOINTS                                                                                                                       Student Voice                  5
New Health Care Bill opens    Sarah Palinʼs actions have
door for superficial arguments similarities to McCarthyism
   Here at the Student Voice, it seems that a     I feel the same goes with issues like global                          Sarah Palin incites violence against health- exodus from his FOX News show.
lot of articles, editorials and columns carry     warming and immigration. You can’t name                            care proponents. And she’s doing it with avid       I’m sorry, but have we failed to learn our
a theme of “raising awareness.” That’s not        one damned thing regarding the current                             listeners. Who are the people that can believe lesson? Has the painful experience of Mc-
necessarily the point here, though. With          policy, but boy are you angry about it! The                        the hateful things she says                                                         Carthyism left no
the passing of the health                                                  same goes with the                        on an almost daily basis?                                                           trace in our memory
care bill very recently                                                    other side. Now I get                     The woman who failed to                                                             of what these types
and absorbing people’s                                                     to hear “No Obam-                         name a newspaper she read                                                           of rhetoric can lead
reactions, I am just more                                                  acare” every night                        or a Supreme Court ruling                                                           to? Where do the
and more convinced that                                     Matthew on the news covering                             she agreed with during her                                   Chaia                  conservatives get off
people have no idea what                                                   some sort of twenty-                      campaign?                                                 Lindberg                  using the same sort of
they are talking about,
                                                           Torkelson person protest out-
                                                                                                                        Consistantly, this model                                                         threatening method
and have absolutely no                                                     side a random city                        mother of five has been                                                              we see in military
intentions of forming a                                                    park, or something.                       a thorn in the side of                                                              regimes and jihadist
structured opinion on the                                                     I want to wrap it                      reasonable people willing                                                           training camps?
bill itself. Party wise, I don’t                       up with an example from my own expe-                          to base their ideas on fact rather than horror      They just arrested eight Christian Militia
even want to say that just “both sides” are       rience that maybe some of you can relate to.                       film fiction. Idolized, at first and now by few, members in Michigan for attempthing to kill
being ridiculous, because it’s everybody.         Do you have that person you just happen to                         as a woman of power and middle American          families of police officers. You want to blame
People are using the same three to four talk-     know, that just wants to fight with you about                       pride, she quickly became a running joke.        someone for that? Blame the people making
ing points they read in the New York Times,       everything? Well, I do. One of the biggest                         Now, however, the ex-governor is just dan-       the government out to be the Anti-Christ.
or hear on Fox News/MSNBC and reiterat-           things this bill has brought into the spotlight                    gerous.                                                                                Like McCarthy,
ing them over and over again.                     again is abortion. Now, I have no shame in                            “Don’t retreat, instead                                                          Palin knows how
   Look at our pathetic two party system          saying that I am proudly very, very pro-life.                      reload!” Were her words            Consistantly, this model to drive the debate.
over the past months. Each has the other          I feel like I have some credibility being                          on Twitter to discourage         mother of five has been a While McCarthy’s
side figured out. For Democrats, they are          given up for adoption when my birth parents                        voters from supporting                                                             platform was commu-
out of touch with Americans and spend             were very young, and not selfish. Abortion                          the healthcare bill. Using
                                                                                                                                                           thorn in the side of                         nism, Palin works off
money faster than they can count it. For          is the one issue I have the most passion for,                      a rifle scope to identify                reasonable people                          the healthcare reform.
Republicans, they hate America’s sick and         and although I’m not going to sit down and                         the twenty seats open                                                              Like McCarthy, the
are selfish religious nut jobs. That’s the         shake you until you believe what I believe,
                                                                                                                                                            willing to base their
                                                                                                                     before the debate on a                                                             saddest part is the
best way to sum it up, right? With the way        I will gladly have a civil argument with the                       board.                           ideas on fact rather than refusal of her party
both sides of the aisle conduct themselves, I     opposition any day. Back to the story. This                           For seemingly obvious               horror film fiction.                          members to reel her
feel like it’s sending out a message of “hey      certain gentleman who shall remain name-                           reasons, the mainstream                                                             in. Instead they allow
kids, just so you know, the one that can talk     less decides to, out of all vehicles, go after                     media saw this as incit-                                                            people like her and
louder and say the more outrageous thing          me on Facebook chat. Bold. Literally, the                          ing violence and she received quite a few        Glenn Beck to flame the frenzy created by
will win the argument.”                           first line he threw at me after I told him my                       criticisms.                                      scared and apocolyptic Christian extremists.
   I would like to congratulate the Obama         stance was something like this “Just because                          “I think people like Sarah and others need       As in the time of McCarthy, Palin is an
administration for finally getting some of         you’re adopted doesn’t make you some sort                          to be careful in their tones and not send the    extreme product of her time and exploits
that “change” done that was promised over,        of (bleep)ing expert. It’s great, because I                        wrong message out there,”                                                                America’s fear
and over...and over again during and after        care much more about the sick waiting to                           Alaska Senator Mark Be-                                                                  of socialism as a
the 2008 presidential election. Most of the       die than some stupid unborn child.” The
                                                                                                                                                            Like McCarthy, Palin
                                                                                                                     gich said, on Anchorage                                                                  conduit to keep
articles and videos I’ve watched on people        only response I could muster up is “So                             television station KTVA.             knows how to drive the                              herself famous. To
explaining the health care bill are filled         you’re the reason why people in opposing                           “In my case, I probably           debate. While McCarthy’s that end, she’ll say
with a lot of fluff, but still help us overall     views tend to hate each other so much.”                            wouldn’t have said those
in understanding some of the central ideas.       He claims the government shouldn’t be in-                          comments.”
                                                                                                                                                       platform was communism, almost Fox News                    And

Now, how is one to actually get informed          volved in deciding whether abortion should                            An amazing trend has                 Palin works off the                              gave her a perfect
on the bill in a non-biased way? If you have      be legal or illegal. Funny, because last time                      begun to occur in the land                                                               stage.
the left explain it, they will make it sound      I checked the government was involved,
                                                                                                                                                               healthcare reform
                                                                                                                     of conservative pundits:                                                                     Alongside her
like the greatest thing to come along in          and it’s called Roe v Wade. Seems a little                         fear tactics. As their influ-                                                             terrorizing buddy
decades, and if you have someone from the         hypocrtical. “I don’t want the government                          ence in congress wanes and their objectives      Glenn Beck, it seems that nothing can stop
right explain it, they will probably make         involved because God forbid, they make a                           are not being met, the conserviatives utilize    the evil spew of fear and hatred that comes
it sound like the end of the world. It’s the      ruling that I disagree with!” Classy.                              a weapon they have used throughout history.      from her mouth.
knowledge of things like this that actually          I’m not going to end this by saying “Hey,                       One of the greatest fear tacticians was Wis-        Mercifully the career of McCarthy was
make me empathize with those who are so           empathize and listen to what everyone                              consinite Joe McCarthy and conserviatives        short and I can only wish the same for Palin.
incredibly apathetic. I mean yes, you got the     has to say.” Because honestly, you should                          seem to be joining him in his infamy.            It’s you that can end fear tactics in politics,
bill signed Democrats. Well done, but now         already know that’s the adult thing to do. All                        Glenn Beck goes as far to state that the      by simply thinking for yourself. Don’t let
I have to listen to all the Obama fanatics        I’m asking is for you not to be the coward                         president is attempting to destroy white         people tell you Armageddon is coming
(that I’m pretty sure Barack himself isn’t a      that talks the loudest and continues to make                       Americans and their culture.                     because of the healthcare reform. That would
fan of) chant “Yes we did!” These are the         politics look like a pathetic joke.                                   “This president I think has exposed himself make Palin the voice of God, and that’s
people that can’t name anything past those                                                                           over and over again as a guy who has a           something too ridiculous to belive. Right?
three to four talking points about the bill,                                                                         deep-seated hatred for white people or the
and will honestly just use the bill being                                                                            white culture....I’m not saying he doesn’t like Chaia means lifel and she tries to live it to the fullest. Writing is
passed as some sort of ammo for an argu-                                                                             white people, I’m saying he has a problem.       what she loves. Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese and English are the
ment without actually caring what the bill      Matt is a marketing communications major in his senior year. He
                                                                                                                     This guy is, I believe, is a racist,” said Beck
                                                                                                                                                                      words she uses. Tel Aviv is where she is inspired

will do for those that are really in trouble.
                                                enjoys listening to The Beatles, and playing piano whenever he has
                                                some free time.                                                      on President Obama, sparking an advertiser

   STUDENT                                                                                      Aaron Rodgers traded to Oakland Raiders
             What are your thoughts on the
                                                                                                  The Green Bay Packers announced yesterday that
                                                                                                they will be trading quarterback Aaron Rodgers to
                                                                                                the Oakland Raiders for two first round picks for the
                                                                                                2011 draft. Rodgers was extremely pleased with the
                                                                                                                                                                     their city on the map), but this is clearly not the case.
                                                                                                                                                                        Thompson and several other Packers officials have
                                                                                                                                                                     already drawn up a plan to woo the 40-year old ver-
                                                                                                                                                                     sion of Favre back to the tundra at Lambeau by offer-
                                                                                                decision as it will take him back                                                       ing Favre his own recording studio
             newly passed Health Care Bill?                                                     to California, the place where he                                                       (so he can fine tune his rendition
                                                                                                spent his college career, and where                                                     of “Pants on the Ground”), and by
                                                                                                he will finally be at ease. Rodgers                                                      pledging to him the “Best of Both
                                                                                                and general manager Ted Thomp-                                                          Worlds” (for those of you who
                                                                                                son have increasingly been at                                             Ashley        watched Favre on Jay Leno, you
                               Logan Wolfe,                                                                                                                                Goettl
                                                                                                odds after Thompson pleaded with                                                        know that Favre took his daughter
                                 sophomore                                                      Rodgers to “be more like Brett,”                                                        to the finale of Hannah Montana).
   “I think that it’s a bad idea. Within the next six                                           and that said dismal t failure                                                          Breaking up is hard to do, but it
   years, there is going to be less doctors wanting                                             against division foes and the inex-                                                     is even tougher to come back,
            to come back to work for less money.”                                               cusable choke in the play-offs was simply enough.                    because we all know how hard it is for guys to admit
                                                                                                  The Packers were also concerned with Rodg-                         they are wrong, and even more so when your head is
                                                                                                ers health after he suffered from a severe case of                   made out of cheese.
                                                                                                “JaredAllen-Itis,” with symptoms including insomnia                     Besides, I’m fairly positive that Packers head
                                                                                                after nightmares of an Allen rush attack and severe
                       Matt Karst,                                                              headaches after being pounded to the ground 69                            Breaking up is hard to do, but
                       sophomore                                                                times. Rodgers, aka the “wannabe,” stated that he
                                                                                                                                                                         it is even tougher to come back,
                                                                                                was hoping to follow in some bigger footsteps, as he
                       “I agree! Because the doctors just want to help the                                                                                               because we all know how hard
                       people who need it and are not in it                                              The Packers were also                                            it is for guys to admit they are
                       for the money.”
                                                                                                    concerned with Rodgers’ health                                      wrong, and even more when your
                                                                                                    after he suffered a severe case                                         head is made out of cheese
                                                                                                       of “Jared Allen-Itis,” with
                    Courtney Jo Miller,
                                                                                                     symptoms including insomnia
                           sophomore                                                                                                                                 coach Mike McCarthy would never offer to pick Fa-
                                                                                                        after nightmares of an                                       vre up in an SUV from the airport. Well, while it was
    “I agree with it because everyone deserves to
                                                                                                           Allen rush attack...                                      fun to think that the Packers could be that ignorant
                                have health care.”
                                                                                                                                                                     in trading Rodgers and that they surely must have
                                                                                                                                                                     felt silly with the amazing performance of Favre this
                                                                                                has been compared to Lions quarterback Matt Staf-                    season (even though they lost in the NFC champion-
                                                                                                ford and former Browns starter Brady Quinn.                          ship game, it still was remarkable what Favre and the
                                                                                                  But, Rodgers is looking to erase the ill-feelings of               Vikings accomplished),
                       Blake Doyle,                                                             being associated with a “cheesy” team and has even                     Packers fans have nothing to fear. Rodgers was
                       senior                                                                   changed his looks, going from a “were you born in                    never traded (yet) and as far as I’m concerned, the
                                                                                                a barn, cave-man look alike” to a Tom Brady-esque                    Packers are showing no interest in Favre (although
                       “I’m happy with the results and even though I
                                                                                                styling in hope to move him away from the shadows                    the Vikings will surely take him back). Happy April
                       have discrepensies with it, I think it will turn
                                                                                                of the NFL’s Iron Man (aka Brett Favre). They say                    Fool’s Day Packers fans! We’ve got your cheese
                       out for the good.”                                                       that time heals all wounds and the green and gold                    (Favre), and we plan on keeping it all the way to Dal-
                                                                                                have repeatedly said that they’ve moved on from the                  las with the Lombardi trophy in hand.
                                                                                                glory days of Favre (it is something I will never un-                Ashley Goettl is a freshman double major in digital film and television and political
              Student Voices compiled by – Hannah Lenius
                                                                                                derstand, how Packer fans can hate someone who put                   science. She is also a member of the UWRF softball team, WRFW radio, Forensics,
                                                                                                                                                                     College Republicans and Student Senate
Student Voice 6                                                                            SPORTS                                                                                                April 2, 2010

Women’s hockey uses NCAA tournament as benchmark for season
                           Blaze Fugina                          According to the United
                                States College Hockey Online
                                                               Web site, the Falcons were
   The women's hockey team played in the NCAA tournament
                                                               ranked fourth in the last Div. III
for the second consecutive season, losing to Gustavus Adol-
                                                               women's poll, with Gustavus
phus College by two goals March 13 in St. Peter, Minn.
                                                               ranked sixth.
   The team made the tournament by winning the NCHA con-
                                                                 Gustavus lost their next
ference tournament for the second consecutive year, and earn-
                                                               NCAA tournament game to the
ing an automatic bid. The Falcons defeated UW-Superior by
                                                               eventual Div. III champions
one goal on March 6 earn their spot in the tournament.
                                                               Amherst College.
   However, with high team expec-
                                                                         Despite the loss in
tations coming into the season, they
said that this was not the surprising       “I don’t mind that the NCAA tournament,
                                                                       Campbell said that the
finish that they were looking for.         we lost to Gustavus; team was happy with
   Head Coach Joe Cranston, in his
11 season, has had plenty of experi-
                                            what bothers me is the impressive run to
ence with seasons of high expecta-          that we played so get into the tournament
                                                                       in the first place.
tion.                                       poorly in March.”            "Going        into    the
   "I think this was a year of under-
                                                 Joe Cranston,         O'Brien Cup Tourna-
achievement," he said. "It's always
tough to come in off a good year like       women’s hockey coach ment as a 3rd seed, and
                                                                       coming out champions
we had in 2009, and not let down a
                                                                       for a second consecutive
little bit. We've had better years, and
                                                               year was something not many
we've had worse."
                                                               teams can say they've done,"
   Cranston was also disappointed with the way the team end-
                                                               she said. "That was a really big
ed the season, by losing on the road in the NCAA tournament.
                                                               accomplishment for us."
   "I don't mind that we lost to Gustavus; what bothers me is
                                                                 With the completion of the
that we played that poorly in March," he said. "That was our
                                                               season, the beginning of the
worst team effort in years."
                                                               offseason brings a look ahead to
   At this time last season, the Falcons were experiencing a
                                                               the next season. Cranston said
different tournament run. They made it to the
                                                                                     that    this
frozen four last season by defeating Gustavus                                                                                                                         Sally King/Student Voice
                                                                                     means op-
2-1, and ended up taking fourth in the tourna- “I feel the team has                                The women Falcons celebrated at Hunt arena after a season game. After they de-
                                                                                     timism for
   Junior goaltender Cassi Campbell said that
                                                      learned from our the team, feated UW-Superior, they were beat in the first round of the NCAA tournament.
                                                                                     which can                                     can be one of the better teams in the NCHA, and possibly
this season was different than others in the past faults and can take
                                                                                     use the experience from last season to play make a third consecutive appearance in the NCAA tourna-
with the goals that the team brought in.              those experiences better in the next.
   "This was the first time that any of us had been                                                                                ment.
                                                          and grow.”                    "Every returning player knows that            "We've lost three very important and crucial members of
the team with the target on our backs as colle-
                                                                                     they have to be a better player come fall our team, but are bringing in some freshmen that can really do
giate athletes, and I think that really was a big      Jessica Thompson,
                                                                                     than they are right now," he said. "I don't some damage," she said. "Our team is very close to one anoth-
hurdle for us all season and that we struggled women’s hockey forward
                                                                                     think we had that mentality last year at this er, and I think that we all look forward to proving that we are
with that expectation all year," she said.
                                                                                     time."                                        the team to beat in not only the NCHA, but also the nation."
   Junior Forward Jessica Thompson said that
                                                                                        Cranston also said that the team that         Thompson also agrees that the team is optimistic for next
the team’s effort was not enough to push them past Gustavus.
                                                               will skate next season could be better than ever with returning season, and will take experiences from this season to the next.
   “Losing the first round NCAA playoffs wasn’t easy,” she
                                                               players mixed with new ones.                                           “I feel the team has learned from our faults and can only
said. “The effort was there for our team but we weren’t men-
                                                                 "I feel good about next year's team, he said. "We have a take those experiences and grow,” she said. “I personally am
tally prepared for the game.”
                                                               good mix of returners, along with some really good recruits." extremely excited for next season and can only wish for the
   The expectations were not only teamwide, but nationwide
                                                                 Campbell said that the team next year is optimistic that they best.”
as well.

Minnesota Twins come into baseball season with a unique situation
   As I am writing this its 70 degrees outside, the sun is shin- count to stay as the hometown hero.                               4) Twins starting rotation. The baseball experts on the
ing, the snow has melted away. Spring is in the air, it can        2) Opening day payroll of 2010 vs.                                              major sports Web sites pick the Twins to have a
only mean one thing; yes, baseball season is right around the 2009. One of the biggest reasons Mauer                                               solid starting five in the rotation. Yet I don’t see
corner. Well, technically baseball has                                                stayed a Twin is be- “The team will have to the staff ace in the starting five or the leader of
started up. High schools in the south-                                                cause of the open-      prove they are more the group. Everyone will point to Scott Baker
ern states have kicked off their seasons,                                             ing day payroll.                                             being the staff ace and leader for the pitching
colleges across the country are playing                                               Not because the consistent, mature and staff this year, yet he went 15-9 last year with
games usually in the southern climates,
                                                                   Derek              payroll is bigger, durable his year if the an ERA of 4.37. His career numbers are 43-33
and even the MLB has kicked off their                            Johnson              but because who
season. Well, their preseason anyway.                                                 they have brought
                                                                                                            Twins are supposed to withaan ERA ofto me.These numbersprove itlook
                                                                                                                                                   like staff ace                   He’ll have to
                                                                                                                                                                                                        do not
Preseason wraps up this weekend and                                                   in to make the pay- be contending for the year , as he is entering his fifth year in the MLB.
the regular season starts on Monday.                                                  roll bigger. Free           World series.”                   The other concern from the starting five is last
Teams are preparing game plans and                                                    agents Jim Thome                                             year they proved to not be very durable. The
opening day lineups for the start of the                                              and Orlando Hud-                                             team was grabbing pitchers from their AAA and
season.                                                          son did not come at a cheap price, and the trade between the AA squads every other week it seemed. The team will have to
   One team in this area everyone is talking about is the Min- Twins and Brewers this offseason that involved J.J. Hardy and prove they are more consistent, mature and durable this year if
nesota Twins. Being in Wisconsin, but so close to the Twin Carlos Gomez increases the payroll for the Twins as Hardy’s the Twins are to contend for the World Series.
Cities, everyone is either talking about the Twins or Brew- contract is larger than Gomez’s. Hardy’s salary for 2009 was           5) The rest of the teams in the division. Every year is un-
ers, and each team has their storylines heading into the regular $4,650,000 compared to the salary of Gomez at $437,500.        predictable because no one knows how each team will play
season. This week I’ll discuss the top five                                     3) Joe Nathan’s season-ending injury. This in their own division. We can look on paper right now and
storylines of the Twins and next week I’ll                                    may not seem that big of deal considering Nathan see the Kansas City Royals are a young team still in devel-
touch on the storylines of the Brewers.        “On the open mar- is just a closer, but it is. Nathan has 246 career opment mode. They should be better than in years past, but
   1) Joe Mauer’s new contract. Wheth-
er Mauer signed an extension or not, his
                                              ket, barring a huge saves over the last six seasons, which is the most no where near title contender. boat Cleveland Indians are in
                                                                              in the MLB. When it comes down to it, if                                         the same
                                                                                                                                                                                     as the Royals. They saw
contract was going to be the big news this injury, Mauer could the Twins find themselves in a lot of close                   “Every year is                    their two best pitchers face each other in
year. If the Twins were not able to sign       have seen contract games, this season could fall apart real fast unpredicatiable the World Series last year because they
him before the season, the big talk would                                     without a solid closer. The Twins have three                                     had to trade them away and go into re-
have been whether or not to trade him be- sizes of over 200 mil- solutions.                                                  because no one building mode. The Detroit Tigers had
fore the trade deadline in August or wait lion dollars over a 10                The first solution is to go out and find a
and see if we could beat the competitors                                      reliable closer, which doesn’t seem to be on
                                                                                                                            knows how each onethat the largestthem for was ayear, but
                                                                                                                                                               all         rewarded
                                                                                                                                                                                          payrolls last
on the open market. Luckily, the home-
                                                     year span.”              the Twins agenda at the moment.              team will play in seat for the playoffs, as the Twins won
town hero signed an eight year, $184 mil-                                       The second solution is to promote from       their own divi- the division last year. They will come
lion dollar contract because the team would have lost a huge within. An ideal guy for this case would be Jon Rauch.                                            into this year predicted to finish towards
chunk of their fan base if he were traded. There would have He is the most experienced closer on the team, with 26                sion.”                       the top, but no one knows their identity.
been no way the Twins would have been able to beat out the career saves. Another option could be Pat Neshek, but                                               The Chicago White Sox faded down the
Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Dodgers, Mets and Angels in that would be more the down the road as he is coming off an stretch last year. They made a trade for Jake Peavy last year,
the open market for him unless Mauer would have taken the elbow injury that made him miss the last two years.                   hoping when he came back from his injury, he would go back
hometown discount, which he did.                                   The third solution is closer-by-committee, which is the to his staff ace and Cy Young Award-winning self. The White
   On the open market, barring a huge injury, Mauer could route the Twins are going at the moment. I don’t agree with Sox will have to see how big of an impact Peavy can be for
have seen contract sizes of over $200 million dollars over a this solution. If it were up to me, I’d give Rauch the chance this White Sox team who finished under .500 last year.
10 year span. He saw the Twins have made an effort to put a to be the full-time closer for the year as closer-by-committee Derek Johnson is a journalism major. His interests include: playing/watching sports and
championship team on the field and Mauer took a little dis- seems to fail for teams more than help teams.                       writing music. Derek also spends his time broadcasting sports for WRFW.

    Join our Team!                                                     Weekly sports wrap week March 26- April 2
          Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer in River Falls               Softball                                     nal three innings, picking up the win.          against Bethel at 4 p.m. UWRF will face
     is looking for an OUTSTANDING, ENERGETIC person to join our         On March 27 and 28, the Falcon soft-           On the second day of the Tournament,          Bethany Lutheran on the road on April
       growing team as a PART TIME WIRELESS SALES SPECIALIST.          ball team was in Rock Island, Ill., for the    the Falcons were unable to fend off No.         2, at noon, as well.
            Fast paced, fun, challenging & customer focused.           Augustana College Tournament. In the           10 ranked Augustana, losing 2-1.
                         Great income potential.!                      first game, UWRF beat Martin Luther,             The team had nine hits and two errors
     We Offer...                                                       16-0, in five innings.                         in the game, also leaving nine run-
              Health, Dental & Vision Insurance
      Retirement •Continuing Training • Paid Vacation                    The team had 19 hits in the game, in-        ners on base. Sarah Fern pinch
           President’s Club Trips • Success Summits                    cluding three doubles and two homeruns.        hit in the seventh inning, hitting
                                                                       Hayley Buchanan finished 2-4 with four         a solo home run which tied the
                     Please send resume to
                                                                       RBI. Ashley Goettl knocked in two RBI
                                                                       of her own, going 2-3. Buchanan and
                                                                                                                      game. The hit was her second
                                                                                                                      homer of the season.
                                                                       Goettl were responsible for both of the          Lundgren went 3-4, and Olson
                                                                                                                                                                     Sports on
                   or bring it to our location:
                       1589 Paulson Road                               Falcon homers.                                 finished 2-4. Tusa started on the
            Experience the Wireless World di erence!                     Jessica Lundgren went 3-3, and she           mound, recording the loss. Os-

          1589 Paulson Road • 715-425-8255
                                                                       also stole a base. Patty Olson finished
                                                                       3-3 with three RBI. Jessie Bester and
                                                                       Kelsey Taylor both went 3-4.
                                                                                                                      monson worked one-third of an
                                                                                                                        The outcome of the Tournament
                                                                                                                                                                    Pure Radio
                                                                         Rose Tusa pitched the first two in-
                                                                       nings, facing six batters, striking out
                                                                       three. Nicole Osmonson worked the fi-
                                                                                                                      puts the Falcons at 7-7 overall.
                                                                                                                        The team’s first home game was
                                                                                                                      scheduled for Thursday, April 1
           Wireless World / Premium Retailer
April 2, 2010                                                                                               ETCETERA                                                                                            Student Voice                   7
DreamWorks’ latest proves classic for children, adults
                                                                                                    From directors Dean DeBlois and         de grace, he can’t bring himself to do       resonate with children and adults alike.
                                                                                                 Chris Sanders (“Lilo and Stitch”),         it. He chooses to befriend the beast,           But “Dragon” isn’t just about
                                                                                                 “How to Train Your Dragon” is an           thus starting a journey of discovery that    delivering a message. It’s also a
                                                                                                 animation triumph.                                            will shake the very       thrilling action/adventure story that
                                                                                                 Heartfelt, thrilling                                          foundations of Viking     overflows with creativity. It features
                                                                                                 and visually                                                  society.                  close to a dozen unique dragon designs,
                                                                                                 stunning, it’s near-                                             At its core,           each one more imaginative than the
                                                                                                 perfect family                                                “Dragon” is               last.
                                                                                                 entertainment. If                            Brun             a film about                 The visual style of “Dragon” is also
                                                                                                 you’re in the mood                                            misunderstandings.        quite striking. It takes a different path
                                                                                                 for some good,                                                Stoick and the            than most other animated films, trading
                                                                                                 clean fun this                                                Vikings are all set in    high gloss and vivid color for natural
                                                                                                 weekend, then this                                            their ways. They kill     textures and earth tones. But it’s no less
                                                                                                 is the film for you.                       dragons because they think that dragons      dazzling. The animation is delicious
                                                                                                    The plot revolves around a group        are evil - always have been, always will     eye-candy from start to finish. When
                                                                                                 of Vikings living in a bleak mountain      be. They then pass this ideal on to their    viewed in 3D, it’s the most visually
                                                                                                 stronghold. King Stoick (voiced by         children. “Our parents’ war is about to      stunning film since “Avatar.”
                                                                                                 Gerard Butler) is as Viking as they        become ours,” says America Ferrera as           Also, like “Avatar,” the 3D effects are
                                                                                                 come - he’s strong, fearless and           slayer-in-training Astrid. But Hiccup        tasteful and subdued. They rarely feel
                                                                                                 ruthlessly adept at slaying dragons. The   soon finds that there’s more to the          like a gimmick, and serve only to make
                                                                                                 only challenge he can’t overcome is        dragons than he has been told.               the film a more immersive experience.
                                                                                                 deciding what to do with his weakling         This idea of questioning the status       In the debate over the merits of this new
                                                                                                 son Hiccup (Jay Baruchel). Scrawny         quo is timeless, but it takes on an          wave of 3D filmmaking, “Dragon” is an
                                                                                                 and awkward, Hiccup is a social            immediate significance given the             example of the wondrous possibilities
                                                                                                 outcast. He dreams of one day killing a    cultural conflicts in our world today. It    that the technology offers.
                                                                                                 dragon and proving his worth, but for      makes you stop and think about who we           Relevant to viewers of all ages,
                                                                                                 now he’s stuck on the sidelines.           are and who we want to be.                   DreamWorks’ “How to Train Your
                                                                                                    Hiccup is the ultimate sad sack. He        This is just one of the many positive     Dragon” is destined to become a family
                                                                                                 means well and tries hard, but nothing     messages stuffed into this spirited tale.    classic. It’s fun, intelligent and simply
                                                                                                 seems to go his way. He finally catches    Those looking for an hour and a half         gorgeous on the big screen. In a word,
                                                                                                 a break when he manages to shoot           of irreverent slapstick will probably        this film is a blast!
                                                                                                 down a powerful dragon with one of         feel disappointed. Its moral lessons
                                                                                                                                                                                         Michael Brun is a journalism major with a minor in film
                                                                                                 his homemade contraptions. However,        are occasionally heavy-handed, but           studies. Although he is a self-professed gorehound, he
                                                                                                 when it comes time to deliver the coup     they touch on universal truths that will     can also be emotional - he cried like a child at the end of
                                                                                                                                                                                         Terminator 2.

Gross humor keeps film entertaining
   “Hot Tub Time Machine” is one of                        disgusting and annoying at times.           small changes in their past. But they
those films like “Dude Where’s my                             I found most of the film hilarious and also make big changes by being brave
Car?” and “Bill and Ted’s Excellent                        entertaining. Crispin Glover was one of enough to do things that they wouldn’t
Adventure,” in                                                               my favorite characters,   do when they were younger. I thought
the sense that                                                               who brought some of       it had a pretty good message, although
you can’t expect                                                             the funniest moments      most of us don’t have the chance to go
much going into                                                              in the film without       back in time and change things.
it, especially with                                       Natalie            even having a starring        I enjoyed this film, having completely
a title like that.                                        Conrad             role. Clark Duke          missed the 80’s, but I’m sure people
It wasn’t bad,                                                               did well as the one       who grew up in the 80’s would’ve
but then again it                                                            serious character in      certainly appreciated the references
wasn’t too great                                                             the film, trying to keep  and flashback. This is a film that
either. If you’re                                                            the friends together.     definitely most men would enjoy, and
looking for a                                                                I especially enjoyed      also women with a high-tolerance for
good laugh, it’s certainly worth seeing,                   Chevy Chase’s small appearance as the       gross out humor. It wasn’t amazing and
although there is a bit too much gross-                    mysterious hot tub                                                          I didn’t expect it
out humor for my taste. It’s one of those                  technician.                                                                 to be. “Hot Tub
movies that you can respect, because it                       The movie
                                                                                      “This is a film that defi- Time Machine” is
doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and it               was very fun and         nitely most men would en- simply meant to be
shouldn’t.                                                 colorful as it was        joy and also women with a fun and hilarious
   It was fun and exciting to watch these                  a flashback to the                                                          and ridiculous trip
outlandish characters embark on an                         80’s. The characters a high-tolerance for gross through time. Just
even more outlandish trip through time.                    struggle to reenact out humor. It wasn’t amaz- sit back, relax, and
Some of the characters and storylines                      the same things,
within the film were a bit far fetched,                    good and terrible,
                                                                                     ing and I didn’t expect it let the hot tub take   you away!
but that didn’t bring it down too much,                    that happened                           to be. ”
as the entire concept of the film is far                   to them. For the
fetched. I found John Cusack’s love                        most part, they                              Natalie Conrad is a junior journalism and marketing com-
interest a little too cheesy, and Rob                      find that, in general, things would end      munications major and French minor. She enjoys running,

Corddry’s character was a bit too                          up pretty much the same, regardless of
                                                                                                        reading, writing, playing guitar, and traveling.

                             Watch                                                                                               Sportsfan expresses hate
                Focus On U                                                                                                           Since I usually write the
                                                                                                                                 weekly music reviews, many
                                                                                                                                                                   How’s the move away from
                                                                                                                                                                   Manchester United looking
                                                                                                                                                                                                         There is simply not a single
                                                                                                                                                                                                         human being on the planet
  at   9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. and                                                                                                   of you may not know that
                                                                                                                                 I’m an avid and loyal viewer
                                                                                                                                                                   now, genius?
                                                                                                                                                                      Novak Djokovic
                                                                                                                                                                                                         who looks better in a suit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Now, on with the hate.
             9:00 p.m.                                                                                                           of a number of sports. I am
                                                                                                                                 also a giant hater, ergo the
                                                                                                                                                                      How’s your sore back
                                                                                                                                                                   doing? Or was it your foot?
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Brett Favre
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Oh my god, where to

          on Channel 19
                                                                                                                                 focus                                                  Or your          begin? I am so sick of
                                                                                                                                 of this                                                pinkie?          hearing about this selfish
                                                                                                                                 column.                                                Honestly,        disgrace. “Oh, he’s like a kid
                                                                                                                                 Thus,                                                  I lost           out there!” What a vomit-
                                                                                                                                 I have
                                                                                                                                                                       Andy             track            inducing media whore.
                ELECT BOB                                                                                                        assembled                            Phelps            of all           Despite Peyton Manning
                                                                                                                                 a small                                                of your          going out year after year,

                    LOBERG                                                                                                       collection
                                                                                                                                 of my
                                                                                                                                                                                                         performing with class and
                                                                                                                                                                                                         proving that he’s the greatest
                                                                                                                                                                                                         quarterback to ever play the
                                                                                                                                 most-                                                  years ago.       game, he gets about 1/10th as
                                                           JUDGE                                                                 despised sports figures-a         I can’t even begin to fathom          much media coverage as this
                                                                                                                                 Student Voice Player Haters       how hard it is to get booed           clown. “Favre” might as well
                                                                                                                                 Ball, if you will. This is        at the U.S. Open after you            be the modern-day synonym
                                                                                                                                 simply a time for irrational,     win, but congratulations, you         for “interception.” 317 picks
       Learn more about Bob and his                                                                                              and hopefully entertaining,       pulled it off spectacularly.          in over 289 appearances.
                                                                                                                                 venting. Please don’t take        You epitomize the word                Real A+ work there, Brett.
         12 Point Plan of action at:                                                                                             anything I write (too)            “fairy,” and if you got in a          Try finding any other “elite”                                                                                                  seriously. Rather embrace
                                                                                                                                 your inner hater. Let the hate
                                                                                                                                                                   fight with Dinara Safina,
                                                                                                                                                                   she would probably eat you.
                                                                                                                                                                   Take your stupid, goofy
                                                                                                                                                                                                         quarterback who ever threw
                                                                                                                                                                                                         more than 1.1 (.1 added for
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dan Marino) per game. I
                                                                                                                                    Cristiano Ronaldo              impressions and go French             don’t care if he goes 40-40
                                                                                        “Community service is
                                                                                                                                    Blessed by the heavens         kiss a buzzsaw, boxhead.              with 900 yards and nine
                                                                                        one sentencing alterna-                  with ungodly speed, deadly        While you’re at it, try               touchdowns. He will never
                                                                                        tive that can help save                  rocketing free-kicks and an       doing one of your famous              get props from me. If there
                                                                                       some of the $400,000 we                   arsenal of unprecedented          “impersonations” of Roger             were any semblance of
                                                                                         are over-budget each                    and effortless skill moves...     Federer and actually win              fairness in the universe,
                                                                                        year, housing people in                  he flails, cries and falls down   something important.                  this loser would fade
                                                                                                                                 more than an infant. Despite         On a final note, the fact          humiliatingly into retirement,
                                                                                         other county jails be-
                                                                                                                                 being the world’s best -paid      that even the Maestro can’t           taking his hideous Wrangler
                                                                                       cause our jail is full. We                footballer, he spends more        ever think of anything nice           jeans with him back to his
                                                                                         have no such program                    time on his back than a           to say about you must put             ranch, never to be heard
                                                                                        now. It will take hard                   hooker. Unfortunately, many       you in a class of tool all to         from again.
                                                                                        work to create one, but                  Americans hold the gross          yourself.                               Honorable Mention
                                                                                       we can do it - and I will                 misconception that soccer is         Kobe Bryant                          There is no one I hate
                                                                                                                                 a game for the weak-mostly           On second thought, he’s            nearly as much as Brett
                                                                                           lead the charge!”
      Bob is pictured here with his family (from L to R), son, Jens (23),                                                        because they see replays          just way too well-dressed to          Favre.
    daughter, Hanna (25), wife, Spring (Ailport), Bob, and son, Lars (27).
                                                                                             ~ Bob Loberg                        of superstars like him dive       appear on this list. Forget his      Andy Phelps is an English major with a

                                      Paid for by Elect Loberg Judge, Clarke Knudson,Treasurer
                                                                                                                                 all over the pitch like they      personality and the shady            journalism minor. He enjoys gambling and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Korean soap operas. He possesses a deeply-
                                                                                                                                 just got struck by a bullet.      happenings in Colorado.              rooted dislike for Nickelback.
Student Voice 8     FEATURE                 April 2, 2010

IceCube project sends UWRF students to Antarctica
         Kyle Toutloff           tion, Antarctica. Finally, Jero   ricating sunshades for IceTop     would monitor the tank from       tanks, deploying IceTop tanks
                                 McMurdo to Punta Arenas,          at the South Pole, designing/
   In November, two UW- Chile.                                     producing/implementing a
River Falls students, Kyle          The Oden is an icebreaker      muon trigger to characterize
Jero and Drew Anderson, ship retrofitted to carry out              IceTop tanks and simulat-
embarked on a trip to Antarc- scientific expeditions. Due to       ing high energy cosmic rays
tica in participation with an its tendency to tilt and sway,       to study the IceTop detector
international research coali- meters onboard will monitor          performance.
tion group called the IceCube the ships, and thus the tank’s          The trip is funded primar-
project.                         orientation. Other sensors        ily by the National Science
   Jero and UW-Rock Coun- will measure the barometric              Foundation, with private con-
ty student Samantha Jakel pressure, as all of these fac-           tributors from both Sweden
departed for Sweden at the tors have an impact on the              and Germany, according to
beginning of November to propagation of cosmic rays.               the program’s Web site.
help prepare the Russian ice-       According to the UWRF             “This experience was the
breaker Oden for its trip from IceCube Web site, the purpose       most memorable I have ever
Sweden to Uruguay, Jero said of IceCube is to collect infor-       had the fortune to participate
prior to                                                mation     in, and I know that I will re-
their de- “This experience was the                      r e -      member and talk about it for
parture.                                                gard-      the rest of my life.” Jero said.
   A n -       most memorable I have ing ex-                       Jero’s blog from the entire
d e r s o n ever had the fortune to par- treme-                    journey can be found on the
was then                                                ly high    UWRF IceCube Web site.
flown to
            ticipate in, and I know that energy                    Included are many excerpts
S w e d e n I will remember and talk b u r s t s                   and pieces of writing from
and left about it for the rest of my of par-                       Jero throughout the entire pe-
on      the                                             ticles     riod of traveling.                                                                                              NSF
Oden on                       life ”                    called        Jero has also been selected   above: UWRF students worked with IceCube project at the south pole.
Nov. 20.                                                neutri-    to present his abstract “The below: Inside an IceTop tank: The purpse of the IceCube project is to collect informa-
Anderson                  Kyle Jero                     nos, or    Oden Ice Breaker Calibration tion about energy bursts of cosmic rays.
stayed               UWRF Student                       cosmic     Cruise: Extending the IceTop
aboard                                                  rays.      Array for Solar Study” at the
the Oden                                                 These     2010 Posters on the Hill event
for three                                                e n -     April 12 in Washington, D.C.
to four weeks as the ship                               ergy          In addition to Jero, UWRF
made its way to Uruguay. bursts can come from the sun              physics Professor Jim Mad-
Once the ship arrived in Uru- or major galactic events such        sen, Anderson and Jakel will
guay, Jakel took Anderson’s as supernova explosions or             be attending. Each partici-
place to travel to Argentina. black holes.                         pant’s poster contains pages
The Oden then made the trip         Information gained from        of text, graphs and photo-
to Antarctica and arrived in studying the cosmic rays is           graphs that will help with the
February.                        then applied to theories that     student’s oral presentation of
   Students have been given help gain a better under-              their research to members of
the opportunity to travel on standing of the makeup of             Congress. Students will par-
the Oden to help monitor the the universe. This group is a         ticipate in an orientation ses-
tank as well as help with op- coalition consisting of over         sion as well as field trips to
erations on the ship. The trip 30 educational and research         various locations throughout
was to be completed in three institutions, about half are          Washington, D.C.
legs with Anderson traveling which based in the U.S.
on the first from Sweden to         UWRF contributions to the
                                                                                                      To learn more about the IceCube project
Montivideo, Uruguay. Jakel project include: initial Ice-
took over there to accompany Cube detector performance                                                including photos and student blogs visit
the tank to McMurdo Sta- analysis, designing and fab-

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