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									Paracetamol Can Reduce Heart Hospital

Hurt more painful than physical pain. That which is usually written in English lyrics.
However, now found that paracetamol or painkillers can reduce pain. Thus the results
of research the University of California, as reported by dailymail, Saturday (25/2).

According to the nerves of the brain, the emotional pain is processed in the same area
with physical pain. According to research, hurt feelings can respond to painkillers.

In a study for three weeks at the University of California, 62 people who were hurt
were asked to take medicine Tylenol - an analgesic drug trade mark containing
paracetamol - and a placebo drug. The results showed that those who took 1,000
milligrams, or about two paracetamol tablets experienced a significant reduction in
pain compared to placebo drank.

Naomi Eisenberger, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology University of
California, said the findings could be further developed in dealing with the hurt of
losing someone. "Heartache and physical pain overlapped together. Both are closely
linked. Although considered unlikely, but it is evident that the pain-reducing drugs
can reduce pain," he said.

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