MAJOR WORKS LIKELY TO BE COMMENCE DURING 2002-2003
                                    WORK COSTING MORE THAN RS. 2 CRORES

(Amount Rs in Lacs)
Zone      S.No. Name of works                  Station     Ministry/Deptt.   A/A & E/S   Present Position
          1       2                            3           4                 5           6
NDZ-I     1       Extension of Vithal Bhai     Delhi       Lok/Rajya Sabha   321.93      DE under process
NDZ-I     2.      C/o 26 Spl. Type Flats for   Delhi       Lok/Rajya Sabha   1612.00     Work to be awarded
                  MPs at BD Marg                                                         ``````````````````````````
NDZ-II    3.      C/o Handicrafts Bhawan at    New Delhi   Handicrafts       1104.00     Tender under
                  Baba Khadak Singh Marg                                                 finalisation
NDZ-II    4.      Dev. of Lawn in front of     Delhi       UD                300.00      Work already started
NDZ-II    5.      Extension & upgradation      New Delhi   Health            1000.00     P.Q. Tender under
                  existing casualty and                                                  process
                  emergency services at Dr.
                  RML Hospital, New Delhi
NDZ-III 6.        C/o Guest House for          New Delhi   UD                213.84      Revised DE under
                  Central Govt. Employees                                                process
                  at Kidwai Nagar, New
NDZ-III 7.        C/o Providing Independent    New Delhi   UD                270.31      Tender accepted workd
                  We/bath rooms to the                                                   being awaited
                  existing T-I GP Qrs. At
                  Kidwai Nagar
NDZ-III 8.        C/o ………. Asian Legal         New Delhi   MEA               446.00      Work started
                  Consultative building at

                Chankya Puri
NDZ-III   9.    C/o office building for      New Delhi   NATP              443.67    DE under process
                NATP at C.T.O. complex
                in Pusa
NDZ-III   10.   C/o Nuclear Science          New Delhi   JNU               888.00    P.Q. Tender under
                Centre at JNU                                                        process
NDZ-III   11.   C/o office building for N-   New Delhi   NCAP              316.24    DE under process
                CAP at Pusa
NDZ-IV    12.   C/o Office bldg. of NCAP     Delhi       Min. of Finance   788.00    DE under process
                at ISRI Campus Pusa
NDZ-IV    13.   C/o New Wing of NGMA         New Delhi                     4850.00   DE under process
                at Jaipur House, New
ODZ       14.   C/o Swimming Pool for        Delhi       Home              474.81    Tender invited on
                BSF at Chawla                                                        23.11.2001
ODZ       15.   C/o Office bldg. for         Faridabad   Power             498.05    Tender under scrutiny
                CGWV at NH-4
ODZ       16.   C/o ARC directorate          Delhi       Aviation          333.89    Tendering in process
                complex at Palam
P&P       17.   C/o 319 Nos. Transit flats   New Delhi   UD                3354.70   Tender to be issued
                of HUDCO Place, Andruj
                Gunj New Delhi
NZ-I      18.   C/o FI-24, T-II-24 & T-      Udampur     ITBP              205.99    Tender invited
                III-16 Qtrs. for ITBP
NZ-I      19.   C/o Residential Accn. for    Leh         ITBP              371.35    A/A E/S received
                17th Bn at ITBP Leh
NZ-I      20.   C/o Resid. Accn. For 18th    Leh         ITBP              258.22    -do-
                Bn at ITBP Leh
NZ-I      21.   C/o Resid. Accn. For 20th    Leh         ITBP              313.89    -do-
                Bn at ITBP Leh

NZ-I    22.   C/o T-I-32 (F/S) T-II-16      Srinagar    -do-           256.32    -do-
              (F/S) T-III-8(F/S) & T-IV-
              I at ITBP Campus Zeewan
              Srinagar (J&K)
NZ-I    23.   C/o 197 Nos. residential      Jalandhar   CRPF           543.88    Tender accepted
              Qtr. For CRPF at
NZ-I    24.   C/o 235 Nos. for CRPF 5th     Jalandhar   CRPF           878.15    Tender accepted
              Single Bn
NZ-II   25.   C/o Admn. Block for 10th      Mirthy                     234.05    Started
              Bn ITBP at Mirthi
NZ-II   26.   C/o 196 Resi. At              Aligang     CRPF           689.79    Started
              RAF/CRPF at Aligarh
NZ-II   27.   C/o Regional office bldg.     Lucknow     Deposit work   1521.00   Tender under process
              for NABARAD at Gomti
NZ-II   28.   C/o 196 nos. family Qtrs.     Meerut      CRPF           688.86    Tender re invited
              for RAF/CRPF at Meerut
NZ-II   29.   C/o Foreign girls hostel at   Agra        CHI            242.81    Tender under scrutiny
              CHI Agra
NZ-II   30.   C/o 74 Nos. resid. Qtrs. at   Rrampur     CRPF           233.00    Tender under scrutiny
              GC CRPF at Rampur
NZ-II   31.   C/o 4Nos 160 men barrack      Aligarh     RAF            635.43    Work awaited on 9/02
              for 104 Bn RAF at Aligarh
NZ-II   32.   Dev. of works for New         Meerut      RAF            569.00    DE Under process
              Campus for 108 Bn RAF
              at Sector 6 Ved Vyas Puri
NZ-II   33.   Dev. of works for 104 Bn      Aligarh     RAF            834.17    -do-
              RAF at Ramghat Aligarh

NZ-II    34.   C/o 180 men barrack for      Allahabad    CRPF         260.46   -do-
               GC, CRPF Allahbad
NZ-II    35.   C/o GPO building at          Kanpur       UD           492.00   Possession of land
               Fazalgunj Kanpur                                                awaited
NZ-II    36.   C/o GPRA at Sikandra P-      Sikandra     UD           213.06   Sanction
NZ-II    37.   C/o Admn. Cum Lab            Kanpur       11PR         315.00   Tender awarded in 3/01
               block for 11PR at
               Kalyanpur Kanpur
NZ-II    38.   C/o JMV at Badann            Badann       JMV          419.62   Tender under process
NZ-II    39.   C/o JMV at Chitrakoot        Chitrakoot   JMV          434.25   -do-
NZ-II    40.   C/o JMV at Moradabad         Moradabad    JMV          406.97   Land not yet allotted
NZ-II    41.   C/o JMV at Mitoli            Lakhmipur    JMV          444.17   Tender awaited in 11/02
               Lakhimpur Kheri
NZ-II    42.   C/o S/B office bldg. i/c     Lucknow      S/B          295.60   DE under process
               structure at 110 Mall Road
NZ-II    43.   C/o Regional office for      Allahabad    CBSE         700.00   Work started
               CBSE at Allahabad
NZ-III   44.   Extent of lecture theater    Jaipur       UD           482.00   Tender being recalled
               block at Jaipur
NZ-III   45.   C/o 10 Staff Qtrs. for       Jaipur       I.T.         872.67   Tender received in
               I.T.Deptt. at Jaipur                                            12/02
NZ-III   46.   Boys and Girls hostel and    Jaipur       Kendriya     292.70   Tender accepted
               9 Nos. qrs. At Jaipur                     Sanskrit
NZ-III   47.   Res. Bldg. for Reserve Bn    Tonk         CISF         293.98   Tender received in
               at Deoli, Distt. Tonk                                           12/02

WZ-I   48.   C/o Office & staff Qtrs.     Nadiad        Min. of Finance   214.65    NIT under preparation
             for IT Deptt.
WZ-I   49.   C/o Shore Based Academy      Navi Mumbai   Shipping          322.53    NIT issued
             at Karave, Navi Mumbai.
             SH: Swimming Pool (Ph-
WZ-I   50.   C/o GPRA at Malwani          Mumbai                          1952.00   P.Q. under finalized.
WZ-I   51.   C/o Resid. Qrs. For          Mumbai                          615.65    Started.
             IA&AS officers at Bandra
WZ-I   52.   C/o 88 No. Qtrs. for Group   Gandhinagar   CRPF              302.04    Started
             centre CRPF
WZ-I   53.   C/o 195 Nos. family Qrs.     N. Mumbai     CRPF              1155.74   Started
             At 102 BM RAR/CRPF
WZ-I   54.   C/o On Admn. B/ou            Dantiweda     BSF               378.45    -do-
             Hospital 10 bedded one,
             one Nos 120 mess
             barracks, 4 sunits with
             SO’s ness 7 suits with
             officer mess for 92 BM
WZ-I   55.   C/o 64 Nos Resi. Qrs. 10     Bhuj          BSF               324.00    -do-
             Bn HQ BSF Bhuj II at
WZ-I   56.   C/o 1 No Qtr guard & 1       Gujrat        BSF               245.00    Work awarded
             No 120 men barrack for
             BSF at Gandhidham
WZ-I   57.   C/o 1 No 180 men barrack     Gandhinagar   CRPF              206.16    NIT under preparation

              for G.C. CRPF at
WZ-I    58.   C/o 47 No family Qtrs. for     -do-           BSF          226.12    Started
              Bn HQ for BSF at
WZ-I    59.   C/o JNV at Gandhinagar         -do-           JNV          442.28    -do-
WZ-I    60.   Structural repair and          Mumbai         Health       954.92    Tender being called
              additional work i/c
              electrical works of hospital
              bldg. and residential Qtrs.
              of ESIC Hospital capter at
              Andheri Mumbai
WZ-I    61.   C/o office bldg. for           Gandhinagar    Power        304.00    Sanction received
              Central water commission
WZ-II   62.   C/o GPOA at Akurdi Pune        Pune           Urban Dev.   748.00    Sanction just received
WZ-II   63.   C/o 215 Nos. Qtrs. for         Akruda         UD           1323.00   NIT under preparation
              GPRA at Akruda
WZ-II   64.   C/o 33 Nos. Qtrs. for          Goa            UD           257.00    Under preparation
              GPRA at Goa
WZ-II   65.   C/o Mon Res. Bldg. CRPF        Telegaon       CRPF         215.00    Started
              (i) Men’s club with
              (ii) Family Welfare Centre
              (iii) Prime Schorllde
WZ-II   66.   C/o JNV at Thukruwadi          Pune           JNV          510.00    Started
              Katnagiri Pune
EZ-I    64.   C/o Staff Qtrs. T-II-36, T-    North Bengal   BSF          235.46    DE under preparation
              III-8, T-IV-2 in BSF Bn
              HQ at Telliguri Coach

EZ-I    65.   C/o Staff Qtrs. T-II-60 for   North Bengal   BSF       214.73   DE under preparation
              BSF at Bn HQ at
EZ-I    66.   C/o Staff Qtrs. T-I-64        North Bengal   BSF       212.00   Tender under scrutiny
              (F/S) for BSF at Siliguri
EZ-I    67.   C/o 64 Nos. Type I qtrs.      Kadamtala      BSF       226.53   Tender under scrutiny
              for BSF at Kadamtala
              Kadamtalal (WB)
EZ-I    68.   C/o 168 men barrack with      Balkunthapur   BSF       211.68   -do-
              dining hall Cook House
EZ-I    69.   C/o Staff quarters Type-II    Behar          BSF       291.54   Tender called
              56 Nos. Type-III 6 Nos.
              Type-IV-2 Nos. for BSF
              Bn Head Qtrs. at Sonar
              (Subhash Nagar) Cooch
EZ-II   70.   C/o Multi storeyed bldg.      Ranchi         Finance   786.73   Tender under scrutiny
              for IT Deptt.
EZ-II   71.   C/o Office Bldg. for          Bh’shwar       Labour    207.00   Tender under approval
              welfare Commissioner &
              Regional Labour
EZ-II   72.   Rehabilitation service        Olatpur        Labour    988.10   LOP under preparation
              bldg. At Nitar
EZ-II   73.   Purchased land for GPOA       Patna          UD        320.50   DE under preparation
              at Digha Patna
EZ-II   74.   C/o 30 bedded for bedi        Nalanda        Labour    987.47   DE under preparation
              workers at bihar Shan’ll

EZ-II    75.   C/o Shree Sodasiva             Puri            Education         536.70
               Kendriya Sanskrit
               Vidhyapette at Puri
EZ-II    76.   C/o bldg. for JNV              Jahanabad       JNV               505.02
EZ-II    77.   C/o JNV                        Siwan           JNV               536.14
SZ-I     78.   C/o Rajiv Gandhi               Sriperumbudur   Calture           1750.20   Drawings awaited from
               Ninaivagam (Ph-II)                                                         Pvt. Architect.
SZ-I     79.   C/o Resdi. Qtrs. for CE        Kovilpatti      Central Excise    233.94    A/A and ES awaited.
               Deptt. at Kovilpatti
SZ-I     80.   C/o Resi. Qtrs. for I.T.       I.T                               320.00    A/A & E/S awaited
SZ-I     81.   30 bedded Hospital and         Tirunelveli                       448.00    File production work
               Resdi. Qters. For Beedi                                                    awaited.
               worker at Muldwdal
SZ-I     82.   C/o Auditorium at              Pondicherry     Health & Family   718.36    A/A & E/S awaited.
               JIPMER, Pondicherry                            Welfare
SZ-I     83.   C/o Fishing gear section &     Port Blair                        342.52    Tender opened and
               workshop .for Fishery                                                      scrutiny is the progress
               Survey of India (FS) Port
SZ-II    84.   C/o 111 Nos. Staff Qrs.        Hyd.                              1250.00   DE under preparation
               For I.T. Deptt. at Room
               No. 10 Banjara Hills
SZ-II    85.   Office cum Lab bldg. for       Vizag                             530.00    Tender under scrutiny
SZ-II    86.   C/o Office Bldg. for I.T.      Hyd.                              2605.00   P.Q. land under scrutiny
               Deptt. at AC Guard.
SZ-III   87.   C/o office Bldg. I.T. Deptt.   Kollam          I.T.              209.88    Working during being
               at Quilon Kollam Dist.                                                     prepared.
SZ-III   88.   C/o 84 Nos. Staff Qtrs. for    Trivandrum      UD                515.86    Working during being

               GPRA, Meathumela                                          prepared.
SZ-III   89.   C/o Bldg. for college of    Kottayam    HRD     219.68    Working during
               applied Science for IHRD                                  received DE under
               at Payyappady.                                            preparation
SZ-III   90.   C/o GPOA at Calicut         Kozhikode   UD      894.16    Working during been
               Kozhikode Distt                                           preparation by SA
SZ-III   91.   C/o Model Engg. College     Ernakulam   HRD     210.12    NIT being issued.
               for IHRD at Eruakulam
               Addl. 3 floors over No.
               …….. Bldg.
SZ-III   92.   C/o Library boys & Girls    Thrissar    KSV     630.75    Approved of dry
               Hostel Guest House 49                                     awaited from client
               Nos. Resi. Nos. for
               Guruvayoov Kendriya
               Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth at
SZ-III   93.   C/o Transit Hostel Accn.    Cochin      UD      630.75    NIT issued for B/
               For CPWD
SZ-III   94.   C/o 220 Staff Qtrs. for     Bangalore   IT      1293.11   DE under preparation
               I.T.Deptt. at HMT Layout
SZ-III   95.   C/o Executive               Bangalore   IHMCT   395.00    DE sanction NIT to be
               development Centre for                                    issued.
SZ-III   96.   Renovation of               Bangalore   NGMA    777.71    Tender under scrutiny
               Manickyavelu Mansion for
               NGMA at Palace
SZ-III   97.   C/o Hostel Bldg. for boys   Srinagari   KVS     416.87    Approved of
               & girls for RGKVS
               Campus at Srinagri
NEZ      98.   C/o General Pool Resdl.     Agartala    Urban   694.46    Started

             Accn. (III/38, IV/12, V/4)                       Development
NEZ   99.    C/o Staff Qtrs. for BSF      Tura-III            Home           270.72    Tender under scrutiny
NEZ   100.   C/o Resdl. & Non Resdl.      Charduar/Assam      Home           4065.00   Started
             Accn. For 5 Assam Rifles
NEZ   101    C/o 2 Nos. 180 Men           Dayapur/Silchar     Home           620.48    Started.
             Barracks for CRPF
NEZ   102    C/o Addl. 32 Qtrs. for SIB   Aizawal/ Mizoram    Home           404.73    Tender for T-III & IV
             (I/12, II/4, III/12, IV/4)                                                received. DE for T-I &
                                                                                       II under preparation
NEZ   103    C/o Officers mess (24        Khatkheti           HOme           288.99    DE under preparation
             Nos. single room & 6 Nos.
             suites) for GC CRPF
NEZ   104    C/o I/48, II/24, III/14 &    Chedima/Nagaland Home              437.80    NIT under process
             IV/4 for BSF
NEZ   105    C/o 50 bedded Hospital for   Salbagan/Agartala   Home           436.79    Started
NEZ   106    C/o 47 Resdl. Qtrs. for      Ambasa/Tripura      Home           342.81    NIT issued
NEZ   107    C/o 47 Resdl. Qtrs. for      Nalkta              Home           346.54    NIT issued
NEZ   108    C/o 120 men barracks for     Ambasa/Tripura      Home           291.18    Started
NEZ   109    C/o Lab bldg. Guest          Guwahati            Home           230.54    NIT under preparation
             House & Caretaker Qtrs.
             in RRS Lab
NEZ   110    C/o Multipurpose hall for    Guwahati            Deposit work   377.27    DE under scrutiny
NEZ   111    C/o Instt. Of Hotel          Guwahati            Deposit work   1280.50   Sanctionfor modified
             Management                                                                PE awaited
NEZ   112    C/o JNV                      Seppa (AP)          Deposit work   528.04    Started

NEZ   113   C/o JNV                       Jorhat (Assam)     Deposit work   534.07   Tender invited
NEZ   114   C/o JNV                       Tinsukia (Assam)   Deposit work   532.27   LOP approved
NEZ   115   C/o A-I type school bldg.     Barapani           Deposit work   246.15   DE under preparation
            & 11 Units staff qtrs. AT     (Meghalaya)
            KV NEPA
NEZ   116   C/o Lib. & Computer           Silchar            Deposit work   458.20   DE under preparation
            Centre for Assam
NEZ   117   C/o Youth Hostel              Hishenpur/Imphal   Deposit work   202.60   NIT awaited from Zonal
NEZ   118   C/o JNV (PH-A)                Goalpara/Assam     Deposit work   532.27   Started
NEZ   119   C/o JNV (PH-A)                Baghmara/          Deposit work   545.82   NIT under preparation
CZ    120   C/o 108 nos. Qtrs. for        Bhilai             Home           373.00   Started
            Addl. Reserve Bn in RB
            campus Group-I for CISF
CZ    121   C/o 108 Nos. qtrs. for        Bhilai             Home           368.00   Started
            addl. Reserve Bn in RB
            campus Group-II for CISG
CZ    122   C/o JNV at Shoepur Kalan      Kalan              NVS            453.48   DE under preparation
CZ    123   30 bedded Hosp. Beedi         Sagar              labour         557.98   -do-
            workers at Sagar
CZ    124   C/o office Bldg. for GSI at   Raipur             other          307.81   DE under preparation
CZ    125   C/o Boys & Girls Hostel       Gwalior            other          200.00   Tender called
            for LNIPE at Gwalior
CZ    126   Balance work of Admn.         Maharajapur        other          728.05   Tender called
            Bldg. for IHM at
            Maharajpur SH: (I)

           Institute Bldg. SH: Hostels
CZ   127   C/o Resd. & Non-Resid.        Indore    Other          334.70   Client has requested for
           Accn. For NCA Sector-B,                                         reduction of one floor.
           Vijay Nagar, Scheme No.                                         According revised draft
           74, Indore                                                      DE has been received
                                                                           from EE in CE’s Office.
CZ   128   C/o 180 Man Barracks at       Neemuch   CRPF           205.36   2 Nos. 180 Men
           RTC-I, CRPF, Neemuch                                            barracks. DE under
CZ   129   C/o 180 Man Barracks at       Neemuch   CRPF           685.63   DE is to be reframed by
           RTC-I, CRPF, Neemuch                                            EE based measurement
                                                                           & not on actual
CZ   130   C/o 186 Nos. Resdl. Accn.
           For CRPF at Neemuch
     131   C/o 2 Nos. 180 men            Hinotia   RAF            418.91   Tender called due on
           barrack at 107 Bn.                                              8.7.02
CZ   132   C/o A type K.V. school        Shipuri   Deposit work   218.00   Started
           bldg. & qtrs. for ITBP
CZ   133   C/o KV-2 & 11 Nos.            Indore    Deposit work   240.00   Started
           Resdl. Qtrs. AT BSF

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