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									The Hunger Games

           By : Katie S
Main Characters

 Katniss Everdeen
 Peeta Mellark
 Gale Hawthome
 Haymitch Abemathy
 Prim Everdeen
 President Snow
 Mrs. Everdeen
 Cinner

 District 12
 The Woods
 The Capital
 The Hunger Game Stadium
 The Train
In This Book There is a lot of

BUT IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
The summery Is

President Snow is so mean he has
The Hunger Games. It is when
KIDS go in an arena and KILL
each other. A boy and a girl
from each district get chosen to
go into the hunger games. From
District 12, Peeta Mellark and
Prim Everdeen were chosen as the
From District 12 Peeta Mellark
But Katniss Everdeen, Prim’s
older sister, offered to go to
the hunger games instead of Prim.
So Katniss has to win the Hunger
Games for her sister and there's only
one winner. Who will win Katniss
,Peeta or some one from district
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 WINS!? Read to
find out next!!!!!!!!
 Thanks for watching.
 Read to find out what happens next!
 Catching Fire and Mockingjay

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