Safe Ways For Facial Mole Removal

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Many methods are available to have moles removed, including facial moles removal. The main
thing to keep in mind about facial moles removal is that you are dealing with a much more
sensitive area, and one which you probably would prefer to keep scar free, if possible.

The first thing most people will notice about you is your face. If you have a lot of moles all over
your face and in embarrassing places, like on the end of your nose, you have probably already
explored methods for facial moles removal.

If you have had a consultation with your doctor about facial moles removal, you may have already
been advised that this is not a procedure that is covered under most medical plans, and so it is
going to cost you some money.

The methods for facial moles removal that you may have discussed with your doctor include:

•Surgery/Electrosurgery - a method for facial moles removal in which the moles are shaved or
cut out, which can cause pain and scarring;
•Liquid nitrogen - freezes off the mole;
•Laser Surgery - least painful and less scarring; however, very expensive.

Although most skin moles are harmless and not cancerous, if you notice that a mole changes
shape or gets larger, it can mean that you have malignant melanoma, or skin cancer. If left
untreated, skin cancer can spread to organs within your body.

Some natural methods for facial moles removal are used. These can border on the bizarre;
however, some people swear that they work. These include using natural ingredients and then
applying them on the skin:

•Onion - grind and extract juice - apply the juice to the moles 2x per day for one week.
•Coriander - grind and make into a paste. Apply to mole for 2 weeks.
•Apple - extract the juice from a sour apple and apply it to your moles 2 - 3x per day for 3

These methods may be less than desirable when you are dealing with your own face. There are
better natural methods available, that you can start using right away, that will work much better
than these methods.

I tried many methods for removing moles. Finally, I found a complete guide on how to do so:

Julia Lane

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Mole Removal FAQ - Your #1 Source For Mole Removal Treatment Solutions

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