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					                                                Farzad Keyhani
    Room 2708, Jiaxing International Complex, No.146 Beizhan Road, Shenhe District, 110013, Shenyang, Liaoning, P.R.China
                    Email: Admin[at] - Online portfolio: - Tel#: (86) 15040333305


Programmer, Server Manager, Web Developer and Designer expert with over 10 years experience. Demonstrated
success in motivating, coaching, leading technical design teams to achieve the highest results. Designing,
Implementing, supporting interactive websites and applications. Experienced in Project Management, Web design,
E-Commerce, SEO, Systems Analysis and Statistics, Troubleshooting and Quality control. Consistently recognized
for completing projects on time and within budget. Experienced in Network Security, Fraud Detection of Credit
Card Hacking, Domain Hijacking. Different ways of SQL injections and defining Vulnerabilities, Different methods
of Pharming, Phishing and Scams, and even chasing fraud internationally.

                                              AREAS OF EXPERTISE

      Management expertise – includes project definition, coordination, troubleshooting, and on-time delivery.
      Inspire teams to excel by personal commitment to excellence and quality.

      Customer relations – work closely with customers during initial needs assessment, build consensus using
      visual prototypes, and follow up to ensure satisfaction.

      Innovative creativity – applying touches of websites to spark visual interest and encourage continued
      exploration of Web content. Ability to create award-winning designs.

     Technical expertise – PHP, XML, Dynamic HTML, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, SQL, ASP.NET, MS Office,
      MS Visual Studio .NET, C#, MS Web Expression, MS FrontPage, Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks,
      Microsoft Office Suite and Project, Visio, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, ColdFusion, Premier and After Effects,
      MS Windows 9x/2008, XP, Linux RedHat, Mandriva, BackTrack I-IV SLAX-based.

     Strong understanding in Network Security, latest Fraud Detection Technologies and Credit Card hacking,
      Domain Hijacking, Different ways of SQL injections and defining the vulnerabilities, Different methods of
      pharming, phishing and scams, and even chasing fraud internationally.


LIAONING LIANYUN CONSTRUCTION MACHINE MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD.,                                               2011 - Present
Senior Marketing Manager

Responsible for driving the success of Pursuant products, services and brand promise in the marketplace.
     Establish effective working relationships with sales and agency leadership to ensure that our products and
      services are implemented through sales enablement and marketing demand generation programs.
     Provide feedback into product development and service offers and participates in their development; collaborate
      to create, launch and track performance of product and service offerings in our markets.
     Develop and deliver appropriate field sales enablement tools. Develop, establish and maintain marketing
      strategies to meet organizational objectives.
     Demonstrate effective management of the marketing, advertising and promotional activities of the organization.
     Execute online and offline marketing initiatives, integrating online and new media, email, print, direct mail,
      social media, company websites, SEM/SEO strategy development, brand awareness and drip marketing

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GRFE WEB SOLUTION, INC., CANADA (GRFE.COM)                                                          2008 - Present
Web Designer/Developer, SEO expert

Integrated Web technology with existing data processing systems to support e-commerce services and mass
marketing promotions. Utilized rapid prototyping techniques to guide initial conceptualization. Established routines
to accurately track Web service usage and customer satisfaction. Designed visual elements and layout structures for
Websites. Worked with print designers to translate paper-based art to online format. Extended customers’ existing
graphic design, logos, and branding to Web environment. Expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring
more traffic and get higher up the search engine ranking.
    Implemented targeted, mass marketing campaigns which increased Website visits by 125%.
    Constructed reliable, secure e-commerce site resulting in 83% sales increase.
    Compiled online libraries of user support information, reducing tech support calls by half.
    Consulted with customers and development team to establish Website message.
 Using the right SEO and Online Marketing Technologies to maximise the revenue.
    Coded HTML and drafted design documentation to aid future code usage and modification.

KEYHAN HEFAZ, CO., KERMANSHAH, IRAN                                                                   2006 - 2009
Web Designer/Developer, Executer of Security Systems

In the direction of design and development, security of computer networks and safeguarding the contiguous
networks. Coordinated full range of project development, from initial proposal to final delivery. Conducted and
analyzed post-project customer and Web visitor satisfaction surveys.
    Implemented Network based project management tools for CCTV cameras and Automation Gates to
    coordinates the activities of a distributed team and present real-time progress reports to clients.
 Design and development of security of computer networks and safeguarding the contiguous networks.
    Researched and prototyped new web technologies and techniques to realize benefits of the latest innovations,
    achieve increased efficiency, and provide highest quality products.
    Determined and translated customer expectations into precise specifications for development team in order to
    clarify project deliverables, define schedule, and assign tasks.

ASHIYANE DIGITAL SECURITY TEAM, IRAN (ASHIYANE.ORG)                                                   2003 - 2006
Fraud Detector, Member of Networking and Security Team

Specialized in Website security, decreasing phishing, fraud and chargeback’s at the end.
      vigilantly exerted protective Disaster Planning & Recovery Measures. Structured virus and spam-filtering
    firewalls to stave off large-scale pharming and phishing attacks.
      Validated security approach by tracking users in sites to verify the users.
      Experienced to recognize fraud orders and using latest fraud detection in shopping cards.


Master in Management
Taylor’s University, Malaysia In association with University of Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Science in Ecommerce, 2010
Staffordshire University, UK

Pre-University of the Mathematics-Physics, 2005
Dr. Hessabi Pre-University Centre, Kermanshah, Iran

Secondary School of the Mathematics-Physics, 2004
Shahid Tavakkol Momeni High School, Kermanshah, Iran

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                                         EDUCATION AWARDS

   Attained the 1st rank with a gulden in the province from the head of Education Department, regarding
    to Scientific-Research Festival in the field of mathematics by presenting scientific work titled ‘the
    Fundamentals of Geometry from the View point of History and Philosophy’

   Attained the 2nd rank in the laboratory matches in the field of computer across the district, latter of
    appreciation from the head of Education Department of the province in Iran.

   Attained the 1st class for his Final Year Project titled ‘Malaysian specialty Toys Shop’ which is able to
    access from

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