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research a brand name project.docx - 10social


									Social Studies 10-1
Unit Four: Economic Globalization
To what extent does economic globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people?

Research a brand name assignment                                                                           /17

             Focusing on the statement, economic globalization, in its current form, contributes to
        sustainable prosperity for all people, research a brand name that you support or are loyal to.

       Define subsidiary (look in your glossary first):__________________________________________


       Knowing what a subsidiary is will help you find out who actually owns the brand name you so
       dearly love.

                                  Focus your research and written work on:

                   1. Does the brand name company help the communities it has factories in? /3
                     2. Is the company part of charitable donations and/or organizations? /3
                        3. Is the company on any sweatshop watchdog lists? If so, why? /3
                             4. Is the company socially or environmentally conscious? /3

          In short, does the brand that you support contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people?
                                5. Will you continue to support this brand name? /5

Make sure you title this

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