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                Rocky Mountain Conference Volunteers in Mission
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                       Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
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Dear Friends in Mission,

We wish you well in your preparations for your summer mission trips! We are hearing about a lot of great
mission work being done throughout the Rocky Mountain Conference!

Ann just returned from a wonderful month-long trip to Kenya. Read about it on page 8! In April, we trained our
first RMC Early Response Team (ERT). ERT”s are self-sufficient teams that go out in the relief phase of a
disaster to help make people and homes safe and secure. We hope to train another team in the future.
Speaking of training, please let us know if you would like to receive UMVIM team leader training!

In this issue of VIMShare we invite you to participate in mission trips to Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Kenya,
Cambodia, India and Angola over the next 3 years as part of RMC-wide efforts to address global hunger and
poverty. You will be hearing more about “Our Global Health Initiative.”

Thank you to Heritage UMC in Littleton, CO for inviting us to have a display board at their Missions
Awareness Sunday. It was a wonderful information-sharing experience. We would like to come to your
Mission Awareness Sunday, too! We also appreciate Evergreen UMC’s UMW inviting Betsy to share about
the work of UMCOR and for the many churches who invite Ann to speak about Kenya.

Proverbs 11:25 says, “he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” How true this is of our experiences
through UMVIM! Hugs, smiles, listening to people’s stories, learning about people’s lives, shared food, games
and laughter, satisfaction of working side by side with local people to accomplish a task, the joy of making a
difference…these are some of the ways in which we can indeed be refreshed on a mission trip!

We hope your mission journeys bring you warm and rewarding relationships and spiritual refreshment!

                                              Betsy and Ann

                                            You are Invited!
BUMMP (Boulder United Methodist Mission Partners) annual Salmon Dinner and Silent Auction, Sunday,
October 11, 2009, location TBD. For more info contact Bruce Borgmann, bruce@midwestcompany.com.

SPRINGFIELD, CO UMC – Invites a mission team to come down and run VBS. Sleeping and food prep would
be in the church and showers in congregants’ homes. Church would supply VBS materials. Contact Pastor Eric
Feuerstein, 719-523-4425, efeuers490@aol.com.

                                    Rocky Mountain Conference
                                          invited to put
   United Methodist Volunteers in
                                        faith into action!
            For other mission opportunities, visit RMC UMVIM website: <www.rmcvim.org>.

                           You Are Invited to Participate – 2009-2012 Mission Teams

McCurdy School, New Mexico – August 9-14, 2009. Contact Marilyn and Hugh Douglas, 801-571-4870,
marilyn.little@slcc.edu, land2x@msn.com

Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, August 29-September 4; September 5-12, 2009. Contact
Rev. Jon Laughlin, pastorjon@bresnan.net or Kristina Lubner, gumc@bresnan.net, 307-634-7472.

Sierra Leone, Summer 2010. Work on a school or heath clinic or provide health care as a visiting nurse or
doctor/dentist. Contact Hope and Les Law, 303-642-3693, lhlaw@hope4salone.org, www.hope4salone.org,
www.seed-narsarah.org. See related article on page XXX.

Guatemala, Early May, 2010 – Health-related mission trip. Possible projects include medical/dental clinics;
clinic building construction; providing stoves to village families to prevent respiratory illnesses; visit to the John
Wesley School. Contact Mark Ely, marcos@puravida.org, www.puravida.org

India, March 2011 – Join Rev. Dr. Donald Messer, Director of the UM Global AIDS Fund, on a trip to visit
patients with HIV/AIDS and ministries that help them. Contact Don at dmesser@iliff.edu.

Kenya, July/August, 2011 – Contact Joanie Calhoun, jimnjo30@aol.com or Ann Fort,

Cambodia, Fall 2011 – Mission trip to promote health and wellness for the people of Cambodia. Contact
Rev. Jim Gulley, jim.gulley@comcast.net or June Essing, marv4june@aol.com.

Angola – 2012. Contact Rev. Derek DeToni-Hill, revsdh@kci.net.

Angola – possibly 2010 – Delivery of malaria nets once distribution system is in place. Contact Rev. Burl
Kreps, kbkreps@msn.com, angoadvo@msn.com.

Guatemala, year-round, ongoing. Participate in a mission trip to Guatemala to share life with the
indigenous Mayan people in mountain villages. Projects include building adobe homes and chicken coops,
conducting Bible Camps, school or church construction work, medical work. Contact Mark Ely at
marcos@puravida.org, www.puravida.org or Guatemala UMVIM Coordinator Carla Gonzales,
coordinator@guatemalavim.org, www.guatemalavim.org.

Romania, Global Hope – Summers, ongoing. You are invited to join a Global Hope team from Colorado
to help with VBS and community service projects in support of orphanages in Romania! Contact Will Johnston,
willjohnston@earthlink.net, 720-887-4673.

                                            Individual Volunteers

The Individual Volunteers Program offers opportunities to serve for a minimum of two months up to two
years either domestically or abroad. Projects include teaching, agriculture, heath care, working with children
and youth, serving in community outreach ministries, and helping churches with their programs.

Information is available at: http://new.gbgm-umc.org/about/us/mv/programs/individualvolunteer/
Contact person is Nancy Eubanks, indvols@gbgm-umc.org, nteubanks@gmail.com or 731-772-0458.

2009 ORIENTATION AND TRAINING sessions: August 13-16 Oklahoma, October 8-11 – New York City
Priority needs are in Central and South America, Mexico, Central Asia, Thailand, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania,
Tonga and the United States.

Kathy and Vic Starostka are Individual Volunteers from the Rocky Mountain Conference in the country of
Georgia. Kathy can be reached at katystar7@hotmail.com.

             Do you love people and enjoy teaching? teachUM provides opportunities in a variety of
             countries and settings for teachers, administrators, teacher aides, counselors, ESL teachers, VBS
             teachers and all others who desire to teach and offer their time and talents in an environment of
learning. Contact: Lorna Jost, 605-692-3390, http://www.gbgm-umc.org/northcentralvim/teachum.html

           Do you like to travel the USA in your RV? Do you enjoy doing mission work? NOMADS do both!
           For opportunities visit web site: http://www.nomadsumc.org or call 1-866-466-6237.

                                           Health Care Volunteers!
We encourage doctors, nurses, dentists and any interested volunteers to participate in medical
mission trips. There are project locations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Americas. What
a wonderful way to use your gifts and skills! Today medical teams are not only providing
outpatient services and dispensing medications, but performing specialty surgeries and tackling
public health and sanitation issues that cause chronic, poverty-related health problems.

You can contact June Essing, RMC coordinator of Health Care Volunteers, marv4june@aol.com or see the
many medical opportunities on the UMVIM web sites. Also see http://umvim4health.blogspot.com

Primetimers provides mature adults with educational opportunities, faith-filled reflection, cross-cultural
appreciation and fellowship building in the context of Christian mission.

For prices and more information, contact Primetimers at 877-882-4724, primetimers@gbgm-umc.org
See web site http://new.gbgm-umc.org/about/us/mv/programs/primetimers/ or http://www.primetimers.info .

Remaining destinations for 2009 UMCOR Sager Brown Depot, Louisiana (October 18-24, register by July 18)
and Cambodia (November 4-14, register by August 4).
                                    Unique Young Adult Opportunities
Global Justice Volunteers - This GBGM program, for young adults ages 18-25, links faith and justice. After
training, participants volunteer in teams of 2-4 young adults to serve for 2-5 months with people around the
world who are working for social justice at the grassroots level. It can be a powerful opportunity to learn about
the world, engage in mission service and to bring experience and skills back to one’s home community. For
more info: www.gjv.info or http://new.gbgm-umc.org/about/us/mv/programs/gjv/. See the video at the web site!

               Ubuntu Explorers
               Through partnership with Mission Volunteers and the Women’s Division, United Methodist
               Women from the US are hosted by women’s organizations in other countries. The program
               allows Christian sisters to understand and share together the daily life, joys, struggles, culture,
               challenges and opportunities of women.
               See http://new.gbgm-umc.org/about/us/mv/programs/ubuntu .

You don’t have to travel far…
For those who would like to have an UMVIM experience closer to home, you can try one of the projects on the
Rocky Mountain Conference listing, participate in disaster recovery, check out one of the UMVIM destinations
listed below or browse the US Project List at http://new.gbgm-umc.org/about/us/mv/ - Click on “US Project List
for Teams.”

                           UMCOR Disaster Recovery Volunteer Information

UMCOR Volunteer Hotline - 800-841-1235, 800-918-3100
UMCOR Sager Brown Depot - 800-334-4221, 337-923-2027, x202, Volunteers@sagerbrown.org
UMCOR Salt Lake City Depot - 801-973-7250
MERCI Center, North Carolina – build homes for low income families, 888-440-9167
Louisiana Hurricane Recovery – 225-346-5193, 877-345-5193, http://la-umc.org/
Texas Hurricane Recovery – 409-892-0140, www.txcumc.org, 832-370-3099, 409-223-0118
Mississippi Hurricane Recovery – 866-435-7091.

There are disaster recovery needs in many other states from flooding and tornadoes. Disaster recovery needs
are kept updated on the UMVIM web site, http://new.gbgm-umc.org/about/us/mv/ under the link “US Project
List for Teams.”

PROJECT CURE – Denver, CO. A wonderful ministry in which you can sort and pack medical supplies to be
shipped all over the world. Contact Jean Feist, 303-792-0729, jeanfeist@projectcure.org, www.projectcure.org.
Not an official UMVIM site yet, so please contact Betsy for help with lodging and hosting arrangements.

NORTH DAKOTA - Fencing teams are needed in the Western half of North Dakota and some in the central
part of North Dakota. Thousands of miles of fencing need to be replaced, repaired and some removed! If you
have folks that enjoy the great outdoors and lots of wide-open beautiful space, this would be a work project for
them! Contact: Joan Bucchop, Vol Hotline 1-800-366-9841, LDRvolunteer@lssnd.org.

TREE OF LIFE MINISTRY, South Dakota – Repair homes on the Rosebud and Crow Creek reservations, VBS
and other ministries. Contact 605-856-4266. (Book way in advance).

FOUR CORNERS NATIVE AMERICAN MINISTRY, New Mexico – Help with VBS, home/church repairs.
Contact 505-368-4402.

McCURDY SCHOOL, New Mexico – General maintenance. Contact 505-753-7221. (Book way in advance).
NAVAJO UNITED METHODIST CENTER, New Mexico – Work camps with Native Americans. Contact 505-

P.E.T. PROJECT OF TEXAS – Near San Antonio. Build and paint low-tech Personal Energy Transporters
(PETs) for shipment to people in other countries who can not walk due to polio, land mines, etc. Contact: 830-
875-0226, 830-875-5719, 512-461-7869.

SIERRA SERVICE PROJECT – Arizona, Nevada, California. Week-long experiences for high school youth or
adults groups at Native American reservations. Primary registration period is in the Fall for the following
summer. Contact 916-488-6441.

HEART BUTTE UMC, Montana – Blackfeet Native American Project. Construction, VBS, home repair. Caring
hands and hearts needed. Contact 406-338-3900.

Or if you want to go farther away:
BAHAMAS METHODIST HABITAT invites you! Contact Leia Suska, methodisthabitat@gmail.com,

                   RMC Executive Team Has UMVIM Work Day at Warren Village
                                             Reported by Ben Roe

Naomi Taggart, Resources Director at Warren Village transitional living facility in Denver, says thank you to the
members of the Executive Leadership Team of the RMC for all their work painting stairwells. She reports that
a VIM team from Andover UMC in Kansas was here last week, and with their contribution, the stairwells are
finished! Further, she says, "I will take a good United Methodist volunteer group any day over any other
groups that I have worked with over the past 20 years at Warren Village. It is a joy to work with you all." To
arrange your volunteering, contact Naomi at 303 320-5035, or ntaggart@warrenvillage.org. Warren Village is
on the World Wide Web at http://www.warrenvillage.org See a photo of the work team, including Bishop Elaine
J. W. Stanovsky, on our web site, RMCUMC.org.

From Betsy: Try UMVIM for a day – you’ll like it!

                                      UMCOR Depot Opens in Utah!
                                        By Marilyn and Hugh Douglas

[Note: Marilyn and Hugh are our District Mission Coordinators and UMVIM Coordinators for Utah and
coordinated the planning for the Grand Opening Celebration.]

The Grand Opening of the UMCOR Depot in Utah was a huge success. We had approximately 135 people
there. Bishop Elaine led the consecration ceremony. Rev. Brian Hare-Diggs facilitated the official ribbon
cutting. There was a Christian band, "Evidence of Grace" who performed and even had the audience
participate. A barbecue lunch was served. There were demonstration kits set up. Tours of the facility were
given. Along with the 2 large warehouse rooms there is also a conference/teaching room, as well as a sewing

Several mission teams are booked for the summer and fall with a team from Montrose, CO. being the first team
starting "kick-off" week. The teams have various churches through out the SLC valley available for overnight
stays. The list can be obtained from the Depot at the time of scheduling. Contact 801-973-7250,

                                  UMVIM Projects in Rocky Mountain Conference

BUCKHORN CAMP, NW of Fort Collins CO, Ongoing &                        HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, WYOMING, Ongoing, Age
Summer, Youth 16+ / Adults                                             16+ For local affiliates see http://www.habitat.org .
Ongoing: Construction, maintenance. Summer: Kitchen help,
maintenance, help open and close camp; counselors for youth            HABITAT FOR HUMANITY COLORADO, Ongoing,
camps or Camp Hope, working with disabled adults (volunteers           Age 16+ For local affiliates, see http://www.habitat.org .
must be age 18+).
Contact Gregg Kernes at 970-484-2508, 800-749-0082                     LA PUENTE HOME, San Luis Valley, Alamosa CO, All
buckhorncamp@gmail.com. http://www.buckhorncamp.org                    year, Jr/Sr High Youth / Adults / Families, Group
                                                                       size: Max of 15 is desirable
COALITION FOR THE UPPER SOUTH PLATTE, Upper                            Work includes general carpentry, painting, food preparation,
South Platte Watershed Areas, May through mid-                         yard work, community outreach activities, thrift store,
October, Youth 13+/Adults                                              community garden work and food bank.
Forest restoration such as planting, seeding, weeding, raking,         Contact 719-587-3499, volunteers.lapuente@gmail.com,
mulching, erosion control, debris removal; trail restoration and       http://www.lapuente.net
river restoration. Contact: 719-748-0033, 720-249-4308.                (Full through August 2009).
cusp@uppersouthplatte.org, http://www.uppersouthplatte.net
                                                                       La Puente Gleaning Project – August through early
CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY SERVICES PROJECT, San                              October – glean the fields and bring the produce to food
Luis Valley CO, Jr/Sr High Youth/Adults, Families,                     banks. Contact 719-589-4567.
Max: 30
Repair/renovate homes and community buildings. Includes                MISSION MEDICAL CLINIC, Colorado Springs CO
plastering, painting, roofing, small additions, weatherization,        Free medical clinic serving poor & uninsured needs volunteer
stuccoing, adobe repair. Rebuild and help people restart their         physicians, nurses, other medical professionals and support
lives. Contact: 719-589-2330, www.betheservant.org                     personnel. In great need of regular volunteers, days,
(Full for summer 2009)                                                 Saturdays and evenings. Contact Deb, 719-219-3402,
Ongoing, Youth/Adults/Families w/ children ages 10+
Come to Utah to help with a wonderful ministry to people in            ONE NATION WALKING TOGETHER, Colorado
need! Work in the thrift store, food pantry, or community food         Springs, ongoing, Youth 15+ with Adults, Max:12
co-op. Contact: Linda Hilton, 1-888-747-8482, 801-364-7765,            Organization collects food, household goods and furniture for
X133, linda@crossroads-u-c.org,                                        the poorest communities in the the US, including Rosebud and
<http://www.crossroads-u-c.org/>                                       Pine Ridge Native American Reservations.. Contact Urban
                                                                       Turzi, 719-329-0251, onenationwt@qwestoffice.net
Youth/Adults, Max: 20
Inner city projects lasting 5-7 days. Repair, construction, feed       PINECLIFF CAMP AND RETREAT CENTER, Utah,
homeless, sort clothing, childcare, deliver meals, homeless            May through October, Junior/Senior High/Adults,
walking tours. Housing available. Year-round Urban                     Max: 100
Education Days help youth explore vital social issues. Contact         Repair and upkeep of camp. Near Coalville, Utah. Contact
the Urban Education coordinator at 303-355-4896, 303-350-              Susan Wagner, 801-775-0658, mswagner@comcast.net or
5062, caroline@denum.org, http://www.denum.org/                        Paul Allison, 801-278-9223, allison13@mindspring.com

                                                                       UMCOR Depot, Salt Lake City, year round,
DISCOVERING OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUTREACH                                 Youth/Adults. Process relief supplies to be sent to people in
AND REFLECTION (DOOR), Weekend and week-long                           need in the US and around the world. Contact: Rev. Brian
opportunities year round, Denver CO, groups age 13                     Diggs at 801-973-7250, WestDepot@UMCOR.org.
and up, Max size: 60
Your group will participate in coordinated weekend and                 WARREN VILLAGE, Denver CO, year round,
weeklong trips designed to challenge your group to “see the face       Junior/Senior High / Adults, Max: 25
of God in the city” as you spend time listening, volunteering,         Teams are needed to help with projects at a transitional
and reflecting on your experiences. Weekend urban encounters           housing service for single parent families who are working
are also offered. Contact DOOR National Office, 303-295-3667,          toward self-sufficiency. Needs include leading evening
or 720-373-3667, DOOR@doornetwork.org,                                 children’s programs, adult class facilitators, sponsoring
http://www.doornetwork.org.                                            Family Nights (dinner and activities on scheduled Tuesdays).
                                                                       Contact Naomi Taggart, 303-320-5035,
                                                                       ntaggart@warrenvillage.org, Sarah Flint, 303-320-5032,
RMC Continues Its Ministry with Operation                          Eighty percent of all HIV positive children
Classroom in Sierra Leone                                           live in Africa.
Based on Writings by Hope and Les Law                              There are only 3 doctors per 100,000
“There is a Spirit moving among us, spreading from                 Every 6 seconds a child dies of hunger in
the U.S. to Sierra Leone and back. Some may call                    Africa.
it the human spirit while others may call it God’s
Spirit. No matter what, it is real and it’s moving.”         In response to this challenge, we invite you to
                                                             support the United Methodist missionaries currently
These words from Hope and Les Law describe the               serving in Sierra Leone, donate to the ADVANCE
miracles that are happening through Operation                projects in Sierra Leone and join the RMC Africa
Classroom in Sierra Leone. In May 2008, 1400                 Partnership. You are also invited to join a two or
students at Heritage High School in Littleton raised         three week work team in the summer of 2010 to
$27,000 in one week to start a sister school in              work on a school or health clinic or provide
Kabala. In July, three Heritage students were part           health care as a visiting nurse or doctor/dentist.
of two teams of 21 tremendous people who went to             Please contact Hope and Les Law for more
Sierra Leone to start building the new school. Both          information.
teams worked with local construction crews for five
weeks. The people of the nearest village                     Bringing Comfort and Healing in Cambodia
“welcomed us, exchanged gifts, danced for and                Based on Reports by Dale and Mary Ann Lewis
with us. The teams met the children that will benefit        and June Essing
from the new school. The Elder of the village led
the teams in a Muslim prayer and the Lord’s prayer.          We just returned in May from our second
People walking by the school stopped and danced              medical/dental trip to Cambodia within two years.
in the road with happiness.”                                 We stayed in the Mekong River town, Kratie, and
                                                             worked in four villages over nine days. We saw
The Spirit is indeed burning brightly in the hearts of       over 2000 people and referred almost 300 patients
the young people from Heritage and their friends in          to follow-up care.
Sierra Leone! For more information and to donate
for desks, teacher scholarships and more, please             One young woman had a serious bladder problem,
contact Les and Hope at 303-642-3693,                        which prevented her from attending school. The
lhlaw@hope4salone.org.                                       medical team referred her to surgery and, like many
                                                             of the patients to which the team ministered, her life
Tell God Tenkee                                              was changed. The group also worked with two
A Spiritual Healing in Sierra Leone                          Cambodian dentists, one of whom told his life story
By Les Law                                                   of horror under the Khmer Rouge regime. A
                                                             focometer and eyeglass kit was used to give the gift
The RMC will be part of the Methodist-wide effort to         of better sight.
improve Global Health over the next quadrennium.
The Conference has started “Our Global Health                June Essing is our RMC UMVIM Coordinator for
Challenge,” which offers us opportunities to help            Health Care Volunteers. She has a wealth of
with health issues all over the world. In Sierra             experience and expertise. She can connect you
Leone, we will strive to promote spiritual and               with medical mission opportunities and she trains
physical healing through the “Tell God Tenkee”               team leaders for health care mission trips.
initiative. The major health challenges facing Sierra
Leone are:                                                   We would also like June to have a database of
      The U.N. ranks Sierra Leone as the worst              medical professionals (doctors, nurses, surgeons,
         country to be under five.                           physical therapists, pharmacists, dentists) who
      One in eight mothers may die during child             could be available to participate on mission teams.
         birth.                                              Please contact June at marv4june@aol.com for
      Forty-three percent of children may die               information and advice and/or to register your name
         before age 5.                                       and profession with her.
      Malaria kills a child every 30 seconds in
Libraries and Gardens in Kenya                             $3000 for materials. Multiple churches can pool
By Ann Fort                                                their resources for materials and team members.
                                                           The local Methodist Bishop is delighted about the
The earth was parched, the gardens dead, dirt              prospect of school libraries. For more information,
everywhere—the drought had taken its toll. But on          contact Ann.
the other side of the mountain (Mt. Kenya) the
hillsides were lush, the crops flourished—the maize
was a high as an elephant’s thigh! And just down
the road a herd of elephants played in a watering          Guatemala – Violent Past: Hopeful Future
hole—tossing the mud and water on their backs to           Based on an Article by Rich Fisher, FUMC Fort
cool down.                                                 Collins

We three – Don and Pat Howard of Arvada Sunrise            Gazing across the undulating maize fields of the
Rotary Club and me (a member of Englewood                  Central American highlands, one can see a Mayan
Rotary), were on a mission. We had recently                woman disappear down a trail, a small food basket
formed a new program called SCOPE – Schools                effortlessly balanced atop her head. The woman is
and Communities Offering Projects of                       easy to track in her multi-colored blouse, skirt and
Empowerment. We were visiting elementary                   shawl. A baby is wrapped in the shawl and cozily
schools in rural Kenya to introduce the idea of a          slung on her back. Not looking down, the woman, a
library in schools. A book drive in the last few           mother of ten, deftly continues weaving a basket
months in the Denver area had yielded over 55,000          she will use to carry corn to the local miller.
books for K through 8th grade!
                                                           Our mission here is to continue construction of
At each school, we asked that the Principal, head          classrooms for an adult education facility that was
teacher and community leaders join us. Our idea            started by a mission group before us and to
was warmly received and we went further—we                 conduct educational classes for area primary
introduced the program of high-yield gardens on            students.
school property with children planting and
maintaining the gardens. It would teach                    In Guatemala, unsteady leadership and outside
responsibility, cooperation and entrepreneurship.          meddling since the Spanish domination have
We challenged them –“who can grow the most”—               created political chaos and bloody wars. In the last
“who can grow the best.” We will return in                 half-century, terrible ethnic atrocities have occurred
September to see the results.                              in these bucolic volcanic hills. The struggles of the
                                                           native Central Americans have been championed
SCOPE is a two to three year program, in which             by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Rigoberta Menchu
time we hope to create a school-community                  and documented in the award-winning film, “When
improvement action plan based on input from the            the Mountains Tremble.”
school and village communities and the local
Rotary Club. The program also includes providing           As our group comes to realize, our building work is
clean drinking water, hand-washing machines,               only an incidental community contribution. Our real
mosquito nets for children under five years old,           mission here in the Guatemalan highlands is one of
fuel-efficient stoves for schools so that a                establishing trust and friendship with the native
breakfast/lunch feeding program can be introduced,         Guatemalans…The future is indeed bright for
repair or replacement of latrines, a medical camp          Guatemalans so long as the seeds of opportunity
and micro-lending opportunities.                           and knowledge continue to be planted through
                                                           school classrooms in the fertile young minds of
BUMMP (Boulder United Methodist Mission                    these impoverished indigenous peoples of Central
Partners) is taking an UMVIM team to Kenya in              America.
June to prepare a school library, to which some
of the 55,000 books will be donated. More UMVIM
teams are needed to fix up libraries. It costs about

                              Mission Team Blessed by Visit to Philippines
                                         Reported by Liwliwa Robledo

A team of youth and adults from East UMC in Colorado Springs and Indiana went to Harris Memorial College
in the Philippines in May. There they helped a Filipino-Australiano medical/dental team run a clinic for the local
community. The team also painted classrooms at Harris Memorial College.

Liwliwa reports, “I was very impressed with the participation of our VIM team in circumstances almost all have
never experienced before, doing all that was needed, assisting the doctors, teaching, playing with kids, making
conversation with ordinary folks, meeting and connecting with our people. Our team members were blessed
abundantly through these encounters and participation.”

Penny Krug from Indiana said, “We can’t begin to thank you enough for our rich experience and opportunity to
be in ministry together with Christ. The cultural night was the culmination of a successful mission.”

                                            THE LAST WORD
Mission Trips Can Be Tax Deductible – See p.42 of the UMVIM Team Leader Manual for further information
and p.143 for an important form. This form is completed by your team leader for submission to your personal
tax person to determine if you quality for the tax deduction.

Missions Sunday – Remember to have an annual Mission Awareness Sunday. Your UMVIM Coordinators are
very willing to help you – we could bring our display board and/or speak to the congregation.

When you plan a mission trip – Please let us know about it and be sure to take out GBGM insurance if you
are an UMVIM team. We’re here to deliver team leader training!

When you get back from your mission trip – Please send us your stories and fill out the Mission Trip Report
Form on the last page of this newsletter. Or just send us an email and we’ll interview you for the info!

UMVIM Health Care Manual Available – at http://www.gbgm-umc.org/hondurasini/. This manual was
designed to help health care teams to Honduras and elsewhere to be complete with their planning.

Did you know?
    Many UMVIM destinations, both international and domestic, are also locations in which United
      Methodist Missionaries serve. When planning your trips, please ask your host if you could be
      connected with a missionary on your mission trip. For missionary biographies, see http://new.gbgm-

      Many UMVIM destinations are also projects with “ADVANCE numbers.” You will see these numbers
       highlighted on the UMVIM project lists for teams. The ADVANCE enables United Methodists to
       financially support projects that offer hope and alleviate human suffering in the USA and throughout the
       world. One-hundred percent of each gift reaches the intended mission or ministry.

Interesting in joining an existing UMVIM team not listed in VIMShare? See the nationwide Future Teams List
at web site http://www.gbgm-umc.org/westernvim/index_files/Future_Teams.htm

                                                of the United Methodist Church
                                                    6110 Greenwood Plaza Blvd
                                                Greenwood Village, CO 80111
                                              UMVIM Trip Report Form

Each year the Conference Volunteers in Mission Coordinators provide information about the mission teams for that year
to the Jurisdiction Offices, who compile reports for the General Board of Global Ministries. This information then becomes
a measure of the scope of mission volunteering in the United Methodist Church. If your church or district or other entity
had a work trip this year, please provide the report form to us at the address below the form. It is important for us to do our
best to provide complete and accurate information on for the use of the GBGM, so please report Youth trips as well as
Adult trips. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated!

Team Sponsor:
Project Name ___________________________ Project Host Contact Name __________________

Project: Location: Country _____________________________or State in U.S. ______________

Dates: Begin ____________ End __________________

Number of Work Days (not including travel, sightseeing,etc.): ____________________

Number of Team Members: Youth ____________ Adults ___________

Project Type (Check all that apply):

Construction ______ Medical _____ Evangelism ______ Education ______ Other __________

Monetary Contributions to Project (supplies, materials, meds, etc.) US Dollars: _______________

Value of material donations (supplies, materials, meds, tools, etc.) US Dollars:

Construction _______ Medical _______ Other _______

Dollars spent for all other expenses - transportation, meals, lodging, interpreter, insurance, etc.

(not counting monetary contributions or material donations ) _______________

Briefly tell us how you would rate your experience:


Team Leader:
Name ________________ Address __________________ City____________ State __ Zip______

Email Address_____________________________ Phone Number _________________________

Church __________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your service as a team leader and filling out this form. Please send it to your conference
UMVIM coordinator, Ann Fort, 8269 S. Kearney St., Centennial, CO 80112.


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