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					CodeIgniter (CI)

CodeIgniter-is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint,
builtfor PHP coders who need a simpleand elegant toolkitto create full-
featured web applications.If you're a developer wholives in the real
world of shared hosting accountsand clients with deadlines,and if you're
tired of ponderously largea& thoroughly undocumented frameworks

in building a web application with PHP, usually-the developer will
require a relativelylong time because it is usuallybuilt
applicationscreated from scratch.
Using the Framework, it will speed up the making because they do not have
to build it from scratch.
Framework canbe interpreteda collection of functions/procedures and
classes for specific purposes that are ready to use so they can better
facilitate &expedite the work of a programming, without having to create
afunction /class from the beginning.

There are several reasons why using theFramework:

Accelerate and facilitate the development of a web application.
Relative ease in the maintenance process becausethere is acertain pattern
in a framework (in terms of programmerfollow thepattern of existing
General framework providing common facilities used so thatwe do not have
tobuild from scratch (eg validation, ORM, pagination, multiple databases,
scaffolding, session settings, error handling, etc.
More freedom in development when compared to CMS

VMC (Model read Controller)

Model read Controller may be a concept that's quite widespread in
internet application development, startingin tiny speak programming
languages, application development based mostly on the MVC separates the
key parts of building anapplication like information manipulation, user
interface, and a part of a sway application. There are 3 styles of parts
to create an MVC pattern in an application are:

View, is that the half that handles the presentation logic. On an online
application is sometimes a neighborhood of the HTML template file, that
is ready by the controller. read serves to receive and represent the
information to the user.This section doesn't have direct access to the
Model, typically directly associated with the informationbasefor
manipulating data (insert, update, delete, search), handles the
validation of the controller, however can't deal directly with the read.
Controller, is that the half thatgoverns the connection between the model
and therefore the read, controller perform to receive information from
the user request and then verify what's going to be processed by the
By using the principle of an MVC application are oftendeveloped per the
flexibility of the developer, the programmer who handles the model and
controller, whereas the designer who handles the read, creating use of
the MVC design will improve maintanability and organization code.but it
takes smart communication between the programmer and designer in handling
the variables which will be displayed.

There are many blessings CodeIgniter (CI) as compared to different PHP

Performance is incredibly fast: one reason for not using the framework is
that its execution is slower than from the scracth PHP, CodeIgniter is
incredibly quick however perhaps even a framework codeigniter arguably
the fastest compared to different frameworks.
Configuration is incredibly minimal (nearly zero configuration): course
to suit the database and routing flexibility still allowed to try to to
the configuration by changing some configuration files or autoload.php
database.php, however to use codeigniter with customary settings, you
simply got to modification slightly simply file the config folder.
Many communities: the quantity of those CI community,permits us to
interact with others, whether or not it asks or the newest technology.
The documentation is incredibly complete:every installation package
CodeIgniter user guide is in the course of a wonderfuland complete to
form a starting, the language was simple to know.And many others.

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