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Lotto Bonus Ball Competition - DOC - DOC by l50J1n6c


									Lotto Bonus Ball Competition
Each week the Lotto Bonus Ball Competition prize will be won by the one lucky person whose ball matches the bonus ball from the
Lotto main draw. The prize will be 50% of all money received for that week.
To play, select a bonus ball number from the numbers shown below. The numbers range from 1 to 49 to correspond with the
available bonus balls in the Saturday Lotto main draw. To register your number, please contact Rod Cooke or email The winner and the result will be posted on the Club web site each week

Entry will cost a £1 per week for ten weeks, with the £10 payable in advance, by cheque or cash.
Your chosen number will stay the same for the ten weeks of this competition.
The prize will be 50% of all money received for that week with the remaining 50% being donated to the Chiltern Basketball Club.
This competition only uses the bonus ball from the Lotto main draw on a Saturday (not the Wednesday).
Your money must be collected by your coach or Rod Cooke before the draw otherwise it will not be eligible for any prize.
If, by the time we receive your details, your chosen number has already be taken by another player then we will contact you
before the next draw so that you can choose a new number.
If all of the 49 balls are not sold and the number of an unsold ball is drawn on the Lotto then the prize money fund will be carried
forward to the following week.
The promoter’s decision is final.

Ball #
               Ball Owner
          David Adamson
                                  Ball #
                                                   Ball Owner
                                           Chris Knapman                 The Winners….
   2      Hedley Proctor            27     Jerry Spring
   3      Hedley Proctor            28     Malcolm Jamieson                                 Winning
                                                                                Date         Ball                 Winner
   4      Hedley Proctor            29     Dan Fowler
   5      Deborah Mills             30     Sam Kelly                           1 May
                                                                                                19      Martin Wheeler
   6      Adam Francis              31     Paul Cooke
                                                                               8th May          10      Gareth Taylor
   7      Don Wasterfall            32     Fernan Sisayan
   8      Max Dugdale               33     Miles Dugdale                      15th May         28       Malcolm Jamieson
   9      Paul Cooke                34     Marketa Oherova
  10      Gareth Taylor             35     Gareth Taylor                      22nd May          27      Jerry Spring
  11      Fabian Guilmineau         36     Nisha Kirk
                                                                              29th May          41      Russell Cooke
  12      Adam Francis              37     Paul Cooke
  13      Alison Adamson            38     Louise Cooke                       5th June          31      Paul Cooke
  14      Dan Fowler                39     Sandra Webb
  15      Don Wasterfall            40     Rod Cooke                          12th June         9       Paul Cooke

  16      Nicole Anderson           41     Russell Cooke
                                                                              19th June        45       Janet Jamieson
  17      Stuart Creed              42     Jon Beale
  18      Rudi Keiderling           43     Jon Beale                          26th June         3       Hedley Proctor
  19      Martin Wheeler            44     Nigel Royston
                                                                               3rd July         14      Dan Fowler
  20      Richard Gough             45     Janet Jamieson
  21      Hedley Proctor            46     Charlotte Gale
  22      Will Knapman              47     Mark Elliott
  23      Kirsty Britnell           48     Mark Dalton
  24      Stuart Creed              49     Mark Dalton
  25      Jean Cooke

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