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									             GRAND OPENING/Event Needs
                                        QUICK REVIEW CHECKLIST

Event/Program Name:                                                            Event Date:                               Today’s Date:

Event Venue:                                                            Venue Primary Contact Name:

Event Address:                                                City:                                       State:              Zip:

Event Venue Ph #:                                                       Event Venue Fax #:

Budget: $________            ____             Budget Itemization:                                  Business/Revenue Overview
                                                                                             Please review the following to help you plan you event!
 Catering         Invitations Purchase  Venue         Gifts     Gratuity(s)
 Printing Costs  Transportation  Entertainer/Speaker Gratuities                            How will this Event increase the
                                                                                               Business Relationship?
 Rental Fees (Chairs, Tables, Linens, Projectors, Microphones)  Manuals/Programs
 Other        _____   ___    Other       _____      ___  Other        _____      ___       What to I plan to accomplish through
                                                                                               this event? (itemize your answers)
Type of Event:    Check Donation        Golf Outing     Seminar       Lunch and Learn
                                                                                              How will the sponsorship money be
Sponsorship        Client Entertainment    Other                                               used? (Donations, materials, catering, etc.)
Event/Program Description:
                                                                                              What
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