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									Sponsorship Fulfillment & Tracking Report

                                    INSERT CLIENT NAME< EVENT NAME< AND YEAR

                                                                                 Money             Ad       Logo        Board     FOLLOW UP   Contact       Phone                                              Level
       Confirmed Sponsors           Cash Level   Follow Up Email/Letter         Received?       Received   Receive     Member     CONDUCTED    name        Number        Email Address   Ad Size     Tickets   Nam     Fax   Address Street   Suite   City   State   Zip   Fax No.
Insert                                $10,000    No                                No             NO         Yes        Insert       Last       Insert       Insert
Sponsor                               $10,000    Yes                               No             NO         Yes        Client       Date     Contact         Main
Name (s)                               $5,000    Confirmed                         No             NO         NO        or Board       of       Name      Contact Phone
                                       $2,500                                       No            YES      No           Name         up
                            TOTAL     $27,500

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