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Winona County GIS Users Group Meeting - Minutes Wednesday


									                                      Winona County GIS Users Group
                                                   Meeting - Minutes
                                 Wednesday, May 18, 2011 ** 10:00AM – 11:30AM
                              Winona City Hall, 207 Lafayette Street, Winona, MN 55987
                                                  (Wenonah Room)
12 Attendees

   1.   Introductions
   2.   Winona County Project
         a)    Economic Gardening Update – Todd provided an update on the progress of Winona County’s economic
               gardening initiative. Current partners in the Imitative meet with Winona State and St. Mary’s on Tuesday May
               10 to discuss how the Universities could be involved in an Economic Gardening program. The County EDA is
               also looking into databases and purchasing a subscription to Business Analyst Online. Additional discussion took
               place on what businesses we are going to target and the next steps for the program. At this time the Economic
               Gardening initiative is looking at a pilot program starting in the fall of 2011 that will be used to clearly
               understand exactly how this initiative could work in the future.
         b) Pictometry Update – Nick discussed the Pictometry Online (POL) and the 2012 Pictometry Flight and the
            possibility of obtaining ChangeFindr with this flight. POL will be available to all government entities in Winona
            County this summer and Winona County GIS Staff will be setting up training sessions to be held late
            summer/early fall. Winona County is planning on obtaining oblique and orthogonal imagery in the spring of
            2012 at 8” resolution. Any city in Winona County will have the option to upgrade the resolution to either 6” or
            4” at their expense.
         c)    Active Living GIS Web Application – Update from Ashley on the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP)
               Website and Web Application that will include a total of 11 counties in southeast Minnesota and identifies
               opportunities to engage in healthy living; such as biking, walking, public recreation opportunities, using public
               transportation, farmers markets and community gardens. There was discussion on how the site would be
               maintained and what level of detail data was gathered for all the recreation features. A beta site will should be
               available early June with the live date set for June 30, 2011.
         d) Winona County Geospatial Data Infrastructure – Nick presented on the draft plan of the Geospatial Data
            Infrastructure strategic plan. It is a framework for a countywide Enterprise GIS System dealing with
            standardization of geospatial data, improved management of GIS layers, and collaboration from all County GIS
            users to provide accurate geospatial data for all of Winona County. The GIS layers will be categorized into 12
            similar themed groups based on a hybrid of State and National models

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM
Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

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