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									                                    Jersey Newsletter
                                                                               April 2010

Your New Committee

Chairman                         Danielle Sowden                                           864918

Secretary                        Suzie MacLagan                                            857817

Treasurer                        Stuart Conroy                                             631767

Support Officer                  Jacinta Krigu                                             872605

Committee Members                Dionne Carson, Donna McBain, Colin Russell,
                                 Nicola Bennett & Liane Sweeney.

A reminder about your membership renewals! For anyone who has missed this, please give Jacinta
a call on the number above. Our subscription is £8.00.
But Please DO NOT renew to the UK as our Jersey Society receives none of this money!
Please renew your membership as soon as possible – and to all who have already done so - Thank

As usual this was held at St Clement’s Parish Hall.

AWARENESS WEEK - 26 April till 2 May

We hope that the Supermarket Collections & the Sat Town Collection have all done well and that you
all gave a little of your time to help! Details of how much we raised will be in the next newsletter.

We hope to have some air time on the radio plus an article in the JEP so look & listen out for these!

Fundraising ideas – We are hoping to have several events in the near future, namely a PUB
CRAWL, a Sex in the City Evening & a Robothon so when we announce the details, please get
together with F4riends & Family to support them!

There has been a little confusion over this item – the Committee would like to
make sure that members are aware that this is the 25th Anniversary of the
Constitution of the MS (Jersey) Society NOT the MS Society as a whole! The
MS Society will be celebrating it’s Golden Anniversary next year.
We are planning on a BBQ to celebrate so keep watching this space!
Details to follow……

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           Evening Primrose Oil
           – We want to remind all of our Members that Evening Primrose Oil is available to them
           (FREE) should you feel that it may do you some good! Borage Oil capsules are also
           Please contact Jacinta or Julie (482466) for more details.

The MS Society of Jersey does not advocate any alternative or complementary therapies without
prior consultation with your GP. Should you wish to find out more about any therapies, a useful
website can be found dealing with all of these - ***
Anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet can contact any member of the Committee to access
a paper copy.

                No news yet on this!

                But we are still hopeful and are keeping our fingers crossed!


Sadly we note the death of one of our members. Anne Osborne died on the 11 th
March 2010. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.

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                 DIARY DATES ……

MS Saturday            Held on the last Saturday of each         24 Apr Visit to Maison des Landes
Coffee Socials         month at the William Knott Centre         Hotel.
                       at Overdale,
                       11am till 1pm                             29 May – talk on her time as a Jersey
                                                                 Samaritan by Alma Scott-Palmer
                       We really hope to see YOU at one
                       of these events, where a friendly         26 June -
                       chat and refreshment is always
Drop In Sessions       3.30 – 5.30pm at the MS Therapy
                       Centre, Rope Walk, St Helier.
                       Everyone Welcome for a chat,                          Every Wednesday
                       information and a coffee! No
                       appointment necessary.
Dao Yin                Gentle Exercise every Wed at 1.30         Eastern Good Companions Club,
                       – 2.15pm followed by coffee – just        St Clement.
                       come along!
Meditation/            Fortnightly Mon afternoon 1.30-2.30 pm     MS Therapy Centre– details Jennifer
Relaxation             Fortnightly Monday Evening 6.30-7.30 pm                Keene
sessions               – ring Jennifer Keene

                       Held fortnightly – details from                    Tel 731415 or Email
Evening Meals                             Jennifer Keene             jkinspiration@hotmail.co.uk

25th Anniversary       BBQ                                                      June 2010

Don’t forget our dedicated phone number – 07797 7799031

Please feel free to use this number if you are not sure who to contact on a
particular matter.
You are, of course, still able to call any Officer on the numbers above.

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