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									Stumbleupon Thousand of Visitors
Author:SEO Philippines

Traffic is what all Internet Marketers are after. If we are more precise about this, marketers require highly
targeted traffic. Usually targeted traffic is already interested in our web site content and so more likely to

Many marketers spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours generating visitors to their websites. In
some cases, the cost of acquiring the traffic exceeds the minimal income the site actually makes.

Aside from the usual traffic generation methods, there are additional Web 2.0 techniques you can use to
boost your visits.

One site is able to provide vast amounts of visitors rapidly.

This site is It is a site that has a great following and offers something for people who
don't know what else to do with themselves. The basic premise is that you find a site you think is appealing
(you Stumbled Upon it) and submit it to Stumbleupon.

Visitors can look at sites that other people have stumbled upon. If they say the like the site, it will get more

In many ways, Stumbleupon is very appealing to that voyeuristic, reality TV mentality. People can see what
other people are doing and vote - something which is becoming ingrained into out culture.

In order for your site to do well on Stumbleupon it must be the kind of site that people will want to pass on
and recommend. Sales letters don't tend to do very well, but controversial or contrarian articles do. Anything
that is cute, funny or entertaining will do well.

This can be an article, a video, or anything of a similar ilk. Whatever it is must be interesting to your niche.
You may have to tag your subject on to some popular news or other event to make it appealing to your
potential buyers. It can be done though, and will get you traffic.

It is better for you if someone else does the initial Stumbleupon. A friend, family member or outsourcer
could do this. You will have to give them some space separated tags plus a description and to be told which
category to place it in.

After the initial Stumble, it needs other people to to vote for it at Stumbleupon. This will help to kickstart
the viral effect. If you can, put a link to Stumbleupon on your website to make it simple for your visitors to
say they like it.
You can get thousands of visitors in a day from an article with wide appeal. It is a very powerful site that
you, as a marketer, must be using. With the traffic potential from this site, you are missing out on valuable
backlinks and massive amounts of traffic if you are not using it.

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