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									Stumbleupon Thousand of Visitors
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Traffic is what all Internet Marketers want. To be more precise, marketers want highly targeted traffic.
Targeted traffic is more interested in what we are offering, which means they are more likely to buy or sign

Many marketers spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting visitors to their websites. Often,
the expense of obtaining the traffic is more than the miniscule income the site actually makes.

Aside from the standard traffic generation methods, there are alternative Web 2.0 techniques you can use to
enhance your visits.

One site in particular can produce substantial amounts of visitors quickly.

This site is It has a large audience of people who are can't think of what else to do.
Basically, you find a site that you think is interesting and submit it to Stumbleupon.

Visitors get to view web pages that other people have stumbled upon. Votes from visitors determine how
many views a webpage gets.

In many ways, Stumbleupon appeals a lot to that voyeuristic, reality TV mindset. People can see what other
people are up to and cast their vote of approval on it.

In order for your site to do well on Stumbleupon it must be the kind of site that people will want to pass on
and recommend. Typically, a sales letter will not do well. Anything that is cute, funny or entertaining will
do well.

It may be an article, video, website or anything similar. It must be something that has social appeal to your
niche. Combining a major event or news subject with your subject can give it more interest to your potential
buyers. However, you can do it and receive traffic.

It is better for you if someone else does the first Stumbleupon. This may be a friend, family or an outsourcer.
They are going to need a set of space separated tags plus a description and to be told which category to place
it in for you.

After the original Stumble, it needs other people to also Stumbleupon it. This kickstarts the viral effect.
Place a Stumbleupon button on your website to make it simple for visitors to vote for it.

You can get thousands of visitors in a day from an article with wide appeal. This is a powerful site you must
be using as part of your ranking strategy. If you don't use this site, you are missing out on potentially
valuable backlinks and traffic.

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