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iPad and iPhone Accessories


                                                                          Apple iPad/iPad 2 accessories
                              Product Description:
                              With 3 button: Prev/vol-,Play/Pause,Next/vol+
                              mini USB Charge cable
Model:HW-0111030              Bluetooth2.1+EDR(Enhanced Data Rate)Backward
Name: Portable                compatible: V2.0,V1.2,V1.1 standard, Support
Bluetooth Wireless
speaker for iphone
                              Compatibility: All Bluetooth Enabled Phones and
                              PC(Windows XP/Vista/7).Apple Macintosh; B:
3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2/PC
                              Working many brand bluetooth A2DP mobile phone
                              included: iphone 3G/4G/ Apple ipad/ipad2 .
                              Frequency:2402MHZ-2408MHZ ISM Band
                              Transmission Range 〉10 M

         US$0.98                       US$1.75                       US$2.30                      US$5.85                         US$4.50                        US$4.25                     US$3.50
        HW-0111022                    HW-0111023                   HW-0111024                                                    HW-0109061                  HW-0111016                   HW-0111017
 Clear Screen Protector for   Anti Glare Screen Protector   Mirror Screen Protector for                                   Portable Adjustable Stand   Leather Case with Stand for Leather Pouch Case for Apple
                                                                                          Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2
        Apple iPad 2                for Apple iPad 2               Apple iPad 2                                          Holder for Apple iPad/ipad 2         Apple pad 2                    iPad 2

         US$1.89                       US$3.50                       US$3.65                       US$2.50                        US$2.50                        US$2.50                     US$3.25
       HW-0111031                     HW-0111019                  HW-0111020                                                                                   HW-0111002
                                                                                                 HW-0111010                      HW-0111009                                                HW-0111004
 Gen Protective Case Sleeve   Leather Pouch Case for Apple Leather Case with Stand for                                                                   Breakproof black hardcase
                                                                                           TPU Case for Apple iPad 2     Crystal case for Apple iPad 2                               TPU Case for Apple iPad 2
 Bag for Apple iPad/iPad 2            ipad/ iPad 2                 Apple pad 2                                                                             Crystal case for ipad 2

        US$19.00                      US$19.00                     US$18.00                       US$20.50                        US$7.95                       US$7.15                     US$0.50
                                   HW-0111007                      HW-0111011                                                  HW-0110082                    HW-0109035
       HW-0111033                                                                                HW-0110078                                                                                HW-0109039
                              ABS material Wireless        Silicone Wireless Bluetooth                                   Bluetooth anti-lose alarm    Portable Adjustable Laptop
 Aluminum case Bluetooth                                                                   Universal Remote for iPod                                                                Mini USB Power Adapter for
                             Bluetooth keyboard with       Keyboard with leather case                                       keychain for iPhone         Stand Holder for Apple
    Keyboard for iPad 2                                                                    Touch/iPhone/iPad/iPad 2                                                                        ipad/ipad 2
                              Leather case for iPad 2               for iPad 2                                              3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2                iPad/ipad 2

        US$2.85                       US$4.35                      US$4.00                        US$4.25                       US$2.50                       US$2.50                       US$0.75
       HW-0111013                   HW-0111025                   HW-0111014                      HW-0109064                     HW-0109063                   HW-0109051                    HW-0109009
 Docking Stand Holder For     Docking Stand Holder For       USB Power adapter for         Travel Charger for iPhone       Car Charger for iPhone      Car Kit Holder Mount for     USB Data and Charger Cable
       Apple Ipad 2                 Apple Ipad 2           iPhone 3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2           3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2             3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2                Apple iPad 2                for iPod/iPhone
                                                                                                                                                                                        3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2

        US$1.45                       US$1.35                       US$1.45                        US$2.70                      US$23.00                      US$5.50                       US$6.30
      HW-0111034                    HW-0109054                                                                                                                 HW-0109040                   HW-0109046
                                                                  HW-0109053                      HW-0109052                     HW-0111027
 Mini USB car charger for     Mini Stylus Pen for Apple                                                                                               2 in 1 Camera Connection Kit 5 in 1 Camera Connection Kit
                                                          Touch Stylus for Apple iPhone      Touch Stylus for Apple      2 in 1 Camera HDMI Kit for
       iPod/iphone                  iPod/iPhone                                                                                                       for iphone 3G/4G/iPad/iPad for iphone 3G/4G/iPad/ipad
                                                              3G/4G/ iPad/iPad 2               iPad/iPhone 3G/4                  iPad /ipad 2
   3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2            3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2                                                                                                                  2                            2

        US$25.00                     US$25.00                      US$31.00                        US$4.76                       US$12.50                      US$2.38

                                                                                                  HW-0109036                   HW-0109042                     HW-0101079
        HW-0109048                  HW-0109047                    HW-0109049
                                                                                          Micro Sim Karten Cutter iPad    Apple AV Cable /iPhone      Apple In-Ear Headphones for
Apple iPad to HDMI Adapter   Apple iPad to VGA Adapter     Apple iPad to DVI Adapter
                                                                                             iPhone 4G +2 Adapter         3G/3GS/IPAD 4.2Version       iPhone 3G/4G/iPad/iPad 2

                                                                          Apple iPhone 4G Accessories
         US$1.76                        US$2.25                      US$0.85                       US$1.12                     US$1.20                        US$0.39                       US$0.78
         HW-0110074                    HW-0110075                   HW-0110035                                                                              HW-0110007                   HW-0110078
                                                                                                 HW-0110013                  HW-0110015
Silicone Horn Stand Amplifier   Rabbit TPU Case Cover For    Apple iPhone 4 TPU Frame                                                                Screen Protector for iPhone   3.5 Headset Splitter Cable
                                                                                              Case for iPhone 4G          Case for iPhone 4G
     Speaker for iPhone 4               iPhone 4                      Bumper                                                                                     4G                Adaptor For iPhone 3G/4G

         US$3.50                        US$7.78                    US$16.50                      US$15.50                    US$13.60                        US$1.50                       US$1.75
                                        HW-0110019                 HW-0110064                    HW-0110028                  HW-0110027                    HW-0110036                    HW-0110037
       HW-0110077                                                                                                                                                                    Windscreen Mount for
                                Dual Sim Card+Prorcive Case   Mini Bluetooth Wireless       Backup battery Power     Solar charger with 1600mAh        Windscreen Mount for
 Dock Fan for iPhone 3G/4G                                                                                                                                                           iPhone 3G/4G and all
                                       for iPhone 4G        Keyboard + Case for iPhone 4 Pack(1400mAh) for iPhone 4G    Battery for iPhone 4G               iPhone 4G

         US$5.20                        US$4.98                     US$12.50                       US$4.50                     US$8.78                       US$1.85                       US$1.75
       HW-0110069                     HW-0110070                    HW-0110071
                                                                                                  HW-0110029                   HW-0101054                    HW-0110063                   HW-0110067
  FM Transmitter with LCD        FM Transmitter with LCD    Car kit FM Transmitter with
                                                                                               FM Transmitter for      All in 1 Car FM Transmitter   Docking Station Dock Cradle   Docking Station Dock Cradle
  Display for ipod/iphone        Display for ipod/iphone    LED Display Screen for iPod/
                                                                                           iPod/iphone 3G/ iPhone 4G   for all ipod/iphone3G/4G        for Apple iPhone 3G/4G       for Apple iPhone 3G/4G
           3G/4G                          3G/4G                    iPhone3G//4G

          US$1.25                       US$1.25                     US$11.20                     US$26.50                     US$26.50                      US$26.50                      US$26.50
      HW-011010(PAL)             HW-0101055(PAL)                 HW-0101065
                                                                                              HW-0101073                    HW-0101080                     HW-0101081                    HW-0101082
White EU USB Power Adapter    Apple USB Power Adapter     Portable Power Station for
                                                                                       iPig Hi-Fi Speaker for iPod iTiger Hi-Fi Speaker for iPod / iDog Hi-Fi Speaker for iPod / iPanda Hi-Fi Speaker for iPod
 Wall Charger For Iphone      Small Charger for iphone       iPod / iPhone 3G/4G
                                                                                          / iPhone 3G/3GS/4G             iPhone 3G/3GS/4G              iPhone 3G/3GS/4G              / iPhone 3G/3GS/4G
          3G/4G                        3G/4G                      (1700mAh)

Term:                        FOB Shen zhen price                                                            MOQ: 100PCS

Payment                      T/T (Telecom Transfer) or transferring Western Union,for the order are more than 50,000 usd,we may accept L/C at sight.

Warranty:                    For any quality problem itself , We will guarantee to keep in good repair for one year

Lead time                    Stock or 7-10days after confirm order


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