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					                                   VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY
                          Department of Early Childhood and Special Education
                                      Faculty Meeting Minutes
                                            January 9, 2008

Faculty present: Lynn Minor, Shirley Thompson, Yvonne Killgo, Evan Ortlieb, Gina Doepker, Sheryl
Dasinger, Alicja Rieger, Kelly Heckaman, Lucia Lu, Diane Judd, Mary Ellen Dallman, David Hedgepeth,
Janet Foster, Tonja Root, Seungyoun Lee, Patti Campbell, Bob Campbell, Chris Bond, Julia White, Shirley
Andrews, James Ernest and Inez Heath .

The meeting was called to order at 10:35 am with Dr. Lynn Minor presiding.

Opening statement: Concerning the 90-100 grading scale, if it was not included in your Spring 2009
syllabi it will be fine as there is the issue of academic freedom, so it will not be a Department Policy.

Approval of minutes: The December 9, 2008 faculty meeting minutes were approved.

Executive Committee Report:
The bar has been raised for Tenure Promotion. The committee for Tenure Promotion will review and
make recommendations for more consistency across the board. Our department committee needs to
begin to establish department guidelines.

Announcements: Contact Dr. Minor if you are interested in Lean Six Sigma – Efficiency Training (a
Business Management Training Model.

 The University will be moving to Web CT Vista 8 by Spring 2010. Training is scheduled for February 12
from 1:30-5:00 pm.

Online Lifeline Conference is February 13. The Department has a curriculum meeting scheduled for this
day which will probably need to be rescheduled.

Dr. Gunter wanted the faculty to recognize the College of Education’s accomplishments in 2008 and
focus on the positive.

Student Success Center is sponsoring MATH tutoring (4161). Dr. Minor is requesting faculty to help
identify students who are having difficulties in this course and also students who excel in MATH to tutor.
Contact Maggie Roberts with these students’ names.

We discussed the need to standardize curriculum for MATH 4161. The COE is addressing this and has
supporting data.

Dr. Julie Reffel has passed out schedules for training for PSC and faculty is always welcome to attend.
Just let Maggie Roberts know ahead of time for room scheduling purposes.

Reminders:     Faculty’s required office hours need to be at least three days during the week.
               Be sure your final exam schedule is in your course’s syllabus, that it corresponds to the
exam schedule posted in Banner and be prepared to be there. If there is a problem, please contact Dr.
Minor because any changes in schedule and attendance must be cleared through the Dean. A question
was raised about the policy for online exams and Dr. Minor was not aware of an exam schedule for
online courses.

General Education outcomes need to be on the syllabi and dates for SACS were sent to Jane Kinney.

Nominations for Faculty Excellence Awards are due in February. The areas of consideration are in
Advising, Professionalism and Service.

Although no official announcement has been made, the possibility of raises this year does not look good.

Share the Wealth Conference is in Jekyll Island on January 21- 22, 2009. There is a special rate on Friday
if any faculty member wants to take students - Dr. Gunter would be willing to find funding for the travel.

ECSE Department Announcements:

Orientation is at 2:00 pm today. There are about 20 Early Childhood majors and 2 Special Education
majors but Maggie Roberts is expecting more.

Concerning statements on syllabi concerning children, there has been no COE formal policy announced
yet, but can put on your course syllabi if desired.

Practica Instructors – please meet with your students during the first class day this week. Dr. Minor will
email about group advising on Tuesday, the 20th & Wednesday, the 21st. Times will be sent via email
later. For clarification, the group advising will be scheduled during the times the students would
normally be out in the schools doing their practicum, so it won’t conflict with their current schedule.
Note: it would be helpful if students who are married submit both their prior and current last names.

Dr. Root explained the Suggested Additions to ECED 3190, 3690 and 4690 Syllabi handout. This proposal
was quickly drafted with two additional Course Activities/Assignments/Requirements for the Early
Childhood Education program. Faculty was encouraged to try it and submit feedback. SEEC Practica
faculty, please add the Professionalism paragraph concerning cell phones to your course syllabi.

A special thank you was given to Janet Foster, Gina Doepker, Shirley Andrews and Tonja Root for all their
suggestions and assistance with the Dos and Don’ts page of the Practicum Handbook. Other faculty is
invited to make future suggestions for this section. The Responsibilities page will be very helpful, so
please look at it. Copies of the Handbook are being made and will be available soon.

Practicum folders for both programs need to be kept up. This is a valuable tool for the adjunct faculty.
Please be diligent with this.

There will be a Super Section of the SPEC 3000 offered this Fall, 2009, so there will not be a SPEC 3000
offered this summer. If you have any advisees which need it for the Summer, please let Valerie Bayman

The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is Saturday, February 7 beginning at 9:00 am. Dr. Doepker is in need of
faculty to moderate and students on Friday, February 6 for set up and on the actual day also. She will
send out an email reminder next week.
Our department faculty meetings will still be held on the first Friday of each month during this semester
and will be at 9 am, although there will be another one next Friday, January 16 at 9 am due to the need
to meet for program revisions.

Program Development:

 Dr. Thompson and Dr. Minor tried to get the blended program ready to go through the Teacher Ed
Council so that it could be presented to the Executive Committee today, but were not successful. The
syllabi for the new program need to be finalized. There are decisions which need to be made on the:
Method of delivery, Concerns/suggestions and the View of these courses. Each faculty member should
have a set of the syllabi Dr. Thompson compiled. They are arranged by topic: Literacy Classes,
Management of Learning environment, Practica and Assessment.

Dr. Thompson attempted to make the classes look different so the course descriptions may need to be
adjusted. There are formatting issues which need to be addressed. Please give initialed, edited, hard
copies back to Dr. Thompson.

Pre-Requirements – GPA and what other pre-requirements or co-requirements we may want.

The General Statement is not specific enough in content and teaching strategies to meet the ACEI

Delivery Model will be mainly face to face, assigning some online activities, which will meet SACS

Some courses may keep the same textbook but other materials would be added to fit course objectives.
Objectives need to be specific and tailored for the different grade levels with considerations for the
differences in the courses themselves.

To pass Teacher Ed Council, the verbs need to be understandable, observable and measurable.

Dr. Heckaman suggested that each separate committee meet and clean up the syllabi it was assigned
then submit them to Dr. Thompson.

Further discussion was held on the curriculum.

Next meeting was announced again for Friday, January16 from 9 am until 2 pm and it was decided that it
would include lunch.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 pm.

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