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UTM Environmental Initiatives



 Committed to a
Sustainable Future
          Topics Overview
• Campus Sustainability Projects
• Updates from the Naturalization
• Transportation Projects
• Centre for Emerging Energy Technologies
• Going Forward
• UTM Connects
• Questions
    Campus Sustainability Projects
Student Initiatives – 2006/7 Work Study

•   Residence Centre Recycling Coordinator
•   Residence Centre Waste Auditor
•   Residence Centre Compost Coordinator
•   Alternative Transportation Coordinator
•   Campus Environmental Audit Assistant
•   Campus Care Litter Campaign Coordinator
•   UTM Recycling Coordinator
•   Sustainable Campus Research Assistant
•   Ink Jet Coordinator
•   Web Site Coordinator & Data Manager
•   BikeShare Coordinator
  Campus Sustainability Projects
Student Initiatives – programs

  • Get Caught Composting
          • BikeShare
      • Green Star Office
           • ReWire
 • Recycling expansion (ink
   jet, paper towels, batteries)
      • UTM Nature Trail
 Campus Sustainability Projects
Staff/Faculty Initiatives

Green Star Approved offices
Emerging energy research
Ecological Footprint
  assessment research and
  supervision (Dept of
Rain harvesting project
Grounds monitoring
UTM/Evergreen Naturalization Steering Committee
                    -Committee structure-

• Co-chairs from UTM and Evergreen
• Broad representation
   – Faculty and Teaching Staff
   – Residences and Athletics
   – Grounds staff and Facility
   – Sustainability Office
   – Students
   – Credit Valley Conservation and City
   Parks Dept.
• Activities funded by UTM and grants
• Grounds Monitoring Committee is a
Naturalization Efforts

Environmental Benefits of        Social Benefits of Project:
   Project:                      • Engages members from all
• Restores and protects          walks of life
• Provides habitats using        • Educates and raises public
   native plants
                                 • Strengthens community
• Connects existing green
                                 • Empowers individuals
                                 • Connects people with local
• Eliminates use of pesticides   natural heritage
• Less maintenance               • Encourages land
• Reduces pollution              stewardship and responsibility
17 planted locations on campus
2006: 15 separate events involving 232 volunteers
Maintained by community volunteers and interested students
   UTM/Evergreen Naturalization Steering Committee
                 -Current Issues and New Projects-
• Recent:
   – North Building bus turnaround
   – Installation of new power lines

• Ongoing:
   – Management of invading or noxious
   – Gypsy moth control
   – Stormwater management pond
   – Landscaping of new entrance
   – Trail management/maintenance

• Jefferson salamander project:
   – Monitoring year began late spring
   – Could develop into longer-term project
   involving students.

• Old field management project:
   – Management Plan Proposal upcoming
    Transportation Programs
• Began partnership with Smart Commute
• Transition from CarpoolTool to Carpool
  Zone (much better service, same price)
• Student focus on anti-idling education
• BikeShare may be funded by student fees
• UPASS discussions continue…
        Updates from the Centre for
       Emerging Energy Technologies
Four UTM Green Team
  Students participated at the
  CNE this year with Hydrogen
  Village, 4000+ public visits
SOFC installed in Residence,
  hydrogen retrofit this October.
  Ribbon cutting ceremony was
  in May. Fuel Cell
  Technologies and Natural
  Resources Canada are
  interested in this continued
Hydrogen tank arrival in October
  to connect one fuel cell to
  hydrogen and the others will
  remain on natural gas.
    Updates from the Centre for
   Emerging Energy Technologies
Hybrid hydrogen ICE bus will arrive in 2006. Paid
  for by the Federal Government. Operations
  expenses will be offset by a partnership with
Wind turbine discussions continue. A new
  product has been located that generates power
  at speeds as low as 0.9m/s. Free project for
  UTM. Supervised by Pierre Sullivan of U of T
Carrier microturbine to be connected to the
  HMALC to warm the building with exhaust heat
Photovoltaics have been reconnected the output
              Going Forward…
• Continue to re-naturalize the UTM Grounds
  – including salamander and old field projects
• Community Foundations of Mississauga/UTM
  Rainwater Harvest project
• Integrate sustainability into campus operations
• Improving the student experience
• Installation of campus wind turbine
• Presentation of Ecological Footprint research at
  the Latornell symposium
UTM Environmental Affairs connects to…
•   Federal Government Hydrogen Early Adopter program
•   NRCan guide to anti-idling programs
•   Province-wide sustainable campus group
•   Peel Regional transportation management plans, water
    conservation programs and waste management
•   Peel Region environmental youth alliance
•   Municipal strategies to improve transit options and bicycle
•   Faculty in environmental and related research
•   Environmental funding agencies
•   U of Toronto Governing Council with the Environmental
    Protection Advisory Committee
•   UTM Staff members
•   UTM students
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