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Everything you need to start your video
Here’s a list with photos and descriptions of the g ear you’d want to
assemble to build your on video production studio, on an extremely low,
shoe-string budg et                                                                   Blog Tools
Looking for a way to get into video production without spending a lot of money?       Archive
Yes, it can be done. You can get top notch video gear and video results on a shoe-
string budget.
                                                                                       Easily build 25 Unique backlinks to
Getting started, here’s the equipment I’d recommend.                                   your pages every day with one click
  1. Kodak Play Touch HD Video Camera - least expensive HD video camera                Permalink
     with an external microphone port. Shoots in MP4 format, and actually
     produces pretty decent video. $104 .
  2. Remote Control for Kodak Play Touch Camera - If you plan to shoot

    video in your studio, having a remote control makes it a lot easier to start and
    stop the camera. Well worth the $9.56 price.
3. 16 Gig Memory Card for Kodak Play Touch Camera - The camera
    stores video on a SD Card, so you’ll need at least one of these. At this price,
    I’d get two. $18.94 .
4 . Lavalier Microphone - If you are going to record your own voice, or doing
    interviews, you’ll want a lavaliere microphone. The Audio Technica ATR-
    3350 does a great job and the price is right. $21.90.

5. Tripod with Mounting Plate - The quickest way to improve video quality is
   shoot video with the camera mounted on a tripod. Get a tripod that is
   lightweight, but also strong enough that the wind won’t blow it over. This
   SunPak 620-06 is a good choice. $25.05.
6. Shotg un Microphone - If you want to get good audio from more than a few
   feet in front of your camera, use a shotgun microphone. This Audio Technica
   is a good choice for the money. $60.
7. Camera Flash Bracket - Mounting a flash bracke to your small video
   camera not only makes it easier to hold steady, it gives you a way to mount a
   shotgun microphone or video light to your camera. This Adorama L bracket is
   the one I use. $12 .
8. 5 x 7 Collapsible Green + Blue Screen - If you plan to use Chromakey in
   your productions, you’ll want a green screen background. I prefer this
   collapsible one with blue on one side and green on the other. Very lightweight
   and easy to pack, but pops up to 5 foot by 7 foot. $4 4 .99.
9. 5 -in-1 Collapsible Reflector - On most professional photo and video
    shoots you’ll see people holding reflectors to bounce light onto the
    performers. These reflectors can make a huge difference when shooting in
    difficult light situations. This 5-in-1 reflector has five different surfaces,
    including silver, white and gold. I wouldn’t be caught without one or two.
10. Sony Movie Studio HD Platinum - After you shoot your video, you’ll need
    a way to edit it. I prefer Sony Movie Studio Platinum HD. With it, I can edit
    videos for YouTube, for DVD, even for TV. Has plenty of video effects,
    titling, chromakey, and DVD Authoring tool.
11. 101 Tips, Tricks & Techniques with Sony Movie Studio on DVD - the
    quickest way to learn to edit with Sony Movie Studio.

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Got to Bill Myers Online to purchase 201 Video Tips, Tricks & Techniques for
Product Developers.

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201 Video Tips, Tricks & Techniques for
Product Developers
Like having your own private resource library of more than 200 videos tips for
internet marketers and product developers.

The equivalent of 10 DVDs packed with valuable information! Here’s what you’ve

been waiting for. A complete library of short tips and tricks for product developers
and web marketers, giving you instant solutions to the kinds of challenges you’ll
likely face in your web business.

                                                With ‘201 Video Tips for Product
Developers’, you have at your fingertips more than 200 short videos covering:

• income generation

• web business building

• project ideas

• niche market research

• free resources for project and web development

• video creation and editing

• using YouTube and Google

and many more … all designed to help grow your web businesses.

 201 Video Tips for Product Developers includes more than 10 hours of short, to-
the-point videos by Bill Myers - it’s like getting a library of 10 DVDs on a single

To make this large video library easy to use, all the videos are on a single DVD
with an easy-to-navigate menu. Just one click on the video selection menu, and the
video you want begins playing almost instantly. All the videos on this disk are
super high resolution computer screen movies, far superior than you’d get on a
normal DVD.

For that reason, this disc can be viewed on any computer D VD drive, but not on
DVD drives attached to TV sets. Now, back to the DVD contents …

 201 Video Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Product Developers includes videos

• Tips for building profitable internet businesses

• Finding and registering trademarks

• Finding and registering great domain Names

• Finding niche markets using free tools

• Choosing profitable topics for how-to DVDs

• Finding free photos, free clip art, free royalty free music

• Creating PDF documents from any source, including web pages

• Converting photos to drawings or works of art

• Creating your own royalty free music

• Creating effective web page ads

• Creating 3D product box shots for sales pages

• Generating income from unused domain names

• Creating profitable businesses in 30 minutes or less

• Creating TV commercial titles and graphics

• YouTube search engine optimization secrets

• Adding links to YouTube videos

• Creating quick product demo videos

• Converting videos to flash format

• Using Camtasia to create profitable products

• Plus 50 tips & techniques for using Sony Vegas Movie Studio

• And much much more … more than 200 video tutorials in all!

You’ll learn secrets that can save you hours of research, tons of money, and

open doors to new product and project ideas and income generation tools.

Here’s what people are saying:

For the past three hours, I have been glued to my computer screen watching Bill’s
new DVD… don’t walk, but RUN to the order page and purchase your DVD. You
won’t regret it. — Frank

I have spent a little over three hours watching the video. I hate to stop, but I need
to give my mind and my eyes a break. Great stuff on the video. Wonderful job Bill.
— Jerry

Thanks for another masterpiece, Bill!!!! — Ivan

Note: This DVD is a data DVD that will play in any computer DVD drive at very
high resolution video. This DVD will NOT play in DVD players attached to TV
sets. For more info about this product, go to Bill Myers Online.

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Click the picture above to purchase 101 Tips & Tricks for Sony Movie Studio.

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For product developers, information publishers, software developers and others
who create and market products.

Go to Bill Myers Online.

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          Flash 10
is required to watch video]

For product developers, information publishers, software developers and others
who create and market products.

Check out Bill Myers Online.

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How to set up a website, beginning to end
A common question on the internet are mainly about; how to set up a website, how
to register a domain name, how to bring or create content on your site, and how to
host your site to the web. So here it is; your complete guide to quickly setting up a
web site with minimal cost and effort.

Getting Started

The first step to setting up your website is finding and then registering a domain

When it comes to domain names, you’ll want a name that is easy to remember,
easy to spell, doesn’t include hyphens or numbers, and ends with a .com.

And while it may seem like all the good .com names have already been registered,
the truth is they haven’t. And every day thousands of domain names expire and are
added back into the available domains pool.

To find these great domains, start by using a free domain name finding service like With these services, you enter the keywords you want,
and all available domains are shown.

domain names at Godaddy for $2.95 each.

When you register at Godaddy, do NOT sign up for hosting or any of the extras

they offer. Just get the domain name.


After you get your domain name, you’ll want to set up a web hosting account if
you don’t already have one.

For most projects, I host with Hostgator, using their ‘Baby’ plan.

This plan costs $7.95 a month, and allows you to host an unlimited number of
domains on that single account. So whether you host just one domain name or
hundreds, the cost is just $7.95 a month.

To sign up, visit Hostgator and choose the ‘baby’ plan. FYI - if you want a
dedicated IP number, choose the ‘business’ plan.

Adding your domain name to HostGator

When you sign up for a HostGator hosting account, you will receive two
Hostgator name servers for your account. The name servers will look something

These two name servers are used to tell your domain name register where your
domains are hosted.
Adding additional domain names to your HostGator Account

After you change the domain name servers for your domain name, you can add
the domain to HostGator hosting (this won’t be necessary with your first domain
name, but will be for additional domain names added to the hosting account).

Creating the Web Site

After you register your domain name and set up a web hosting account, the next
step is to create a web site.

There are many ways to create a web site, but the easiest is to use WordPress.
With WordPress, you can quickly set up a web site, install a free design theme to
match the look you want, and be up and running in just a few minutes.

As you can see, installing WordPress is easy. After you install, you’ll want to add
a few free plugins - things like a contact form, google ads, social media.

If you want to avoid looking for and installing plugins, you can just create a clone
of my own stock WordPress Ad Supported site .

Customizing your Site

After you create your WordPress site, one of the first things you’ll probably want
to do is try out a few custom design themes.

To do that, just go to your WordPress dashboard, choose ‘appearance’, then click
the ‘themes’ link, then ‘install themes’.

To find themes, check out these links:

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