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					Topic: “The person who has great influence on me”                                     After that, in his governance, people were said that he is a
                                                                              brilliant and great minister. Usually, he will go to some village on
Tun Dr. Mahathir
                                                                              weekend to visit what his people do and he will help on what he can.

          In this globalization era. We already know that many people         The people almost said that Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad a kind

that have great influence in the world. One of the people that have a         man.

great influence is Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad. He is the ex- prime
                                                                                      In other word, Tun Dr. Mahathir is a great leader that the
minister of Malaysia. He is the fifth prime minister .He is “The Father
                                                                              pupils like we must follow. We must follow every single he did on his
of Modernization”.
                                                                              governance in government. The way that he chooses to control the

          Although, before he becomes a prime minister, he was                country’s economics and the way he solve the problem in

actually a doctor. He had become a prime minister for 23 years. He            government was the important thing for the country’s future. At the

was appointed as the prime minister on 16 July 1981 by Yours                  moment, on his governance, the country‘s economic was raise up

Majesty the Sultan of Pahang State, Sultan Ahmad Shah at National             and because of that the name of Malaysia was the huge country in

Palace.                                                                       the world.

          Furthermore, he has four children and certain on make                       At the end , we should together to say thank to Tun Dr.

decision. He also teaches his children about the politic information          Mahathir Muhammad for his effort on brought Malaysia to the way of

for his children’s future. One of his son also involve in political, it was   achievest.For the lesson ,we as student must increase our

Dato’Mukriz Bin Tun Dr.Mahathir that also the minister of commerce.           motivation in learning to get the achieve result in examination.
Besides that, he is a good father and the great leader in politic. .
                                                                              (397 words)
Besides becomes a prime minister, he was also UMNO President.
                                                                              Team: Minda , Maizura, Haira, Seha and Falah.
          While his governance, he was create the something on the
development that the other people never create, something like
“KLCC”. He was the first man that control the activity while build the
minaret and it was the top sign for another country to recognize
Malaysia. The “KLCC”is one of the tallest minarets in the world.
        Everybody has a person who has a great influence on us.                Among all the teachers in our school, she is quite amazed by
People usually influenced by artist, actors or anyone else who are     her friends. She has an elegant style with her high heels despite on
famous all around the world. Puan Norhayati binti Mohamed is our       her fabulous baju kurung. She drives a turquoise Toyota Altis.
favourite teacher. In fact, she is the only one who has a great
                                                                               Being students in school is always hard for us. Puan
influence on us. She is a universally loved teacher and students
                                                                       Norhayati’s present in this school makes all the students feel
rarely forget her.
                                                                       inspiring and motivated to achieve success. She is in fact a role
        As a teacher, she has a special quality that good teachers     model that makes us try the hard we can to prove that we can get A+
have-the ability to captivate and interact personally with students.   in her history subject.
Despite of her nice and attractive baju kurung that she wears
everyday, she also has a short and cute body structure. Students
usually feel motivated to learn everytime she teaches us.

        Puan Norhayati also has a strict and stern face but she is
actually nice with everyone else. She is wonderfully warm and
inspiring throughout the co-education. What we like the most about
Puan Norhayati is her determination to succeed that can provides
good inspiration for others who might otherwise just think these are
impossible. She is in fact a motivator for us.

        In our class, there a several students that can and can’t do
well in education. There are also several weak students but Puan
Norhayati always believes all her students can do the best. She
always supports all her weak students with her nice advice. Her
encouragement always come into our mind everytime we fell down
and that makes we believe that she is depending on us to grab our
own success.
MY ENGLISH TEACHER                                                          English. Such as ‘they, we, I ,and you’ can be replace with ‘ DEWI
                                                                            AYU’. Really, really help us all a lot.
        You know I’m not as good as others in English. But I have
determination to get A in english. Someday when I was form 3, I run         When I was sitting in PMR examination in 2009, I study hard in
into with a teacher. For the first time, I don’t know her because I still   English subject that night before English subject. I try har to
new and I don’t have enough recognization. On my first day on               remember what teacher say. That was grateful when English time. I
school when English subject, I never expect that I will have a class        manage to write essay in peace. I feel like it is easier one. As the
with her. From there, I’m starting to be interested in BI.                  result, I got A in English. I really give a big appreciation to her for
                                                                            helping me a lot.
        I think everyday would like to know what the favourable
circumtanous that make me like her and English subject. As I know,          (373 words)
she has great talent in teaching English subject. I can write well in
enlish because of her, when in class I focused 100 percent to find          CONGRATULATIONS DEAR STUDENTS! YOU
out the keys in making an excellent essay. She teach me from                HAVE SHOWN A REALLY GOOD EFFORT IN
grammer till I’m available to use many variety of intersting expression
                                                                            WRITING THESE ESSAYS :- )
in English. That is a good improvement to me.

On the other hand, she is kind of funny teacher. She not like others        Don’t worry about the mistakes as we can learn a
teacher which is serious in teaching. But she has an apptitude that
                                                                            lot from them!
make everyone admires to her, laughing, jocking and funny story are
familiar in my class. Thats are the reason why all students like her. I     Task 1
remember when she talk about her experience when in IPTA. That is
the funny things that cannot make me lose in my mind.                       Sit with your group members and try to correct the underlined
                                                                            mistakes in the essays.
Beside that, behind her attitude that people say ‘happy all the time’.
She also a genius kind of teacher. She believe to the principe of           p/s See whether your friends have used the correct tenses, subject

‘when study well study, when we play time, we play’. The topics that        verb agreement (SVA) and so on.

she teach are easy to remember. She always use key words in

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