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					    Liverpool John Lennon Airport Review – September 2008
                                                  AIRPORT NEWS/LATEST DEVELOPMENTS

    September highlight? Vulcan B2 XH558 carries out a low fly-by down Runway 09 on the 7th September. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

                                      More New Routes for Liverpool John Lennon Airport from Ryanair

Despite the global credit crunch, Ryanair, Europe's largest low fares airline, announced in early September that it will launch two new routes from
Liverpool John Lennon Airport later this year. Services will commence to Paris Beauvais in France and to Turin in Italy for the winter season
onwards. This latest expansion brings the number of routes at Ryanair's Liverpool base to 46 and passengers can now access an even wider
variety of European destinations from Liverpool. Flights will operate daily to Paris Beauvais starting from the beginning of November, whilst the
weekly flight to Turin commences on 20th December.

Speaking at the announcement, Ryanair Sales and Marketing Executive Maria Macken said, "This latest route expansion means that passengers
in the North West can now enjoy an even greater choice of low fare destinations. The new Paris Beauvais route will mean an extra 100,000
passengers per annum travelling to and from Liverpool, sustaining an additional 100 jobs. "This announcement proves that Ryanair is committed to
delivering the lowest fares guaranteed and no fuel surcharges ever on all its routes."

Neil Pakey, Peel Airport's Deputy CEO, said: "At a time when many airlines are cutting back and we hear about the credit crunch, it is particularly
pleasing to see Ryanair's continued commitment to their operations from Liverpool with these new services. Paris is a great all year round
destination for both business and leisure whilst Turin will be popular with skiers in the coming months."

                                                      Airport Unveils its Own Police Force

In early September, Liverpool John Lennon Airport unveiled its own dedicated police force ahead of planned government legislation to transfer
policing costs to airport owners. The city’s police force, working with Peel Airports has launched a team of ten dedicated officers. Funding has
come from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Mark Whitworth, Chief Executive of Peel Airports said: "Rather than wait for legislation to come in, we have decided to be proactive in working with
Merseyside Police. "We're getting ahead of the game and this will help assess the appropriate police levels for the future. "Peel already contributes
towards the funding of security measures in this area as we have two security agencies in the area. "Over the coming months, we will be
ascertaining what is needed and there could be an increase or decrease in the numbers operating from the airport.”

                                                          SCHEDULED SERVICE NEWS

                                                     CURRENT AIRLINES/DESTINATIONS:

EasyJet Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basle, Belfast Int., Berlin, Faro, Geneva, Ibiza (ceased 21/09) , Jersey, Krakow, Lisbon, Madrid, Mahon
(ceased 14/09) , Malaga, Nice, Palma, Paris/CDG
Flybe Isle of Man
Ryanair Alghero, Alicante, Belfast City, Bergerac, Budapest, Bydgoszcz, Carcassonne, Cork, Derry, Dublin, Girona, Granada, Kaunas, Krakow,
Limoges, Lodz, Madrid, Malaga, Milan, Murcia, Nantes, Nimes, Oslo/Torp, Palma, Pisa, Porto, Poznan, Reus, Riga, Rome, Santiago de
Compostela, Seville, Shannon, Stockholm/Skavsta, Valencia, Venice, Wroclaw
Wizz Air Gdansk, Katowice, Warsaw
There is virtually nothing of note as far as our scheduled service operators are concerned this month. As can be seen from the above, easyJet
finished their seasonal services to Ibiza and Mahon during September. Although we have the official announcement that Ryanair is to start flights
to Beauvais and Turin during the coming months, there is likely to be quite a cut-back in other destinations as mentioned in previous reports. Flybe
Dash-8 G-JECF went tech on arrival on the 7th. Consequently, G-ECOC positioned in from Manchester as BEE042D to operate the return flight
BEE606. ‘CF positioned out to Birmingham the following day as BEE045D.

                                                            CHARTER/IT. FLIGHT NEWS

The month saw the sad demise of Spanish operator Futura, another casualty of the current economic climate. At the time, the airline was operating
flights from Liverpool to Alicante, Lanzarote, Mahon, Palma and Tenerife on behalf of various tour operators. The final visit of a Futura aircraft to
Liverpool came on the 6th, when EI-DKD flew the Alicante and Palma routes. On the 12th, Thomas Cook Airbus A320 G-KKAZ flew the Tenerife
service, with Iberworld A320 EC-KEN operating it on the 19th and 26th. No replacements to other services appeared at Liverpool during the month
and it is presumed that arrangements were made to accommodate passengers on other services out of Manchester.

The only Bodrum service this month was operated on the 4th by Onur Air Airbus A300-600 TC-OAG – presumably the last of the season, although
the Dalaman service continued throughout the month. Thomsonfly Boeing 757-200 G-BYAX went tech on arrival from Corfu on the 5th. The
outbound passengers were transferred to Manchester where another aircraft was provided. G-BYAX positioned out to Manchester on the 9th.

Football charters this month saw Liverpool FC depart to Marseille on the 15 th aboard bmi Airbus A320 G-MIDZ. The aircraft returned in the early
hours of the 17th. Liverpool fans used Monarch Airbus A321 G-OZBS. Standard Liege paid another visit to Liverpool – this time to play Everton in
the UEFA Cup. The team arrived on the 17th on Thomas Cook Belgium Airbus A320 OO-TCO. The fans used OO-TCJ, while a third example
OO-TCI came to collect the team on the 18th/early 19th. PSV Eindhoven arrived aboard Transavia Boeing 737-800 PH-HZF on the 30th to play
Liverpool FC.

The month’s highlight was probably CSA Airbus A321 OK-CED, which visited f. Prague t. Dublin on the 5th as CSA7112/7113. The aircraft was
here to collect the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, who had played at the Philharmonic Hall the previous evening. Finally, Croatia Airbus A320
9A-CTM operated out to Split on the 10th, with 9A-CTJ operating the return flight on the 17th.

                                                                   FREIGHT NEWS

Well, they’ve been here since July doing virtually nothing, but Janes Aviation has finally commenced daily freight flights to the Isle of Man. The
service, which began on the 29th, operates outbound in the morning as JAN361, returning in the evening as JAN245. Those who remember the
Emerald Airways operation will recognise the flight numbers. G-AYIM operated the service on both the 29th and 30th and are shown in the visitors
log for this month, but will be omitted in future months, with news of the operation appearing in this section.

Boeing 737-300s have been the predominant type on the TNT operation this month. An extra early morning rotation between Liege and Liverpool
(TAY863S/864V) has now been added as required. Icelandair Cargo Boeing 757-200F TF-CIB put in appearances on the 5th and 24th (both
morning and evening) and the 26th (morning only). Italian BAe 146 I-MSAA operated as TAY439Y f. Stavanger t. Liege on the 8th, 16th, 17th and
18th, with I-TNTC operating it on the 23rd. There were limited appearances by Electras with G-LOFD being noted on the 5th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 30th.
Meanwhile G-FIJR appeared on the morning of the 25th and G-LOFE in the evening.

There have also been changes to the Clifton Seneca operation. The flight had previously arrived from Belfast in the evening and departed to IOM
the following morning. From the 9th, the aircraft now spends most of its time at Liverpool, just operating t&f the Isle of Man each morning as

As far as ad hoc freight flights go this month, there has been very little to report, with just the odd smaller type appearing. The only aircraft of note
was Metro II EC-JIP, which visited f&t Barcelona on the 24th as ECN531/532.


                  Gulfstream G150 EC-KMS visited f. Madrid t. Luton on the 22nd September. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)
The only crew training visitors this month were a number of Flybe Dash-8s, as detailed in the log. Out of 36 biz jets this month, there were one or
two highlights. Of the larger types, Global Express N100ES visited f. Stansted t. Fargo on the 11th, while Gulfstream G550 VP-BNE was here from
the 25th to 27th, routing f&t Jeddah. Falcon 900EX I-SEAS night-stopped on the 30th, routing f. Moscow t. Milan. Hawker 900XP N944XP was here
from the 20th to 23rd, visiting f. Moscow t. Hawarden. It visited again on the 24 th, routing f. Hawarden t. Lisbon. Another Hawker 900XP, Manx
registered M-INOR visited f&t Bournemouth on the 25th. Hawker 750 CS-DUB visited f. Exeter t. Belfast City on the 28th and is believed to be the
first visit of this variant. Another first of variant was Gulfstream G150 EC-KMS, which visited f. Madrid t. Luton on the 22nd as TGM111/112.

On the GA side, the highlight was German Bolkow 208C Junior D-EEAH, which was on maintenance with Keenair from the 15th to 19th, visiting f&t
Boscombe Down. Luscombe 8F G-EITE visited f. Top Farm t. Turweston on the 19th, bringing in the crew to collect Super Cub G-ARAO. Helicopter
highlights this month included Agusta AW139 EI-MLY, which visited f. Weston t. Blackbushe on the 8th and Bell 47G G-XTUN, which routed f&t
Hawarden on the 18th. The visit of R-44 G-PIXX on the 14th was in connection with the culmination of the cycling Tour of Britain, which finished in
the city – the helicopter providing aerial TV coverage along the route.

                                                              MILITARY VISITORS

        A pair of Eurofighter Typhoons brighten up a decidedly damp apron at Liverpool 5th September. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

Last month’s tongue-in-cheek comment about hoping for more military activity in September obviously referred to the 15 aircraft that visited
Liverpool in connection with the Southport Airshow, which was held over the weekend of the 6 th and 7th. Their use of Liverpool as a base over the
weekend came about due to Peel Holdings’ involvement and sponsorship of the airshow. All 15 RAF aircraft arrived on the 5 th, beginning with a
pair of 29Sqn Eurofighter Typhoons from Coningsby – ZJ803/BA and ZJ805/BD. The latter aircraft performed at the show, while ZJ803 remained
on the ground all weekend. This marked the first visit of type to Liverpool. The pair departed back to Coningsby on the 8 th. We had a trio of
Tornado GR4s from Marham – ZA373/007, ZA404/013 and ZD851/112. The latter remained on the ground all weekend, while the other two
performed at the show. They all departed on the 8th. A trio of Tornado F3s ZE785/HS, ZE810/GG and ZE941/KT also visited. The latter aircraft
went tech while here and departed to Leeming on the 10th. ZE785 performed at the airshow on both days, while ZE810 only flew on the 7 th, due to
an aborted take off on the 6th after a suspected bird-strike. Both these aircraft returned to Leuchars on the 8th.

Hawks XX220 and XX325 arrived from Leeming on the 5th. XX220 remained at Liverpool as spare, while XX325 departed to Duxford on the 6 th,
returning from Linton-on-Ouse. It also carried out displays on both days at Southport. Both Hawks departed to Valley on the 8 th. 100Sqn Hawks
XX194/- and XX280/CM also arrived from Leeming on the 5th. Both aircraft operated over the weekend and returned to Leeming on the 8 th. Tucano
T1s ZF287 and ZF338 arrived from Linton-on-Ouse. They both flew t. Belfast f. IOM on the 6th and t&f Belfast on the 7th, returning to Linton on the
8th. Finally, King Air 200 ZK451/K arrived from Cranwell on the 5th. It flew two shows over Southport on the 6th and one on the 7th and returned to
Cranwell on the 8th.

Two other aircraft involved in the Southport Airshow carried out low approach and go-arounds at Liverpool, but did not land. E-3D Sentry ZH102
carried out low approaches on both the 6th and 7th, while the star of the weekend, Vulcan B2 XH558 carried out a magnificent fly-by down runway
09 on the 7th. Also on the 7th, the Red Arrows performed a flypast over the Mersey as a salute to Liverpool’s Capital of Culture status.

Moving to other military visitors this month, not connected with the Southport Airshow, Royal Sqn BAe 125 CC3 ZE396 visited f&t Northolt on the
4th as KRF25. It put in a second appearance the following day, but only carried out an ILS approach and go-around this time. BAe 146 CC2 ZE701
visited f. Boscombe Down t. Northolt on the 5th as RRR1403. Islander ZH537 visited f&t Waddington on the 27th as RRR7957. Sea King HAR3
XZ591 paid visits on both the 10th and 18th. Finally, Irish Air Corps King Air 200 240 visited f. Le Bourget t. Baldonnel on both the 20th and 29th.

Three other ILS visitors worth mentioning this month were Tornado GR4 ZG709, which carried out a go-around on the 18th, Tucano T1 ZF491,
which appeared on the 23rd and Hawk T2 ZK010, which came down the ILS on the 30th as WTN4.
         An unusual sight at Liverpool John Lennon Airport - five RAF Tornados lined up on the apron. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

             Bolkow 208C Junior D-EEAH was here with Keenair from the 15th to 19th September. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

                                                              RESIDENT NEWS

There was quite a bit of activity as far as resident comings-and-goings were concerned during September. Learjet 45 G-JANV arrived from
Manchester on the 16th. The following day, it flew t&f Glasgow as RVR45T before returning to Manchester. It arrived back from there on the 29 th
and, at the time of writing, is still hangared with Ravenair and believed to be resident. Staying with Ravenair, the company added another
Tomahawk to the training fleet this month. G-NCFE arrived from Norwich on the 22nd and is expected to operate mostly from their
Barton/Manchester City airport base. The aircraft sports larger tyres than the standard Tomahawk and is more suitable for grass runways and will
no doubt replace G-RVRG, which was lost in an accident there in July. Aztec G-RVRC would appear to have visited for the first time this year – it
was recorded as arriving from Birmingham on the 16th as RVR02C.

Another Tomahawk, G-BNSL arrived from Sleap on the 26th and is now owned by the same group as Warrior G-WARW. The aircraft is expected to
operate with Merseyflight. A second Tomahawk for the same owners was expected to arrive in early October. Merseyflight took delivery of a
second Cessna 152 G-FIGA, which arrived from Halfpenny Green on the 12th. However, their current aircraft, G-BNMF departed there three days
later, so it would appear that this is just a replacement for the existing aircraft rather than an addition to the fleet.

Helicentre Schweizer 269 G-CBCN departed by road on the 23rd. The helicopter reportedly requires a new engine and is expected to be away for a
while. As they have also lost G-BZXJ, it would appear that G-CEBE has now stepped in to fill the gap. It arrived on the 25 th and has been active
ever since. Also, Robinson R-22 G-HIEL is back at Liverpool. It arrived on the 4th and has been operating with the Helicentre all month. On the
minus side, G-CDBF, which had been here since 22nd May, departed to a private site on the 8th September.

Seneca G-JMOS returned from Shoreham on the 12th, having been re-registered from N60936 on the 1st September. Cessna 172 G-BEWR, which
returned to a new owner at Liverpool in July and was undergoing extensive re-fitting, departed by road on the 7th September. It is currently not
known if the aircraft has left permanently or is away off-site to undergo restoration. Yet another Tomahawk – G-CWFA arrived from Barton on the
last day of the month and is apparently to be a winter resident here, expected to return to Barton next summer.

Super Cub G-ARAO, which had been here on maintenance with Keenair since the 23 rd June, departed to Turweston on the 19th, with Luscombe
G-EITE bringing in the pilot.

As mentioned in the Freight section, our two resident HS.748s G-AYIM and G-OSOE are now gainfully employed operating a weekday service to
and from the Isle of Man as JAN361/245. The latter aircraft flew a few training sorties during the month, while ‘IM had the honour of operating the
first freight services on the 29th and 30th.

             Seneca V G-JMOS has returned to Liverpool having been re-registered from N60936. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

                                    LIVERPOOL JOHN LENNON AIRPORT VISITORS – SEPTEMBER 2008

Reg.        Type                        Arr.      Dep.       From                To                  Callsign             Notes
1 September – Monday
G-OMRH Citation 550 Bravo               15:55     07:25+     Hawarden            Biggin Hill                              Out 4th
G-BYTH Airbus A320                      16:26     18:15      Reus                Reus                TCX314L/314K
G-LIDE  PA-31-350 Navajo                18:51     20:20      IOM                 IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
N745HA Agusta A109A                     20:11     20:19      London/Westland     pvt site
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II             21:45     06:09n     Belfast Int.        IOM                 CLF82/83
2 September – Tuesday
OO-TNH B737-300F                        01:12     02:11      Liege               Liege               TAY863S/864V
G-DCTA BAe 125 800B                     12:33     13:15      Nice                Luton
G-LIDE  PA-31-350 Navajo                14:09     16:24      IOM                 IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II             21:15     05:52n     Belfast Int.        IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
OO-TNH B737-300F                        21:51     22:40      Liege               Liege               TAY019J/021B

3rd September – Wednesday
G-JAJK    PA-31-350 Navajo              00:59     01:54      Stansted            Belfast Int.        CWY6/06A
OO-TNE B737-300F                        01:35     02:24      Liege               Liege               TAY863S/864V
OO-TNE B737-300F                        06:28     07:51      Liege               Dublin              TAY29L
TC-OAN Airbus A321                      07:50     09:46      Dalaman             Dalaman             OHY3149/3150
G-OOWS AS350B3 Ecureuil                 11:47     14:56      Le Touquet          pvt site                                 Plus locals
N745HA Agusta A109A                     11:54     12:16      pvt site            London/Westland
G-PHEW     Cirrus SR22                 12:33     09:36n    Fairoaks           Fairoaks
G-FDZA     B737-800                    13:09     14:45     Ibiza              Ibiza                TOM5292/5291
N399BH     Sikorsky S-76C              13:53     14:32     Wallasey R. Club   Wallasey R. Club
G-OOWS     AS350B3 Ecureuil            16:45     17:52     pvt site           (Edinburgh)                              Returned to Liverpool
G-OOWS     AS350B3 Ecureuil            19:01     09:11n    Liverpool          Le Touquet
CS-DRD     Hawker 800XP                19:05     19:10     Cork               Hawarden             NJE5WU
OO-TNE     B737-300F                   21:17     22:24     Dublin             Liege                TAY231W
G-DAZY     PA-34-200T Seneca II        21:21     05:52n    Belfast Int.       IOM                  CLF82/83

4th September – Thursday
OO-TNI    B737-300F                    01:16     01:52     Liege              Liege                TAY863S/864V
OO-TNI    B737-300F                    05:28     06:24     Liege              Dublin               TAY29L
TC-OAG Airbus A300-600                 07:52     09:44     Bodrum             Bodrum               OHY3149/3150
N642P     PA-31-310                    08:28     18:49     Enniskillen        Enniskillen
EI-GJL    AS365N3 Dauphin 2            08:43     09:36     pvt site           pvt site
G-WLVS Falcon 2000EX                   09:43     14:17     Northolt           Glasgow
N485LT    Hawker 800XP                 10:47     11:17     Luton              Blackpool
G-LJRM Sikorsky S-76C                  12:04     12:27     London/Westland    Dublin
EI-DJT    B737-800                     14:11     15:18     Lanzarote          Lanzarote            FUA1721/1722
G-CDZI    B737-800                     14:23     17:04     Palma              Palma                TOM6452/6451        I/b time unconfirmed
G-HDTV Agusta A109A                    16:11     16:59     Valley             Blackpool            CAS2
G-HIEL    Robinson R-22 Beta           18:10               pvt site                                                    Ops with Helicentre
G-BYZA AS355F2 Ecureuil II             18:38     19:07     Stapleford         Stapleford           OMG37
ZE396     BAe 125 CC3                  18:57     22:31     Northolt           Northolt             KRF25
N745HA Agusta A109A                    20:01     10:01n    pvt site           Fairoaks
OO-TNI    B737-300F                    21:10     22:20     Dublin             Liege                TAY231W
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II            21:19     05:54n    Belfast Int.       IOM                  CLF82/83

5th September – Friday
TF-CIB    B757-200F                    04:58     05:50     Liege              Liege                TAY29L
TC-OAN Airbus A321                     07:41     09:16     Dalaman            Dalaman              OHY3149/3150
N34RF     King Air C90A                08:14     17:01n    Guernsey           Guernsey
G-XJCB Sikorsky S-76C                  08:51     09:17     East Midlands      pvt site             JCB3
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo             10:39     12:40     IOM                IOM                  CWY999Z/999Y
N577PA Cessna 425                      10:43     15:07     Jersey             Jersey
ZE396     BAe 125 CC3                  11:22*    -------   Northolt           ------------------   NOH43               *Go-around only
G-SMDJ AS350B2 Ecureuil                11:29     13:47     pvt site           pvt site
EC-JDU B737-800                        11:47     13:04     Tenerife           Tenerife             FUA1703/1704
ZJ805     Typhoon T1                   11:53     09:35+    Coningsby          Coningsby            CBY39               fv of type. Plus locals
                                                                                                                       6th & 7th. Out 8th
OK-CED     Airbus A321                 12:08     13:48     Prague             Dublin               CSA7112/7113        Berlin Philharmonic o/b
ZJ803      Typhoon T1                  12:23     09:35+    Coningsby          Coningsby            CBY45               Out 8th
ZD851      Tornado GR4                 12:38     10:27+    Marham             Marham               Sultan 1            Out 8th
G-JMXA     Agusta A109A                13:11     13:28     London/Westland    Blackpool            Jaymax 2
M-TSRI     King Air C90GT              13:21     15:14     Hawarden           Prague               AAD905A/905B
ZE701      BAe 146 CC2                 13:33     14:03     Boscombe Down      Northolt             RRR1403
XX325      Hawk T1A                    13:37     13:36n    Leeming            Duxford              Mustang 1/Hawk
XX220      Hawk T1A                    13:37     12:11+    Leeming            Valley               Mustang 2          Out 8th
ZE785      Tornado F3                  13:42     10:07+    Warton             Leuchars             Scorpion 3         Plus locals 6th & 7th
                                                                                                                      Out 8th
G-BYAX     B757-200                    14:14     15:11+    Corfu              Manchester           TOM1712/031P       Went tech on arrival
                                                                                                                      Out 9th
ZA404      Tornado GR4A                14:27     10:27+    Marham             Marham               Sultan 2/Spartan 2 Plus local 6th & 7th
                                                                                                                      Out 8th
G-LIDE     PA-31-350 Navajo            14:40     16:42     IOM                IOM                  CWY999X/999W
G-XJCB     Sikorsky S-76C              15:00     15:13     London/Westland    pvt site             JCB3
ZA373      Tornado GR4A                15:05     10:27+    Marham             Marham               MRH54/Spartan      Plus local 6th & 7th
                                                                                                                      Out 8th
ZF287      Tucano T1                   15:44     12:48n    Linton-on-Ouse     Belfast Int.         Vega 1
ZF338      Tucano T1                   15:45     12:48n    Linton-on-Ouse     Belfast Int.         Vega 2
ZK451      King Air 200                15:49     09:39+    Cranwell           Cranwell             CWL82/83           Plus local 6th (x2) & 7th
                                                                                                                      Out 8th
ZE941      Tornado F3T                 17:16     12:29+    Leuchars           Leeming              Scorpion 1/LCS55 went tech. Out 10th
XX280      Hawk T1A                    17:19     11:15+    Leeming            Leeming              Darwin 1           Plus local 6th & 7th
                                                                                                                      Out 8th
XX194      Hawk T1A                    17:19     11:15+    Leeming            Leeming              Darwin 2           Plus local 6th & 7th
                                                                                                                      Out 8th
N590EU     King Air 350                17:44     18:58n    Hawarden           Farnborough
ZE810      Tornado F3                  18:46     10:07+    Leuchars           Leuchars             Scorpion 2          Aborted take-off 6th
                                                                                                                       Local 7th out 8th
EC-JRL     B737-400                    19:23     20:29     Mahon              Mahon                FUA1405/1406
TF-CIB     B757-200F                   21:39     22:57     Dublin             Liege                TAY231W
G-DAZY     PA-34-200T Seneca II        21:43     09:41n    Belfast Int.       Bristol              CLF82
G-LOFD     L188C Electra               22:00     14:43n    Edinburgh          Coventry             TAY26F/NPT188T

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to the incomplete nature of the source information, some tie-ups between military callsigns and serials may be erroneous)

6th September – Saturday
OO-TAH BAe 146 300F                    05:05     05:55     Liege              Dublin               TAY29L
EI-DKD    B737-800                     09:14     10:29     Palma              Alicante             FUA1751/1754
G-THON B737-300                        13:14     14:39     Reus               Reus                 TOM3856/3855
G-CLOW King Air 200                    14:03     18:48     Bournemouth        Cambridge            SXN44B
ZH102     E-3D Sentry AEW1             14:57*    -------   Waddington         ------------------   Istar               *Go-around only
ZF338     Tucano T1                  15:48     12:22n    IOM                 Belfast Int.         Vega 2
ZF287     Tucano T1                  16:14     12:22n    IOM                 Belfast Int.         Vega 1
EI-DKD    B737-800                   16:22     17:34     Alicante            Palma                FUA1753/1752
XX325     Hawk T1A                   16:25     12:11+    Linton-on-Ouse      Valley               Hawk/Mustang   Plus local 7th
                                                                                                                 Out 8th
G-LJRM    Sikorsky S-76C             21:14     21:14     Weston              Dublin                              Touch & go

      RAF E-3D Sentry AEW1 ZH102 carried out go-arounds at Liverpool on the 6th and 7th September. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

7th September – Sunday
G-ECOC DHC-8-402 Dash 8              09:00     11:25     Manchester          Manchester           BEE018T/118T   Plus local
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II        09:33     13:17     pvt site            Tatenhill
M-EDIA    PA-34-200T Seneca II       11:02     16:59n    IOM                 IOM
N560TH Citation 560 XL               12:14     13:19     Geneva              Olbia
ZH102     E-3D Sentry AEW1           15:05*    -------   Waddington          ------------------   Istar          *Go-around only
ZF338     Tucano T1                  15:16     10:35n    Belfast Int.        Linton-on-Ouse       Vega 2
ZF287     Tucano T1                  15:37     10:35n    Belfast Int.        Linton-on-Ouse       Vega 1
XH558     Vulcan B2                  16:29*    -------   -------------       ---------------                     *Go-around only
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II        17:24     18:17     Sleap               pvt site
N590EU King Air 350                  18:06     07:50n    Farnborough         Caernarfon
M-TSRI    King Air C90GT             20:20     11:20n    Prague              Rodez                AAD907B/908A

8th September – Monday
N642P     PA-31-310 Navajo           09:15     13:34     Enniskillen         Enniskillen
G-VCED Airbus A320                   14:25     15:51     Reus                Reus                 TCX314L/314K
G-JMXA Agusta A109E                  14:30     15:28     pvt site            London/Westland      Jaymax 2
EI-WWI    Robinson R-44 Raven II     15:02     15:06     Wellesbourne        Weston
G-HOCA    Robinson R-44 Raven II     15:02     15:06     Wellesbourne        Weston
G-BFHP    Bellanca 7GCAA Citabria    15:22               Barton
EI-MLY    Agusta AW139               20:23     20:23     Weston              Blackbushe                          Touch & go
XX…       Hawk                       20:43*    -------   Valley              ------------------   VYT31          *Go-around only
G-DAZY    PA-34-200T Seneca II       20:58     06:45n    Bristol             IOM                  CLF83
I-MSAA    BAe 146 200F               21:04     22:25     Stavanger           Liege                TAY439Y
XX…       Hawk                       22:12*    -------   Valley              ------------------   VYT17          *Go-around only
XX…       Hawk                       222:46*   -------   Valley              ------------------   VYT25          *Go-around only
XX…       Hawk                       23:04*    -------   Valley              ------------------   VYT29          *Go-around only

9th September – Tuesday
OO-TAE BAe 146 300F                  01:15     01:55     Liege               Liege                TAY863S/864V
OO-TNI    B737-300F                  05:10     06:09     Liege               Dublin               TAY29L
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II          08:29     06:09n    IOM                 IOM                  CLF83
N250TM King Air 200                  09:16     14:49     Fairoaks            Fairoaks
M-GOLF Cessna FR182RG                12:11     13:10     IOM                 IOM
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo           14:27     15:49     IOM                 IOM                  CWY999Z/999Y
G-JEDW DHC-8-402 Dash 8              14:35     15:04     Manchester          Manchester           BEE018T/118T   Plus local
G-WVIP King Air 200                  15:35     19:25     Newcastle           Birmingham           EGL311
G-JAJK    PA-31-350 Navajo           18:09     19:53     IOM                 IOM                  CWY999C/999E
EI-GJL    AS365N3 Dauphin 2          19:11     10:20n    pvt site            Coventry
OO-TNI    B737-300F                  21:23     22:32     Dublin              Liege                TAY231W

10th September – Wednesday
OO-TNJ B737-300F                     01:17     01:51     Liege               Liege                TAY863S/864V
XZ591     Sea King HAR3              05:17     05:58     Valley              Valley               SRD122
OO-TNK B737-300F                     05:50     06:59     Liege               Dublin               TAY29L
TC-OAE Airbus A321                   07:51     09:23     Dalaman             Dalaman              OHY3149/3150
G-DAZY PA34-200T Seneca II           07:55     06:09n    IOM                 IOM                  CLF83
G-CITY    PA-31-350 Navajo           10:35     11:57     IOM                 IOM                  CWY1/01A
G-FBLK Citation 510 Mustang          10:58     12:18     Farnborough         Brussels
G-TAMR    Cessna 172S              12:00    14:05     Barton            Barton
G-FDZA    B737-800                 12:48    14:48     Ibiza             Ibiza             TOM5292/5291
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         14:37    17:04     IOM               IOM               CWY999Z/999Y
G-ZZOE    EC120B Colibri           17:13    18:56     pvt site          pvt site
9A-CTM    Airbus A320              19:12    19:58     Split             Split             CTN1508/1509
N58EU     Beech G58 Baron          19:46    09:49+    Blackbushe        Hawarden                         Out 19th
OO-TAS    BAe 146 300F             21:27    22:25     Stavanger         Liege             TAY439Y
G-JAJK    PA-31-350 Navajo         22:38    23:30     Stansted          Belfast Int.      CWY999B/999C

11th September – Thursday
OO-TNA B737-300F                   01:07    02:04     Liege             Liege             TAY863S/864V
OO-TNA B737-300F                   05:13    06:05     Liege             Dublin            TAY29L
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        07:49    06:12n    IOM               IOM               CLF83/82
N100ES Global Express              10:10    12:39     Stansted          Fargo
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         11:24    15:17     IOM               IOM               CWY999Z/999Y
EC-KJR Citation 551 II/SP          12:28    15:49     Luton             Vitoria           SGP213/214
G-FDZE B737-800                    13:59    15:44     Palma             Palma             TOM6452/6451
G-PFFN King Air 200                20:34    21:06     Leicester         Cork
OO-TNA B737-300F                   21:22    22:10     Dublin            Liege             TAY231W
G-SASD King Air 200                22:46    00:03n    Inverness         Aberdeen          GMA245C

12th September – Friday
OO-TNH B737-300F                   01:15    02:02     Liege             Liege             TAY863S/864V
OO-TNH B737-300F                   05:04    06:01     Liege             Dublin            TAY29L
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        07:52    06:25+    IOM               IOM               CLF83/82       Out 15th
TC-OAK Airbus A321                 08:16    09:36     Dalaman           Dalaman           OHY3149/3150
PH-JUR PA-32R-301T Saratoga SP     11:39    12:08n    Rotterdam         Rotterdam
G-JAJK    PA-31-350 Navajo         14:15    16:38     Belfast Int.      Belfast Int.      CWY999A/999B
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II      14:20    17:30     pvt site          pvt site                         Plus local
CS-DXF Citation 560 XLS            14:52    15:51     Sion              Belfast City      NJE3PF
G-BYAY B757-200                    14:56    16:45     Corfu             Corfu             TOM1712/1711
G-JMOS PA-34-220T Seneca V         16:51              Shoreham                                           Returning resident
                                                                                                         (formerly N60936)
G-FIGA    Cessna 152               17:04              Halfpenny Green                                    Temporary resident with
G-KKAZ    Airbus A320              20:13    21:13     Belfast Int.      Tenerife          TCX975K
OO-TNH    B737-300F                21:29    23:00     Dublin            Liege             TAY231W
CS-DOC    Beech 1900D              21:39    11:48n    Vienna            Biggin Hill
G-LOFD    L188C Electra            21:47    12:09+    Edinburgh         Coventry          TAY26F/26P     Out 15th

13th September – Saturday
OO-TAE BAe 146 300F                05:04    05:44     Liege             Dublin            TAY29L
N129SC PA-32-300 Cherokee Six      10:18    16:37n    IOM               IOM
G-IRGJ    Champion 7ECA Aurora     10:21    14:07     Gamston           IOM
N577PA Cessna 425                  10:30    15:59n    Jersey            Jersey
G-VONE AS355N Ecureuil II          10:54    16:41     London/Westland   London/Westland   PRM18
G-DIGG Robinson R-44 Raven II      11:18    16:14     Denham            Denham
CS-DMK Beechjet 400XP              12:00    11:02n    London City       Dublin            NJE4FW/090P
M-LEKT Robin DR400/180             13:18    16:42     IOM               IOM
G-THON B737-300                    13:32    15:09     Reus              Reus              TOM3856/3855
CS-DFU Citation 560 XLS            15:38    09:25n    Dundee            Luton             NJE6ZU
G-GTJM EC120B Colibri              18:24    16:40n    pvt site          pvt site

14th September – Sunday
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         12:54    15:25     IOM               IOM               CWY999Z/999Y
G-PIXX    Robinson R-44 Raven II   14:35    15:20     Woodvale          Denham            News 1
G-BSTZ PA-28-140 Cherokee          18:01    18:47     Blackpool         Blackpool
G-PFFN King Air 200                18:25    18:44     Cork              Leicester
G-OMRH Citation 550 Bravo          18:51    09:20+    Carlisle          Edinburgh                        Out 17th

15th September – Monday
G-STOB Beechjet 400A               07:39    08:46     Dublin            Carlisle
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        08:36    06:18n    IOM               IOM               CLF83/82
G-MIDZ    Airbus A320              09:06    10:39     Heathrow          Marseille         BMA9711/7947   Liverpool FC outbound
G-CFBR Eurocopter EC130B4          14:04    14:46     pvt site          Oxford
G-OMCC AS350B Ecureuil             17:16    14:58+    IOM               pvt site                         Out 26th
G-MSPT Eurocopter EC135T2          17:33    18:44     pvt site          pvt site
D-EEAH Bolkow Bo 208C Junior       17:40    16:11+    Boscombe Down     Boscombe Down                    For maint. with Keenair
                                                                                                         Out 19th
G-LOFD    L188C Electra            22:54    23:47     Coventry          Liege             TAY21P/021B
16 September – Tuesday
OO-TAD BAe 146 300F                01:05    01:44     Liege             Liege             TAY863S/864P
OO-TNH B737-300F                   05:18    06:33     Liege             Dublin            TAY29L
G-OZBS Airbus A321                 06:22    07:37     Gatwick           Marseille         MON134P/9134   LFC fans outbound
N575NR Citation 560 XLS            06:53    11:53     Kerry             Kerry             CRX71/74
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        07:44    06:03n    IOM               IOM               CLF83/82
N129SC PA-32-300 Cherokee Six      09:29    14:38+    Derry             IOM                              Out 18th
G-LIDE  PA-31-350 Navajo           09:34    12:37     IOM               IOM               CWY999Z/999Y
N560TH Citation 560 XL             11:07    14:09     Malaga            London City
G-JMXA Agusta A109E                11:10    11:49     London/Westland   Oxford            Jaymax 2
G-JANV Learjet 45                  15:33              Manchester                                         New resident with RVR
XX…     Hawk                       20:49*   -------   Valley            ---------------   VYT39          *Go-around only
XX…      Hawk                    21:06*    -------   Valley            ---------------    VYT32                 *Go-around only
I-MSAA   BAe 146 200F            21:27     22:28     Stavanger         Liege              TAY439Y

17th September – Wednesday
OO-TNI    B737-300F              01:15     02:02     Liege             Liege              TAY863S/864V
G-OZBS Airbus A321               01:58     02:49     Marseille         Gatwick            MON9135/135P          LFC fans inbound
G-MIDZ    Airbus A320            02:37     03:48     Marseille         Glasgow            BMA7948/9733          Liverpool FC inbound
OO-TNI    B737-300F              05:17     06:42     Liege             Dublin             TAY29L
TC-OAN Airbus A321               07:46     09:16     Dalaman           Dalaman            OHY3149/3150
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II      07:51     06:15n    IOM               IOM                CLF83/82
EI-GJL    AS365N3 Dauphin 2      08:52     15:55     pvt site          pvt site
G-CTEN Citation 750 X            09:22     17:54     Northolt          Northolt
G-PMHT TBM-850                   09:33     17:27     Gloucestershire   Gloucestershire
N50VC     Citationjet CJ1+       10:42     08:05n    Guernsey          Geneva
G-RAFO King Air 200              10:59*    -------   Cranwell          --------------     CWL72                 *Go-around only
OO-TCO Airbus A320               11:10     11:50     Liege             Brussels           TCW9326/933F          Standard Liege inbound
G-BXCG Replica Jodel DR250/160   11:17     15:16     Cambridge         Cambridge
G-SMRS Cessna 172F               11:27     16:06     Andrewsfield      Andrewsfield
G-BFYM PA-28-161 Warrior II      11:48     13:19     Sandtoft          Sandtoft
G-FDZO B737-800                  12:52     15:12     Ibiza             Ibiza              TOM5292/5291
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo       15:08     17:15     IOM               IOM                CWY999Z/999Y
M-GOLF Cessna FR182RG            15:14     16:02     IOM               IOM
N365WA Citation 550 II           15:28     23:44     Weston            Dublin
9A-CTJ    Airbus A320            17:52     18:45     Split             Doncaster/RH       CTN1508
G-JMAX Hawker 800XP              18:08     20:21     Blackpool         Palma              Jaymax 1
XX218     Hawk T1                20:40*    -------   Valley            ---------------    VYT34                 *Go-around only
I-MSAA    BAe 146 200F           21:10     22:23     Stavanger         Liege              TAY439Y
XX…       Hawk                   21:50*    -------   Valley            ---------------    VYT39                 *Go-around only

18th September – Thursday
G-LOFD L188C Electra             05:21     12:38n    Liege             Coventry           TAY019J/98P
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II      07:38     05:57n    IOM               IOM                CLF83/82
OO-TCJ Airbus A320               10:18     01:10n    Liege             Liege              TCW9362/9365          Standard Liege fans
OO-MLG Citation 560 XL           11:11     23:16     Liege             Liege              AAB41M
N34RF     King Air C90A          11:24     18:11     Guernsey          Guernsey
G-FDZA B737-800                  14:20     15:41     Palma             Palma              TOM6452/6451
ZG709     Tornado GR4A           14:34*    -------   Marham            ---------------    MRH56                 *Go-around only
G-XTUN Bell 47G                  15:43     18:28     Hawarden          Hawarden
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo       17:18     19:35     IOM               IOM                CWY999Z/999Y
G-CITJ    Citationjet            18:03     09:58n    Malaga            Tarbes             CLF5
LX-LAR    Learjet 35A            18:17     09:00n    Luxembourg        Lisbon             DUK3AMB
XZ591     Sea King HAR3          19:02     19:26     pvt site          Valley             SRG122
D-ICCC    Cessna F406            20:35     13:47n    Antwerp           Braunschweig       TWG221/164
XX…       Hawk                   20:48*    -------   Valley            ---------------    VYT33                 *Go-around only
I-MSAA    BAe 146 200F           21:00     22:21     Stavanger         Liege              TAY439Y
OO-TCI    Airbus A320            22:59     01:23n    Munich            Liege              TCW943F/9327          Standard Liege o/b

                    Luscombe 8F Silvaire G-EITE visited on the 19th September. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

19th September – Friday
N270HC BAe 125 800A              00:17     13:53n    Palma             Luton
OO-TAE BAe 146 300F              05:06     06:51     Liege             Liege              TAY019J/19P
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II      07:44     06:06+    IOM               IOM                CLF83/82              Out 22nd
TC-OAN    Airbus A321              08:52     10:11     Dalaman            Dalaman               OHY3149/3150
CS-DNZ    Citation 560 XL          10:28     17:50     Luton              Northolt              NJE6LH/490C
G-EITE    Luscombe 8F Silvaire     12:52     14:31     Top Farm           Turweston                            Crew for G-ARAO
G-GSJH    B206B JetRanger III      13:05     13:38     pvt site           Blackpool
G-OMRH    Citation 550 Bravo       14:02     07:08+    London City        Milan/Malpensa                       Out 21st
G-BYAY    B757-200                 14:42     16:42     Corfu              Corfu                 TOM1712/1711
G-GTJM    EC120B Colibri           14:52     15:17     Blackpool          pvt site
N50VC     Citationjet CJ1+         18:53     19:59     Geneva             Guernsey
N350AY    AS350B3 Ecureuil         19:43     09:10n    Prestwick          pvt site
OO-TAH    BAe 146 300F             21:19     22:22     Edinburgh          Liege                 TAY26F
EC-KEN    Airbus A320              22:17     23:29     Tenerife           Tenerife              IWD3463/3464
Also: -
G-ARAO    PA-18 Super Cub          -------   14:31     ----------------   Turweston                            Had arrived 23/06
20 September – Saturday
OO-TAH BAe 146 300F                05:09     05:56     Liege              Dublin                TAY29L
G-LIDE  PA-31-350 Navajo           11:51     13:31     IOM                IOM                   CWY999Z/999Y
G-THON B737-300                    13:17     14:35     Reus               Reus                  TOM3856/3855
G-EDCK Citationjet                 13:30     18:48     Dublin             Dublin                EDC16
M-MUFC PA-44-180T Seminole         13:52     13:57n    IOM                IOM
240     King Air 200               14:02     14:56     Le Bourget         Baldonnel             IRL240
G-GTJM EC120B Colibri              14:11     14:42     Sleap              Carlisle
G-JECT DHC-8-402 Dash 8            14:00     17:21     Manchester         Manchester            BEE029T/129T   Plus locals
N781CD Cirrus SR20                 15:02     16:13     Waterford          Waterford
G-LIDE  PA-31-350 Navajo           16:39     18:03     IOM                IOM                   CWY999X/999W
G-GTJM EC120B Colibri              17:48     17:56     Carlisle           pvt site
N944XP Hawker 900XP                18:46     09:02+    Moscow/Vnukovo     Hawarden                             Out 23rd

21st September – Sunday
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II      09:42     14:09     pvt site           Sleap
G-JECT DHC-8-402 Dash 8            10:19     11:58     Manchester         Manchester            BEE029T/129T   Plus circuits
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         15:15     17:07     IOM                IOM                   CWY999Z
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II      17:00     18:00     Sleap              Holmeswood
M-OORE King Air 350                23:20     08:10n    Glasgow            IOM

22nd September – Monday
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        07:45     06:15n    IOM                IOM                   CLF83/82
G-ILTS    PA-32-300 Cherokee Six   10:05     17:08+    Wombleton          Wombleton                            Out 26th
G-HEJB Cirrus SR22                 10:42     11:33     Carlisle           Carlisle
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         12:08     15:12     IOM                IOM                   CWY999Z/999Y
G-FPLB King Air 200                12:19     19:44     Durham/TV          Durham/TV             CLB464         Locals as “Calibrator”
G-CITJ    Citationjet              14:01     14:53     Tarbes             Dublin                CLF5
N34RF     King Air C90A            16:19     10:49n    Guernsey           Guernsey
G-NCFE PA-38-112 Tomahawk          17:47               Norwich                                                 New resident (for RVR)
EC-KMS Gulfstream G150             17:59     18:33     Madrid/Torrejon    Luton                 TGM111/112
D-EPPM Cessna P210                 18:57     09:01+    Dresden            Dresden                              Out 24th
OO-TNI    B737-300F                21:22     22:24     Shannon            Liege                 TAY783W

23rd September – Tuesday
OO-TAK BAe 146 300F                01:25     02:00     Liege              Liege                 TAY863S/864P
OO-TNH B737-300F                   05:04     05:42     Liege              Dublin                TAY29L
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        07:57     05:53n    IOM                IOM                   CLF83/82
G-PHEW Cirrus SR22                 09:06     15:27     Fairoaks           Fairoaks
ZF491     Tucano T1                09:40*    -------   Linton-on-Ouse     -------------------   LOP92          *Go-around only (time
                                                                                                               approx – not recorded)
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         11:43     14:21     IOM                IOM              CWY999Z/999Y
EI-DDA    Robinson R-44 Raven II   16:22     17:01     Weston             Wycombe Air Park
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         18:18     19:29     IOM                IOM              CWY999X/999W
EI-DDA    Robinson R-44 Raven II   20:09     11:41n    Wycombe Air Park   Weston
I-TNTC    BAe 146 200F             21:37     22:44     Stavanger          Liege            TAY439Y

24th September – Wednesday
TF-CIB    B757-200F                05:17     06:12     Liege              Dublin                TAY29L
TC-OAI    Airbus A321              07:12     08:41     Dalaman            Dalaman               OHY3149/3150
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        07:28     06:33n    IOM                IOM                   CLF83/82
M-EDIA    PA-34-200T Seneca II     09:32     18:10n    IOM                IOM
G-JMXA Agusta A109E                09:38     09:54     London/Westland    pvt site              Jaymax 2
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo         10:10     15:43     IOM                IOM                   CWY999Z/999Y
G-FDZF B737-800                    12:49     14:55     Ibiza              Ibiza                 TOM5292/5291
G-BOJI    PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV     13:29     17:21     Blackbushe         Blackbushe
XX201     Hawk T1                  15:02*    -------   Valley             ------------------    VYT20          *Go-around only
EI-JOR    Robinson R-44 Raven II   15:47     17:03     Caernarfon         Weston
EC-JIP    Metro II                 16:57     20:38     Barcelona          Barcelona             ECN531/532
EI-DDA    Robinson R-44 Raven II   18:00     13:37n    Weston             Wycombe Air Park
N944XP Hawker 900XP                18:05     21:10     Hawarden           Lisbon
G-JMAX Hawker 800XP                18:13     20:25     Blackpool          Lyon/Satolas          Jaymax 1
G-GMPS MD-900                      21:12*    -------   Barton             ------------------    POL151         *Go-around only
TF-CIB    B757-200F                21:40     22:47     Dublin             Liege                 TAY231W

25th September – Thursday
G-FIJR    L188C Electra            05:22     06:05     Liege              Coventry              TAY019J/19P
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II        08:19     06:12n    IOM                IOM                   CLF83/82
G-STGR Agusta A109S                10:33     10:46     pvt site           pvt site
G-LIDE     PA-31-350 Navajo            10:38      11:47     IOM                IOM                 CWY1/01A
G-CEBE     Schweizer 269C-1            13:37                pvt site                                                   Ops with Helicentre
G-FDZE     B737-800                    13:59      15:42     Palma              Palma               TOM6452/6451
EI-DDA     Robinson R-44 Raven II      17:55      18:12     Wycombe Air Park   Kerry
M-INOR     Hawker 900XP                18:05      18:25     Bournemouth        Bournemouth
G-GTJM     EC120B Colibri              18:29      14:38+    pvt site           pvt site                                Out 27th
G-WLVS     Falcon 2000EX               20:28      20:46     Stansted           Farnborough
D-GAAA     DA42 Twin Star              20:50      13:56n    Kassel             Braunschweig        TWG268/166
G-LOFE     L188C Electra               22:01      23:08     Dublin             Liege               TAY231W
VP-BNE     Gulfstream G550             22:54      15:07+    Jeddah             Jeddah                                  Out 27th

26th September – Friday
TF-CIB    B757-200F                    05:20      06:08     Liege              Dublin              TAY29L
TC-OAL Airbus A321                     07:15      09:48     Dalaman            Dalaman             OHY3149/3150
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II            07:58      11:59n    IOM                Coventry            CLF83/82
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II          12:58      18:02     pvt site           pvt site
G-CITY    PA-31-350 Navajo             14:46      17:36     IOM                IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
G-BYAY B757-200                        14:49      16:10     Corfu              Corfu               TOM1712/1711
N109TK Agusta A109C                    16:17      16:51     pvt site           pvt site
G-NWPS Eurocopter EC135T1              16:28*     -------   pvt site           ---------------     POL29               *Go-around only
G-REEN Cessna 340                      16:38      18:26     Northfield         Cambridge
G-BVYF PA-31-350 Navajo                17:33      18:02     Edinburgh          Cardiff             PYN4
G-BNSL PA-38-112 Tomahawk              18:14                Sleap                                                      New resident
G-EEBB Sikorsky S-76C                  18:32      23:44     pvt site           pvt site            NBR76
CS-DXL Citation 560 XLS                19:12      08:04+    Belfast City       Farnborough         NJE3XW              Out 29th
OO-TAS BAe 146 300F                    21:24      22:16     Shannon            Liege               TAY783W
EC-KEN Airbus A320                     22:29      23:40     Tenerife           Tenerife            IWD3463/3464

27th September – Saturday
OO-TAS BAe 146 300F                    05:05      05:52     Liege              Dublin              TAY29L
M-TSRI    King Air C90GT               09:22      09:57     Caernarfon         Berlin/Tempelhof    AAD927P/927A
G-BHAD Cessna A152                     12:19*     -------   Sleap              ---------------                         *Go-around only
G-TBSV TB-20 Trinidad                  12:29      17:48     Abbeyshrule        Abbeyshrule
G-ITFL    DA42 Twin Star               12:31      19:16     Belfast Int.       Belfast Int.
ZH537     Islander CC2                 12:59      14:08     Waddington         Waddington          RRR7957
G-THOF B737-300                        13:17      14:53     Reus               Reus                TOM3856/3855
N90FS     PA-31T Cheyenne II           15:05      17:04     Braunschweig       Shannon
CS-DMX Beechjet 400XP                  15:56      15:50+    Brussels           Hawarden            NJE093A/7QC         Out 29th
G-NWPS Eurocopter EC135T1              16:25*     -------   pvt site           ---------------     POL29               *Go-around only
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II            16:59      06:07+    Coventry           IOM                 CLF82               Out 29th
G-GTJM EC120B Colibri                  18:02      18:09n    pvt site           pvt site
N90FS     PA-31T Cheyenne II           20:08      11:16n    Shannon            Altenrhein

28th September – Sunday
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II          09:28      14:22     pvt site           Sleap
G-RDMV Hawker 800XP                    10:27      11:09     Belfast Int.       Bucharest
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo             10:42      12:20     IOM                IOM                 CWY999Y/999X
CS-DUB Hawker 750                      11:48      13:00     Exeter             Belfast City        NJE1CA
G-XXEA Sikorsky S-76C                  13:42      17:28     pvt site           pvt site            KIT1R
G-JBIS    Citation 550 II              15:16      16:18     Biggin Hill        Biggin Hill         TWF27
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II          16:34      18:13     Sleap              pvt site
M-TSRI    King Air C90GT               18:45      11:05n    Berlin/Tempelhof   Hawarden            AAD928A/929P
N560TH Citation 560 XL                 20:08      20:30     Geneva             Blackpool
G-OEBJ Citationjet                     20:47      10:35+    Cannes             Bristol             EBJ22/5P            Out 30th

29th September – Monday
G-DAZY PA-34-200T Seneca II            07:57      06:10n    IOM                IOM                 CLF83/82
G-LIZA    Cessna 340A                  10:39      11:29n    Glasgow            Glasgow             TYF10
XX181     Hawk T1                      14:05*     -------   Valley             ---------------     VYT33               *Go-around only
G-AYIM HS.748                          --------   14:16     ---------------    IOM                 JAN361              New freight service
240       King Air 200                 15:59      16:41     Le Bourget         Baldonnel           IRL240
G-AYIM HS.748                          18:40      07:18n    IOM                IOM                 JAN245/361
OO-TAW BAe 146 200F                    21:18      22:35     Shannon            Liege               TAY783W

30th September – Tuesday
G-LOFD L188C Electra                   05:37      22:30     Liege              Liege               TAY019J/021B
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo             08:39      10:21     IOM                IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
PH-HZF B737-800                        14:08      14:48     Eindhoven          Amsterdam           TRA8165/92          PSV Eindhoven i/b
G-CWFA PA-38-112 Tomahawk              15:14                Barton                                                     New resident
ZK010     Hawk T2                      16:41*     -------   Warton             ---------------     WTN4                *Go-around only
CS-TLW Learjet 45                      16:58      23:30n    Malaga             Porto               OAV355
G-HCSL PA-34-220T Seneca III           18:12      06:22n    Southend           IOM                 G-‘SL/TRJ82
G-AYIM HS.748                          18:35      07:11n    IOM                IOM                 JAN245/361
G-OCEG King Air 200                    20:51      21:36     Biggin Hill        Bournemouth         CEG778
I-SEAS    Falcon 900EX                 20:59      11:39n    Moscow/Vnukovo     Milan/Linate        SNM221/231


“n” alongside departure time = aircraft departed the next day
“+” alongside departure time = aircraft was here for more than one night – see Notes column for departure date.
The appearance of any “blank” departures in the Visitors Log indicates that we do not have the outbound details to hand at the time of uploading
the review. Details will either appear next month or in an amended version of this review uploaded at a later date.
Just a reminder that diversion details and arrival/departure locations that are not actual registered airfields are not included in the source material
used in compiling the airport log. Therefore, this information is now only included in the log where the details have been recorded and verified from
other sources. Go-around activity is generally recorded, but military serials can often be erroneous at source.

                                             REGISTRATIONS – SCHEDULED PASSENGER FLIGHTS

The registrations of aircraft operating scheduled passenger services during September were as follows: -

BEE       Flybe                      Dash-8               G-ECOC/JECE/JECF/JECG/JECJ/JECM/JECP/JECR/JEDO
EZY       EasyJet                    Airbus A319          G-EZAE/EZAF/EZAH/EZAI/EZAN/EZAS/EZAU/EZAZ/EZBG/EZBK/EZBO/EZBU/EZDA/
                                     Boeing 737-700       G-EZJB/EZJC/EZJJ/EZJL/EZJM/EZJP/EZJR/EZJS/EZJT/EZJV/EZJX/EZJZ/EZKC/EZKF
RYR       Ryanair                    Boeing 737-800       EI-CSM/CSN/CST/CSX/CSZ/DAC/DAD/DAG/DAI/DAM/DAN/DAO/DAP/DAV/DAY/DAZ/
WZZ       Wizz Air                   Airbus A320          HA-LPA/LPB/LPC/LPD/LPE/LPF/LPH/LPI/LPJ/LPK/LPL/LPM/LPN/LPO/LPQ/LPR

                                               LIVERPOOL AIRPORT STATISTICS – AUGUST 2008

This feature operates one month behind the actual review month. Passenger, Freight and Aircraft movement details for August 2008 were as
follows: -

                                                                              Jan-Aug      Jan-Aug                    M.A.T.        M.A.T.
                                      Aug‘08         Aug‘07       Change        2008         2007       Change        07/08         06/07  Change

Total Terminal Passengers             569132         574564       - 0.9%     3740766      3771414      - 0.8%        5485786       5424225      + 1.1%
Transit Passengers                       693            674       + 2.8%        3318         2212      +50.0%           4955          2494      +98.7%
Total Passengers                      569825         575238       - 0.9%     3744084      3773626      - 0.8%        5490741       5426719      + 1.2%
Total Freight (tonnes)                   373            280       +33.2%        2605         2405      + 8.3%           3944          3663      + 7.7%
Total Mail    (tonnes)                     -              -           -%           -            -          -%              -           363      - 100%
Total Freight & Mail                     373            280       +33.2%        2605         2405      + 8.3%           3944          4026      - 2.0%
Total Aircraft Movements                7444           7879       - 5.5%       56912        57252      - 0.6%          84540         84788      - 0.3%

August showed a small decrease in the total number of passengers compared with 2007, although again this was down to a decrease in IT/Charter
traffic as the actual scheduled service totals showed an increase. Freight figures showed a healthy increase and are set to rise further with the
introduction of daily flights to the Isle of Man by Janes Aviation.


There is little doubt that the main highlight in September was the influx of 15 RAF aircraft in connection with the Southport Airshow – not least the
two Eurofighter Typhoons, which were the first of their type to visit Liverpool. Although not actually visiting, it was great to see the Vulcan carry out
a low approach too. The main airliner highlight this month was probably the CSA Airbus A321, plus the trio of Thomas Cook Belgium Airbus
A320s. The biz jet highlight was the Spanish Gulfstream G150, while the GA highlight was the German Bolkow Junior.

CREDITS: - Many thanks this month to: Simon Montgomery, Adrian Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Graeme Thompson, Liverpool John Lennon
Airport, Liverpool Daily Post and the NWAN Forum.

                     Four Tornados return to Liverpool after a sortie to the Southport Airshow. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

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