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					                                                      St. Francis Parish
                                                 P.O. Box 1489/425 Price Street
                                                   Friday Harbor, WA 98250
                                            Phone: 360-378-2910/Fax 360-378-1843
                               e-mail: website:

                                                                              Our W eekly Offerings – Thank
                                                                                       Week-end of Dec 10 & 11, 2011
                                                                         Location          Friday        Orcas         Lopez          Roche
                                                                                           Harbor                                     Harbor

                                                                           No. of                                                     Closed for
 .                                                                       Envelopes           31             15            9          the season
              Pastor: Rev. Hung Nguyen                                   Envelopes
                                                                         & Checks         $1,205.00      $ 801.00      $ 320.00
              Senior Priest in Residence:
              Rev. Raymond Heffernan                                    Loose Cash           103.00         87.00         0

            Pastoral Assistant: Jan Steckler                               Totals         $1,308.00      $888.00       $ 320.00

                     Office Hours:
     9am to Noon & 1pm to 4pm Tues through Fri                                      COUNCIL & COMMITTEE MEETINGS
            Closed Week-ends & Mondays                                 SJ ISLAND PASTORAL COUNCIL Ron Tilley (President), Debbie
                                                                       Sutliff (VP), Jenny Jacobson (Sec), Rosalie Levee, Mary Jo Bolte,
                                                                       Michael Nash, Vince Dauciunas, Tom Bruski, Alma Pamatz and Mary
                     Friday Harbor
        5:30 pm Saturday and 9:00 am Sunday                            PARISH FINANCE COUNCIL: Wendy Picinich, FH and Gene
                         Orcas                                         Flath, Orcas
                    1:00 pm Sunday
                         Lopez                                                                    PRAYER REQUESTS
                  10:45 am Saturday
                       Holy Days                                       SJ ISLAND: Matt Brletich (Patsi Dulac’s father); Cindy Griffin
                     As announced                                      (Mike Griffin’s mother); Julie Mager Taylor; Georgeanne Salerno
             Recitation of the Holy Rosary                             (Irene Herring’s sister); Diane Rogel (Ken Divine’s daughter); Jim
           FH: Following weekday Masses                                Cahail; John Owen; Colin Harper and Tazuku Thomas (friends of
       Orcas & Lopez: Immediately before Mass                          Kathleen Nelson); Theresa Chevalier; Kris and baby Sabine Bayas;
             Sacrament of Reconciliation                               Joyce Jones; Stephen Illig; Carmel and Roy Barney; Helen Benedict;
      4:00 to 5:00 pm Saturday in Friday Harbor                        Alenda Michael, Mary Serio (Irene Herring’s mother); Ronnie Inman,
        Immediately following Mass on Orcas                            Mary Hyzer (Tookie Sandwith’s aunt), Donna Shaw (Bill Shaw’s
                 By request on Lopez                                   mother), Mary Ann Berryman, the Churape family, Edith Martel,
        Weekday Masses (Friday Harbor only)                            Sadie Madrigal, Reg Dickhaus, Melissa Root, Brad Gislason (son-in-
               9:00 am Monday - Friday                                 law of Joyce and Warren Jones).
                                                                       ORCAS ISLAND Greg Alvarado, Steven Alvarado, Lisa Kessler
WELCOME NEW PARISHIONERS: Please take a moment to                      (Sharon Bearchell’s children) and a special intention; Kelly & Brenda
register using the forms located in the entryway of the church.        (friends of Jolette Kihlstrom).
Forms are also available by calling the parish office.

SACRAMENTS: Please call the parish office for information              LOPEZ ISLAND: Jorge Ramirez (father of Yvonne Velasques and
regarding sacramental prep. For questions regarding annulments,        Hope Muños (grandmother of Yvonne Velasques); Mary Ann Torrico,
please call the office for an appointment.                             Greg Ewert, Joan Long, Maria Carbonell, and for the Chicovsky
BULLETIN: Please submit items to the parish office prior to
12:00 Noon on Tuesday.
                                                                       SHAW ISLAND: Mother Mary Grace
CEMETERY: Please call the parish office for information
regarding funeral services, internments, site sales, monuments and          ALL ISLAND: For safety for the people of Honduras; Sister Julia &
memorials.                                                                  the Catholic people of Dili, E. Timor; for Christians in the Middle East
                                                                            who are being persecuted for their faith; for John Willis and his family
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Please let your family and friends
know if you would like to see a priest if you are injured or hospitalized.  in China; for the safe return of our troops from the middle East, for our
They can contact the hospital chaplain to make arrangements in case you are seminarians and for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and
unable to do so yourself. Also, please ask them to call the office so       religious life.
Father will know.
                                                                               ALL ISLANDS

PLEASE ORDER SOON!!: We are taking orders for either Sunday Missals with a red flexible cover for $21.00, Sunday
Missals with either black or burgundy leatherflex cover for $26.95 or Daily Missals (which includes Sundays) with black or
burgundy hardcover for $59.95. If we get enough orders we may be able to get a little discount. Please call the office right
away to order yours.

                                                                            FRIDAY HARBOR

PLEASE NO MORE BABY FURNITURE for our adopted family. Mom needs groceries, 15 year old girl size 13, 9 year
old boy size 12 and baby boy size 12 months. The kids need clothes. Or how about a King’s Market gift card for mom?

NO ALTAR SOCIETY MEETING IN DECEMBER: Thanks to all who baked and worked at our Bake Sale.

OPEN CHOIR PRACTICE: If you would like a chance to practice the new Mass setting we will be practicing in the church
on Wednesday, December 21st at 4:15 pm. Everyone is welcome.

CHOIR DIRECTOR WANTED FOR 9 AM MASS: If you are interested in this volunteer position, please call the office.
Special thanks to retiring director Joel Ball who has served us for many years. We wish him all the best in his new endeavor.

IN YOUR SPARE TIME: If you would like some quiet time and exercise outdoors, please go at your convenience to the
cemetery and pick up the branches in the cemetery and Father Heffernan’s yard. Please pile them up so they can be burned.

LABORERS AVAILABLE: Landscape, garden and domestic help…seeking work. No job too big or too small. Contact
person: Mary Smith 378-2728.

SHARE YOUR HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Please call Minerva Garcia at 378-9795 if you have good usable items to share.

                                                                              ORCAS ISLAND

                                             Church phone #376-6301
PRAYER GROUP NEWS: Meetings have begun on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm. Between now and Christmas we will be
working through The God of Our Deepest Longings (seven Biblical meditations) by Peter van Breemen, SJ. Please call Shelly
Russell at 376-4792 for more information

CONTACTS: Property maintenance: Either Barbara Clever 376-4042 or Mari Gardner 376-5057. For sacristy supplies or
questions: Eileen Pyka 376-5314. Transportation or reader schedules: Gene Flath 376-5628. Religious Ed: Cassandra
Whellams 376-3880. Rosary for Life: Shelly Russell 376-4792.


December 17, Sister Amalia Camacho, CSJP with the help of Sister Judy Tralnes,will be present with a display &
informational material about religious life and their Congregation.	

FOOD DONATIONS for the food bank will be collected on the first Sunday of each month. Please bring your
donations to Mass.


THE BENEDICTINE NUNS OF THE PRIMITIVE OBSERVANCE on Shaw Island have a beautiful website at Please pay it a visit and prayerfully consider how you might support these amazing women in
their ministry.

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