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									                                              Published monthly by the USS Razorback
                                                Base of the United States Submarine
                                                            Veterans, Inc.

                                                Base Commander, James W. Barnes
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                                                        Editor, Alan Malone
                                              501-362-2623; dollarway@peoplepc.com

                                                         OCTOBER 2004

       Commanders Corner                      barges and boat this is not a one man        AR, and Dean Goodwin of North Little
                                              show. We need your moral support but         Rock; 16 grandchildren; 18 great-
Hi gang, it’s time for the newsletter         we also will need your physical help. I      grandchildren and one great great
again. This one should be a good one.         have heard that the convention this year     grandchild. Ruby was preceded in death
We have two of us working on it. Alan         was the best ever, we want everyone to       by her husband, Sheard; son, Robert; and
Malone will be the new editor for the         say that about ours. Start putting out the   daughter, Mary.
Hawgfish Scuttlebutt. I’m sure he will        word to all your friends and shipmates          Ruby was a founding member of the
do a fine job. I want to thank each of you    ask them to come to “Dock at the Rock”.      Plainview Baptist Church of Little Rock,
for all the support I have received over      I know we can and will make it a great       a member of Pulaski County Extension
the past few years. I could never have        convention.                                  Homemakers Club, Easter Star Auxiliary
gotten a paper out with the articles you      Guys please remember Ruby Goodwin’s          #60, Auxiliary of the Fraternal Order of
send me. I know you will continue with        family in your prayers. Ruby passed          the Elks, RAZORBACK Base of United
your support for Alan. If you have an         away on                                      States Submarine Veterans, The Friends
article that you think would be of interest   September 29, 2004 at the age of 80.         Group, SAGA Programs at Little Rock
to the base please send it to Alan.           Also keep Jim Franks in your prayers he      First Baptist Church, and Ninetieth
We moved the boat to the quarry area          had heart surgery on October 12, 2004.       Division Association of WWII Veterans.
(North Little Rock Sub Base) on               Thanks,
Monday Oct. 11. The first lady rode           Jim
back up river with us, it was raining and                       ^^^^^                      In this issue:
she got soaked along with everyone else                                                     Anniversary dinner                 5
on board. I plan to start work on her                 SAD FAREWELL                          Base minutes                       2
again on October 19. I think I will have                                                    Branson meeting                    4
all my stuff taken care of by then. We                                                      Commanders Corner                  1
are to meet with the A/C people on the                                                      Editor note                        3
12th to see what they think about                                                           Forming veterans organizations     5
repairing the A/C. We need to pull the                                                      Life membership dues               4
deck plates in the after engine room and                                                    Next meeting                       4
pressure wash the A/C and refrigeration                                                     New base                           5
units and clean the bilge’s so we can                                                       October treasurers report          2
work with getting covered in oil.                                                           Ozark-Runner Base gets sail        5
Be sure and mark your calendar for the                                                      Parade                             5
Navy Ball on Oct. 16 at the Jacksonville                                                    Prayers                            3
Air Base. Also the Base Anniversary                                                         Reenlistment                       4
Dinner will be on Nov. 13 at Airport                                                        Sad Farewell                       1
Holiday Inn. Also it is important that you                                                  Submarine Casualty                 5
vote for the base officers for next year                                                    Tomb of Unknown soldier            3
and get your ballot in by Oct. 29.            "Ruby R. Goodwin, 80, of Little Rock,         VA Letter                          3
Now that we have the National                 passed away Wednesday, September 29,          Yellow Ribbon Support              4
Convention for 2006 it is important we        2004.
all pull together to make it a success.       She is survived by her daughter, Becky
Lake all the things we did aboard ship        Goodwin Cantrell of Little Rock; two
and what we have been doing on the            sons, Sheard Goodwin of Jacksonville,                         ^^^^^
Treasurer's Report for                          suggested they also be given a life
September 2004                                  membership. Motion was made by          A ballot will be sent to all members as
                                                Bob Christians and seconded to        follows:
$1250.09 Balance 9/1/04                         send Art Randall $25.00 toward
                                                the expense of the Patches. Motion     1. Commander - Billy Holladay
Deposits:                                       was passed.                            2. Vice Commander - Ray Wewers
$110.00 Base Dues                          2.   Invitation from Commander of                                Carl Schmidt
Collected                                       Batfish Base for clean-up of boat                            R.B Casto
$730.00 National Dues                           and awards ceremony on October         3. C.O.B. - Bob Christians
Collected                                       23,2004 in Muskogee, Ok.                            Tom Salisbury
$712.00 Stores Income                      3.   A letter from USS Cavalla in           4. Treasurer - Wendell Dedmon
$1552.00 Total Income                           Galveston, Texas telling about a       5. Chaplain - David Farmer
                                                memorial of plaques for the Sea
Expenses:                                       Wolfe Museum. Motion was made         New business
$150.00 National Dues Paid                      by Carl Schmidt and seconded to
$74.00 Newsletter Expense                       send them $400.00 (the cost of one     1.   Alan Malone agreed to be the next
                                                plaque)and designate it to be used          Hawgfish Editor
$224.00 Total Expenses                          for the “Snook”, this would be in      2.   Greg Zonner made a motion and
$2578.09 Balance 9/30/04                        honor of the WWII Diamond                   seconded by Carl Schmidt For Jim
                                                Chapter Members of Arkansas.                Barnes to form a committee
Any questions, give me a                        Motion was passed.                          of the present Base Commander
yell.                                      4.   Admiral John Boyes from Hot                 and three committee people to
                                                Springs Village died. A sympathy            oversee Restoration and
Wendell Dedmon                                  card was signed by all present to           Up-keep of the USS Razorback.
                                                be sent to his wife.                        Motion Passed.
                 ^^^^^                                                                 3.   The yearly Navy Ball will be
 Minutes USS Razorback Base                Barbara Wewers and Mary Christians               October 16, 2004 at the NCO Club
     September 26, 2004                   reported that we were selected for the            on the Air Base.
  Mary Munns Barge, NLR                   USSVI Convention for 2006. Rolls of          4.   We will have a Razorback Base
                                          Life Savers with “Dock at the Rock”               birthday dinner in November. Carl
                                          emblem on them were passed to all                 Schmidt, Chairman.
 Meeting called to order by Base
                                          present. These were also passed out at       5.   Christmas Party will be in
Commander Jim Barnes @ 13:15 hours
                                          the 2004 convention. Motion by Billy              December on the Barge Savanna
on the Barge, Mary Munns at North
                                          Hollaway and seconded to make Ray                 Lou. Greg Zonner & Bob
Little Rock. Ar. There were twenty four
                                          Wewers chairperson to sign all contracts          Christians - Chairmen.
members and two visitors present.
                                          for the 2006 convention. Motion passed.      6.   Carl Schmidt read list of new
                                          Motion by David Farmer to make Bob                members, Life Members, and
 The Pledge of Allegiance was led by
                                          Christians, Co-Chairman of the                    those transferring to the new Base
Greg Zonner.
                                          Convention, Seconded – Motion passed.             in Mt Home , Ar.
                                                                                       7.   Ray Wewers, Storekeeper
 Tolling of the Bell Ceremony was
                                            Jim Barnes presented Barbara Wewers             announced he had calendars for
presented by David Farmer and Bob
                                          and Mary Christians a letter in                   2005, patches etc. available.
Christians for Boats lost in the
                                          appreciation for all they did in getting     8.   Razorback tours up-coming
month of October. A moment of silence
                                          the USSVI Convention in Little Rock               Oct. 2, 2004 – P/B Sand & Gravel
was observed for lost shipmates. Ray
                                          and North Little Rock in 2006 .                    Nov.6, 2004 - 3/M Corp.
Wewers led us in Prayer
                                           Bob Christians presented Awards from       The C.O.B. asked each one of us to stand
 Minutes of August 28,2004 meeting
                                          2004 Convention.                            and tell a little about ourselves.
were read by Jane Farmer, Yeoman.
                                           1. Runner-up News Letter 2004
Motion made and seconded to accept the
                                               Hawgfish Razorback Base to Jim         Meeting adjourned.
minutes as read.
                                               Barnes.                                Jane Farmer, Base Yeoman
                                           2. The Robert Link, Superior
 Treasurers report read by Wendel
                                               Performance of Submarine                                 ^^^^^
Dedmon. Motion made and seconded to
                                               Veterans for 2004 to Razorback
accept Treasurers report.
                                               Base. This was 1 of only 4 awards      I signed up for an exercise
                                               given from 126 Bases!                  class and was told to wear
                                           3. Meritorious Shipmate of 2004            loose-fitting clothing. If
 1. Letter from Art Randall with a
                                               given to Greg Zonner.                  I HAD any loose-fitting
     drawing of a patch for
                                                                                      clothing, I wouldn't have
     Submariners who were P.O.W.’s                                                    signed up in the first
                                           Jim Barnes withdrew his name from
     This Patch would be worn on vest                                                 place!
                                           nomination as Commander 2005.
     of men who qualified. He
PRAYERS:                                  For a person to apply for guard duty     assignment. They respectfully
Former Thresher Base Commander            at the tomb, he must be between 5'       declined the offer, "No way, Sir!"
Dick Godbout is losing his battle with    10" and 6' 2" tall and his waist size    Soaked to the skin, marching in the
cancer. He is currently at home, and      cannot exceed 30." Other                 pelting rain of a tropical storm, they
at this moment, not in significant        requirements of the Guard: They          said guarding the Tomb was not just
pain.                                     must commit 2 years of life to guard     an assignment, it was the highest
                                          the tomb, live in a barracks under       honor that can be given to a military
Since Dick does not have email, a         the tomb, and cannot drink any           member. The tomb has been
card or letter mailed to him would be     alcohol on or off duty for the rest of   patrolled continuously, 24/7, since
the best way of showing your support      their lives. They cannot swear in        1930.
and recognizing his service to            public for the rest of their lives and
Thresher Base.                            cannot disgrace the uniform                                ^^^^
                                          {fighting} or the tomb in any way.
Richard Godbout                           After two years, the guard is given a    LETTER FROM STATE OF
28 East Road                              wreath pin that is worn on their lapel   ARKANSAS DEPT OF VETERANS
Atkinson, NH 03811-2505                   signifying they served as guard of       AFFAIRS
                                          the tomb. There are only 400
Keep him in your prayers.                 presently worn. The guard must           As Veterans Day 2004 approaches, we
SUBMITTED BY:                             obey these rules for the rest of their   are beginning preparations for our
Art Glover, USSVI National Chaplain       lives or give up the wreath pin. The     ceremony, will will be held on Thursday,
arthurglover@comcast.net                  shoes are specially made with very       November 11, 2004, at precisely 11:00
                                          thick soles to keep the heat             am in recognition of the hour of signing
            ^^^^^                          and cold from their feet. There are     of the WWI Armistice. As in previous
TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN                       metal heel plates that extend to the     years, the ceremony will again be held
SOLDIER QUIZ AND INFO                     top of the shoe in order to make the     on the 2nd Floor Rotunda of the State
                                          loud click as they come to a halt.!      Capitol. The tunnel Entrance will be
1. How many steps does the guard           There are no wrinkles, folds or lint    used. Anyone needing wheelchair
take during his walk across the           on the uniform. Guards dress for         access can take the elevator to the 2nd
 tomb of the Unknowns and why?            duty in front of a full-length mirror.   floor. We are asking that you please be
                                          The first six months of duty a guard     in attendance, representing your
     21 steps. It alludes to the          cannot talk to anyone, nor watch         organization. We also ask that you give
twenty-one gun salute, which is the       TV. All off duty time is spent           this ceremony the widest publicity
highest honor given any military or       studying the 175 notable people laid     within your organization and encourage
foreign dignitary.                        to rest in Arlington National            maximum participation as we note the
                                          Cemetery. A guard must memorize          service of those who have fought for this
 2. Why are his gloves wet?
                                          who they are and where they are          country. We are also encouraging all
                                          interred. Among the notables are:        units to bring their flags. They will be
 His gloves are moistened to
                                          President Taft, Joe Lewis {the           displayed in an area between the DV
  prevent his losing his grip
                                          boxer} and Medal of Honor winner         stand and the audience.
         on the rifle.
                                          Audie Murphy, {the most
 3. Does he carry his rifle on            decorated soldier of WWII} of            Nick Bacon, Director
the same shoulder all the                 Hollywood fame.         Every guard
time?                                     spends five hours a day getting his
                                          uniforms ready for guard duty.                           Editor
                                                                                   Hi, my name is Alan Malone and I
He carries the rifle on the
                                          ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM                  volunteered to be the new Hawgfish
shoulder away from the
                                                   O LORD,                         Scuttlebutt Editor. I have some mighty
tomb. After his march                                                              big shoes to try to fill after Jim Barnes
across the path, he                         AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT                has done such a wonderful job as our
executes an about face and                     SHINE UPON THEM.                    editor. Many thanks to him for the work
moves the rifle to the
                                                                                   he has done to bring us the information
outside shoulder.
                                                                                   and for being recognized nationally for
                                          In 2003 as Hurricane Isabelle was        such an outstanding newsletter. I will
4. How often are the guards              approaching Washington, DC, our
changed?                                                                           endeavor to keep you all informed and
                                         US Senate/House took 2 days off           entertained by our newsletter but I can
                                         with anticipation of the storm. On the    only do that with your continued help.
Guards are changed every                 ABC evening news, it was reported
thirty minutes, twenty-four                                                        Please send any articles, jokes, minutes,
                                         that because of the dangers from the      reports, or other contributions to me at
hours a day, 365 days a                   hurricane, the military members
year.                                                                              Dollarway@peoplepc.com.
                                         assigned the duty of guarding the         Thanks again for all your help.
                                         Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were
 5. What are the physical
                                         given permission to suspend the
    traits of the guard?                                                           Alan Malone
                                                                ^^^^^                              RE-ENLISTMENT!
                                               My wife says I never listen
   The North Little Rock Chamber of            to her. At least I think
Commerce hosts a Yellow Support Party          that's what she said.
   for Troops, their Families and the
community Thursday, October 7, 2004 at                          ^^^^^
              4 pm at the
 Fox and Hound English Pub and Grille,                    Branson Meeting
       2800 Lake Village Drive,
          North Little Rock.                   The annual Branson, MO meeting of the
                                               Topeka-Jefferson City Base will be on
 Beginning at 5pm, free food and soft          December 3rd & 4th 2004. There will be a
         drinks will be served.                breakfast meeting and dinner meeting.
At 7 pm, there will be live entertainment
     By the Forest Williams Band.                               ^^^^^

   Donation stations will be available          The   difference between the
  where soldiers families and volunteers       Pope   and your boss: The
will be organizing packages for overseas.      Pope   only expects you to
Donations for the packages for deployed        kiss   his ring.                           Good day all-
troops will be accepted . A donation box                                                  The USS Razorback/TCG Muratreis
   is located in building 1255 Retiree                          ^^^^^                     played host to the local USN
    Activity Office, Little Rock AFB.                                                     CruitCom for a ceremony to swear in
      The POC is John Heffernam at                     Life Membership Dues               MM2 Ben Winderweedle for a new
             501-987-6095 or                   Just a reminder about life membership      tour of duty. Winderweedle is a sub
              877-815-3111                     dues.                                      sailor and is one of our true heroes.
                                                             Presently                    Local media covered the event in
                  ^^^^^                        Age 65                   $50.00            mass. It was another great day.
                                               55-65                    100.00
It used to be only death                       45-55                    150.00
and taxes were inevitable.                     Under 45                 250.00
Now, of course, there's
shipping and handling, too.                          New rates effective 12/31/04
                                               Age 76                    $100.00
                   ^^^^^                       66-75                     200.00
                   ^^^^^                       56-65                     300.00
             Next Meeting                      46-55                     400.00
Hi gang we need some tour guides               45 and Under              500.00
October 23. There will be about 20                                                                 New Base in Arkansas
reporters from all over the country in one                 ^^^^^
                                                                                          I am pleased to announce the formation
group. There will be about 130 from the        The only time the world
                                                                                          of the second Base in Arkansas sharing
Youth Challenge Boot Camp to go                beats a path to your door
                                                                                          the State with the Razorback Base, to be
through also. This will start about 1030       is if you're in the
                                                                                          known as the Mountain Home Base.
on Saturday morning on October 23. The         bathroom.
mayor would like for us to have as many                    ^^^^^
                                                                                          The Point of Contact is Robert
subvets as possible to make a showing to                                                  Buschbacker
the youth challenge group.                        Psychiatrist to his new
                                                                                          Address: 2933 Sycamore Springs Road
After the tours we could have a short           nurse: Just say that we're
                                                        very busy...                      Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653-8962
meeting, we will be on the boat and                                                       (870) 491-5083
barges anyway so we will just have it            Don't keep saying "It's a
                                                         madhouse."                       rlakeplace@mymtnhome.com
there. I will ask Steve if we can get some
pizza or chicken and some drinks                                                          The Base Launch Organizational
donated. It will make a full day and I                       ^^^^^
                                                     You know you have a                  Meeting is scheduled for August 30,
know everyone will be tired after all the                                                 2004.
tours. Thanks guys, for turning out for               problem when....
                                                 You stink so bad you make                Interested Submarine Veterans please
the tours in the past. It was hot and tiring                                              contact Robert Buschbacker for time and
but you all showed up anyway,                      Right Guard turn left,
                                                  Speed Stick slow down,                  location.
                                                 Secret obvious, and Sure
                                                          confused.                       Art Randall
           Anniversary Dinner                  attractive blonde. "I'd                           Boats and Those Still on
The USS Razorback Base Anniversary             like her," he said. "I'm                          Patrol!!
Dinner will be held at Holiday Inn             sure you would, sir," said                        kenrecoy@aol.com
Airport in Little Rock. Date is November       the Madam. Then she
13, 2004. Cash bar will open at 1800           gestured to a 92-year old                                           ^^^^^
with dinner at 1900. Cost is $25.00 for        woman in the corner, "but
the dinner, this includes all gratuities. If   Ethel here has 67 years                                 OZARK-RUNNER BASE
you plan on staying overnight the rate at      seniority and she's next.                                  TO GET SAIL
Holiday Inn Airport is $75.82 plus tax
per night. Telephone number is 501-490-                            ^^^^^
1000 tell them you are with the                                                                     Randy Sanders of Puget Sound
Submarine Veterans. The Holiday Inn              FORMING VETERAN ORGANIZATIONS                   Naval Shipyard in Washington State
Express is next door their rate is $64.67                                                        called and gave Ozark-Runner Base
plus tax per night. Holiday Inn Express        The Department of Veteran Affairs estimates       the official okie-doke that the USS
phone number is 501-490-4000 also tell         that approximately 1,869 American veterans        Lapon sail was theirs for the taking.
them you are with the Submarine                die each day. The number of Americans who             An emergency meeting of the
Veterans. Please send your money,              enlist each day in the Armed Forces comes         Ozark-Runner and American Legion
$25.00 per person, to Billy Hollaway,          nowhere near this number. As a result,            Officers has been called to discuss
3220 N. Cypress, North Little Rock, AR         membership in our oldest and best known           the next move. All members, USSVI
72116-9138 before November 10, 2004.           veteran organizations is rapidly declining.       shipmates and friends are invited to
LCDR W. Lee Pelton, Commanding                 VFW, American Legion and AmVets posts in          attend. If you are interested in
Officer NAV/MARINECORESCEN will                many cities have closed. The American             attending e-mail the commander and
be the guest speaker.                          veteran community is fighting a war of            as soon as the date is known, he will
                                               attrition. To better promote military service     let you know.
                  ^^^^^                        and respect for veterans, all employed
                                               veterans are advised to establish a veterans
           THE UNION GUY                       association among your company                    Chuck Shepherd
                                               employees, however small that number might        Base Commander
A dedicated Teamsters union                    be. Veterans should encourage their               Ozark-Runner Base
worker was attending a                         employers to support your association by          Springfield, Missouri
convention in Las Vegas and                    soliciting federal tax relief and other company   Bubblehed738@mchsi.com
decided to check out the                       federal benefits for hiring veterans.
local brothels. When he got                    (Important Note: Because the majority of
to the first one, he asked                     military, war service and medal recipient         SUBMARINE CASUALTY
the Madam, "Is this a union                    wannabes make fraudulent boasts or claims
                                                                                                 By DOUG SAUNDERS Tuesday,
house?" "No," she replied,                     among their fellow employees than to their
                                                                                                 October 12, 2004
"I'm sorry, it isn't."                         neighbors, company> veteran associations
"Well, if I pay you $100,                      should require that all members submit a          GLASGOW -- The lunch of split-pea soup
what cut do the girls get?"                    copy of their DD-214 to their company's           and sandwiches had just been
"The house gets $80 and the                    personnel office or to the association            cleared away last Tuesday morning, and
girls get $20," she                            membership committee.)                            Master Seaman Derek Speirs, a
answered. Mightily offended                                                                      stocky 32-year-old Montrealer, was
at such unfair dealings,                                           ^^^^^                         relaxing in the mess where he
the union man stomped off                                                                        cooked meals for the men of HMCS
down the street in search                      Hello Oklahoma Area                               Chicoutimi. In the narrow room on the
                                                                                                 lower deck, he joined a half dozen other
of a more equitable,                           Submarine Veterans:
                                                                                                 men sitting on plastic chairs, reading and
hopefully unionized shop.                                                                        waiting.
His search continued until                     The City of Muskogee will
finally he reached                             have a Veteran Parade on                          The deck above was a scene of well-
a brothel where the Madam                      November 6th and they                             organized bustle. Chicoutimi, a
responded, "Why yes sir,                       request your presents to                          refurbished British Royal Navy sub, had
this is a union house. We                      walk or ride in the Parade                        spent four days plowing through the
observe all union rules."                      with the USS Batfish                              mountainous waves of the North Atlantic
"The man asked, "And if I                      Memorial.                                         from its former home in Scotland. In a
pay you $100, what cut do                      If you can commit to being                        few hours, it would shut its hatches
the girls get?" "The girls                     there that day please send                        and slide under the surface, to spend
get $80 and the house gets                     me an e-mail and I will put                       the rest of its 16-day voyage to its
$20." "That's more like                        your name on the list!                            new Halifax home in smooth, quick
it!" the union man said. He                    Thank You and let's make a                        invisibility.
handed the Madam $100,                         good showing to raise
looked around the room and                     awareness to Remember Lost                        Before the dive could take place,
pointed to a stunningly                                                                          there were lengthy checklists to
complete. In the control room,             Most of us were wondering, when is        Then I buttoned down my top button,
Captain Luc Pelletier navigated the        this going to stop?"                      stood up and assisted."
vessel into its allocated water, the
submarine equivalent of air-traffic        "At that point, the smoke came, and       A lot of the guys in the mess were
control. In the motor room, an             we responded by getting into our          coughing very badly. "I told them that
instrument-filled chamber in the stern     breathing systems, and it was very        if they threw up in their masks, it
that houses the sub's twin electric        dark after that. The whole thing took     would mess up the air, so to lift up
motors, one of the crew noticed a          15, maybe 20 seconds." Here was           the mask and throw up on the deck.
warning light flashing. It was a           every submariner's worst nightmare.       A lot of them did. It lasted about an
ground fault, not an urgent concern,                                                 hour like that, in the dark."
but it had to be resolved before the       "When the fire broke out, it was quite
57 men could head under water. It          a sight, because in a submarine,          Unnoticed by most of the rest of the
was 10:30 a.m. The dive was                when you are in a very small cylinder     crew, Lieutenant Chris Saunders, a
scheduled for 4 p.m.                       with a considerable number of             32-year-old New Brunswick native,
                                           people throughout, when a fire            had just climbed from the lower deck
"We were chatting in the mess, and I       breaks out, the smoke has nowhere         into the area around the control
started hearing a loud noise -- a          to go," Capt. Pelletier said yesterday.   room. He had joined Chicoutimi only
popping sound, like popping                "I will say that in a very short period   two weeks before, having served on
popcorn," MS Speirs said yesterday         of time, probably two to three            other submarines in Halifax. Whether
from his hotel room in Glasgow. He         seconds at most, the section of the       for this reason or out of sheer bad
and his shipmates, back on land            sub we were in was totally black."        luck, he didn't get his EBS on, and
after their deadly five-day ordeal of                                                fell to the floor. It was some time
fire, smoke, water and waves, spoke        Dealing with a smoke-filled               before crew members found him in
to reporters for the first time from the   submarine is something that               the pitch-black quarters and gave
hotel in Glasgow where they are            submariners rehearse over and over        him air.
recuperating and awaiting an inquiry       in training. By reflex, they know to
into the British-built subs.               reach for the walls of the ship to grab   The men on the night watch were
                                           an EBS -- an emergency breathing          sleeping in their quarters on the
"I looked at the other guys and said,      system -- which is fed oxygen from        lower deck. Many of them were
'What is that?' A second after that, an    pipes running through the ship. In        roused by having breathing masks
alarm went off and they said there's       practice, this is not always so easy.     shoved into their faces.
a fire in the commanding officer's
room. And then I saw a guy running         "The whole ship filled with smoke         In the areas around the fire, men
through, and there were sparks             really quickly," said Lieutenant          grabbed whatever firefighting
coming after him the size of golf          Douglas Renken, 38, a quiet,              equipment they could and fought the
balls."                                    bearded Torontonian. "I took about        blaze. They couldn't see the flames
                                           two or three gulps of bad air before I    at all, only feel their increasing heat.
Not far behind that panicked man           got a mask, and there was one point       A powerful flashlight provided about
was a rolling wave of thick, black         where I thought, 'Man, I'm not going      only 15 centimetres of illumination.
smoke that rose to his knees, then         to get another breath of air out of
his waist, and within seconds had          this.' "                                  It took perhaps seven minutes to put
engulfed the entire deck.                                                            out the fire. It would take a lot longer
                                           Like most of the sailors who spoke to     to get rid of the smoke.
The flames seemed to begin in the          The Globe and Mail yesterday, he
control room on a digital display          suspected that this sudden                In the blackness, the men inched
panel that indicates the submarine's       disappearance of air and light would      slowly toward their emergency
speed and other data. Almost               be his last moment. "But when I           stations using a delicate process
simultaneously, they engulfed the          found a mask I thought this was           known as "fleeting." A submariner
captain's cabin, located immediately       going to be okay. I'd taken a lot of      takes a deep breath, unhooks the
behind that panel, and the "electrical     smoke, so I did a lot of coughing and     mask from the air line, feels the way
space" below it on the lower deck.         hacking and so I didn't play any role     forward to the next air outlet, and
                                           in putting out the fire and getting the   hooks it up again. Dozens of men
Lieutenant Pete Bryan, the ship's 38-      sub under control."                       were creeping around this way,
year-old executive officer, was in the                                               bumping into one another.
control room investigating the ground      He was far from alone. "I was
fault. "All of a sudden, things went       shaking -- I just sat down and            "I got into the control room only by
bad," he said. "The electrical panel       shook," said MS Speirs, who became        feel," Lt. Bryan said. "I felt the
started exploding, and the smoke           a submariner this year, and was on        captain sitting in his chair, which was
came real quick. I was standing there      his first sailing. "I felt a tear in my   a good thing. I just gave him a poke,
watching it in the control room. I was     eye, moving down my face, and I           and he looked up, and at that point I
quite surprised by the whole thing.        said, 'I don't want to die here today.'   knew things were okay. You could
                                                                                     feel the smoke moving, you could
feel the heat, but all you could do        mayday message got out, and a day          swinging conning tower -- an
was sort yourself out and figure out       later that the seriousness of the fire     extraordinarily difficult operation in
how to respond."                           was conveyed.                              gale conditions.

Sebastien Latulippe, a 32-year-old         "The battery -- well, it wasn't low        The news of Lt. Saunders's death, of
lieutenant from Bishops, Que., was         when I started," Lt. Bryan said. "It       heart failure aboard the helicopter,
standing on the conning tower when         was always a matter of keeping the         reached Chicoutimi three hours later.
the fire broke out. He was exposed         phone calls short. After a few phone
to the gale-force winds and was            calls, we knew when ships were             "That was a big blow," Lt. Latulippe
bracing himself against the reckless       arriving, but that was about it."          said. "We weren't expecting that;
pitching of the ship. He heard the                                                    when Chris left, we all thought we
alarm and opened the hatch.                They ran the ship's starboard motor        were doing better. And when the
                                           to fan the smoke out of the                news came later that night, well, we
"Once we opened the lid of the             submarine. Since huge waves                weren't doing better."
conning tower, which was the only          washed constantly over the deck,
means of ventilation at that time, the     they couldn't open any hatches             The next four days were filled with
tower became a big funnel for all the      except the one on the conning tower,       sleepless activity, as the ship was
smoke to come out, a giant chimney,        so it took 2½ hours for the air to         towed slowly back to Scotland by
and that lasted 2½ hours. At least I       clear. In poorly ventilated areas, they    British and American vessels,
had the comfort of being on the            set up portable oxygen-generation          accompanied by a multinational
bridge, so I could lean over and gulp      units to help. One of these, in a final    flotilla.
some fresh air."                           insult, began spouting flames. "That
                                           was annoying," Lt. Bryan said. "We'd       The captain of HMS Montrose sent
He went down to survey the fire's          sorted out ourselves from the first        hot meals and beverages over to
aftermath, and witnessed a strange,        fire, and were getting to grips with       Chicoutimi, and was surprised by the
Stygian scene. Every surface in the        the extent of damage . . . those           volumes of coffee requested by the
submarine had been blackened by            things are prone to developing small       crew. Soon, he realized they weren't
the sooty electrical smoke. The only       fires, and it did. It was just total       sleeping at all.
sources of light were dim battery          annoyance after what we'd been
bulbs and the glowing blue chem-           through that day."                         Back in Scotland, after a teary arrival
light tubes of the sort that are often                                                at Faslane naval base and a night at
used by campers. "I went down the          The crew realized that they would be       the Glasgow Hilton, most of the men
conning tower, and it was just like        stranded for some time. They filled        say they still haven't slept.
going down a black chimney -- the          the bow of the ship with seawater so
whole control room was black, and          it would ride with its stern to the sea,   "We haven't been sleeping much --
there was no light down there, just        limiting the violent rolling to side-to-   we still aren't sleeping," MS Speirs
chem-lights hanging there," he said        side motions.                              said in his hotel room last night. "The
yesterday. "At that point I realized we                                               mornings are really bad; I have to
weren't going home right away and          Yesterday, many of the men lifted          hold on to something to keep from
we were in deep shit."                     their shirts to reveal black and purple    toppling over. That won't go away for
                                           bruises. They were thrown about            a while."
The ship's electric motors, diesel-        violently in the first days. There was
electric generators, steering system       heat, thanks to their 57 bodies, and       HMCS Chicoutimi's deadly ordeal
and main lighting and heating              enough cold food to last several
                                                                                      On Oct. 5 at about 10:30 a.m., a fire
systems were all destroyed. Without        weeks. But it was dark, smelly and
                                                                                      broke out on board the submarine
any control, it rocked drunkenly in        terrifying. Nobody got any sleep that
                                                                                      HMCS Chicoutimi. An electrical
the nine-metre waves of the Atlantic       first night. It was at least 25 hours
                                                                                      panel in the control room burst into
gale. It had also lost all radio contact   before rescue arrived in the form of
                                                                                      fire and smoke spread quickly
with the outside world.                    HMS Montrose, a British frigate. In
                                                                                      throughout the ship. Three seamen
                                           that time, the most serious smoke
Lt. Bryan reported the fire the only                                                  suffering serious smoke inhalation
                                           victims had seemed to improve.
way he could: By standing on the                                                      were transported to a hospital in
                                           Watched over by the submarine's
conning tower and holding a portable                                                  Sligo, Ireland, where one of them,
                                           casualty team, they no longer
satellite telephone. Its batteries had                                                Lieutenant Chris Saunders, died
                                           needed oxygen and appeared to be
limited power, and it is designed to                                                  from his injuries..
operate under clear skies and                                                         ---------------------------
frequently cut out in cloudy weather.      Then three of them took an abrupt             Otis Willie
The calls to control centres in            turn for the worse, choking and               Associate Librarian
London and Halifax were terse,             gasping and gripping their chests.            The American War Library
garbled and often cryptic. The world       Capt. Pelletier decided they would          http://www.americanwarlibrary.com
learned of the fire, but it was only       have to be removed by helicopter            (310) 532-0634
much later, at 1:30 p.m, that the          from the top of Chicoutimi's wildly
                                                                               Our Creed
                                                  "To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in
                                                   the pursuit of their duties while serving their Country. That their
                                                    dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of
                                                  motivation toward greater accomplishments. A pledge of loyalty and
                                                             patriotism to the United States Government."
                                                                      WW II Boats on Eternal Patrol
                                                 Sealion (SS-195)      S-36 (SS-141)          S-26 (SS-131)
                                                 Shark I (SS-174)      Perch (SS-176)         S-27 (SS-132)
                                                 Grunion (SS-216)      S-39 (SS-144)          Argonaut (SS-166)
                                                 Amberjack (SS-219)    Grampus (SS-207)       Triton (SS-201)
                                                 Pickerel (SS-177)     Grenadier (SS-210)     Runner (SS-275)
                                                 R-12 (SS-89)          Grayling (SS-209)      Pompano (SS-181)
                                                 Cisco (SS-290)        S-44 (SS-155)          Dorado (SS-248)
                                                 Wahoo (SS-238)        Corvina (SS-226)       Scuplin (SS-191)

                                                 Capelin (SS-289)      Scorpion (SS-278)      Grayback (SS-208)
                                                 Trout (SS-202)        Tullibee (SS-284)      Gugeon (SS-211)
                                                 Herring (SS-233)      Golet (SS-361)         S-28 (SS-133)
                                                 Robalo (SS-273)       Filer (SS-250)         Harder (SS-257)
                                                 Seawolf (SS-197)      Darter (SS-227)        Shark II (SS-314)
                                                 Tang (SS-306)         Escolar (SS-294)       Albacore (SS-218)
                                                 Growler (SS-215)      Scamp (SS-277)         Swordfish (SS-193)
                                                 Barbel (SS-316)       Kete (SS-369)          Trigger (SS-237)
                                                 Snook (SS-279)        Lagarto (SS-317)       Bonefish (SS-223)
                                                 Bullhead (SS-332)
                                                                   Cold War Boats on Eternal Patrol
                                                 Scorpion (SSN-589)                          Thresher (SSN-593)
                       Heber Springs, AR 72543
                       734 Good Springs Rd.

                                                                           Pledge of Allegiance
Hawgfish Scuttlebutt
In God We Trust

                                                    "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
                       Alan Malone                  and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
                                                              indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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