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Cerys Rhys Jones


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									                       Cerys Rhys Jones                           7 Belgrave Road
                                                                     E17 8QD
                                                              07760 465 814
     Height:       5’5”                                       Eye Colour:           Blue                                 Hair:      Blonde

     Trained:        The Bridge Theatre Training Company

                                                          Theatre Credits
   Character / Job                                Play                               Venue                          Director/Company
Jemima Puddleduck/Tom Kitten           The Tales of Peter Rabbit                   No 1 UK tour                  Nick George, Premier Productions
Sam                                        The Barney Show                        No 1 UK tour                  Jason Francis, Premier Productions
Doris Day                                 Magic of the Movies                     Tour (various)                             Partytime Productions
Janie                                        The Beguiled                  The Hen & Chickens Theatre                                Steve Hubbard
Hannah Brown                              The Easter Parade                       Tour (various)                                         Terry Ash
Jim Ladd                                   Treasure Island                       Pantomime Tour                                         Clive Adam
Lady                                    Absolutely (Perhaps!)                 Wyndham’s Theatre                                    Franco Zeffirelli
Vocalist                              Various Production Shows                 Brean Lesiure Park                                     Jacqui Taylor
Beauty                                   Beauty & the Beast                      Pantomime Tour                                  Damien Nickerson
Entertainer                                Various Shows                     Pafian Sun hotel, Cyprus                                 Thomas Cook
Backing Singer                               To Die For                     Theatre Royal, Drury Lane                               Ata Productions
Alice                                      Dick Wittington                       Pantomime Tour                                        Leon Ousby

Party goer                     Terry’s Chocolate Orange commercial (Partizan Productions)                                                    Chris Cairns

   Singing: Strong Singer. Solo, Harmony, Ensemble (Bruce Knight). D below middle C – G below top C (2 ½ Octaves).
   Accents: R.P (Native); West Country; London; General American; Northern; Good ear.
                                                              TV / film – Mark Bowden
                                                          Shakespeare – Malachi Bogdanov
                                         Dance - Jazz, Tango, Charleston, Period, Waltz – Maggie Rawlinson
                                                              Movement – Liz Ranken
                                                              Text – Gordon Anderson
                                                    Dance, Robot Movement – Francesca Jaynes
                                          Melodrama, Bouffant, Clown, Comedia dell’Arte – Mark Bowden
                                                           Radio Technique – Colin Skipp
                                                       Music, Singing, Harmony – John White
                                                             Mask – Margaret Coldiron

   Special Skills:
   Stage Combat (intermediate certificate); Good experience in Stage Management; Good basic dance
   skills; Full driving Licence; Compering experience, basic face painting.

   I grew up in the West Country and joined a youth theatre group when I was young. I studied drama and singing at school and college,
   and then moved to London to attend the Bridge Theatre Training School. Over the past few years I have performed in Pantomime,
   various musical theatre shows and children’s theatre tours, worked three seasons in Entertainment and had a small role in the West End.

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