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									                                                         Denture Patients
1.   Dentures are to be removed each night to let tissue breath
2.   Dentures are to be soaked in a solution of denture cleaner or 1/2 mouthwash 1/2 water at night
3.   Brush your dentures morning and night using a mild soap or non abrasive toothpaste
4.   Dentures and tissue need to be checked yearly for fit and you need a cancer screen

If you need a denture adjustment PLEASE bring your denture in, in a baggie.
It is very important that you do not wear your dentures into the office,
when you are having them worked on.
Appointments before 9 am are best if we are sending the dentures to the lab and you want them back the same day.
Use denture adhesive sparingly
Any question please feel free to call the office and talk to one of our staff

                                       Rainbow Dental Center
                                          53rd and Center

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