; Various Styles of Mens Scarves
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Various Styles of Mens Scarves


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									                                 Various Styles of Mens Scarves
Scarves are wonderful accessory worn by men and women. They are superb adornment for striking
appearance. Basically women’s scarves are easily available and can be matched up with any outfit
without putting much effort however the case is not same for mens scarves. While selecting scarves for
men you need to take care of many things and one of the aspects of selecting men’s scarf is style.

The way color of scarves play deciding role in selecting, in the same manner style of scarves are also
important factor of picking them. I have already discussed about what criteria you should apply while
matching color of scarf in my other articles. Now here you will find why and which style for scarf you
choose to shape your personality pleasingly.

You can easily achieve the casual men’s style with a scarf. Buy a solid color scarf which is long enough to
touch your knees and wrap it around neck, the result you will get is cool, comfy and casual look. Such
scarves can be easily paired up with jeans, coats and jerseys. Just toss it up around neck and let the ends
flowing in winds. Team it with unbuttoned coat worn over V-necked collar or sleeveless sweater to
acquire dashing look.

Use of long scarf is not limited to one or two styles, it’s a great accessory which can be worn in myriad
ways and provide men various options of supporting different look in same outfits. Different types of
long scarves are good option to make your ‘occasionally come in use outfit’ look radiant and stunning;
adoring you with fresh image in the same repeated dress. The ascot knot, twice around ascot knot,
European loop knot, Fake knot are some of the tying techniques apart from simple drape that go very
well with long scarves and suit almost all formal and informal dresses.

Young adults can go for a handsome match. For a young man such wrap of scarf suits best. This match is
fascinating combination of elegant dress and long knitted scarf wrapped around neck. Handsome match
will make you feel well groomed and reflects your smart and profound image.

A classy look is another option. Drape a scarf around the neck and tuck it in unbuttoned coat. The two
ends of scarf in front should cover your chest leaving neck’s front area. Also make sure that part of scarf
touching your neck should remain under jacket’s collar. Mens silk scarf with a shirt can be a good option
for added luxurious approach as well however most silk scarves appear feminine, so be sure of color
and pattern before purchasing them.

The last way of draping your scarf is hybrid match. This match will give you the more colorful contrast, a
whole blend of completely different looking outfits with scarf having color contrast matching with each
one. This will be a bizarre combination of dresses for pleasing visual effects.

Unlike scarves for women, mens scarves are more based on utility therefore give it a try atleast for
once, I’ll bet you would not be able to leave it.

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