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									                                                                            ROTARY CLUB OF KITIMAT
                                                                                SILENT AUCTION
                                                                Saturday, November 26 from noon to 5:00 pm
                                                                                         Items will be auctioned every half hour.
                                                                                              City Centre Mall, Kitimat
                                                                                                        Storefront next to Sight & Sound
                                                      Preview: Friday, November 25, 5:00 - 9:00 pm and Saturday, November 26, 9:30 am - noon

Item # Item / Donor                   Value     Item # Item / Donor                  Value          Item # Item / Donor                   Value      Item # Item / Donor                   Value

‘A’ BIDS CLOSE AT 12:30 pm                      B37 Rosario’s Restaurant                            C71 Quick Lane at Terrace Totem Ford             ‘E’ BIDS CLOSE AT 2:30 pm
A1 mark’s Work Wearhouse                            Gift certificate                 $50.00             One Gold package and                         E106 Kildala Grocery
       Two Flashlights                $12.00    B38 mcDonald’s Restaurant                               tire change over               $103.00              2 cases of Coke                 $17.00
A2 Tsunami Asian Cuisine                            Gift basket                      $50.00         C72 Envision Financial                           E107 Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd.
       Gift certificate               $20.00    B39 City Centre motel                                   One year’s free chequing and                        1 first aid kit and one mug $20.00
A3 Don Diego’s                                      men’s grooming basket            $60.00             a free safety deposit box                    E108 Hollywood Video
       Gift certificate               $25.00    B40 Classic Organics                                    one year rental                $122.00              Gift certificate                $25.00
A4 Karen at Hair Essentials                         portuguese water dog             $67.00         C73 Fountain Tire Ltd.                           E109 Hothouse Restaurant Ltd.
       Redken shampoo and                       B41 NApA Auto parts                                     Gift Certificate for                                Gift certificate
       conditioner                    $28.00        6” bench grinder                 $80.00             Wheel Alignment                $140.00              Dinner for two                  $30.00
A5 Terrace Bowling Alley Ltd                    B42 Bon Voyage motor Inn                            C74 pro Fitness Gym                              E110 Vitality massage Therapy & Tanning
       Gift certificate               $31.00        1 night accommodation                               2 months membership            $157.00              Sigg silver wide mouth
A6 Hudson Bay mountain                              for two                          $92.00         C75 Kentron Construction                                water botttle                   $34.00
       Adventures Adult                         B43 Kasiks Wilderness Resort                            1 load (255mm) crush           $200.00       E111 Kitimat Subway
       full day lift pass             $39.00        Double occupancy stay                           C76 pro Fitness Gym
A7 Smithers Golf & Country Club                     at Kasiks Wilderness Resort      $100.00            3 months membership            $224.00              4 x 6” long
       Round of golf                  $40.00    B44 Worleyparsons Canada                            C77 J. Oviatt Contracting Ltd.                          sandwich vouchers               $40.00
A8 Northern Sentinel press Ltd.                     Gift certificate                                    Load of topsoil                $280.00       E112 Bradley’s Bait & Tackle.
       One year subscription to the                 for Seamasters Restaurant        $100.00        C78 National Car Rental                                 T-shirt and ball cap            $40.00
       Northern Sentinel paper        $45.00    B45 Sujitra’s Suds and Seams                            Full size 4-day rental                       E113 Uplands Nursery
A9 Levitt-Safety Ltd.                               pair of coveralls                $101.00            including unlimited kms        $400.00              pot of bulbs #2                 $45.00
       Big Al shop coveralls          $47.00    B46 Inland Kenworth / parker                                                                         E114 A J Forsyth - A Division of
A10 Ebony’s Hidden Treasures Ltd.                   pacific Equipment Sales                                                                                 Russel metals Inc.
       Gift Certificate               $50.00        Jacket                           $120.00        ‘D’ BIDS CLOSE AT 2:00 pm                               $50 gift card to
A11 petland                                     B47 Fountain Tire Ltd.                              D79 Kildala Grocery                                     City Centre Hardware            $50.00
       Gift Card                      $50.00        Gift Certificate                                       2 cases of Coke                 $17.00    E115 mr. mikes Steakhouse & Bar
A12 CIBC                                            for Wheel Alignment              $140.00        D80 Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd.                2 x $25.00 gift cards           $50.00
       Box of treasures               $50.00    B48 Northwest Business machines                            1 first aid kit and one mug     $20.00    E116 Viva Holistic Healing Centre
A13 Snow Valley Ford Sales Ltd.                     Canon printer, copier,                          D81 Ebony’s Hidden Treasures Ltd.                       Gift certificate for relaxation massage,
       Lube, oil and filter change    $60.00        scanner, fax                     $156.00               Gift Certificate                $25.00           Reiki or acupressure            $50.00
A14 Ruins Board Shop                            B49 Kentron Construction                            D82 Fortune Kitchen                              E117 Vitality massage Therapy & Tanning
       men’s grey hoodies Size L      $67.00        1 load (255mm) crush             $200.00               Dinner for two gift certificate $30.00           30 tanning minutes              $51.00
A15 Lakelse machine & performance               B50 Images By Karlene                               D83 Beitz Computers & Office Supplies            E118 Your Décor
       One hour of general                          facial, 1/2 body massage,                              Airlink 101 USB 20                               Carpet                          $64.00
       machining labor                $80.00        pedicure, manicure,                                     printer server wireless port   $33.00    E119 Kitimat public Library
A16 Fluent IT Computer Services                     shampoo/blow dry                 $220.00        D84 Kitimat Subway                                      Children’s and adult books
       Limited Canon powershot                  B51 Coast prince Rupert Hotel                              4 x 6” long sandwich vouchers $40.00             plus canvas bag                 $72.00
       A800 digital camera            $90.00        2 night accommodation in a                      D85 Smithers Golf & Country Club                 E120 Treen Safety (Worksafe) Inc.
A17 Hamer the Framer                                Coast Superior Guest Room        $272.00               Round of golf                   $40.00           Safety basket                   $80.00
       Gift certificate for materials           B52 Totem Furniture & Appliances                    D86 Book masters/The Source                      E121 Levitt-Safety Ltd.
       and labor                      $100.00       GE 2.1 cubic foot                                      Rechargeable wine opener        $40.00           Heli Hansen softfeel pants $89.00
A18 Western Financial Group                         stainless steel microwave        $379.00        D87 Northwest Fuels Ltd.                         E122 Kathleen’s Fashions
       Overwaitea gift card           $100.00                                                              Case of motor oil               $45.00           matching purse and scarf $98.00
A19 Your Décor                                                                                      D88 A J Forsyth - A Division of                  E123 Kitimat Shipping Agencies
                                                ‘C’ BIDS CLOSE AT 1:30 pm                                  Russel metals Inc.
       Carpet                         $100.00   C53 Scotiabank                                                                                              Gift certificate for the
A20 Inland Kenworth / parker                                                                               $50 gift certificate to                          Chalet Restaurant               $100.00
                                                       3 mugs                         $15.00               Rustic Hair Studio              $50.00
       pacific Equipment Sales                  C54 Thomas Cook Wings Travel                                                                         E124 Emporium Builders Supplies Ltd
       Jacket                         $120.00                                                       D89 mJ’s Ladies Gym Inc.
                                                       Ha Long Bay, Vietnam                                punch card for 10 visits        $50.00           Black and Decker sander kit $100.00
A21 ZanRon Fabrication &                               2 small silk paintings         $20.00        D90 Terrace Interiors Ltd.                       E125 Elan Travel
       machine Co. Ltd.                         C55 Dragon Café                                            gift certificate                 $50.00          Set of luggage                  $112.00
       20 piece Socket                                 Gift certificate               $25.00        D91 SmIT marine Canada                           E126 park’n Fly
       Wrench Set                     $140.00   C56 Uplands Nursery                                        Bostich heavy duty stapler      $50.00           One week complimentary
A22 Tim Hortons                                        pot of bulbs #5                $29.00        D92 Blue Ribbon Kennels                                  parking                        $122.00
       15” LED television             $150.00   C57 Kitimat pizza Factory                                  Kennel services                 $63.00    E127 pereira’s Countrywide
A23 Dr. D. Sarca Inc.                                  2 Large pizza gift certificate $33.00        D93 Robin and Janice - Rustik Hair Studio               Four designer cushions          $140.00
       Tooth whitening                $200.00   C58 Kitimat Subway                                         Full body spray tan,                      E128 Sandman Signature prince George
A24 Speedee printers                                   4 x 6” long                                         4 skin sense soaps              $70.00           1 night accommodation for two$158.00
       Chair                          $200.00          sandwich vouchers              $40.00        D94 All Star Shoes                               E129 Silvertip promotions & Signs Inc.
A25 Aqua Clear Bottlers                         C59 BmO Bank of montreal                                   Gift certificate for
                                                                                                           one pair of children’s bogs     $89.00           Gift certificate for a jacket $200.00
       Water cooler and                                One year                                                                                      E130 Overwaitea Foods Ltd.
       two water tokens               $260.00                                                       D95 Northern Vacuum & Sewing Centre
                                                       safety deposit box rental      $40.00               Craft light                     $95.00           phillips sense touch
A26 pacific Northern Gas                        C60 RBC Financial Group
       Honeywell Visionpro                                                                          D96 Kitimat LNG                                         men’s electric shaver           $234.00
                                                       1 year                                              $100 Chalet gift card           $100.00   E131 Dr. H. J. p. mills / minette Bay Lodge
       programmable thermostat        $350.00          safety deposit box rental      $45.00        D97 Emporium Builders Supplies Ltd                      One night accommodations for two
                                                C61 District of Kitimat Leisure Services                   makita 84 piece                                  and scrumptious breakfast $300.00
‘B’ BIDS CLOSE AT 1:00 pm                              Recreation pass                $50.00               driver accessory kit            $100.00   E132 Giddings and Company
B27 mark’s Work Wearhouse                       C62 mJ’s Ladies Gym Inc.                            D98 Quick Lane at Terrace Totem Ford                    Husband and wife
       Flashlight and radio            $15.00          punch card for 10 visits       $50.00               One Gold package and
B28 Walmart Gift card                  $20.00                                                                                                               will preparation                $500.00
                                                C63 Rosario’s Restaurant                                   tire change over                $103.00
B29 Don Diego’s                                        Gift certificate               $50.00        D99 park’n Fly                                   ‘F’ BIDS CLOSE AT 3:00 pm
       Gift certificate                $25.00   C64 premium Truck and Trailer Inc.                         One week                                  F133 Dee’s Flowers Ltd.
B30 Karen at Hair Essentials                           Case of motor oil              $50.00               complimentary parking           $122.00
       Redken shampoo and                                                                           D100 Fountain Tire Ltd.                                 Reed diffuser                 $17.00
                                                C65 Your Dollar Store With more
       conditioner                     $28.00          5 piece mirror set             $60.00               Gift Certificate for                      F134 Book masters/The Source
B31 Terrace Bowling Alley Ltd                   C66 Beitz Computers & Office Supplies                      Wheel Alignment                 $140.00          Spaghetti Basket              $20.00
       Gift certificate                $31.00          Computer surge protector       $67.00        D101 Wine “N” Suds                               F135 Sun Spots Gifts and Tanning
B32 Kitimat Concert Association                 C67 Spa Essentials Day Spa                                 Glad Hatter wine kit                             Gift certificate              $25.00
       Two tickets to Human Statues                                                                        with wine making                $157.00   F136 pizzarama pizzeria 2 for 1
                                                       Spa Facial                     $84.00        D102 101 Industries
        (a 50s style show)             $40.00   C68 Spa Essentials Day Spa                                 Touch screen                                     Gift certificate              $30.00
B33 Thomas Cook Wings Travel                           1/2 hour infrared sauna and                         programmable thermostat         $224.00   F137 Daybreak Farms (Terrace) Ltd.
       Silk painting from Vietnam      $40.00          one hour massage               $95.00        D103 park Optometry Dr. H. murphy &                     1 box of 15 dozen medium eggs
B34 RBC Financial Group                         C69 Kitimat LNG                                            Dr. S. pietralla
       1 year safety deposit                                                                                                                                 (no substitution for size)   $34.00
                                                       $100 Cook’s Jewellers                               Gift certificate                $250.00
       box rental                      $45.00          Gift Card                      $100.00                                                        F138 Kitimat Subway
                                                                                                    D104 J. Oviatt Contracting Ltd.
B35 District of Kitimat Leisure Services        C70 Dr. C. L. Gottschling. Dr. G.D. Gottschling &          Load of topsoil                 $280.00          4 x 6” long sandwich vouchers $40.00
       Recreation pass                 $50.00          Dr. D. R. L. Stevenson.                      D105 SmIT marine Canada                          F139 J & F Distributors
B36 Klassik Home Fashions Ltd.                         Oral B professional                                 makita 2 piece combo                             Box of mars chocolate bars
       Gift certificate                $50.00          9100 toothbrush                $100.00              cordless drill kit              $400.00          (48 bars)                     $40.00
                                                                        Rotary Club of Kitimat Silent Auction Rules
            Phone Bids Call:                                       • Item blocks will be closed every half hour, on the half hour according to details
                                                                     shown below.
        250-639-7300                                               • No bids will be accepted after cut off time.
                                                                   • Bids must be placed on the boards to be recognized.
        250-639-7301                                               • Bids will be accepted by phone or in person.
                                                                   • If two identical bids are received at the same time, the bid that is posted on the
                                                                     board first takes priority.
        250-639-7302                                               • All bidding must take place from behind bidding table.
                                                                   • Bids on items $50.00 or more must be in $5.00 increments.
      Cash, Cheque, or VISA/MC                                     • Highest bid takes item.
                                                                   • ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
              Accepted                                             • Successful bidders are required to pick up and pay for items by close of Auction.

 Item # Item / Donor                   Value          Item # Item / Donor                  Value          Item # Item / Donor                      Value      Item # Item / Donor                         Value

F140 Wee Geordie’s pub/Cold Beer & Wine Store         G176 Northcoast Trimline                            H210 Viking Construction Ltd.                       J246 Smithers Golf & Country Club
     Jackson Triggs gift set with                          Gift certicate for merchandise                        Sony “make and Believe” speaker dock              Round of golf                   $40.00
     Belgian chocolates plus a                              or services                      $100.00              for i-pad and i-phone        $225.00        J247 Northern Sentinel press Ltd.
     Wee Geordie’s discount card       $45.00         G177 Fiori Design                                   H211 Thomas Campbell                                     One year subscripton to the
F141 A J Forsyth - A Division of Russel metals Inc.        permanent exotic                                      Watercolor-Canucks                                Northern Sentinel paper         $45.00
     $50 gift card to                                      floral arrangement                $100.00             “Let the Game Begin”          $250.00        J248 Lori patton - Rustik Hair Studio
     Big Deal Liquor Warehouse         $50.00         G178 Four Hands Body Renewal                        H212 Skeena Concrete products Ltd.                       Sugar scrub, body butter,
F142 mr. mikes Steakhouse & Bar                            Gift certicate towards                                1 pallet of SCp pavers -8 11/16” x 4 5/16”        large soy candle                $46.00
     2 x $25.00 gift cards             $50.00               a treatment                      $120.00             x 2 1/2” - 360 pcs/pallet                    J249 Cor’s place
F143 Anonymous                                        G179 City Centre motel                                     (98 sq.ft.)                   $322.00             Gift certificate                $50.00
     pendulum clock                    $50.00              moroccan oil beauty basket $130.00             H213 Acadia Northwest mechanical Inc                J250 Northwest Fuels Ltd.
F144 Ella Fit for Her                                 G180 Glacier Concrete Ltd.                                 Kohler comfort height                             Fuel card                       $50.00
     Women’s pajama set XL             $54.00              10 bags of type 10 concrete                           one piece toilet              $592.00        J251 Bravo’s Welding Contractors Ltd.
F145 Your Décor                                            ($15 per bag)                     $150.00      ‘I’ BIDS CLOSE AT 4:30 pm                                First aid kit                   $50.00
     Carpet                            $64.00         G181 m K Bay marina                                 I214 Chris Knight (Valley Taxi)                     J252 Kitimat Subway
F146 Chubb Security Systems                                Ugly Stick                                            Gift certificate              $20.00              6 x 6” long
     3 months ULC                                          Fishing Rod and Reel              $168.00      I215 Dairy Queen Brazier Restaurant                      sandwich vouchers               $60.00
     Intrusion Alarm monitoring        $75.00         G182 Williams moving and Storage (BC) Ltd.                 Gift certificate              $20.00         J253 mrs. Emma Cabral at Hair Essentials
F147 Cast Away B & B                                       Gift certificate for local moving              I216 Uplands Nursery                                     3/4” hot air brush              $67.00
     One night accommodations          $90.00               and heavy hauling                $200.00             pot of bulbs #3               $25.00         J254 Coastal Limousine Service
F148 Koi Yoga Studio                                  G183 phil’s mobile Service                          I217 Enigma Apparel & promotions                         One hour Limosine service $80.00
     Five free classes                 $100.00             Dirt bike helmut                  $250.00             Adult t-shirt                 $30.00         J255 Ramada Hotel Vancouver Centre
F149 Nechako Northcoast Construction                  G184 Fabricland                                     1218 mount Elizabeth Secondary School                    1 night accommodation
     Double occupancy stay at                              Comforter set (queen)             $300.00             mESS hoodie Size L            $35.00               for two                        $90.00
     Kasiks Wilderness Resort          $100.00        G185 Northern Native Broadcasters                   I219 Smithers Golf & Country Club                   J256 misty River Books
F150 Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline                    CFNR Classic Rock                                     Round of golf                 $40.00              Travel Stationary               $90.00
     Basket                            $100.00              25-30 second spots of                         I220 mount Elizabeth Secondary School               J257 City West
F151 Tracy at Hair Essentials                              radio advertising                 $500.00             mESS track pants Size L       $42.00              Gift card                       $100.00
     Basket of hair products                          G186 Ron Fossl                                      I221 Ceara Abreu at Rustik Hair Studio              J258 Twilight Spas & pump Supply
     and miscellaneous items           $112.00             mTD Yardmechines                                      Hair care products            $46.00              Gift certificate                $100.00
F152 Westlund                                              21” snowthrower                   $500.00      I222 Boston pizza                                   J259 Super Valu
     price pfister bathroom faucet $125.00                                                                       Gift card                     $50.00              Humidifier                      $100.00
F153 Robin Austin mLA                                 ‘H’ BIDS CLOSE AT 4:00 pm                           I223 methanex Corporation                           J260 prince Rupert Golf Club & pro Shop
     3 Sophie Conran pieces from                      H187 Chop Suey Kitchen                                     box of treasures              $50.00              18 hole round of golf for 2
     Cook’s Jewellers                 $140.00                Gift certificate                $20.00       I224 Northwest Fuels Ltd.                                with a power cart               $120.00
F154 Dr. Candice Griffith                             H188 Dairy Queen Brazier Restaurant                        Fuel card                     $50.00         J261 my mountain Co-op
     package of three                                        Gift certificate                $20.00       I225 BmO Bank of montreal                                3 all day Shames mountain
     acupuncture sessions              $168.00        H189 mark’s Work Wearhouse                                 Wine basket                   $50.00               adult lift vouchers            $135.00
F155 Anchor / Kal Tire                                       Ladies poncho and lunch kit $25.00           I226 Kick Start motor Sports                        J262 RG’s Auto marine Ltd.
     X-BOX 360                         $175.00        H190 The Chalet Ltd.                                       Shirt                         $55.00              Jug of two cycle oil,
F156 West point Rentals Ltd.                                 Gift certificate                $30.00       I227 Uplands Nursery                                     sweatshirt and cap              $150.00
     Gift certificate                  $200.00        H191 Ruins Board Shop                                      pot of bulbs #4               $65.00         J263 Webb Refrigeration Ltd.
F157 All-West Glass                                          Ladies bamboo tee shirt Size L $34.00        I228 Cinderella House Cleaning                           Tomtom 4 point 3” GSp
     mirror                           $250.00         H192 Kitimat Subway                                        2 hours housecleaning,                            (lifetime maps)                 $190.00
F158 Kal Tire                                                4 x 6” long sandwich vouchers $40.00                2 girls                       $76.00         J264 praxair
     Gift certificate                 $300.00         H193 peterbilt pacific Inc.                         I229 my mountain Co-op                                   Automatic welding helmut        $200.00
F159 Kingfish Western Adventures Ltd.                        Fleece lined workshirt Size L                       2 all day Shames mountain                    J265 Ken’s marine
     One day drift boat                                      (size can be changed)           $40.00              adult lift vouchers           $90.00              men’s size medium
     charter for two                   $500.00        H194 Towne Cleaners Ltd.                            I230 Carlyle Shepherd & Co.                               polaris jacket                 $257.00
                                                             Size 42 coveralls               $40.00              Super Valu gift card          $100.00        J266 pacific Northern Gas
‘G’ BIDS CLOSE AT 3:30 pm                             H195 Boston pizza                                   I231 OK Tire Service                                     Honeywell Visionpro
G160 Chop Suey Kitchen                                       Gift card                       $50.00              Gift certificate              $100.00             programmable thermostat         $350.00
       Gift certificate              $20.00           H196 Northern Espresso Beverages                    I232 pyramid Office Supplies Inc.                   J267 VIA Rail
G161 Enigma Apparel & promotions                              and Gift Baskets                                   Kodak all-in-one printer      $100.00             One round trip for 2 between
       Child t-shirt                 $20.00                  Webkinz assortment,                          I233 Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club                     Terrace and Jasper, AB          $770.00
G162 mark’s Work Wearhouse                                    hot chocolate/cookie gift card $50.00              Round of golf for two                        J268 Central mountain Air
       Ladies poncho and lunch kit   $25.00           H197 Big Deal Liquor Store                                 including cart                $120.00             One return flight between
G163 pizzarama pizzeria 2 for 1                              matching mugs, pitcher,                      I234 Linde Canada Limited                                Terrace and prince George,
       Gift certificate              $30.00                  kitchen utensels and holder $50.00                  premium welding jacket        $134.00             Kamloops or Kelowna             $800.00
G164 Daybreak Farms (Terrace) Ltd.                    H198 Kick Start motor Sports                        I235 H&R Block Kitimat Ltd.                         J269 Central mountain Air
       1 box of 15 dozen medium eggs                         Shirt                           $55.00              Basket                        $150.00             One return flight between
       (no substitution for size)    $34.00           H199 Sidewalkers - Terrace                          I236 Flying Fish                                         Terrace and prince George,
G165 Kitimat Subway                                          matching scarf and hat          $65.00              Kitchen Aid Coffee maker       $190.00             Kamloops or Kelowna            $800.00
       4 x 6” long sandwich vouchers $40.00           H200 Rio Tinto Alcan                                I237 Fred’s Equipment (1996) Ltd.                   J270 Cook’s Jewellers
G166 J & F Distributors                                      primary metal BC Operations                         Ladies size m                                     10 k .40 ct
       Box of mars chocolate bars                            Hoselton sculpture              $75.00              black snowmobile pants         $200.00             Diamond pendant                $1118.88
       (48 bars)                     $40.00           H201 my mountain Co-op                              I238 Creative Zone                                  J271 Hawkair
G167 Wee Geordie’s pub/Cold Beer & Wine Store                2 all day Shames mountain                           Wilton professional                               Tickets for two Terrace-Kitimat
       Jackson Triggs gift set with                           adult lift vouchers            $90.00              101 piece decorating kit       $252.00            return flights                  $1320.00
        Belgian chocolates plus a                     H202 Carlyle Shepherd & Co.                         I239 macCarthy motors (Terrace) Ltd.
       Wee Geordie’s discount card   $45.00                  Super Valu gift card            $100.00             Diamond 3 express                                 ThANK YOU to the Friends of Rotary
G168 Bea’s Flowerland                                 H203 Northern motor Inn                                    detail package                $325.00
       Gift certificate foR a                                $100.00 gift certificate from                I240 Graydon Security
                                                                                                                                                                For their Donation of Cash and/or Services
       fresh flower arrangement      $50.00                  Northern moter Inn              $100.00             ICI & Telecom Alarm system,                          ABC Janitorial                Kitimat Iron &
G169 mr. mikes Steakhouse & Bar                       H204 Kitimat museum & Archives                             2 door contacts               $600.00             Andritz Automotive              Metalworks Ltd.
       2 x $25.00 gift cards         $50.00                  Serving platter                 $100.00                                                                   Astral Media                 Kitimat Lodge
G170 BC Bearing Engineers                             H205 Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club                ‘J’ BIDS CLOSE AT 5:00 pm                                                           Kitimat Sight & Sound/
       Box of treasures              $50.00                                                               J241 TI-mAT Enterprises Ltd.                                Aurora Marine                  Telus Mobility
                                                             Round of golf for two                                                                                     Services Ltd.
G171 Hudson Bay mountain Adventures                          including cart                  $120.00             Gift certificate for                                                             Northern Sentinel
       Youth full day lift pass      $55.00                                                                      Rosario’s Restaurant              $20.00              Cliff Yolland -       Lapointe Engineering Ltd.
                                                      H206 Gemma’s Kitchen                                                                                       Oracle Financial Services
G172 RONA Building Centre                                    Kanata Wool Blanket             $130.00      J242 Denny’s Restaurant                                                                   Leite Bloomers
                                                                                                                                                                     City Centre Mall
       Leaf blower                   $65.00           H207 A&W Restaurant                                        Dinner for two gift certificate   $25.00                                             Pyrotek Inc.
G173 Seamasters Restaurant                                                                                J243 Ricki’s                                           Constant Cravings Cafe          Rain Coast Cranes
                                                             Two director’s chairs           $150.00
       Gift certificate              $75.00           H208 City Centre Hardware                                  Necklace and two gift cards       $27.00           Couto Electric Ltd.            Re/Max Kitimat
G174 Kalum Tire                                              Five drawer tool chest          $178.00      J244 Enigma Apparel & promotions                         Doris’ Delicatessen                   Realty
       Gift certificate              $90.00           H209 Canadian Tire                                         Adult t-shirt                     $30.00           Dr. Richard Knight       Thomas Cook Wings Travel
G175 Canada Safeway                                          7 inch under-cabinet                         J245 Uplands Nursery                                          Dr. T. Nagy            Tittle Tattle Advertising
       Gift certificate              $100.00                 LCD TV/DVD player               $200.00             pot of bulbs #1                   $38.00

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