Grammar Exercises * Parts of Speech * Identify the underlined part by FuMuSn


									Grammar Exercises * Parts of Speech * Identify the underlined part of speech

1. Lots of high school students have a problem with procrastination

2. He always acts like he is the most amazing creature in the whole place.

3. Those two hotheads love to throw insults at each other.

4. Her father is very generous with her.

5. At work, Homer Simpson is very lazy.

6. The king loves the little bells that jingle at the end of the jester’s hat.

7. Roger put money in a savings account that will earn 2% interest every year.

8. She would have seen that movie, but her mother wouldn’t let her.

9. When I’m being lazy, I look at the Sparknotes on the internet.

10. A gentleman should always dress his best because “clothes make the man.”

11. In art class we figure out what the painter intended by looking for the symbols.

12. This ShamWow is a piece of crap and Billy Mays is a big, fat phony.

13. Mr. Miller gave us a lecture about a writer named Raymond Carver.

14. If you instigate a fight, Sullivan will have to suspend you.

15. Sometimes, nothing but a Big Burrito Supreme will satisfy my hunger.

16. The hockey team felt terrible after their heartbreaking loss.

17. Mary loves the attention she gets from her parents when she gets good grades.

18. When Mary brings home bad grades her parents get upset.

19. Stan’s baby brother cries whenever he doesn’t get exactly what he wants.

20. On hot days it’s good to get under a tree and to enjoy the cooler air.

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