MISSION VALLEY ATHLETIC LEAGUE
                                     BOARD OF MANAGERS

Regularly Scheduled Board of Managers Meeting –Tuesday June 14, 2011, NMHS Room 907

ROLL CALL:           Mrs. Michelle Stone, Irvington
                     Mr. Tom Thomsen, Mission San Jose
                     Mrs. Sandy Prairie, Mission San Jose
                     Mr. Tom Rosenthal, James Logan
                     Mrs. Amy McNamara, James Logan
                     Mr. Tom Hanson, Kennedy
                     Mr. Rich Swift, Newark Memorial
                     Mr. Edward Marquez, Newark Memorial
                     Mr. David Hamahashi, Newark Memorial
                     Mr. Mike Tripp, Washington
                     Mr. Tom Breen, Commissioner

ABSENT:              Mr. Greg Bailey, American
                     Mr. Tom Bischofberger, American
                     Mr.Dave Bravo, American
                     Mr. Bob Moran, Irvington
                     Mr. John Webb, Kennedy
                     Mr. Shaun Moffatt, Washington

                     Motion Mrs. Sandy Prairie/second by Mr. Tom Rosenthal to approve minutes of
                     regularly scheduled Board of Managers minutes of April 15, 2011.

                                                                           PASSED          6- 0

ANNOUNCEMENTS:       I. Commissioner Breen reminded each school of the 2011-2012 MVAL officers’
                        positions. Mr. Breen emphasized the importance of commitment to these


OLD BUSINESS:         I. None

CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Mrs. Michelle Stone/second by Sandy Prairie to approve minutes of the
                regularly scheduled Advisory Board meeting of May 19, 2011. American absent

                                                                           PASSED 6- 0


INFO ONLY:           I. Congratulations to James Logan High School for winning the Jim Sperou
                        All-Sports Championship Trophy 2010-2011.
INFO ONLY:     II. Congratulations to James Logan High School for winning the Robert F.
                   Vares Varsity Cup Award 2010-2011.

INFO ONLY:     III. Commissioner Breen presented the Financial Report showing the expenses of
                    $32,026.45 incurred by the MVAL for 2010/11 along with an approx. income
                    of $56,466.29 showing a net positive gain of approx. $24,439.29.Mr.
                    Swift suggested that the balance be reviewed at the end of each year with the
                    possibility of an “MVAL Rebate” given back to schools.

ACTION ITEM:   IV. Commissioner Breen presented the proposed budget for the year 2011/12.
                   Motion by Mrs. Amy McNamara/second by Mrs. Sandy Prairie to accept the
                   proposal as presented.

                                                                  PASSED 6– 0

INFO ONLY:     V. Commissioner Breen passed out the NCS/MVAL timeline for 2011-2012.

INFO ONLY:     VI. Commissioner Breen reminded the AD’s about the Fall Coaches meeting
                   set for Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at NMHS room 907/Commons.

ACTION ITEM:   VII. Mr. Thomsen talked about the Volleyball contract with Mission Valley Sports
                    Officials. (George Aldrich II, President) This association also handles Softball
                    and Baseball contracts for the MVAL. Motion by Mr. Thomsen/second Mr.

                                                         PASSED 6 – 0 - 0

INFO ONLY:     VIII. Mr. Breen reminded the AD’s of the 2011 NCS Spring/MVAL Spring Fees that
                     were sent out last week.

ACTION ITEM:   IX. Mr. Breen presented the Spring Schedules for 2012. Motion Amy McNamara/
                   seconded Sandy Prairie to accept the schedules as presented.

                                                         PASSED 6 – 0 - 0

INFO ONLY      X. Mr. Breen passed out the Pre Season Football Schedule for 2011 for TAK

               XI. Mr. Breen thanked the BOM’s for their participation in the MVAL for 2010/2011
                   school year. Wished everyone a good summer!

                                                         Meeting adjourned at 7:50am

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