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									                                                    The Nutshell
                          The Walnut Creek Neighbors and Newcomers Club
                          Volume 50, Issue 9       May 2010

The President’s Monthly Message, May, 2010                                             Inside this issue:
Hello everyone,                                                                 Officers & Activity Chairs…..2
                                                                                May Coffee.………….……...……… 3
It is official. On Wednesday, April 14 th we elected a new set of officers
for the coming year: Susan Hansen (President), Regina Wand and                  Birthdays………….……………….…....3
Alberta Sorenson (1st VP-Luncheons), Carolyn Priest and Ellena Teague           Installation Luncheon………....…4
(2nd VP-Membership), Jody Getson and Anne Fuller (3rd VP-Coffees),              Spring Fling……………………..…….. 4
Agnes Shintani (Secretary), and Arlene Barnett (Treasurer). These
                                                                                May Bay Area Excursion…..… 5
ladies are very qualified to be our next Executive Board of Directors.
We congratulate them.                                                           Membership Renewal…….…..… 6
                                                                                Small Activity Groups…..……7-8
On top of having new officers, we also have a new newsletter editor by
the name of Ellen Sturm. Ellen is a brand new member to WCAN&NC and
lives in Lafayette. Please introduce yourself to her at our next coffee
so she can get to know you as one of our members. We thank you Ellen            Sunshine Ambassador:
for accepting this key position with our club. Thank you also to Anna
Freitas who has been our current newsletter editor. Anna has done a             For Sunshine communication,
great job for us!                                                               please call Marjorie Thurlow at.
                                                                                Let her know about a club
We still have one opening on our Committee Board. If anyone would like          member’s special time or
to act as a Publicity Chair, please contact me or Susan Hansen, our new         unfortunate event.
president. Audrey Green, our current Publicity Chair, will be moving.
                                                                                Great news—A New Newcomer’s
After our Transition or Handover Potluck, which will be held in June, our       Newsletter Editor has newly
new year starts for all new board members. Everyone should be                   arrived. Ellen Sturm has
prepared to assume their official duties.                                       graciously volunteered to be the
                                                                                Newsletter Editor for 2010-
Our membership drive starts this month. Send your updated application,          2011 club year. Her first solo
which is in our May newsletter, and membership fee of $25.00 to Carolyn         issue will be the June issue. She
Priest, our membership chair. All checks should be collected by July 1 st,      helped with this one and has it
the end of our financial year.                                                  all under control. Please support
                                                                                her in this important venture.
Our Spring Social will be on Sunday, June 13th at the home of Susan
Hansen. This year we will have a catered meal along with wine, beer,            On June 16th, there will be a
appetizers and dessert. The fee is $25 per person. It should be a fun           Transition Potluck at 10:30 am
event. Hope to see you there.                                                   for the Executive Board and
                                                                                Committee Board Members at
                                                                                Lynda Smith’s house. Details
Lynda Smith, President                                                          will be emailed.
Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers’ Club

     The Nutshell                            May 2010                                                 Page 1
                 Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club
                          The purpose of the Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club is to promote
                          friendship among women in the Walnut Creek Area through social functions, interest
                          groups, activities and community service. Additionally newcomers to the area will be
                          introduced to the charm and vast resources of the Diablo Valley and the Bay Area.

                          2009-2010 Executive Board of Directors
President                               Lynda Smith
1st Vice President (Luncheons)          Ann McBride
                                        Regina Wand
2nd Vice President (Membership)         Carolyn Priest
                                        Ellena Teague
3rd Vice President (Coffees)            Agnes Shintani
Secretary                               Ann Smith
Treasurer                               Susan Hansen

                            2009-2010 Committee Board Members
Executive Activity Chairperson           Kathy Winnie
Ex-Officio                               Kathy Winnie
Newsletter Editor/Mailing                Anna Freitas/Sylvia Allen
Parliamentarian                          Nikki Harris
Photographer                             Alberta Sorensen
Publicity                                Audrey Green
Roster                                   Marj Russell/Carroll Brooks
Social                                   Rochelle Brown
Sunshine Ambassador                      Marjorie Thurlow
Web Master                               Sylvia Allen

                                 2009-2010 Activities Chairpersons
 Bay Area Excursions                     Laurie Harken
 Book Discussion Group                   Carolyn Priest
 Bridge                                  Vilma Wilkie
 Bunko                                   Nancy Bocanegra
 Casual Bridge                           Pat Painton
 Community Outreach                      Nikki Harris/ Kathy Winnie
 Creative Writing Chair                  Francine Deppe
 Documentary & Discussion                Agnes Shintani
 Duplicate Bridge                        Sue Eltringham
 Golf                                    Paulette Chandler
 Lunch Bunch (Foodies)                   Kathy Winnie/Joyce Capece
 Marriott Bridge                         Bette Perez
 Night Owls                              Ann Thelwell
 Partnership Bridge                      Henny Dijkman/Petie Wright
 Tennis                                  Connie Wylie
 Walk and Talk                           Eugenia Rutledge

        The Nutshell                         May 2010                                             Page 2
                              WELCOME COFFEE ~ MAY 2010

Hostess:         Barbara Critchlow
When:            Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Time:            10:00 AM (Board meets at 9:00 AM)
Where:           The Mercer Condominium Community Room, 1655 N. California Blvd., Walnut Creek
RSVP:            Barbara at or
Co-Hostesses:    Francine Ruotolo, Regina Wand, Susan Hansen

Directions:      The Mercer is located on N. California Blvd. between Cole and Trinity Avenues, kitty corner to
                 the Dean Lesher Center. From the north, go south on N. Main St. and make a slight right onto
                 N. California Blvd. From the east, go west on Ygnacio Valley Rd., and turn left onto Civic Dr.
                 Civic Dr. becomes Trinity Ave. at N. California Blvd.

Parking:         The free subterranean parking garage can be accessed from either Trinity or Cole Aves.
                 Guests can park in any of the available spaces, of which there should be plenty. If you wish,
                 you can also park on the side streets (metered parking).

Entrance:        Go to the front door of the lobby, which is located in the middle of the block next to Skin
                 Spirit Skincare. The Mercer is a secured building, and normally you have to enter a code on
                 the keypad. However, Arlene Barnett, our “official greeter,” will open the door for guests.
                 If you should arrive late and no one is there to let you in, key in the code #1085 on the keypad
                 and Barbara will buzz you in. Take the elevator up to the 1st floor. As you exit the elevator,
                 take the second left and follow the hall to the end.


Nikki Harris will inform us about the 5 upcoming state ballot measures, some of which are quite complex. We
should expect to hear TV commercials about them in the near future. Nikki comments: “Don’t be fooled by
commercials. Come hear what these 5 state ballot measures are really about!”

                                     Happy Birthdays, Newcomers!
              Lots of best wishes for a year of happiness to these May birthday women!

 Barbara Critchlow           5/5     Joan Lewelling                 5/17
 Cathy Jupille               5/6     Anna Freitas                   5/20
 Sandy Kretsch               5/7     Corinne Latham                 5/22
 Marjorie Thurlow           5/10     Sandy Lloyd                    5/24
 Jean Doward                5/11     Lena Foggiato-Bish             5/27
 Patricia (Pat) Smith       5/11     Agnes Shintani                 5/28
 Arlene Barnett             5/15

       The Nutshell                           May 2010                                               Page 3
                                        Installation Luncheon
                                      Bing Crosby’s Restaurant
                                         May 18th at 11:30 am

You are cordially invited to our 49th annual WCANNC Installation of Officers Luncheon at Bing
Crosby’s Restaurant in the Wine Room.
Where: 1342 Bing Crosby’s Restaurant in the Wine Room (939-2464)
When: Tuesday, May 18 at 11:30
RSVP: Ann McBride 925-256-4267 or or
       Regina Wand 925-349-5656 or

The price of the luncheon is $30.00 all inclusive. There is a no host bar for soft drinks, iced tea, or wine. You have
menu choice of main course and dessert. You can decide on your choice at the luncheon.

Please send checks to Ann or Regina by Friday, May 14. As usual, once you have made the reservation and sent
your check, there are no refunds if you are unable to attend the luncheon.

                                                    Menu Choice of:

                                     The Bing Burger - certified Black Angus beef
                               served on a french roll with the option of cheddar cheese.

                                Asian Chicken Salad - teriyaki glazed chicken breast,
                carrots, cucumbers, oranges, and red bell peppers with peanut sauce and rice noodles.

                                               Dungeness Crab Cakes
                                 Tomato Ginger Chutney and champagne beurre blanc
                                    served with a small Crosby mixed green salad.

                          Dessert: Choice of: Chocolate Decadence or Vanilla Creme Brulee

                                                Coffee and Tea Service

Parking : There is free parking in the garage on North Main St, in Broadway Plaza or the Macy's Parking lot.
                                Save the Date June 13th

                                            WCANNC Spring Fling Social!
                                         Location Susan and George Hansen’s
                                           Sunday 4-6 p.m. Catered Dinner

                                      $25/person Please RSVP Kathy Winnie
                                 We hope to see you there! More details to follow.

       The Nutshell                              May 2010                                                   Page 4
Annual Membership Renewal Drive Begins!

Our membership renewal process will be underway during May and June. Final deadline for annual membership
dues is July 1st (beginning of our new fiscal year). Since club activities and regular get-togethers are more
limited during the summer months, we are encouraging all members to mail in their completed renewal form
(found on
below), with a check for $25 as soon as possible. Your prompt attention to this will help you to avoid
forgetting about it and also save the Committee from endless follow up calls and emails. If you miss the final
cut off, your name will not be included in the new Membership Roster in the Fall. In addition, Newsletter
delivery and you will no longer be eligible to participate in club sponsored activities.

This year, there is an addition to the form confirming your agreement to hold harmless any member who
provides transportation or hosts a club event/activity. Many other clubs and organizations already require this.
We have decided to do so in order to provide an additional measure of protection to those who graciously offer
to carpool or entertain other members throughout the year. Going forward, this agreement must be signed
before we will accept a new membership or process a renewal.

If convenient, you can bring your completed renewal form and check to a monthly coffee in May or June or to
Installation Lunch in May or Spring Social on June 13 th and give them to Carolyn Priest or Ellena Teague.

                 Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club
                      Annual Membership Renewal 2010-2011 (Due July 1, 2010)

___________________________________                            __________________________________
             First Name
Last Name

_________________________________________________             ________________________________          _____________
          Street Address                                              City
                                         Zip code

_____________________________/_______________________________               _____________________________________
Home Telephone               Cell                                                                 Email address

Send signed form with check for $25.00, payable to Walnut Creek Area Neighbors
& Newcomers Club, to:       Carolyn Priest, 841 Bancroft Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Please indicate if any of your information has changed or is new since last submitted: ______Yes ______No

Non Responsibility Declaration
All activities arranged for, or by, or sponsored by Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club are for the
convenience and pleasure and support of the members and their guests who desire to participate. WCAN&NC and its
officers, board members, activities chairpersons and event host/hostesses do not assume any responsibility for the well
being and safety of the participants or their property in any manner whatsoever, pertaining to said activities. Your
signature below confirms that you have carefully read, understand and agree with this declaration.

Signed:_________________________________________________Date: __________________

       The Nutshell                               May 2010                                                   Page 5
                                    May Bay Area Excursion
                                Precita Eyes Mission Mural Walk
                               Thursday, May 13th at 9:30 a.m.

San Francisco is a city that is in love with murals. With over 600 murals painted on building walls and facades,
fences, garage doors and more, the mural tradition is rich and diverse. The colorful Mission District is the
capital of San Francisco murals with the greatest concentration of murals in the city. The Latino community
took up residence in the Mission neighborhood in the early 1970s and brought their muralist traditions with

Our tour will begin with a slide presentation promptly at 12:30 p.m. followed by a guided walk in the
neighborhood. Our guide will be a Precita Eyes Muralist who will walk with us and show us the murals while
offering commentary and answering questions. The tour will last approximately 2 hours total. The cost is
$12/person with a minimum of $60.00. You may pay on the day of the tour in either cash, check, VISA or

We will meet at Heather Farms, fourth entryway on the right, at 9:30 a.m. and then carpool to the Walnut
Creek BART station where an additional parking lot opens at 10:00 a.m. We will take the 10:20 BART train to
the 24th and Mission Station. It is approximately a four block walk from the BART Station to the Precita Eyes
Mural Arts Center. Along the way there will be a variety of Taquerias to choose from for lunch. Directly
across the street from Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center is Taqueria El Farolito which comes highly recommended
with 9 locations in the Bay Area. Cost of lunch should be about $10.00. We will have about an hour for lunch.

We need to meet at the Art Center by 12:15 in order to pay and be ready for the slide show to begin at 12:30.
For the return, BART trains leave the 24 th and Mission Station at 2:47 and 3:02 p.m. We should be able make
one of those trains, returning to Walnut Creek by 3:45.

                               Date:       Thursday, May 13
                               Time:       Heather Farms 9:30 a.m. BART Train departure 10:20 a.m.
                               Location:   Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center
                                           2981 24th Street, near Harrison
                                           San Francisco Mission District
                               RSVP:       Pat Hacker or

      The Nutshell                            May 2010                                              Page 6
                                    Small Activity Groups
Bridge                                                Community Outreach
We play every Friday at 12:30. Please welcome to
                                                      Our next project of the year is a very worthwhile
Bette Perez as a permanent member. Bette has          one. We invite anyone that is interested to
been a substitute member for quite a long time        participate. We will be putting together the Child
but we are delighted to have her join on a more
                                                      Protective Services food boxes for the most needy
permanent basis. If there is anyone else out
                                                      families in our County. We will have a short meeting
there who would like to join, we welcome you.
                                                      to discuss our final project, Project Ready to Learn,
Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to teach
                                                      when we donate backpacks and school supplies to low
beginners, but most of us have taken classes. If
                                                      income and at risk children in Contra Costa
you are interested in classes, please contact me at   Counties. Our next and final meeting of the year
925-932-0801. They are fun, easy to learn and a       will be Monday, May 10. Please join us.
great way to meet new friends. It is a great way
to expand your horizons. Please call Vilma to RSVP
for the regular Friday games.                         Foodies Unite          (formerly Lunch Bunch)
                                                       “Foodies Unite” is held the first Monday at noon at
Bridge--Casual                                        a member’s home. On May 10, Laurie Harken will
We play with our notes and “cheat sheets!” Our        hostess a May Day celebration at 12:30 p.m. with an
friendly group meets first for a light lunch and      alfresco picnic luncheon at her house. Contact
then rounds of bridge. New players are welcomed.      Laurie for reservations and what you plan to bring at
The hostess and location change weekly. Please call
Pat Painton for specific details.
                                                      When: Monday, May 10, 12:30 p.m.
When: Every Friday, 11:30 am-3:00 pm
                                                      Where: Laurie’s, 1845 Castle Gate Rd., WC 94595
Where: Various members’ homes
RSVP: Pat Painton                                     RSVP: Laurie

Bridge — Marriott                                     Evening Bunko
We meet monthly on the fourth Wednesday at the        All permanent players join us as we swap Mother's
Marriott Hotel in Walnut Creek, beginning play at     Day stories while playing the game of bunko. We will
10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Our May hostess is Ruth    meet at the home of Regina Occhiogrosso, 64
Hirschfeld. Please RSVP to Ruth.                      Terrace Road, WC on Thursday, May 13th at 7:30
                                                      p.m. RSVP or by Tuesday,
Bridge — Partnership                                  May 11th. If you are unable to attend, please find a
We meet every month in a member's home, usually       substitute from the substitute players list. Note:
on the fourth Saturday. Partners play together         we will be selecting hosting dates for next year at
the entire evening. The partner may be a family       this meeting.
member or a friend. We are always happy to have
additions to our group. Join with a partner or as a
solo substitute. Call Henny or Petie for more         Please grab your racket and join us for some tennis,
information.                                          of course, but also some chatting at the court
                                                      exchange. We play on Mondays and Thursdays at
Bridge--Duplicate                                     8:30 am at the courts at Bancroft Village where I
Duplicate Bridge is held at 12:30 on first            live. The courts are steps away from my address of
Wednesday of every month Duplicate Bridge             432 Augustus Ct. in Walnut Creek. Please call
will not be held in May due to conflicts. Contact     Connie Wylie or email for directions
Sue Eltringham if you have any questions.             and information as our schedule changes according
                                                      to how many are available to play.
    The Nutshell                           May 2010                                           Page 7
                                       Small Activity Groups
Book Discussion                                              How much do we really know about the food we buy
                                                             at our local supermarkets and serve to our families?
At the May gathering of the book group, we will be
                                                             FOOD, INC is an Oscar-nominated documentary
discussing Love In the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel
                                                             which shows how our nation’s food supply is now
Garcia Marquez. The book has been rated one of the
                                                             controlled by a handful of corporations that often
great books of the 20th century. In this chronicle of a
                                                             put profit ahead of consumer health, the welfare of
unique love triangle, the Nobel laureate's trademark
                                                             the American farmer, the safety of laborers, and
"ironic vision and luminous evocation of South
                                                             our own environment. The film features interviews
America" persist. "It is a beautiful story with a large
                                                             with such experts as Eric Schlosser (“Fast Food
cast of fascinating, complicated characters whose
                                                             Nation”) and Michael Pollan (“The Omnivore’s
behavior is delightfully unpredictable. We invite you
                                                             Dilemna”), and reveals surprising – and often
to join a lively discussion of this intriguing book at the
                                                             shocking truths – about what we eat, how its
home of Joan Lewelling at 1:00pm on May 25th. Please
                                                             produced, who we have become as a nation, and
let Joanie know if you are coming---
                                                             where we are going from here. , so that the gatekeeper will
have your name.
                                                             When: Friday, May 14th at 10 am
                                                             Where: Agnes Shintani’s home, 400 Seville Lane, WC
When: Tuesday, May 25th rd at 1:00 pm
                                                             RSVP: or
Where: Joan Lewelling’s home in Rossmoor
                                                             Directions: Near Ygnacio and Oak Grove roads.
1209 Running Springs Rd., #5, WC 94595
RSVP: Joanie

Walk and Talk                                                Golf
The Walk & Talk group will be meeting Thursday, May          Our regular golf day is Wednesday morning with the
27th. To hike Mount Wanda, National Park Service, in         exception of the second Wednesday of the month,
Martinez off Hwy 4. If anyone wants to carpool, meet         which is our monthly coffee morning. That week we
at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek on San Carlos               try and fit in another day depending on the ladies’
Drive, 4th driveway on the right side, in the ball field     schedules. The course we frequent the most is
parking lot by the restroom at 9:30 am. This is a 2.3        Diablo Hills in Walnut Creek, but we sometimes try
mile partial loop through grassy hills and oaks adjacent     other courses. We are a fun and not so serious
to John Muir's home in Martinez. Some steep hills.           group…….give us a try!
The hike should take about 1 hour.
                                                             When: Every Wednesday, except the 2nd
RSVP To Ellena Teague (925) 682-3717 or
                                                             Wednesday. Tee times vary. or
Eugenia Rutledge                       Where: Most often, Diablo Hills Golf Course
                                                             RSVP:  Paulette Chandler,
Night Owls
This group meets once a month for a fun girls’ night
out. Sometimes the evenings include a movie and
dinner, or other times, a movie with dessert.
Regardless of the plans, make some time just for
yourself and join the fun! Suggestions for new
activities are very welcome.
When: The fourth Tuesday evening of the month
Where: Location to be decided; call Ann for details
RSVP: Ann Thelwell,

Documentary and Discussion
      The Nutshell                             May 2010                                            Page 8
                                                  May 2010
    Sunday           Monday            Tuesday         Wednesday           Thursday              Friday             Saturday


2                3                 4                  5                   6                 7                  8
                 Tennis, 8:30am                       Golf/Chandler       Tennis, 8:30am    Bridge 12:30
                       Wylie                          Paulette            Wylie             Vilma

                                                                                            Casual Bridge

9                10                11                 12                  13                14                 15
                 Tennis, 8:30am                       Monthly Coffee      Tennis, 8:30am    Doc & Disc 10 am
                 Wylie                                10 am               Wylie             Agnes
                 Community                                                Bay Area          Bridge 12:30
                 Outreach, 10 am                                          Excursion         Vilma
                 Trish                                                    9:30 am
                                                                          Pat               Casual Bridge
                 Foodies, 12:30                                                             11:30am-3:00pm
                 Laurie                                                   Bunko, 7:30 pm    Pat

16               17                18                 19                  20                21                 22
                 Tennis, 8:30am    Installation       Golf/Chandler       Tennis, 8:30am    Bridge 12:30       Partnership Bridge
                 Wylie             Luncheon,          Paulette            Wylie             Vilma              Henny
                                   11:30am                                                                     Petie
                                   Ann                                                      Casual Bridge
23               24                25                 26                  27                28                 29
                 Tennis, 8:30am    Book               Golf/Chandler       Tennis, 8:30am    Bridge 12:30
                 Wylie             Discussion         Paulette            Wylie             Vilma
                                   1 pm
                                   Joan               Marriott Bridge     Walk and Talk,    Casual Bridge
                                                      10 am               9:30 am Eugenia   11:30am-3:00pm
                                   Night Owls         Bette               or Ellena         Pat
                                   Ann T. 256-0385
                                                      Doc & Disc, 10 am
30               31                June 1             June 2              June 3            June 4             June 5
                 Tennis, 8:30am                       Golf/Chandler       Tennis, 8:30am    Bridge 12:30
                 Wylie                                Paulette            Wylie             Vilma

                                                      Duplicate Bridge,                     Casual Bridge
                                                      12:30                                 11:30am-3:00pm
                                                      Sue                                   Pat

June 6           June 7            June 8             June 9              June 10           June 11            June 12
                 Tennis,                              Golf/Chandler                         Bridge 12:30
                 Wylie                                Paulette                              Vilma

                 Foodies, noon                                                              Casual Bridge
                 TBD                                                                        11:30am-3:00pm

                             Save the date: June 13th Spring Fling Social

      The Nutshell                                May 2010                                                     Page 9

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