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					St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church                                                                             Arlington, Texas
Pope Baptizes Muslim Journalist at                                       The Challenge: The Clueless Catholic
Easter Vigil                                                                                                                   by John Mallon

Convert says it was a Beautiful Day                                      In their issue of February 11, 2008, Newsweek magazine carried a
                                                     By Jesús Colina     column in which the author unwittingly shed a great deal of light
                                                                         on a glaring problem in the Church today. Namely, the
The day Magdi Allam became a Catholic was a beautiful one,               ignorance of the Catholic Faith by otherwise educated Catholics.
according to the Muslim journalist who was baptized by Benedict          It is a clear case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing, or
XVI at Saturday's Easter Vigil Mass. Allam, who is originally from       to bring it back to the words of Jesus, "Beware of the learned and
Egypt, was one of the seven people - five women and two men - the        the wise, they will lead you astray." Despite dissenters' affection
Pope baptized at St. Peter's Basilica. The Holy Father also              for "nuance," their statements on moral issues are often received
administered the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confirmation to         (and broadcast in the media) in a much "unenhanced" way, and all
the seven catechumens from five countries: Italy, Cameroon, China,       too often interpreted by the public as, "Hey, that means its okay!"
the United States and Peru. Allam, deputy director of Corriere della     As the movement for dissent against the Catholic faith was
Sera, one of Italy’s largest and oldest newspapers, has lived in Italy   getting off the ground one argument said, "This is the most
for almost 35 years. Explaining what led the Pope to administer          educated generation of Catholics in history. We don't need the
baptism to the journalist, Vatican spokesman Father Federico             Church telling us what to do!" And with that, the entire
Lombardi said, “For the Catholic Church, every person who asks to        catechetical structure of the Church in the West proceeded to fall
receive baptism after a deep personal search, a completely free          apart.
choice and adequate preparation, has the right to receive it.”                      The author of the Newsweek column, "Talking to Kids
           “For his part,” Father Lombardi added, “the Holy Father       about God," Kathleen Deveny is a product of that collapse. She
administers baptism during the course of the Easter liturgy to those     acknowledges the results of her failed religious education: "It's
catechumens who are presented to him, without making ‘a                  not just about the gaps in my education. As a 'cafeteria Catholic,' I
distinction between persons,’ that is, considering all of them equally   don't accept all the tenets of my religion. I am never going to
important before the love of God and welcome in the community of         teach my daughter that evolution is a fraud, and someday I will
the Church.” In a letter to the director, which appeared in the          encourage her to think critically, not doctrinally, about issues like
Corriere della Sera, Allam, who chose Cristiano as his baptismal         artificial birth control, stem-cell research and abortion." One
name, explained that the witness of Catholics, who “gradually            wonders if anyone taught her to think critically about the voices
became a point of reference in regard to the certainty of truth and      opposing the Church. Does she swallow whole the dissident
the solidity of values,” played an important role in his conversion.     voices on these issues? I wonder if it ever occurred to Mrs.
Among these Catholics, he pointed to the president of Communion          Deveny that there is a connection between her "discomfort" and
and Liberation, Father Julián Carrón; the major rector of the            her "disagreements" with the Church; both are based in ignorance.
Salesians, Pascual Chávez Villanueva; Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone,                    Mrs. Deveny is the product of a catechetical culture that
Benedict XVI's secretary of state; and Bishop Rino Fisichella,           packaged the Catholic Faith in CCD classes as "subject matter"
rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, who “personally             rather than an encounter with the Living God. After the required
accompanied him in the journey of spiritual acceptance of the            lessons, kids would then "graduate" from the dull lessons (and
Christian faith.” He said the most decisive influence was that of        active participation in the life of the Church) with the sacrament
Benedict XVI, “who I admired and, as a Muslim, defended for his          of Confirmation. (The precise opposite of the true meaning of the
mastery in setting down the indissoluble link between faith and          sacrament, which is to launch the Catholic into the great
reason as a basis for authentic religion and human civilization, and     adventure of life in the Holy Spirit.) She's not alone. There are
to whom I fully adhere as a Christian to inspire me with new light       numerous prominent Catholics who boast of their Catholicism but
in the fulfillment of the mission God has reserved for me.” “For me      who clearly "don't get it." The public pronouncements on the faith
it is the most beautiful day of my life,” he added. The Pope said in     from the likes of Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, John Kerry, Ted
his homily, addressing himself to the catechumens: “We must be           Kennedy, Phil Donahue, ad nauseam, are an embarrassment.
converted ever anew, turning with our whole life toward the Lord.                   We find similar attitudes in our parishes and even our
And ever anew we must allow our hearts to be withdrawn from the          own families. This is the landscape we face trying to educate
force of gravity, which pulls them down, and inwardly we must            Catholics on the truth and beauty of Humanae Vitae, a full forty
raise them high: in truth and love.” The Pontiff explained that          years after its publication. Many Catholics have never heard this
conversion is not a choice that is exhausted in one day, but a           at all. The text of this great document is not difficult; it is simple,
fundamental attitude that must find its fulfillment in daily life.       gentle and clear. It is also a matter of life and death. Forty years
Conversion, he emphasized, consists in “turning our soul to Jesus        of experience and reflection have only vindicated and
Christ and thus toward the living God, toward the light.” It is the      strengthened the document. In this series, we will explore the
lifting up of the heart to God, “beyond all of the intertwining of our   dangers of widespread contraceptive use Paul VI predicted, and
preoccupations, of our desires, our anxieties, our distractions.”        others which have emerged, as part of Human Life International's
Converting, the Holy Father added, means “again and again we             Humanae Vitae Initiative, as an aid to priests and all interested
must turn ourselves away from mistaken directions.” Benedict XVI         parties in teaching the truth of this document. HLI's founder,
concluded his meditation with this invocation: “Yes, Lord, make us       Father Paul Marx, OSB, was fond of quoting the great Dr. Jerome
become Easter persons, men and women of light, full of fire and          LeJeune that Humanae Vitae may turn out be the most important
your love.”                                                              encyclical in history. Catholics have a responsibility to know the
                                  From ZENIT, Rome News Agency           truth, is ultimately conversion.
Third Sunday of Easter                                                                                                        April 6, 2008
Financial News                                                                        Mass Schedule: Mass Intentions
Stewardship is what                                                      Saturday, April 5 – Easter Weekday; Vincent Ferrer, priest
              I do after I say, “I believe.”                             Readings:           Acts 6:1-7 Ps 33:1-2,4-5,18-19 Jn 6:16-21
                                                                           5:30PM           Tien Pham by Diana Pham
                          March 30, 2008
Envelope Contents                             $ 19,621                                      † Robert & Silvio Pica by Catherine Pica
Loose Collection                              $ 4,904                    Sunday, April 6 – THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER
Credit Card                                   $    380                   Readings:           Acts 2:14,22-33 Ps 16:1-2,5,7-11 1Pt 1:17-21 Lk 24:13
Total Collection                              $ 24,905                   35
                                                                         Through the blood of Jesus we have been delivered from the power of
                                                                         sin. We recognize Him in the breaking of the bread, the One whom God
Education Resource Fund                                                  raised from the dead and who now sits at His right hand forever.

The budgeted cost to educate a full-time student at St. Maria Goretti      7:30AM          † Mathew Kalina by Harry & Betsy Kalina
Catholic School far exceeds tuition. The cost for the 2008-2009                            † Msgr. Robert Barzyk by Noleechrist Kuebelenttee
year is $5,488.68. The Educational Resource Fund (ERF) is a                9:00AM          Dave & Carol Issacs 40th Anniversary by Pat Whiteacre
supplemental donation to help defray education costs. Money                                † Steve Fumagalli by Ann Marie Brannan
donated to (ERF) together with the Kountry Karnival proceeds are         11:00AM           † Mary Biedenbender by Jennie Nelson & Sons
necessary to not only operate the school, but to maintain tuition at a                     † Rosemary Cavanaugh by Kit Shields
rate that is affordable. All (ERF) donations are tax deductible.           1:00PM          Parishioners of St. Maria Goretti Church
          A green school fund envelope is included with SMG parish                         † Richard Gossen by Lynne Zick
Sunday donation envelopes. All donations in the school fund
envelopes go directly to (ERF) and to our parish school. It would        Monday, April 7 – John Baptist de la Salle, priest
be amazing to see what could happen if everyone made monthly             Readings:          Acts 6:8-15 Ps 119:23-24,26-27,29-30 Jn 6:22-29
donations of any amount using the school fund envelopes.                    8:00AM          † Mary Rocheleau by Rocheleau Family
                                                                                            † Mary Biedenbender by Jennie S. Nelson & Sons
                                                                         Tuesday, April 8 – Easter Weekday
In Memoriam                                                              Readings:          Acts 7:51-8:1a Ps 31:3cd-4,6,7b,8a,17,21ab Jn 6:30-35
We offer our prayers and sympathy to the family and friends of Dr.
                                                                            8:00AM          † Msgr. Robert Barzyk by Nolee Christ Koebelenettee
L. R. “Ray” Moore and Martha Sommers. May God grant eternal
                                                                                            † Sheila M. Fitzgerald by Karen Walsh
rest to them and consolation to their family and friends.
                                                                         Wednesday, April 9 – Easter Weekday
                                                                         Readings:          Acts 8:1b-8 Ps 66:1-3a,4-7a Jn 6:35-40
First Communion                                                             8:00AM          † Priddy Family by Tona Priddy
There is a MANDATORY First Communion Parent Meeting on                                      † Amy Trujillo by Vicki Hauck
Wednesday, April 16 at 7PM in the Cafetorium. The meeting will           Thursday, April 10 – Easter Weekday
be about one hour long and childcare will be available. To reserve       Readings:          Acts 8:26-40 Ps 66:8-9,16-17,20 Jn 6:44-51
childcare, please call Brenda at 817.274.0643 ext. 227.                     8:00AM          Priests Vocations by Karen Walsh
                                                                                            Special Intentions by Mary Drummond
                                                                         Friday, April 11 – Stanislaus, bishop, martyr
                                                                         Readings:          Acts 9:1-20 Ps 117:1bc,2 Jn 6:52-59
                                                                            8:00AM          † Amy Trujillo by Anne & Gerald Harrington
                                                                                            † Mary Clara Hovis by Margo Robinson

                                                                         Saturday, April 12 – Easter Weekday
Votive Lights                                                            Readings:           Acts 9:31-42 Ps 116:12-17 Jn 6:60-69
                                                                           5:30PM           † Eller & Hoffman Families by Families
                                                                                            † John & Philomena Zihlman by Family
Votive Lights for the week of April 6 will burn for the following        Sunday, April 13 – FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER
intentions:                                                              Readings:           Acts 2:14a,36-41 Ps 23:1-6 1 Pt 2:20b-25 Jn 10:1-10
In Loving Memory of Allen Eaves by his wife, Kelly;                      God made Jesus both Lord and Messiah. Through His wounds we have
In Honor of my mother, Connie Meffen, by Mike & Susan Thomas;            been healed and have returned to our shepherd. Let us listen for His
In Loving Memory of my Mother, Elise Singleton, by Debra Moore;          voice and follow Him.
In Loving Memory of Stan Sommers by his family;
Special Intentions to St. Joseph;                                          7:30AM          Parishioners of St. Maria Goretti Church
In Loving Memory of my brother, Abelardo Acebedo, by De                                    † Anthony Adamovich by Barzyk Family
Molinary;                                                                  9:00AM          † Adam Cayey by Sal & Janet Pocai
The Sanctuary Light will burn in Loving Memory of my husband,                              † Mary Ponist by Agnes Devos
William Gilmartin, by his wife, Connie.                                  11:00AM           † Carlos & Lolita Nogueira-Martins by Family
For more information contact Marge Cuff at 817.460.5646.                                   Special Intentions
St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church                                                                             Arlington, Texas
 1:00PM      † Mary Cooper by Pam Nolan                                            † Joe Vernon Jr. by Pam Nolan

Names of the Dead                                            All Proceeds Support the 2008 Summer Project for Northern
                                                                             Ireland & American Teens
                                                           Annual Women’s Guild Installation Dinner
                              Please place this list of              Ladies Guild members, you are invited to join us for our
                              names on your refrigerator   Installation Dinner on Tuesday, April 22 at the Shady Valley Country Club.
                              or put them in a prayer      Social begins at 6PM with dinner to be served at 6:30PM. Reservations and
                              book.   May they rest in     payment of $12 must be received by Thursday, April 17. Payment can be
                              peace †                      placed in the Sunday collection basket marked “Women’s Guild” or you can
                                                           bring it by the parish office.
The Department of Defense has identified 3,996                       Ooops! The Easter baskets were donated by Joan Lynch….typo last
American service members who have died since               week’s announcement.
the start of the Iraq war. It confirmed the deaths of
the following Americans: GAMBOA, Joseph D., 34,            Church Women of the Year!
Staff Sgt., Yigo, Guam; Second Stryker Cavalry                      Ladies, please consider a Church Woman of the Year. She would
Regiment. MOLINA, Joshua A., 20, Specialist                be dedicated to serving the Church here at St. Maria Goretti and in the
Army; Houston; Second Stryker Cavalry Regiment.            broader community. All ladies are eligible. All nominations must be turned
RUNDELL, Gregory B., 21, Specialist, Army;                 in by Monday, April 7. Contact Nancy Tucker, Women’s Guild President at
Ramsey, Minn.; 25 Infantry Division. DELGADO,              817.467.2566 or
George, 21, Pvt., Army; Palmdale, CA; Third
Infantry Division. HAKE, Christopher M., 26, Staff
Sgt., Army; Enid, OK; Third Infantry Division.             Friends of St. Hannibal Prayer Group
HABSIEGER, Andrew J., 22, Pfc., Army; Festus,                       Pray (Rogate), therefore, the Lord of the Harvest that He may send
MO; Third Infantry Division. RUBIO HERNANDEZ,              forth laborers into His harvest (Mt. 9:38) Come pray for vocations, priests,
Jose A., 24, Specialist, Army; Mission, TX; Third          bishops, the poor and for the Kingdom to reign upon the earth. We meet on
Infantry Division. SMITH, Tyler J., 22, Pvt., Army;        Wednesday’s at 7:00PM in the 8th grade classroom. For more details,
Bethel ME; Third Infantry Division.          UNRUH,        contact Dolores Sutton at 817.275.3727 or 817.274.3814. Fiat!
Gregory D., 28, Sgt., Army; Dickinson, TX; Second
Battalion, Third Armored Cavalry.
                                                             [At] the origin of every human being
                                                              there is not something haphazard
          Arlington Night Shelter                            or chance, but a loving plan of God.
           Appreciation Dinner                                         Pope Benedict XVI
          The dinner will be held on Thursday,
  April 24 at Fielder Road Baptist Church from
  6:00PM-8:00PM. All volunteers who work at
the Shelter are invited. Please RSVP to Angela
 Planche at 817.446.7743 by Monday, April 21.

Host Family Needed!
           Can you help? A host family is needed for an
exchange student coming in August from Macedonia for
one year to attend high school. For more information,
call toll-free 888.446.5737.

                                                           Respect Life News at SMG
      Ulster Project - Arlington                           24 hour Help Line 972-BABY DUE or 800.545.5935: Director:
  2008 Annual Golf Scramble Tournament
                                                           Vicki Hauck 817.637.9382
   Monday - April 21 - Shotgun start 1PM
          WoodHaven Country Club
   $95 per person or $300 per foursome                              Annual Walk for Life: Join us for the Texans for Life Walk
                                                           for Life. This year's theme is Campaign for Life '08. The Campaign
Fees Include greens fee, golf cart, dinner, and
                                                           for Life gives everyone a chance to "Vote for Life" with your feet and
                 raffle prizes                             to raise life-saving funds for Texans for Life to continue their free
         For more details please call                      abstinence presentations in the schools and their pro-life advocacy
     Arlene Smith 817. 478.4382 or Don                     work in the legislature.
          Fallavollita 817.561.2924                           Sign up to join the Campaign For Life by completing a registration
                                                           form in the Walk brochure and exchanging it for a free pro-life t-shirt
Third Sunday of Easter                                                                                     April 6, 2008
at the sign up table in the Cafetorium, after Mass on            April 14 – Second Monday Rosary of Reparation at 7PM
Sunday, April 13 or call John Gleason at                 in the main Church. Everyone is encouraged to attend.
The Third Sunday Easter                                  Again welcome! Please do not hesitate to contact the parish office if you
                                                         have any questions or issues you may need assistance with.

Prayer for Renewed Hope
                                                         What’s happening in Liturgy?

Lord, renew our hope,                                    Adult Confirmation at Pentecost
when unexpected crises throw us off the path,                     If you are planning on being married and have not received
when like the disciples scattering to Emmaus,            Confirmation, or you are an adult, who is a practicing Catholic, have
we are discouraged and confused.                         received Baptism and Holy Communion, and if married were married in the
                                                         Church and would like to be Confirmed on Pentecost Sunday, May 11,
They had been hoping                                     please contact John Cox at the parish faith formation office.
that Jesus would be the one to redeem Israel.            Eucharistic Training Workshop
After His death, they could not see                               A training session for new Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
the future they had expected.                            will be held on Monday, April 21 at 7:00PM in the Church. Those who have
They could not see Him,                                  a strong devotion to the Eucharist and would like to assist in distributing
walking beside them, teaching them.                      Communion at Mass or as part of the Visiting Ministry are invited to attend.
                                                         Those Extraordinary Ministers who would like to attend as refresher training
When we cannot see the path ahead,                       are always welcome.
shake us out of our expectations.                        Dress appearance for Liturgy
Help us to see that you are with us,                              Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Hospitality
teaching us on the way,                                  Ministers, Musicians, Sacristans and Lectors, you are reminded again about
breaking the bread that will sustain us. Amen            your dress and appearance at Mass when you serve. Please be sure that you
                                                         wear dress clothes (no jeans, tennis shoes, flip flops, shorts, etc.) that
                                                         appropriately cover you as in a reverent atmosphere (no plunging necklines,
                                                         bare shoulders or backs, exposed midsections, etc.). We appreciate your
                                                         assistance during Mass as you serve in your ministry and require your
                                                         cooperation in the matters of neat, clean, and reverent appearances.
                                                         Worship Aids are Costly…
                                                                   Please be gentle with our Breaking Bread Hymnals. Hymnals
Perhaps it is time to reclaim Sunday                     should be closed before inserting them in the pew racks and only the back
as a day of rest?                                        cover of the hymnal should be inserted into the dark blue hymn cover.
       “Whoever enters into God’s rest, rests from his   Please do not allow children to play with or write in the hymnals. By all
own works as God did from His.” _ Heb. 4:10              means, please do leave hymnals here in the Church for all to use during
                                                         Mass. These worship aids are very costly and your help in their preservation
                                                         is greatly appreciated. We thank you for your assistance.

    New Members!                                                         Young Adult Theology on Tap!
                                                                    Theology on Tap is a four-part series with dynamic
We are happy to have you among our faith community.
We welcome new members: Terry & Marcela Barnes,             speakers (including Bishop Vann). Join young adults from
Beth Collyard, Anna Vedro, Raul & Yvonne Moreno,               around the Diocese of Fort Worth for a fun evening of
Jose Yumet, Leo & Andrea Solis, David & Louise           fellowship, and engaging discussions on topical faith issues in a
Livermore, Raul Guerrero, Michael & Teresa Jarrett,        relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our next dates: April
Thao Tran, Mark & Janet Stoufflet, Canutel & Christina   15, 22, 29 and May 6 at Los Vaqueros Restaurant in the historic
Braganza, Richard & Marjorie Fransted, Richard &            downtown stockyards! We begin at 7PM. If you need more
Courtney Kopecky, Tharun & Jain Puthenkandom, John         information, go to see you there!
Reyes, Michael & Rhonda Thomas, Jamie & Garciela
Padillo-Moreno, Franklin & Helen Schaffers, Kimberly
Cartmel, Christy Assid, Scott & Lauren Blue, Danny &
Alicia Cojulon, Lino Duenas, Julio Gonzalez, Rachel      Annual Children’s Summer Choir Camp
Johnson, Ryan Kelly, Caitlyn McCoole, Lauren McIver,              Our Seventh Annual Children’s Summer Choir Camp will be held
Samantha Nguyen, Richard & Eva Nunez, Catherine          June 9-13, 2008 at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church. The camp is for
Perry, David Roberson, Michelle Wilmoth, Christina       children ages 8-13 and costs $55 for the week long camp that is scheduled
Clayton, Joseph & Penny Hagin, and Maryanne Owiti.       for 8AM-1PM Monday thru Friday with a performance of “Joseph and the
                                                         Dream Team Xtreme” on Friday evening at 7PM. The camps get more
St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church                                                                          Arlington, Texas
exciting each year...don’t miss this one! Registration          website: the deadline for registration is by 4PM on
forms and more information can be found at the                  Tuesday, May 20. You can also contact Freda Breed, Camp Organizer and
entrances of the Church, in the Parish Office and on our        Director for more information.
SMG Youth News                                                     Archdiocese of Omaha and served as President of the National
                                                                   Catholic Young Adult Ministry Association form 1990-1992.
WYD Fundraiser                                                     Thank you!
          Please support the youth pilgrims of St. Maria                   Many thanks to a married couple who wish to remain
Goretti as they travel to Korea and then to Australia for          anonymous. They provided the Friars with a barbeque grill and wine!
World Youth Day with Pope Benedict XVI and around 2                God is good! Thank you.
million youth from all over the world. Pilgrims will be
handing out canisters at all exits after Mass. Please fill up
the "pennies for the Pope" canister and return after any Mass
during the month of April. Pilgrims will be selling Chaplet                    Church Activities Calendar
of Divine Mercy CDs and 1lb bags of coffee. The CD                                  Monday, April 7 – Sunday, April 13
includes Remnant band's sung version of the chaplet in
English and Spanish as well as other songs with a mercy
theme. Many of you asked if the would be another                           Monday, April 7
opportunity to take a "picture with the Pope" so we will also       9:00AM -Brown Bag Bunch - St. Maria Center
have the Pope Benedict XVI life size cut available for              6:00PM -Youth Confirmation Class - SMG School RM#120
pictures.                                                           7:00PM -Leisure Club Board Meeting - HFLC Hope Room
                                                                    7:30PM -Boy Scouts - St. Maria Center
Youth Group - Want to take your relationship with                          Tuesday, April 8
Christ deeper? All junior high and high school youth,               7:00PM -Serra Club - HFLC St. Francis Room
join us every Wednesday for Youth Group from                        7:15PM -Contemporary Choir - Music Room/Church
6:30PM to 8PM in the Cafetorium. A night not to be                         Wednesday, April 9
missed! Contact Jason at for                  5:30PM -Angelus Choir - Music Room
more details.                                                       6:30PM -Youth Ministry - Cafetorium/St. Maria Center
         Sunday Night Live – ever wonder what gift                  7:00PM -Adult Volleyball - HFLC Great Room
wrapping has to do with our moral choices? Find out                 7:00PM -St. Cecilia Singers - Music Room
this Sunday at 6PM in the Cafetorium. For more                      7:00PM -Friends of St. Hannibal - SMG School RM# 121
information about the Church’s religious education                  7:00PM -Youth Ministry - Church
program, please contact Ali at                                      7:30PM -Catholic Scripture Study - HFLC Meeting Rooms                                                Thursday, April 10
         Invisible Children Service Project – Interested           10:00AM -Morning Joys - HFLC St. Francis Room
in helping the “Invisible Children” of northern Uganda?              7:30PM -Adult Choir - Music Room
Join your fellow high school youth to plan and organize                    Friday, April 11
our spring service project. We will meet before SNL at                     Saturday, April 12
5:45PM in Cafetorium.                                                9:00AM -Tai Chi Class – Cafetorium
                                                                     9:00AM -Cardinal Newman - HFLC St. Francis Room
                                                                   10:00AM -Adult Confirmation Class - HFLC Hope Room
              Open the Doors to Young Adults                         5:00PM -Angelus Choir - Music Room
     Making your Parish Young Adult Responsive                             Sunday, April 13
                                                                     8:30AM -Adult Choir - HFLC Music Room
Ten years after the U.S. Bishops published Sons and                  9:15AM -Religious Education - SMG School
Daughters of the light, their pastoral plan for ministry             9:30AM -Youth Faith Formation - St. Maria Center
with young adult parishes are still trying to figure out           10:30AM -St. Cecilia Singers - Music Room
how to reach young adults. The diocesan offices of                 12:30PM -Contemporary Choir - Music Room
Youth & Young Adult Ministries of Fort Worth and                     6:00PM -Youth Ministry/Formation - Cafetorium/School
Dallas are sponsoring a one-day institute for pastors,               7:00PM -30+ Basketball - HFLC Great Room
parish staffs, and young adults on the current reality of
young adults and practical strategies, programs and
ideas for becoming a more young adult friendly faith
community. Please join us on Thursday, April 24 at St.
Francis of Assisi, 861 Wildwood Lane in Grapevine                                         Sponsor of the Week
form 9:30AM to 3:30PM. The registration fee is $5 and
covers your lunch.
         Joan Weber is the Consultant for Young Adult
Ministry Services at the Center for Ministry
Development. Previously she was Diocesan
Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry for the                                                  SUN Salon & Spa
Third Sunday of Easter   April 6, 2008

            Thank you!

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