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					Press Release
For Release:
12:00 p.m. EDT, September 1, 2009

Tara Grier
Director of Marketing
(410) 451-9500

 Annapolis Local & Financial Planner, Michael Steranka is Named
      One of the Top 100 Independent Advisors in America
Millersville, MD Retirement Planning Services is proud to announce that
Michael Steranka, Owner of Retirement Planning Services Inc., in Millersville,
MD, has been named among the Top 100 Independent Advisors in America, as
ranked by Registered Rep. investment magazine.

"This recognition is a testament to the strength in our planning model as well as
the strength of our team here at Retirement Planning Services" stated Mike.
Mike Steranka is founder and CEO of Retirement Planning Services, Inc
(RPS), working in the financial services industry for over 18 years. As a
financial planner, Mike has a passion for protecting the assets of his clients and
helping them to reach their retirement and income planning goals.

Mike is a dedicated financial advisor and professional that can help you reach
your retirement needs. RPS has helped individuals coordinate their retirement
from many Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Mike works exclusively with
referrals from local and national CPA’s and Estate Planning Attorneys.

For more information about RPS please call: 410-410-9500
We regularly host seminars for people interested in our services.

Registered Rep's ranking of Top Advisors in America is based upon
assets under management as reported to the magazine by the
representative's affiliated broker/dealer. There was no fee paid by
the representative for inclusion. The selection is not based upon
performance and should in no way be construed as a promise of

Securities Offered Through Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. Member FINRA &
SIPC Advisory Services offered through Investment Advisors Corp., an SEC Registered
Advisory Firm

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