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Veolia is participating in the third day dedicated to the membrane bioreactor technology and alternative systems

Ø The Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Barcelona is organizing the Third Conference on Membrane Biorea
May 5 at the Faculty of Chemistry.

Ø Veolia will participate in the roundtable on alternative systems of membrane bioreactors with a presentation on mobile te
beds. It will also be a sponsor of the event.

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Submitted by maznono on Mon, 05/09/2011 - 01:25.

 Veolia is participating in the third day dedicated to the membrane bioreactor technology and alternative systems

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Ebook Quantitative biaxial texture analysis with reflection high-energy electron diffraction for ion beam-assisted deposition

To facilitate ferroelectric-based actuator integration with silicon electronics fabrication technology, we have developed a route to produce
ferroelectrics on amorphous layers by using biaxially textured MgO templates.
Using a kinematical electron scattering model, we show that the RHEED pattern from a biaxially textured polycrystalline film can be calcul
solution to the electron scattering probability. We found that diffraction spot shapes are sensitive to out-of-plane orientation distribution
rocking curves are sensitive to the in-plane orientation distribution. Using information from the simulation, a RHEED-based experimental t
for in situ measurement of MgO biaxial texture. The accuracy of this technique was confirmed by comparing RHEED measurements of in-p
orientation distribution with synchrotron x-ray rocking curve measurements.

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Submitted by antoq on Sat, 11/01/2008 - 01:58.

 Heat Transfer

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Pathologies of the building. Cracks in concrete due to corrosion

Among the various conditions existing in concrete, is that concerning the fissures caused by the increased volume of metal a
thickening caused by corrosion, which generates traction expansive forces, triggering the dreaded cracking .

To evaluate the degradation due to corrosion of metal embedded in the corrugated concrete against corrosive environment
test chambers or chambers of laboratory accelerated tests.

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Submitted by antoq on Thu, 10/06/2011 - 06:30.

 Pathologies of the building. Cracks in concrete due to corrosion

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 Ebook Temperature gradients in turbulent air streams. Thermodynamics properties of methane at low temperature
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 Ebook A fundamental study of char combustion : changes in particle morphology during oxidation
 Ebook Scanning activity gravimetric analysis (SAGA) of aqueous polyethylene oxide
 Ebook Synthesis and characterization of aerosol silicon nanoparticle nonvolatile floating gate memory devices
 Ebook Studies of physicochemical processes in atmospheric particles and acid deposition
 Ebook High-pressure microdischarges as microreactors for materials applications
 Ebook Investigations of plasmid-host cell interactions in recombinant Escherichia coli populations
 Ebook Thermoelastic behavior of rubbers
 Ebook Studies on robust control of distillation columns
 Ebook The measurement of time dependent Poisson's ratio


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 National Institute of Standards and Technology Chemical Engineer
 Northrop Grumman Structural Analysis Engineer 4
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 Northrop Grumman Engineer - Quality Assurance
 Golden Aura Chemical Engineer - Process Control
 Cargill Research Chemical Engineer
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ngineer Petroleum Engineer Senior Process Engineer
nd alternative systems

 Conference on Membrane Bioreactors, to be held on

s with a presentation on mobile technology Hybas TM

 and alternative systems

for ion beam-assisted deposition

we have developed a route to produce biaxially textured
ured polycrystalline film can be calculated from an analytic
 out-of-plane orientation distributions and in-plane RHEED
lation, a RHEED-based experimental technique was developed
mparing RHEED measurements of in-plane and out-of-plane

y the increased volume of metal armor as a result of
readed cracking .

te against corrosive environments, are used for corrosion
ngineering Fluid Dynamics Mass Transfer Heat Transfer

ethane at low temperature
ons of NMR techniques

gate memory devices

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