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									Texas Association of School Administrators
LEGISLATIVE ALERT A Governmental Relations Report
February 6, 2007

                            TASA ACTION ALERT
Voucher Day at the Texas Capitol
Tomorrow, voucher proponents will be rallying at the Texas Capitol to persuade Texas
lawmakers to expend public resources on voucher programs.

Representative Frank Corte (R-Lubbock) has filed two voucher bills (HB 18 and HB 19)
that would provide public vouchers to disadvantaged students and special education
students. The bills have been referred to the House Public Education Committee. A
committee hearing has not been scheduled.

A voucher bill has not been filed in the Texas Senate. However, there is speculation that
at least one bill will be filed that will focus on providing vouchers to children with autism
and at least one bill will be filed that provides for a more broad voucher proposal.

Educate Lawmakers about Vouchers
Call your state representative and senator today and let them know about the importance
of maintaining an efficient public school system. Identify the successes of your school
district and explain how continued funding will improve student services for all students,
including those with disabilities.

Share with your lawmaker the following concerns about vouchers:

       Texas cannot afford to finance private education as well as public education.
       Tax dollars for private education won’t fix student achievement problems at
        public schools.
       A voucher would be a ticket for nowhere for most children because private
        schools can be selective in which students they grant admission.
       Parents already have school choice in the current public school system.
       Vouchers don’t create a “competitive marketplace” because the rules are not the
        same for public and private schools. Public are held accountability both
        academically and financially.
       Texas should not spend tax dollars to test unproven programs or ideas.
       Texas lawmakers should respect parental choice by improving public schools and
        not dedicating resources to vouchers.


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